howling instincts

“Whatever you do,” murmured the voice against their ear. “Don’t try and run. Don’t flinch. Don’t show fear.”

Every inch of them screamed with the urge to flee, every instinct howling to lash out, to do something. Anything other than sit there.

The hand on their arm tightened. “Please, don’t. Don’t give them a hunt - they won’t stop until you’re dead.” 

I drew a card at random and got the 8 of Wands - that immediate came to mind was moments in a few studio ghibli films where decision and actions was taken with great speed and not necessarily thought through. Especially in howls moving castle and spirited away. a movement out of instinct. Perhaps there was no real plan but the world moves us forward. Or it continues to move around us. then studio ghibli films have a lot of moments of motion and speed like this. I may have steered away from the actual tarot challenge.

for part 9 of the L.I.A.C. challenge hosted by @resonance-of-libra

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Can you do some werewolf trimberly hcs?

Alrighty so 

  • Kimberly is a bit freaked out by it at first and Trini is surprisingly calm about the whole thing and helps Kim through it. 
  • Kimberly also gets super tired after they transform and so Trini starts to make a habit of having snacks for her and always somehow has a blanket 
    • Trini even goes as far as buying Kimberly a dog bed as a joke
    • Sometimes Kimberly prowls around Trini’s house in wolf form and Trini’s mom is just like??? “Trini, that huge stray dog is here again!!” And Trini lets Kimberly in and Trini and Kim both think it’s hilarious the way Trini’s mom tells her to “get a handle on this damn dog.” 
  • Zordon’s the one who bit them (they were friends before) but he also bit the boys and they find this out one night when Zack’s at the quarry howling like an idiot and on new instinct they howl back 
    • The same night they meet Jason and Billy 
  • In wolf form Trini is still super small and she looks like a fluffy toasted marshmallow, so Zack and Kim go out and buy dog tags for all of them and Trini’s tag just says “Marshmallow” and she refuses to wear it
    • totally keeps the tag though, and takes it everywhere with her 
  • Kimberly finds out her and Trini are mates on accident (she claims) and it’s hilarious because Zack was with her when it happened, and Trini is oblivious to this fact even though Zack constantly brings it up 
  • They end up cuddling more in wolf form because it’s comfier and they swear that none of the boys can know (Billy knows) 
“Ode to Strangers” prompt

Okay … I’m not a member of the introvert club (yet!), but the prompt inspired me last night, and more as I thought about it. So I wrote a little something. I’ve read some of the smutty-goodness from this prompt, but I went another way with it. It’s not titled, so just using the prompt. Eh.

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Hunger - chapter 26

Hunger master post

The full moon rises over the Preserve, and Derek closes his eyes at its silver light washes over him. There’s a pull to the moon, a compulsion to lift his face and bathe in her light, and Derek doesn’t fight it. It’s been so long since he gazed at the moon with his human eyes, but she still recognizes him. She still watches over him. Now more than ever, he thinks.

The moon led him to Stiles.

Derek glances across the clearing, to where Stiles is standing. His breath is hangs like mist on every exhale into the cold air. He’s wearing his hood pulled up, and he’s shifting his weight from foot too foot in anticipation. His eyes are bright.

John is standing beside him, watchful, but Derek can’t smell any fear coming off him.


The Stilinskis are pack. Derek knows it, and Peter knows it and, Derek suspects, both Stiles and John know it too. The instinct is there, even in humans.

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I'm not the same anon who requested the yandere todoroki hcs but is it ok if I request what would happen (either hcs or a scenario would be ok, u can choose) if his crush starts to realize or even avoid todoroki bc she noticed his yandere tendencies?

I don’t mind, or see a problem with this. I couldn’t wait to write for this anon. I feel like actually making this a series.


| Todoroki Shouto

The sick feeling made your stomach hollow out as your intestines curl up and bounce around the walls when you noticed a door sightly ajar. The darkness illuminated by a light casted by the window was a scene from typical horror game. The scene screamed importance, but the hair on your neck stood on ends in trepidation. The air was heavy and shrieked at you to turn around. Anxiety’s claws rapped against the bone that made up your spine as the sound of creaking floorboards were heard down the hallway.

You regretted not listening to your survival instinct that howled against the inside of your skull. Screeching and throwing a tantrum at your stupidity of thinking Shouto as harmless.

Quickly, but nonchalantly, you came up with an excuse to tell Todoroki in order to leave as soon as possible. You tried to keep the smile on your face from wavering and spilling out your terror. Keeping with contact with him another sent you over the edge but you kept your face from contorting and revealing the urgency of you desiring to leave.

“Don’t worry about it Shouto, I just need to help my mom take care of a few things.”


Over the next week you did everything you could to avoid being alone with Shouto. You always had someone talking with you, or around you to make sure of this. You could tell from the slight twitch of his fingers that he didn’t enjoy this, but you rather have someone with you on the off chance something would happened than to fall into his hands.

How could you not realize what he was before you stepped foot into his life?


Shouto couldn’t help biting into his tongue and cheeks everytime you had an excuse to not be alone with him. Snarls almost ripped through his canines when he saw you walk away from him. He forced himself to keep quiet and talk to others. He didn’t care for what others thought of him, but he couldn’t let suspicion raise of his crumbling friendship with you catching everyone’s attention.

Day after day, he had to watch you tense up whenever his heterochromic eyes landed on you causing you to run into someone else’s side in fear of him.

Todoroki didn’t want you to fear him.

But Todoroki didn’t want you to be at someone else’s side.

There constant bouncing off his foot as he rested his head onto his interlocked hands. His brow furrowed and lips formed a straight line as his eyes were hollow. His thoughts ran rampant in what to do with you. Todoroki couldn’t fathom another day without you within his arms reach, his fingers unable to brush against your skin as “platonic” affection.

