howl: feelings

Unpopular opinion here but I legitimately don’t want Avengers 3 to come. I mean, the longest it takes to be released, the better it is for me. I know we don’t know for sure about Thor or Loki’s fate but if there’s even a small chance that either of them will permanently die (Loki being more probable) then I don’t want that day to come to watch that on screen. I didn’t even know that it was released next year; I had hoped it was 2019 so we could enjoy Thor and Loki’s moments from Thor 3 a while longer. God, please don’t let either of them die in Avengers 3! I don’t even care if Loki is evil or not, I just don’t want him or Thor dead. I don’t even know what I’d do with my life without them around anymore :/ 

she is infinitely beautiful

she walks with purpose

-without the burden of her mistakes

it’s no wonder

you love her

and not me

raven // i would too, if i were you