sometimes you have to fight for the things that are worth fighting for.

a print i made celebrating (most of) the wonderful heroines from studio ghibli (+nausicaa) films. i love them all so much for everything they’ve taught me and helped me get through over the years and i wanted to do something to put that down on paper. you’ll be able to get this this weekend at san japan, artist alley table b209!

As someone who has always considered herself demisexual, I somehow can’t stop thinking of just doing some casual stuff? I really do not want a relationship or anything, but damn making out and having casual sex really sounds so appealing right now?


this is still the funniest video i have ever seen in my entire life

1 Year Blogiversary!

In other news aside from my best friend going into a crazed cannibalistic state because his gem was modified, my blog turned 1 year old today!

Exactly 1 year ago today, I joined the DGAU!

Thank you to all the wonderful and amazing demons and RPers I’ve met during my time here! And thank you to everyone I’ve met and helped Wit grow as a character!

And lastly, thank you to those I have formed long lasting friendships with. You memelords know who you are. >;3c

Thank you for a wonderful stay in the DGAU! I can’t wait to see my story, and several others develop even further. :D


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I got this at the yearly “Pop Culture Con” yesterday from a super cool artist who does vector art on Photoshop. She had all the superheroes and even some gamer art (really sweet femShep that I passed on…). Guess who I couldn’t say no to? *sigh* I’m so damn predictable. We ended up talking about her process and what’s the best programs to use for illustrating and digitizing traditional stuff, and she was even cool enough to sign this print! I’m so framing this, mat and all, and hanging it up next to my computer. No shame!

I’ve just realized that I’m probably the same age as Howl.  And I work a bottom level service industry job nowhere near my field of study that makes just enough to pay my rent/bills/student loans.  When I do spend money on myself, it’s to buy awesome used books I find or alcohol.  And whenever I go home, I hear about how I’m not living up to my potential.

Someone please tell me how the fuck he made it to Ingary.