But you stopped that.

He never knew how you came to understand what he was doing but that didn’t matter anymore. He will have you back in his life even if you were scared. Shouto would do everything within his power to keep you.


Blood pumped through his veins as his eyes narrowed upon your back. You were alone, walking to the the nearest corner store to buy yourself a treat for doing such a great job on the latest hero test. You were walking home, all alone, with no one by your side.

Stalking you through the streets like a predator quietly chasing their prey amongst this metal and stone city.

When you rounded the corner a shiver raced down your spine, your hair standing on ends, and your ears hearing nothing, but the blood flowing through too loudly alerted you to what would happen. The air quieted as you decided now would be the moment to pick up your pace or else.

The moment a hand gripped your shoulder, so tightly to the point the bruises would blossom shortly afterward, you knew who it was. The world became a blur as you were forcibly tugged back and shoved into a brick wall. You didn’t want to cry out, nor did you want to open your eyes and see his face.

“Open your eyes ____.” His voice was rough as he commanded you to listen, the under tone of sadness almost compelled you to do so.

Tears welled up under your lashes, “Please don’t do this Todoroki.” You beseeched him to listen to reason; to see that he was doing something that was completely and utterly wrong. You always knew that something was wrong due to his rather, but you couldn’t help but see it was something much darker than what you had previously thought.

His other hand caressed your face much to softly than what you would’ve expected, it betrayed his mom insidious intentions. You trembled under his gaze and the tears fell freely the moment you opened your word and stared into his own.

His stare was filled with affection, the complete opposite of his brutish handling of you earlier.

“____, I missed you.” Shouto began as he smiled at you, as if he was reuniting with a friend from the past, where nothing was wrong and they could chat about their adventures without a care in the world. “Did you find something you weren’t suppose to find in my home that day where your mom needed your help?”

Cold sweat started to form on your temple as that familiar twist on your gut increased. The hear from his right hand could be felt between the flimsy fabric of your shirt and skin. How long did he know? It was best to answer and try to escape before he could try anything. If you hit now you would be able to run down the alleyway and get it into the upper and scream for help.

“I.. I found something I shouldn’t have….” You began your confession by looking down. If you waited for him to lean in closer you could strike and take your chance.

Todoroki wanted to see your face.

He would never expect for your palm to meet with the bottom of his chin, forcing his head up and him to take a step back.

You bolted as soon as he took that step back. Adrenaline pulsing through your body as you counted the seconds before you could feel the warmth of the setting sun and safety that would soon come with it.

Before you was the line that separates the alleyway and where the light shown down on civilization. A place where you could be free from him.

But that didn’t happen.

You would never be able to go home and live a normal life, where you only talked to a few classmates that wasn’t Todoroki, and try to survive the hero course. A normal daily life where you tried to make your dreams come true of being a hero and helping out your family. It was nice and normal.

But you wouldn’t be able to go back to that life at all.

A hand wrapped around your waist and over your mouth. Your back met his chest as you continue to the around and bite into his hand. There was no way in hell that you would be able to go without a fight. You could taste copper fill your mouth as he tighten his hold onto you as you squirmed.

“I won’t let you leave me _____. Not now, not ever, and in time, you’ll see it’s not so bad being with me.” He murmured into your ear as you tired yourself out. Your sobs were muffled when you realized this truth:

You would never be able to leave him.

continued from here; 

We ain’t leavin’ ‘till you tell me who it was. Left a nasty mark, seems like, i want to give her a piece of my mind, so if you’ll excuse me–  she tries to make her way past him, intent on doing just that.


Wesley hadn’t really gotten a chance to see any of the other werewolves since things had calmed down from the festival. He’d stayed behind to make sure everyone was accounted for and okay, he knew that much. But what happened in between, the actual events, everything then was a blur where he willed himself to lose control and give into whatever basic survival instinct was howling to be let loose. Now that the dust was settling in the air and West Hollow seemed to be returning to normal, Wesley had hoped that he would too but there still seemed to be a buzzing beneath his skin. The one thing that did calm his thoughts, and honestly had been since he got to West Hollow, was that he wasn’t alone - he’d always have the pack. 

Walking into Talbots on a time that wasn’t his shift, Wesley was hoping to find one of the other wolves around. It was his best bet besides the gym and with how sore he still was it was an easy decision on where to go. Catching sight of Holt in one of the booths on the far side, Wesley’s eyes light up as he headed that direction. Wesley wasn’t even sure if it was a distraction, someone who understands, or just the reassurance that the other pack members were okay that he needed more but nevertheless he was glad to see someone. “Hey there Holt,” he greeted sliding into the booth opposite. “You’re not busy here? Just seein’ how you’re holding up?” 

Small Spaces

It starts with a bullet in her back.


           It’s her first field mission and she honestly doubts if she’s even cleared to be out here, but she’s here nonetheless. The only person she knows is the Commander—Gabriel Reyes. A standoffish, distant man who can read the minute shifts in an enemy’s stance as well as she can decipher the irregular murmur of someone’s heartbeat.

           He’d been the one to recruit her, and the fact that he’d gone to the lengths he had to seek out a healer of her caliber tells her more about the way he cares for his team than he ever will himself.

           Everyone else is a mystery. She’s read the roster and ran scans on the strike team, which—while making her very familiar with everyone’s blood type and medical allergies—gives her little to go on as far as who they are as people. And more importantly, as her future patients.

           In short, Mercy feels ridiculously out of place in the middle of the firefight, providing support for honest strangers—but she’s worked with less and is much more preoccupied with the man standing on an adjacent rooftop, sniper rifle glinting in the noonday sun.

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