howling fury

Jacob Kurtzberg (aka Jack Kirby), a Jewish veteran of WW2, would be 100 years old on August 28, 2017. This month we will see a lot from Marvel and DC Comics celebrating his Centennial because he created or co-created many of their great heroes, including (but not limited to):

Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, the original X-Men and Magneto, the Fantastic Four & Doctor Doom, Hulk, Black Panther, Ant-Man and Wasp, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, Silver Surfer, Big Barda and Mister Miracle, Nick Fury and the Howling Commandos, Wonder Woman’s mother Hippolyta, Darkseid, the New Gods, Groot, the Kree, the Skrulls, the Inhumans, and Loki.

if you are a fan of any of these characters, it’s your duty to honor his legacy by opposing nazis and nazism in all forms.



This doujinshi (muryou)’s Chinese version would be available at Beijing SLO5 on July 20. Totally free.
A story about Winter Soldier rescuing Captain America. The scanner designed by Howard Stark was from the movie Prometheus, Fifield’s puppy.
This title was from the Japanese band KAT-TUN’s song RESCUE.

Change of Plans - Prompto Argentum x Fem! Reader

This little request is for @a-le-lone-wolf​ I hope this is what you had in mind and that today is a better day for you :)

I love sweet Prompto and it’s been a minute since I’ve written anything for him so this was great!

Word Count: 4726


With a heavy sigh, you flipped on the pocket flashlight clipped to your shirt. “Lights on, guys,” Prompto called the at the same moment. Four more lights flickered on to illuminate the darkened path ahead. Somewhere at the end of this godsforsaken maze of a tunnel system was a royal tomb – or so the rumor went.

“Noctis, please for the love of the six, build your tomb somewhere a little more accessible.” You shuddered as you caught sight of a large spider descending from its web not too far from your arm.

Noctis snorted but agreed as you trudged along right behind him. This made the fifth tomb you and the others had tracked down and only one of them had been an easy task. Since you had parted ways with Cor at the mouth of Keycatrich Trench, things had definitely not gotten any easier. You were thankful for the years of training and the ability to allow your mind to go blank during the heat of battle. Your body knew what to do and, coupled with the instincts of the four men that always had your back, you were certain the lot of you would see the journey to its completion.

Gladio caught Noctis’ arm and motioned for him to stop. You squatted down, leaning forward to look down over the edge of the narrow path you had been following for some time. Daemons writhed and stalked the darkness beneath you but they hadn’t noticed where your group hugged the wall several yards above them. “Something isn’t right. We haven’t faced any daemons since we entered this part of the cave.” Gladio crossed his broad arms over his chest with a thoughtful expression on his handsome features. The cut over his eye that ran perpendicular to the old one was healing nicely.

“Perhaps we should proceed with a greater deal of caution. We were warned that this area has seen a spike in daemon activity recently,” Ignis looked to his young king waiting for him to give the final say.

Noctis nodded before taking another step forward. “Keep your eyes open and watch each other’s backs,” the raven-haired young man summoned his sword before proceeding.

Gladio and Ignis naturally fell in to step close behind Noctis. You summoned your own weapon, a set of chakrams with wickedly sharp serrated edges that had been endowed with lightening magic, and followed your king. Prompto’s grip on his pistols was firm beside you, the promise of a battle heightening his senses as if he had gone through the years of Crownsguard training you had.

You were impressed with Prompto’s aim and his unfaltering loyalty. You had known the blonde jokester for several years thanks to being one of the Crownsguard members trained and intended to serve directly under Noctis. At first, you were uncertain of his intentions and had warned the prince that he shouldn’t trust anyone that would just walk up and already act as if they were friends. Prompto had denied wanting anything other than to call the prince his friend and you just couldn’t understand that. However, Prompto had grown on you with his bad jokes and adorable awkwardness anytime he released you – or any female, for that matter – had entered the room. You the five of you had departed the citadel in hopes of reaching Alitissa, Prompto had stuck close to your side and he had helped you out of a few jams in battle. He had even shared his sleeping bag with you when Noctis had gotten fish all over yours when he carelessly threw his catch into the trunk of the Regalia. You couldn’t help smiling at the thought.

Luckily, the tomb was tucked into a corner of the open cavern not too far ahead. Noctis claimed the weapon of his ancestor quickly and the five of your rushed forward towards the exit. Prompto yelped and Gladio took a defensive position as darkness rippled and filled the air blocking your escape. The daemon that appeared from the inky mist was absolutely huge with jagged, sharp teeth and a strange misshapen form. “What the hell is that thing?” Prompto asked as he aimed his firearms towards the oozing mass.

“What’s the plan?” Noctis shot a nervous look at the resident strategist as he planted his feet, sword drawn.

Iggy summoned his polearm, not willing to risk getting too close. “Until we know it’s weaknesses, use long range weapons and stay out of reach of those…tentacles?” His brows drew together in uncertainty.

