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Casually drops in passing. 浴

It was one of those outing things the lieutenants had go on. It was early enough for no one but the few earlier risers to be up. The brunette made her way to the stream. Letting one of the other lieutenant’s know where she was going, she made her way over there. 

Half asleep, she wondered over there, eyes half closed.  She barely noticed her surroundings. The smell of the stream caught her attention. The sun made the water sparkle ever so nicely. Taking another step, she heard a male’s voice scream “Hey!” Catching her attention, she broke out of her day dream to look up at Renji.

The tattooed male stood there as the brunette’s face turned a few shades darker. Not saying a word, she turned quickly the other way, only to trip over a rock. Falling down face first she moved away as fast as she could. A few feet later she yelled back “Sorry!” To Renji as she got up and made her way back. Rumors are true, His body was 90% tattooed. Now things could not be unseen for her.