howl: feelings

i’m learning that every person i leave behind will carry a piece of my heart for the rest of their lives. but i have to continue to move forward and allow my heart to grow anew, instead of backtracking and trying to reclaim those parts of me again in them.

This has been an incredibly difficult 13 months, and I have worked my ass of so hard, you guys.  I’ve spent every hour I could at the build site, and I’ve even spent time there when I haven’t had any to spare.  I’ve worked from home.  I’ve taken so much shit from my supervisor and my coworkers.  I have been so dedicated to this project.  It’s become my life.  So I feel like I deserve to make a few choices that will take a huge load off my shoulders for the next week or two.  Is it so bad to put myself first, just this once?

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