A volley of shots rang out, echoing off the cave walls as Prompto fired several rounds into the mass of slithering goo. The bullets, coated in a white hot flame, appeared to burn the gel-like substance the creature was made of and pieces of its exterior burned away. “Hi there, opening,” Prompto snapped in another magazine before firing another round at the damaged area.

“Let’s see how you like a little electricity,” you grunted as you threw each of your chakrams forward. Your heart soared as the electrified circular blades sliced through the creature before the special magnets in your gloves drew the blades back to you.

The daemon howled in pain. Fury made the creature lash out, its tentacles extending forward in search of a target. Gladio and Noctis managed to fend off the appendages easily but one slithered forward and wrapped itself around Noct’s exposed calf. He gasped in pain before Gladio used his greatsword to sever the tentacle from its master. In its place, an angry red welt bubbled on the surface of the king’s skin as if he had been doused in acid.

Ignis called for everyone to regroup as he finished his scan of the enemy. “The only weakness I’m detecting is one to lightening magic. It doesn’t appear to be weaker against any type of weapons.” Ignis used his polearm to block another tentacle as he searched for purchase.  

Glancing over, you noticed the sweat dotting Noct’s forehead and the welt on his leg looked to be getting worse. “Gladio, get Noctis out of here. Iggy, you and Prompto watch their backs on the way out.” You got into position before slinging your weapons at the beast once more. It’s angered screams rattled your bones as you caught of the circular blades before sending it right back at the daemon again. Gladio nodded, understanding that Noctis’ life could be hanging in the balance. He shot you a look, one that you knew was meant to be encouraging and thankful, before helping Noctis to the side. Your attacks had drawn the attentions of the oozing nuisance away from the path and towards you.

“I’m not leaving you,” Prompto took aim and sent another round of fire-charged bullets into the target. He had created a large area where the protective gooey layer had broken away to reveal it’s more sensitive inner layer.

Focusing your attentions on the weakness, you sent your next attack there. “I can handle one extra-large booger with a case of the grab hands by myself. Make sure his majesty is okay and I’ll meet you guys at the haven.” The creature roared as your blades sliced through its exposed skin, a dark purple liquid spilling out of the cut. You dodged it’s counter attack as you caught your returning chakrams with ease.

Prompto started to protest again but Ignis stopped him. You missed whatever he said as a tentacle licked at the exposed skin of your arm and you bit the inside of your lip until you tasted the mettle tang of blood to fight back your scream. Your skin bubbled up at the contact but you continued your attacks. Ignis pushed Prompto towards the door before fending off several attacks of his own. “While I admire your tenacity,” Ignis gracefully vaulted to the side, taking off another tentacle, “you cannot hope to defeat this creature on your own.”

Grunting as you slid across the damp floor of the cave to grab your blade before it spun out of reach, you turned as used your momentum to sling it with the added force as the creature. “I’m not planning on dying in here, Iggy, but I’ve got my own promises to keep. Besides, I’m tougher than I look,” you shot him a trademark smirk before firing another round of attacks.

During his own attacks, Ignis had moved closer to the exit of the cave. The creature had shifted its position so that there was barely any room to escape passed its acidic coating. “I did not mean to imply you were not skilled.”

You caught the nervous look in Ignis’ green eyes as he glanced at his fading escape route. It was now or never and he knew it. “You have an oath to fulfill, Scientia, and dying in this cave is not going to help our king take back his kingdom.” You hissed as welts appeared on your leg, some of the acid-like mucus dripping from your blade onto your exposed skin. “Do me a favor, though?”

“Anything?” Ignis answered immediately. He made his dash towards the exit but turned as he pulled a spell bottle from his pocket and pulling the top.

Another roar ripped through the cavern at your latest attack. “If I don’t make it out of here, tell blondie that…that I wish I could’ve told him I loved him. That I wish things were different.” Tears stung your eyes but you refused to let them fall.

“Of course.” You caught the sad smile of the strategist’s face before he tossed the bottle at the creature. His attack hit its mark and the creature seemed to falter for a moment. Its forward motion blocked the path completely, cutting you off from your only chance of escape.

The others waited for days at the haven a few miles from the entrance to the cave system. Thanks to a couple potions, Noctis had nearly made a full recovery. His leg was still sore and thin pink ring wrapped around his calf but he was able to put his full weight onto his leg and no permanent damage seemed to have been done. It was pure luck that the others had made it out unscathed. However, there had been no sign of you since Ignis left you to deal with the monster.

The fire popped and hissed as Gladio stoked its flames to ensure its continued burning. He fell back into his chair heavily as silence washed over the group. They needed to move on, to see that their quest was fulfilled, but none of them felt good about leaving you. Prompto had wanted to run back into the cave several times but the others wouldn’t allow it saying that the creature could still be lurking and that he didn’t need see what may have been done to you.

