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{ howl: i feel terrible, like there’s a weight on my chest.
              sophie: a heart’s a heavy burden.
[[for akahshi ]]


For everyone that needs a laugh today, I’ve seen this like four times and it STILL cracks me up.

howl’s moving castle was such a good movie i mean how poetic can you get? the boy who swallowed a shooting star falls for a girl whose hair is like starlight?

but that’s not all? it’s just such a good movie and the plot might be hard to follow but the ending is so good and heartwarming i love how sophie and calcifer and howl and everyone is just? surrounded by so much love? it’s pure… wholesome… good…

A Raven Among Crows: Pt 3

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You’re a woman disguised as a man at The Wall, but no one knows.

Part One  Part Two  Part Four 

(Y/M/N)= Your Male Name

(Y/N)= Your Name

The wind started to pick up, it started howl in everyones ears that the horses started neighing. 

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Season 3 Smut

I think it almost goes without saying that ‘Turtle Soup’ is high on many people’s agenda when it comes to season 3 of Outlander.  And I do like it, but as I was walking home the other day I began to think about what canon/head canon smut I’d quite like to see.  It started with these:

Jamie on his own thinking of Claire (angst, angst, angst)

Claire on her own thinking of Jamie (ditto)

The nursery scene (now, before everyone howls at this, in my head I have her thinking of Jamie and like the angst of that.  I’d also be interested if they made this a bridging scene between Claire and Jamie’s time apart)

There is something about the post Laoghraire revelation that I quite enjoy (not the language or even the violence but the passion that’s there)

hmmm… now where else…

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And I think it’s important for all of us to realise something: we are witnessing a massive shift in the boundaries of possibility. But what is scary to some, inspires hope in others. I, for one, would like to thank Luke Cage for all the work he’s doing in Harlem; those of us below 110th see the good work he’s doing, and… we hope he’s doing well.
—  Trish Walker, using Trish Talk to publicly support Luke and send their best wishes. (1x06 - Suckas Need Bodyguards) 

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Probably last tumblr post before the new year then running off to the Galapagos for ten days!  See you in the new year!! /o/

Lyrics and vocals by Lovelymayor
Music and piano by @grivaire

You ever hear a matin’ call?
Cut through the sounds- of the rain that falls
While you cooped up stayin’ dry
Mammals out there testify

I need a mate
That’s what they say
Take me on a date
Or home to play

Every mammal got a need
Don’t matter if you wet or dry
Don’t matter if it’s rain or shine
We’re gonna stay up past bedtime
And let our limbs entwine

I need a mate
That’s what they say
Take me on a date
Or home to play

Foxes scream, Badgers churr
Wolves howl and kitties purr
Everyone’s got something they wanna do
But I just wanna get with you


Foxes scream, badgers churr
Wolves howl and kitties purr
Everyone’s got something they want to do
But I just wanna get with you

No rain gonna stop me now
Take my collar and get me out
Don’t matter if he bark or bray
He’ll keep me wet on a rainy day

I need a mate
That’s what I say
Take me on a date
Or home to play

Inspired by @nicolaswildes Zistopia AU

Made with SoundCloud

laudanumcafe  asked:

When Dragon Trick is stressed/depressed he likes to curl up around a large hot water bottle that he pretends is his clutch of eggs. He makes guttural clucking sounds in the back of his throat while he burrows in his nest with it.

Cutest boy!! When they cool down and Pete takes them away he gets really confused and chuffs and Pete. If Pete isn’t quick enough at refilling them with hot water he starts Dragon howling and everyone from the other buses come out to complain cause he’s a noisy boy. He’s really cute in his nest though, sitting on all the eggs and if anyone except Pete is in the same room he’ll follow them around with his eyes until they leave