Speedpaint I did in the convec Fine Art’s stand today. 
I was painting with the tablet and a screen to allow people to see the process (But maybe I did not my best work ever xDD but kasjhda)

League of Legends related because there was the LoL tournament and there were a lot of fans. (There was actually a lot of LoL cosplayers and I had to draw a lot of LoL characters yesterday…)

This is a request from the-mad-art and howniceareyou

Singing about my feelings

xDDD I’m in love with this guy.

This is Howniceareyou …. and I don’t know why he is wearing that Stitch suite xD But I think he looks cute as fuck with that xDD (Even if I spoilt the colors when doing the gif :(… Maybe I’ll try to do a B/W version tomorrow)