Ignis had relayed your message once camp had been set up and Prompto had taken his heavy words with more grace than any of them knew he was capable of. He had been remarkably silent as the days passed, only commenting on going back to search for you. He sat in his chair with one near pulled to his chest, his pale freckled face resting against it. His eyes were red rimmed but no one had actually seen him cry. His bottom lip was raw where he had chewed it incessantly in worry. His blue eyes were nearly grey, awash of their normal bright color, as he stared into the licking flames. “I love her,” he spoke so quietly that Noctis, who was seated directly beside him, nearly missed it.

“What was that?” Gladio looked up from his book in concern. He had read and reread the same page at least a dozen times without their meaning sticking in his mind.

Prompto whimpered, a low sound that akin to a groan but filled with heartbreak, as he pulled his eyes to the starless night above the group. “I love her and I never told her.” He spoke evenly but his voice cracked halfway through the sentence. “…and I left her.” Hot tears spilled from his eyes and he made no move to stop them.

“You did as you were asked, as you had sworn to do in the name of the crown,” Ignis attempted to console the resident sharpshooter as he leaned over to place a gloved hand on his back. Prompto shuttered under the gesture but didn’t try to shove him off. “I believe (y/n) knew of your feelings and felt the same.”

Standing so quickly that the lawn chair he had just been using flipped backwards, Prompto stood and clenched his hands hard enough that his knuckles turned white where they peaked from beneath his gloves. “That doesn’t make it okay! You said it yourself, long range weapons were the way to go and instead of backing her up like I should have, I turned a ran out of there. Her blood is on my hands,” Prompto visibly shook as he squeezed his eyes shut. Turning on his heel, he entered the tent for some semblance of privacy.

Noctis stood to follow his best friend but Gladio stopped him with a tug at his shirt and a shake of his head. “Nothing you can do to make this any better, Noct. Give him some space.”

The young king opened his mouth to respond when he felt his pocket vibrate. Fishing his phone out, he swiped across the screen to answer the call. “Cindy,” he greeted her with mock cheerfulness.

“Hey there, prince. Found something I think you and your friends might be needing. Fixed ‘er up for you and got it all ready for you to pick up.” Shuffling and the sound of metal on metal filtered through the phone as if Cindy was currently waist deep in the hood of a car with the phone sandwiched to her ear. “When do you think y’all will be this way?”

Noctis offered one last look towards the tent before getting the attention of Ignis. “Tomorrow. We’ll be there by noon.”

You sat by Cid, just inside the garage when a flash of light caught your attention. The Regalia pulled off the road and parked by the pumps. Ignis immediately got to work filling the tank as the others climbed out. Noctis seemed fine but each of them looked more tired and worn out than you had ever seen them. Prompto’s hair hung limply, still damp from a recent washing as if he hadn’t bothered to fix it. He was pale his eyes had lost the beautiful sparkle you loved so much. You heart broke at his appearance. Your instinct was to stand but Cid stopped you with a shake of his head.

The old mechanic was in the process of changing the dressing over the wound on your arm. It was the deepest cut and the reason you had lost so much blood. The hunters that had found you had stitched up the worst of your wounds and done their best to keep you alive. Cid had taken over tending to your wounds when the hunters had left your unconscious form with the grease monkeys that knew you. His movements seemed practiced as he finished securing the gauze and wrapping it all in a self-adhesive bandage. “They’ll see you soon enough,” Cid chuckled before checking you over one last time.

If you said you weren’t sore, you would’ve been lying. Your body ached all over but other than the deep gash on your arm, your other injuries resembled small scratches now. A new scar cut its way across your bottom lip, splitting the naturally rosy skin at one side and a few others littered your legs but you would be right as rain in a few days. After you had escaped the cave, you had sent your location to someone you knew was in the area. You were too busted up to make it back to camp where the other waited and you could already feel the blood loss making your beaten body sluggish as the adrenaline wore off. Cor had sent a team of hunters after you as soon as he received the message knowing something was wrong. You were already unconscious when they found you not for from the mouth of the cave, your chakrams still coated in the acidic mucus.

Cindy’s lilting voice drew you from your thoughts as she greeted your friends. Cid helped you to stand on your bad knee – wrapped in a supportive brace after you had taken a particularly nasty fall onto it during the battle – and walked with you towards the entrance of the garage. “Reckon she belongs to y’all,” Cindy drawled as Cid helped you stand just beside her.

Your name left Ignis in a surprised gasp. Gladio moved to support you and carefully wrapped you in a welcomed hug. Noctis was next followed by a stiff Ignis. You assured each of them that you were fine, just a little sore, when you noticed Prompto hadn’t moved. His jaw hung loosely, his mouth open and his cheeks tinted an adorable shade of pink. As you watched him, his eyes began to turn, burning with the icy fire you admired so much before he took a shaky step towards you. He whispered your name before taking another step. “Y-you’re really here?”

Laughing, you did your best to look confident despite allowing Gladio to support some of your weight. “I couldn’t let some daemon do me in before I beat you at King’s Knight,” you smiled as tears stung your eyes.

