howls moving castle tattoo

Hayao Miyazaki tattoo sleeve on Jean-Pierre Saint-Tran by Andy Kurth

The sleeve includes the submarine from Ponyo; the bathhouse, No Face, and soot sprites from Spirited Away; the tree spirits from Princess Mononoke; Kiki and Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service; Totoro and his friends from My Neighbor Totoro; the castle from Howl’s Moving Castle; and Laputa from Castle [sic] in the Sky.

My birthday present to myself is artwork from Howl’s Moving Castle (my favorite studio Ghibli film) and a quote from the movie that I didn’t realize carried such relevance to me. This year has taught me that I have the capability to love and love again no matter how much it hurts. I always love with my whole being, and sometimes the weight is just too much and I am left broken. It’s a burden I bear to love so deeply, but I’m learning to love that part of me too ✨