New #kawaii #cute #ghibli #bracelets for my Etsy shop 😊✨⭐️ The two bronze ones are already available on ⭐️️ ✨ And I’ll upload the silver one tomorrow 😊 #studioghibli #bracelet #totoro #jiji #sootsprite #calcifer #noface #spiritedaway #howlsmovingcastle #kikisdeliveryservice #crafts #doodle #jijithecat

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Hey guys this is up for sale here:  I worked really really really hard on it! Its acrylic with a real mirror in the middle! One of a kind~

I also have high quality prints in my shop: <3

Please share this post so it can be seen by many people :) I know someone out there will give this a good home! They just have to know it exists ^o^

Another #howl from #howlsmovingcastle
I loved this movie a lot, i watched it so many times i can’t watch it anymore because i already know everyting
Everyone draws Howl with blonde hair, and i just keep drawing him with black hair xD i should do a blonde haired version sometime

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