Prompto took the last several steps separating the two of you and pulled you carefully against his chest. His arms around your waist supported your weight effortlessly as he crushed his lips to yours. Not caring that five of people stood as your audience, you tangled your fingers into his incredibly soft blonde fringe to pull him closer to you.

When the two of you finally parted, your both panted slightly and Gladio whistled. “That’s sure as hell been a long time coming,” he chuckled.

Your group was back on the road the next day after the others had helped Cindy out with a favor as payment for taking you in. Ignis set the course for Galden Quey, happy to agree to the notion that you all deserved a few days’ rest and relaxation. Noct still wasn’t one hundred percent and you knew you still looked pretty rough. Gladio seemed excited at the prospect of getting his early morning workouts in on the beach and Ignis was content to learn a bit more of how to prepare a few more dishes with the fish Noctis liked to catch.

Prompto supported you as you slightly limped up to the front desk. You had fully expected the employee to hand over a key to one room – your typical arrangements put you on the couch to avoid being subjected to unwanted cuddling or groping by a sleeping man – and was surprised when Prompto accepted a second key. “I thought we could use some time…to ourselves,” he blushed a bright red as he helped you towards your room. It was separated from the others’ by a few apparently empty rooms and was tucked into a corner of the building overlooking the sea.

You caught the obscene motion Gladio had tried to shoot Prompto without your noticing and the smirk that Noctis made no move of hiding. Ignis pushed his glasses up and nodded, offering a true smile. “I believe the two of you have more than earned some privacy. If you feel like joining us for dinner, we shall save you both seats at dinner.” The strategist hurried the others into their room. He shot you a wink as Prompto opened your own door.

Two of the four walls that made up the room were entirely glass as they stared out over the calm blue ocean. Light poured into the room and everything was decorated in pale calming colors. “How much did this cost?” you breathed in awe as you stood by the glass wall. It felt as if you were floating over the ocean.

“Iggy arranged it,” Prompto sheepishly pulled you towards the bed to get you off your feet. “He told me what you said.”

Blood rushed to your own cheeks as you studied him carefully. Other than the heated kiss the two of you had shared in hammerhead that morning, you hadn’t spoken about your feelings or made any other advances. Prompto had held your hand the entire drive to the beach having forced Noctis to allow him to sit in the back with you. “I’m glad he did. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it out of there and I didn’t want to die without having told you…that idea seemed worse than dying,” you confessed.

“When I looked back and saw that you weren’t following Ignis out of the cave, they had to force me back to the camp. I tried to go after you a few times but they stopped me.” His arms were careful not to hurt you as he pulled you against him. “I love you,” he whispered into your ear and shuddered at the sensation of his hot breath tickling your skin.

No more words were needed as clothing was shed. Prompto was so careful not to jostle your knee too much or to put pressure on your bandaged arm. His lips ghosted over your new scars and his fingers danced lightly over you sensitive skin. You couldn’t help giggling as you ran your fingers over his freckled chest and sculpted muscles. The evening sun that washed into the room made him glow as if he were truly composed of light. You would have sworn you had fallen into bed with an Astral.

His fingers dipped down to your slit and something close to a growl and a needy moan slipped from his lips as he felt how wet, how ready for him you were without much foreplay. His cock was throbbing and pulsing and you hadn’t even touched him yet. “You’re sure?” His breathy whisper was soft as his eyes stared into yours. They were brighter than you had ever seen them. Like jewels shimmering in the light of the sun.

Breathless, you nodded and worried your bottom lip. Prompto gently pulled at your chin to free it so that he could kiss you properly. The head of his swollen length pressed against your clit before he pushed into your entrance slowly. Your eyes fluttered shut and the soft moan that left you was the most beautiful sound Prompto had ever heard. Though he was thick and larger than you had expected, your body took him effortlessly as if you were made for one another. Once he was fully seated within you, he stilled so that you could both revel in the fullness and the perfection of your union.

Your hips bucked against him and you dug your fingernails into his shoulders before you managed to open your eyes. Prompto was staring at you with such devotion and love in his eyes that it was nearly enough to have you a shaking mess already. “Move,” you whimpered as you ground yourself against him.

Neither of you were hurried and the pace he set was slow and sweet and sensual. Neither of you cared much about teasing the other at that moment. It was all about feeling and conveying emotion. Prompto peppered every inch of the skin he could reach with light, feathery kisses and you traced your fingers over his entire body. You both wanted to commit the other to memory, washed in the light of the evening sun with the blissful ocean and the Astrals themselves as your witnesses.

Prompto changed his angle slightly and you moaned, you back coming off the bed at his ministrations. “Found it,” Prompto chuckled against your neck as he sucked gently at the skin. He wasn’t being rough enough to mark you but it was enough to send and added layer of heat towards your core. He focused his efforts on repeating his motions and moved a hand to cup your breast, toying with the nipple.

