tbh my biggest incentive to watch steven universe was that I’d be able to make a gemsona :’D 

I used this guide to come up with her! I’m not gonna lie tho, I just finished re-watching fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood the other day so she is definitely Greed-inspired (Plus my greed figure came in!!)

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I was talking with literally-morgan about our gemsonas and I realized I’ve never properly drawn mine so I drew her real fast

her name is Dalmatian Jasper, her weapon is a reel of wire in her mouth (while her gem is on her tongue). She’s a fusion who forgot who her original pieces were (kindergarden gems named howlite and staurolite), she’s kind of childish but she also is aware of how frightening she looks and takes advantage of that sometimes.

she’s about seven feet tall and can grow another set of arms, which is why her shirt has holes in it.

I was thinking about how, if I had the ability to shapeshift, I’d very rarely be human. I’d hang around as cool animals or monsters or geometric shapes or something.

So I decided to make a Gem OC based on the idea of someone who prefers a shape-shifted form (that said, Howlite isn’t a gemsona, as they don’t represent my personality that much? I just thought them up cause I like them)