And I think it’s important for all of us to realise something: we are witnessing a massive shift in the boundaries of possibility. But what is scary to some, inspires hope in others. I, for one, would like to thank Luke Cage for all the work he’s doing in Harlem; those of us below 110th see the good work he’s doing, and… we hope he’s doing well.
—  Trish Walker, using Trish Talk to publicly support Luke and send their best wishes. (1x06 - Suckas Need Bodyguards) 
  • my 74 year old grandpa interacting with my toddler nephew:hey there buddy!!!! How have you been????!!!!
  • me, an 18 year old, interacting with my toddler nephew:I'm very old, my boy, I can't play around like I used dagnabbit I'm not sleeping, im just resting my eyes.
Howl’s Moving Castle - Full Edit

Here’s the full edit of Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones! This doc is 171 pages long, so the full book is only going to be posted in the doc.

This is the last update for Howl’s Moving Castle, thank you for reading!

Link to the doc here

*disclaimer* This is a project done for fun, and none of these characters/works belong to me. I do not claim to own any of the material on this page.

A creepy old lady just walked past my house swinging a closed umbrella, singing “YES, JESUS LOVES ME” at the top of her voice

Shiloh barked at her and the lady went “Shut-up, mutt”

And I’m just leaning to get a look at her from the carport and go “Don’t tell my dog to shut-up” and she just repeats “shut-up” and I’m not sure if the second one was directed at me or my dog lol
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  Movie Stream! Er, just kind of a stream at the moment. Gonna be streaming some stuff on YouTube for a while and maybe Vinesauce playing Tomodachi Life. I’m mostly waiting until about 4 or 5 to stream the movies. We’ll see! I’ll try to keep everyone updated. So join in for some random fun!

  In character chatting is totally cool! Just be nice to everyone in the chat please. Feel free to stop on by! OH and PSA making an account is free and when you join choose the far right option if you’d rather just message!

  Stay tuned for How To Train Your Dragon and The Iron Giant!


And here are my pieces for The Enchanted World of Miyazaki: Tribute Show!!

It was such a wild weekend with such an incredible turnout of people and I got to meet so many of them (although I’m sorry if I missed you; I was only there for certain times). I’m extremely honored that I was able to be a part of such an experience as my first time as a part of a gallery! There was a lot of love and effort put into it and I can’t thank everyone who put it together and made it possible enough. And thank you so much if you were able to make it and I’m sorry to those who couldn’t. 

Prints are available on my Storenvy

ok Paralympians in general are badass but Paralympic archers are fucking METAL i mean look at this shit!!!

Danielle Brown! A team GB archer with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in her feet, meaning her feet are in near constant pain and she walks with crutches. She leans on a stool to shoot AND STILL MANAGES PERFECT FORM

Matt Stutzman!! American athlete who currently holds the world record for longest accurate shot in archery!! He was born without arms, he does this shit with his feet

Zahra Nemati!!! From Iran! She competed in fucking taekwondo, SHE’S A BLACK BELT, but a car accident in 2003 left her with spinal injuries and paralysis in both legs. DID SHE LET THAT STOP HER? FUCKING NO, SHE TOOK UP ARCHERY INSTEAD, NBD!! And what else? SHE QUALIFIED FOR BOTH THE 2016 PARALYMPICS AND THE GENERAL OLYMPICS, and she was the flag bearer for the Iranian team in the Parade of Nations.

when. will. ur. fav. ever!