Your body naturally moved and rolled in time with his efforts. You had never fit with another person so effortlessly and you couldn’t help gasping as the pleasure built inside your body. “Prom-Prompto,” you panted. Your brain was struggling to string together the proper words but the marksman kissed you sweetly and his hands snaked southward between your bodies as if he knew what you needed. The callouses of his fingers added to the stimulation as he pressed harshly against your swollen clit. You moaned into his mouth and Prompto eagerly released your lips so that he could enjoy your sounds.

Spreading your legs wider, Prompto adjusted himself so that he could move at a much quicker pace inside you. Despite the force behind his thrusts and the need etched into his handsome features, his grip on you was soft and guiding as he was aware of your still weakened state. His finger moved quickly against your clit and you felt the floodwalls inside you beginning to crack. “Let go for me, sweetie. Come all over me,” he begged you in a voice that was deeper and gruffer than you had ever heard from him. Gasping, your body exploded in the most earthshattering orgasm you had ever felt. Your body quaked and you careened beneath Prompto. He carefully held you as stationary as he could so that he could help push you through your orgasm, his fingers still working in time with his cock. Warmth raced through your veins as you searched out his lips, in need of another connection between the two of you.

Prompto nipped at your lip, his teeth knocking against yours in need as his motions became sloppy. You wrapped your uninjured leg, still shaking and weak, around his waist to pull him closer and he grunted as you dug your heel into his ass. “I-I’m gonna –“ he panted in warning and you swallowed his whimpers with your mouth.

“That’s it, Prom. Fill me.” Your words seamed to light a fire in him as his pace picked up. A few more snaps of his hips and Prompto buried himself inside you as he released. You both gasped and panted as the feelings of him doing as you asked, of you both belonging so completely to the other.

Prompto fell beside you, pulling you close so that he could trace invisible patterns over your flushed skin. You ran a shaky hand through your hair before he brought it to his lips, kissing the palm. “Wow,” you breathed as a warm smile painted your lips.

A boyish giggle escaped him. “Wow is right. Way better than talking.”

It was your turn to laugh. “I love you, Prompto Argemtum,” you swore in an airy voice as if you had just accepted another duty from the king himself.

Fingers traced along your inner thigh sending shivers through you. “I love you,” he smiled but his eyes grew wide as he withdrew his hand. His fingers were covered in a mixture of the two of you where it spilled down your legs. His grin was impish as he stared at his fingers. “We, uh, made a mess. Sorry.”

Smirking, you sucked Prompto’s fingers clean, giggling at the shock written all over his face. You weren’t worried about the consequences of your coupling, knowing you could pick up a potion in the morning that would take care of it all. You swirled your tongue around his finger once before releasing it from your mouth with a wet pop. “Don’t be sorry. I asked for it.” You winked and sultrily brushed your hair away from your shoulder. Despite the sweet and vanilla session the two of you had just shared, you actually enjoyed things a little…dirtier usually.

Prompto’s eyes resembled saucers as he watched you with a hungry expression on his face. “Change of plans. We’re not going to make it to dinner if you can go another round,” he spoke in a strangled voice.

Laughing, you moved to straddle the blonde. “I’m no quitter,” you shot him a wink.

The Bright Light Game

The bright light game was simple. All you had to do was draw a salt circle around a little homemade doll, usually nothing more than some cheap fabric stitched together in a vaguely human shape and filled with dry rice and a few strands of your hair, and recite the words of invitation.

Nearby spirits, play with me

Nearby spirits, come be free

Through this doll, escape the dark night

Through this doll, step into bright light

The doll would then vanish and, in its place, a spirit would appear. It would be bound to well lit areas, weakened by its inability to hide in shadows or darkness and the salt, and would be forced to answer questions for those who summoned it until they released it.

Nearby spirits, go away

Nearby spirits, enough today

From this doll, back into dark night

From this doll, leave the bright light

Poof, the spirit would be gone and the doll would be back.

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yes, yes, i am wild, i am eyesore, i am
the wind that makes breathing hard,
i am the ocean and the battered shore,

name me witch. name me salem, name me
lover of the evening coals. name me dangerous,
see me swim through your liquid insults
as evidence. i was always
some fae, some siren, some succubus.

yes, i am ugly and wanting and hungry.
i will eat the hell they make for me.
this is my home and i do not exist
for the sheer purpose of beauty.

name me mountain, name me sickening, name me
goddess almighty.

this is my home, i am daughter of fire and air.
i do not exist to make your day sunny. i will be ice storms
and tempests if i choose to be.

this is my home, i am daughter of water and earth
i do not exist to silently agree. i will be
the passion of thunder, the crack in mirrors,
a howl of fury.

yes, yes, i am myth, i am magic, i am destruction. yes, 
i am more than flowers and teacakes and crowns, i am
all that and then some. yes, i wear your words like little 
white lilies. you may throw what you like. they mean nothing.
go on, name me sack of bones, name me rail, name me

you cannot harm me. 
i was born dragon.

