my fav thing is lang trying to be all cool & flippant towards edgeworth with the whole “pretty boy” “leave this to the big dogs” etc shit except fucking up & making an ass out of himself instead, one time he meant to call him pretty boy except he hadnt eaten all day & he was really hungry so he was like “so long…… *gravelly trying-really-hard-to-be-cool-and-intimidating voice* pizza boy

edgeworth almost burst a blood vessel trying not to laugh & no one saw lang at the precinct for a week

i like to think the way edgeworth & lang got talking about their hopelessly nerdy interests was when one time they were going up the stairs in like the prosecutors’ building or w/e & lang got a text & the tone was the ! sound from mgs & edgeworth couldnt contain his geek ass self and was like “i love those games” under his breath and from there on out it was instant nerd camaraderie

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"i think your dog likes my dog" LANGWORTH

FUCK!!!!!! i think about them and their dogs a lot. pess is really well-behaved and mellow and lang’s dog is similar but a lot more rowdy and super loud. i guess they fall into that whole “dogs resemble their owners” thing, im screamig on their one day off they manage to run into each other anyway bc edgeworth was hit in the face with a frisbee lang was throwing to his dog to play fetch with (cue edgeworth being slammed by 150 pounds of alaskan malamute muscle) oh hey pretty boy i didnt see you there

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lang gets edgeworth one of those dirty french vocab books as a joke and promptly gets it thrown in his face

edgeworth comes to find that french swearing is a lot easier on the ears than its english alternative & thus grows to be pretty comfortable with casually telling lang to va te faire foutre in the workplace

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every time i see oras archie and maxie i get reminded of langworth and i'm not sure why

probably bc archie is trying way too hard to look cool by adjusting his glasses & halfheartedly throwing/dropping his pokeball while maxie hurls his like a fucking discus & almost topples to the ground i think thats just about parelell to langworth bc theyre both such DORKS