this was the year I finally hit 1k followers and i touched Madonna’s arm!!!!! it was a rollercoaster of a year but overall a very important one in which i met a lot of wonderful people. also my ep rainbow came out buy it on itunes y’all ok here it goes!!!!

in order of when i followed them (approximately)!


@maclonna @stickyandsweet  @howniceareyou @frootvodka @drunkstereotype @transgenderpopstar @highinfortree @rihflektor @howtobeaheartbreaker @eauprah @boatsinoblivion @comradekatya @asianandy @vegetans @fanaskher @feanorian-luo @raidthisway @hellojrdn @ipodmini @versacepromises @screamandshout @angkorwatt @offensed @electricunic0rn @xyandxx @fairytrainer @warpedrhythm @annadellobielorusso @princetongirl21 @makeyouradiate @arihanna @buttrimming @the-seashell-bikini @giannigaga @shitsinger

2015 discoveries: 

@taintanthony @theboynamedevan @amenpenis @toxicmp3 @anustartpop @godneyvevo @bearfootcuntessa @stormriver @waterjugs @itstiredandimlate @danxii @ballistique @totalariana @cherprayers @hyruliangod @beautifulsexdreams @bigheckingmeme @frootfag @forfiveseconds @themariahcarey @leanbardodecrepito @careens @heartsdontlie @mirandalambertvevo @deleteitfap @bonersniper @kristenwiiggle @birthdad @luxxyb @bionicwasok @c-bassmeow @gagahorrorstory  @gabbanaanddolce

regular = i really like you and knowing you i think you’re so interesting!!!!!
italics = i always love seeing you in my dash, you’re amazing and a fave!!!!!!
bolded italics = meeting you was one of the highlights of my year ilysm!!!!!! (if you’re a classic you’re probably one of my best friends here and ilysm!!!!!!)

please note if i left you out it might be because i didn’t recognise your url or just because i don’t consider you close enough to me to be in this which doesnt mean i don’t appreciate you! :)

ps. i left out my sister @strawberry-justice and my best friend @heycherrylee but whatever you nerds get enough of me daily tbh (<3)

Speedpaint I did in the convec Fine Art’s stand today. 
I was painting with the tablet and a screen to allow people to see the process (But maybe I did not my best work ever xDD but kasjhda)

League of Legends related because there was the LoL tournament and there were a lot of fans. (There was actually a lot of LoL cosplayers and I had to draw a lot of LoL characters yesterday…)

This is a request from the-mad-art and howniceareyou

Singing about my feelings

xDDD I’m in love with this guy.

This is Howniceareyou …. and I don’t know why he is wearing that Stitch suite xD But I think he looks cute as fuck with that xDD (Even if I spoilt the colors when doing the gif :(… Maybe I’ll try to do a B/W version tomorrow)