—  lady // r.i.d

Wuxia Avengers: Heroes’ Justice

art by @potofsoup, words by przed (@trappingsofzed), for the @capreversebb

  • Rating: Mature
  • Warnings: Major Character Death
  • Relationships: Steve/Bucky
  • Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanov, Red Skull, Nick Fury, Howling Commandos
  • Additional Tags: Wuxia AU, Don’t worry the Avengers don’t die, Buddhism references
  • Wordcount: 10,355

Summary:  Captain Steve Rogers was a trusted member of the Emperor’s Palace Guard, but then his entire company was wiped out by the Red Skull. Now Steve seeks only vengeance for the death of his sword brothers and the man he loved.  He thinks his is a solitary quest, but on his journey he will find fellow avengers to help him.

A Chinese wuxia AU.

Read on AO3 here:

Many thanks to przed, for writing a great fic on short notice, and for bearing with all of my headcanons and flailing. <3

The Care and Keeping Of Your Matchmaker, Chapter Three

Title: The Care and Keeping Of Your Matchmaker (Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three)
Series: Tales of Zestiria
Pairing: Sorey/Mikleo
Summary: Sorey picks up a new babysitting client for some extra cash. He didn’t exactly count on a six-year-old trying to hook him up with her older brother. (Modern/Highschool AU)

IN THIS EPISODE: Sorey gets invited over for dinner, and Mikleo wants to jump out a window.


Link: AO3 /

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On Wednesdays, Sorey got a ride from his mother to school. It was at her insistence – with the multiple jobs she worked to make ends meet, they rarely got any meaningful time together. Sorey’s biological father was always coming up with new, creative, and underhanded ways to get out of paying child support, so they’d long since stopped relying on any money from that end. Over the years, they’d learned to scrimp, and save, and go without – but his mother always went out of her way to keep her Wednesday mornings open, no matter what jobs she had on her plate, to drop Sorey off at school on her salvaged, souped-up, beloved, ultra-cool motorcycle. It was a vintage hand-me-down from his grandpa, and the magnificent creature was kept in top shape with his mom’s thrifty gearhead skills. It was his mother’s second son, and Sorey’s own little brother. His loud, fast little brother.

They zipped down the streets, Sorey’s arms wrapped tight around his mother’s waist as she steered them toward his high school.

“I HEARD FROM ROSE THAT YOU GOT A NEW BABYSITTING JOB?” shouted Selene over the noise of the wind and the engine.

“WHAT?” shouted Sorey over the noise of the same.









The rush of wind around them filled the silence as Sorey struggled to pick through his mother’s odd choice of metaphor.

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i say i am a valley girl

and i mean the restless air fresh enough
to drown my regrets, the enchantress breeze
whispering my name
between the trees and howling her
fury through an open car window,
the hypnotic lights of the city
stretched like a promise
beneath me
what if you just stay what else is there to see.

i mean the highway and the crawling
scenic back roads both juxtaposed beneath
bleeding pink clouds and a tie-dye sunset.
proud ancient pines, the river
a queen marching through her realm
clothed in rich
blue diamond currents.
crown silver, trout-studded.

i say i am a valley girl

and i mean i think it has seeped
into my veins, twisted
around my spinal cord, settled
in my ribcage,
blanketed my synapses, tangled
in my hair.

i mean that next year i will step over
those mountain walls and
many miles away
i will check the bottom of my shoes
and there will be
valley soil caught in the ridges,
staining the soles,
ingrained in the soul,
and it will not wash away,
no matter how hard i scrub.

—  from “valley girl” // megan kim
Like a Ship into a Storm 5/6

Sabo’d never really considered just how big of a ship the Moby Dick was, not until he found himself climbing it, that is. 

Grunting, the blond comes to a stop on one of the decorative ledges, feet firmly planted upon the porthole of a window, chest heaving and arms burning from the strain.

Any other day he’d have simply zipped up to the top, but this is a matter of stealth. He can’t let anyone know he’s here, not until he’s ready to face Ace.

Finding the idiot’s room shouldn’t be too hard; he’ll just look for the one with an abundance of shorts and boots, yet with a clear scarcity of shirts. Simple.

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dreamcatchersdaughter  asked:

But also Like Imagine Persephone Tony and son to Demeter Steve and Tony while mad for flowers growing bored of being seen as lesser to Steve. And then he finds Bucky and oh the god of the underworld is compelling and quiet, but firey ad sassy when provoked. Tony wants to spend all his time here and so he eats the Blueberries of the underworld and spits half out do guilt of Steves judgemental gaze. And Tony FEARED Queen of the World is just as amazing as Hades Tony okay.

Being the child of two big gods? Sucks, a lot. His “sire” was too busy fucking everything that picked his hyperactive fancy and his father carried him along throughout the Harvest and the many festivals in his name. Tony was…bored, he was bored, bored, fucking absolutely bored and done with frolicking and dancing in fields. Tony, eternally seen as just the progeny of him and Steve. Sucked!

