So it’s actually all the Ghibli’s movies I saw ! Spirited away is definitely my favorite , then comes Howl’s Moving Castle , Ponyo and after them Princess Mononoke ! I thought it would be a good idea to draw them as Bookmark, so i did .
Also I’m thinking about opening a redbubble shop … what do you think guys ?


You get buy any of these originals @animenextcon this Friday. Stop by table 8j at artist alley. #animenext2017 #paperart #animelove #howlsmovingcastle #spritedaway #rwby

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Sketchbook #25 Part 1!!

My manager (well ex-manager) was giving out these little sketchbook things to everyone and told them to write what they thought the “Starbucks mission” was or something….I just started drawing in it…..