Then, there’s a path of clarity and a half cocked plan, Pepper and Rhodey would disapprove but they knew of Tony’s willfulness, they saw him and in the end that’s all he could ask for. Tony sees the god; the quiet, broody Lord of the Underworld about to leave the above and just like that his decision is made. Tony jumps on the moving chariot, surprising Bucky, and just a tad too late to do anything but take Tony down with him.

Bucky lets go of him once they have crossed the Styx, growling “Follow me.” Before moving through the endless halls.

Tony feels only a little bad for forcing himself on the god, but at least he wasn’t kicked back out after their arrival. Bucky points at things as they go along: “Don’t eat” or “Don’t touch” and “Don’t even think about dipping a toe in there.” Tony looks at everything, at the flowers and fruits and the massive 3 headed dog taking a nap in the middle of one of the hallways. “Dum Dum, Gabe, Falsworth. Move fellas.” 

Tony notices how they lazily open one eye and glower a bit as they scoot to the side. “This are your quarters, Peggy will fetch you for supper.”

Just like that, Tony is by himself in the realm of the Dead. He can’t help but smile.

He starts poking and prodding Bucky, who to the amusement of Peggy and the furies gave him the task of carrying the curses of the Living upon the souls of the Dead, since “They’re running behind  and you insist in wanting to earn your food and lodge, whatever that means.” 

“It means that I don’t wanna be your kept god, just something pretty to look at, honeysuckle.”

Tony finds that he has a knack for it, Bucky hides his satisfaction behind his luscious locks. The first buds of belladonna sprout after Tony witnesses Bucky’s fiery disposition at news from the above. 

“I guess if Howard stopped thinking with his dick for a minute, half the issues wouldn’t be so.” He spits, sprawled on his throne as Peggy relays the list of complains. Bucky deadpans, “That’s on Natasha, she keeps fucking Bruce inside the volcano.”

After that first taste, Tony wants more, so he steals the god from his throne just to go for walks, weaves him flower wreaths and makes him wear them; the kicker? Bucky does, always with a small smile on his face. Everything was going swimmingly until Rumlow happened.

A rogue soul trying to escape his punishment by trying to derogate a god, with a list of curses the length of Tony’s arm and all around bastard. Tony had arrived in a flurry after Dottie screamed about her “Master” and “danger” her claws at ready to render anyone who stood in her way to pieces. Bucky, dressed in his black chiton and nothing else, as he grappled with Rumlow at the edge of the Lethe. “Look at you, my King.” Taunted Rumlow, “Desperate to find Steve and Howard’s little bastard. Brought to your knees by a powerless god.”

“Bucky!” Tony panted, struck by terror as he noticed a shard of his sire’s bolt in Rumlow’s hand. “Watch out!”

The King stumbled and almost took a dip in the river of forgetfulness for his slight, only the bottom of his chiton getting wet at last moment when he turned, falling onto one knee and kicking out his other leg, striking Rumlow and making the soul lose the shard.

Before Bucky could do much else, or the furies could close in on the dead man, Tony strode over and stepped on his chest. Rumlow’s eyes full of hatred and contempt. “You think I’m the only soul here that’s willing use you to get him?”

Tony smile was sharp as Natasha’s sword. He had seen them all hiding in the shadows, waiting for their moment. Titans have tried and failed miserably before them, what makes them think…

“No, but I’ll make an example out of you.” Tony whistled and threw Rumlow at Dum Dum’s head. “Don’t chew him up, I’ve got plans for him.”

Tony without an ounce of hesitation, grabbed the dead warrior’s robes and said, “I really, really hate when other’s touch what’s mine. And Bucky. Is. Mine.” Afterwards, he cheerily waved at a screaming Rumlow from the shore of the river of pain.

No god, goddess or mortal had elicit such kind of vicious reaction from Tony before, not even Pepper and Rhodey. The young god strides into Bucky’s chambers and finds him undoing his robes. “Bucky…do you-”

“Are you alright, Tony?” 

“Oh sweet nectar!” Tony sighs as he moves towards Bucky, touching the naked chest like a worshiper and feeling the ripple of a shiver under his fingertips. Tony raised his gaze to find Bucky looking at him with the same enrapture. “Bucky?”

“That was very foolish thing you did, Tony.” Bucky whispers, as his fingers curve around Tony’s nape.

“What, drag Rumlow to the Acheron?” Tony asks, hands up Bucky’s shoulder and around his waist. “I couldn’t let him escape punishment, that’s my designated area.”

The rumbling of Bucky’s chuckle makes Tony’s body heat up. “Hijacking my chariot, coming home with me, seeing me.”

Tony’s smile is equal parts impish and shy. “Just like you see me. You see me, right, Bucky?”

When Bucky kisses him, Tony feels aflame, as if he’d gotten too close to Sam but it doesn’t hurt at all and his skin is buzzing. Tony pulls at Bucky’s chiton until it finally falls away, leaving Bucky completely naked for Tony to see. He moans in appreciation at the sight; no words could describe the King of the Dead, no words could do him justice.

“Like what you see, godling?” Bucky voice nothing but smooth heady murmur that echoed through Tony. 

Instead of wasting words, Tony used his mouth to paint Bucky with marks and kisses, to moan and grunt as they devoured each other in the best possible way. 

Much later as they laid sated, Tony weaved buds of the flowers that sprouted from their union into Bucky’s hair. “What would the damned say about their Lord wearing flowers in his hair?”

“Maybe their Lord should remind the damned who weaved the flowers into his locks.” Bucky’s answer was to laugh against Tony’s shoulder.

He proudly wore his hair full of forget-me-nots from then on. The Underworld’s oppressive atmosphere seem to weigh less in Tony’s company; his “Queen” was ruthless in the best way, dragging from the shadowed corners those who’d conspired to overthrow his ruling and delivering swift, just and merciless punishment, and pulling him away from his work when Bucky became consumed by it. 

Tony was sitting in Bucky’s lap, sharing ambrosia and kisses with his husband when Steve stormed into the throne room. They have talked about this just once before, about the inevitability of Tony’s return to the above: “Do you want me to leave?!” - “Tony, I know your father. He must be tearing the above looking for you.”- “That is not an answer to my question; Do you want me to return above?”- “No! Tony, I don’t want you to leave. Ever.”- “That’s settled then.”

The fierce anger in Steve’s body was warring with relief and something akin to disapproval. “Bucky.”


Tony sighed and stood, facing his father, every bit of Ruler, husband and god into his posture. “Father.”

“How could you be this irresponsible, Bucky? Bringing my child to consort with the dead.” Steve’s voice is like a slap to the face, the disappointment booms. “Do you get how worried I was when couldn’t find him? When my summons went unanswered, do you?!”

“It’ll be best if we have a calm talk…” 

“We won’t talk about anything!” Steve shouts, which makes Tony grind his teeth. “Tony and I will return above and the order of things will be restored.”

“Why? Because you say so or because he does?” Tony’s voice is colder than the Underworld’s temp, but Bucky sees him: the slight tremble of vulnerability on the tip of his fingers. “Because you want your powerless godling with you or because he is trying to pull my strings? Why, father?!”

Steve’s momentary silence is taken in the worse way possible, Tony quick as a heartbeat grabs a fistful of blueberries, eyes incandescent as he puts them in his mouth and starts to swallow.

“Mortals are dying!” Steve reacts, and moves forward, trying to stop his son from becoming a permanent tenant among the dead. “You were gone and I couldn’t find you…the cold had frozen the crops and the world above is dying.”

Bucky loves Steve, they used to be close as brothers before Bucky had become a King below and Steve’s life above got too busy to catch up. The thing is, Bucky knows what Steve is not saying: “You are throwing a tantrum and neglecting your duties. That’s what’s happening, Stevie!”

Tony eats a few more berries and there’s a part of Bucky wants him to stop chaining himself to this place. “He was gone! My child, gone from my side like never before. I’ve scouted the Earth, going as far as the edges of the North.”

“Nothing new is blossoming, nothing is sprouting from the ground or the trees. The beasts have gone to sleep and the mortals are dying be it from starvation or this manifestation of my grief.”

There’s a mouthful left and Tony looks ill at the sadness in his father’s voice, sick at the prospect of being guilty of his father’s pain. “Then I hear whispers of the Lord of the Underworld wearing flowers in his hair and his savage “Queen” that agreed to let a crafty mortal take his lover back to the above. I know my son’s work when I see it.” His father looked worse than Bucky did when he first arrived and the god was nothing but a brooding work automaton. “Tony…”

Tony’s shoulders slump slightly and spits the quite delicious berries. This was the parent he did love, and apparently his powers laid in the fruits and flowers of the above, who knew? His husband, his beautiful love, looked defeated but resigned and that wouldn’t do at all. Walking into Bucky’s space, Tony pulled the locks gently and weaved him a lovely crown of forget-me-nots while peppering his face with kisses.

“I’ll come back.” Tony promised, voice thick with emotion. “I’ll always come back home to you.” 

Bucky just nodded, laying a kiss on his hair, down his forehead to the tip of his nose and lastly his lips. “I’ll be waiting. We will miss you.”

“And I, you.” He confessed, the words etched into Bucky’s mouth like a prayer for only them. 

They turned to find Steve trying his best to give them some privacy, his ears were flushed but Steve was the god of Harvest and Fertility so he wasn’t easily–Bucky’s eyes cut to where Steve gaze wanders every few moments, where Peggy is sitting sifting through her list…Oh. Oh!

He nudges Tony to look at them and going by the smile on his husband’s face, Bucky bets the Underworld is about the get another unlikely pair. He can’t wait!