Here are the pics from our Miyazaki themed party!

I’d like to point out that we’re NOT cosplayers, we made up these costumes in 2 days with the stuff in our wardrobes so give us some credit, it wasn’t easy at all!

Click the pics for captions 

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Friendly reminder

If you happen to gif/edit these movies:

  • The Croods
  • Rise of the Guardians (or just Jack Frost)
  • Howl’s Moving Castle
  • Megamind
  • Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
  • Kovu (The Lion King II)
  • Mr. Peabody and Sherman
  • Shark Tale
  • Hotel Transylvania
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
  • Rio
  • Despicable Me
  • Madagascar
  • The Iron Giant
  • Epic
  • Ice Age
  • Paranorman

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anonymous asked:

What is your favourite Studio Ghibli film, what are the ones that you haven't watched yet?

SPIRITED AWAY, with Howls Moving Castle at a close second. :)

And there are several I haven’t seen, and I actually tried to watch the rest.  And which movie did I HAVE to start with?  


So I didn’t want to continue after that… D’X

Movies like “My Neighbor the Yamakas”, “The Cat Returns” and all the movies following “The Wind Rises” I haven’t seen.  I need to dedicate a day (or a couple) in my life to watch the rest of these movies.

stayloin asked:

Favorite books ?

I’ve answered it before but I will list them again :D


Young Adult:

Poetry and short stories:


hope you like them.. 💕

10 People I’ll Like To Get to Know Better

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Nickname - Tomey
Star sign - Leo
Gender - Female

Height - 5′4″
Time and Date - 2:44pm, June 2
Average amount of sleep - it’s either 5-6 or 9-11, depending on if I have to get up for something
Lucky number - I don’t really have one
Last thing I googled - hydrangea care
First word that comes to mind - Computers (I’m in a computer lab lol)
How many blankets to you sleep with - a sheet, a blanket, and a comforter.
Favorite fictional characters - Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle and Rei from Free!
Favorite Celebrities - Shimono Hiro, Tsuda Kenjirou, Miyano Mamoru, Hatano Wataru, Hirakawa Daisuke, and Suwabe Junichi

Favourite books - Howl’s Moving Castle, Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion

Last movie I saw in the cinema - The most recent Hunger Games one
Dream holiday - Japan, Ireland, or England, or all three!

Dream Job - composer for otome games or professer

Wearing Right now - jeans and a long sleeve shirt.  It’s cold in here!

Some cool download links (right click and save as to download)

Wii shop remix

Gameboy start up sound

The Room: “Don’t touch me motherfuckerr”

Tiny Talos preacher


Hank Hill breathes in the chemicals

Joseph Joestar “HOLY SHIT”

Ed Edd and Eddy “Rolfs rant”

Ed Edd and Eddy EDM

Let the bodies hit the floor “Rugrats”

JJBA “Oh that’s a baseball!”

Tina going “Neehh!”

Beethoven and Kanye West collab

Howls moving castle “Flower garden”

Smash announcer voice “BABBY”

Who’s been drawing dicks remix

If you have an audio post you would like for sampling reasons I can rip it for you :) These are just a few for my own personal purposes


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Name: Ciaran
Nickname: do I have any? I guess ciaranabanana…
Birthday: 7th December
Star sign: Sagittarius
Height: Umm I guess 5'9?
Favourite colour: orange
Current time and date: 21:14 2/6/14
Lucky number: 7
First word that comes to mind: alone
Place that makes me happy: Brixton academy
Number of blankets I sleep with: 1 or 2
Favourite fictional character: Jesus
Favourite celebrity: probably Hayley Williams ( yelyahwilliams )
Favourite book: boys don’t cry by Malorie Blackman
Favourite anime: I have seen only one anime so it has to be howls moving castle
Favourite TV show: friends or doctor who
Favourite musicians/bands: a few of many- you me at six, paramore, don broco, all time low, pvris. There are loads more.
Favourite video games: super smash bros brawl/melee and FIFA
Last movie I watched: big hero 6
Dream holiday: the Maldives with my girlfriend and best friends
Dream job: actor but that’s unlikely so idk spoilers.
Currently wearing: pyjama top and drop dead jogging bottoms
Last book I read: to kill a mockingbird? Idk I read shockingly little

I tag: exhaledesired, lower-than-em, paradiserobbers, killing-people-i-like, whyareboysinbooksbetter and whyiseverythingsoexpensive-. Sorry if you guys have already been tagged but idgaf, you don’t have to do it and I wouldn’t be mortally offended. Have fun x

anonymous asked:

I absolutely love your blogI'm literally dying from all cute scenarios!!!Can I request Kagami Taiga+Aomine Daiki+Akashi Seijuro+Kuroko Tetsuya having a Studio Ghibli movie marathon with their s/o who's a big Studio Ghibli fan?

KAGAMI: You figured that if you watched something vaguely action-y, like Princess Mononoke, Kagami might object to the movie a little less. Well, you weren’t wrong. Entirely wrapped up in the plot, he actually paid more attention than you did, jeering at the villagers who wished to invade the forest and actually cheering for the Princess and her wolves. He still hated dogs, but he figured that wolves were okay so long as they didn’t come close to him. He would actually prompt you to play the next movie as soon as it was done.

AOMINE: You loved Howl’s Moving Castle, and Howl’s drama queen nature sometimes reminded you of a certain blue-haired boy. Although you were predictably more invested in the movie, Aomine did his best to sit through the movie, occasionally state how he was in fact both cooler and better looking than Howl, and eat every last kernel of popcorn. When the first movie was over, he’d probably only watch the rest to humor you. 

AKASHI: If it made you happy, he’d do it. You both, however, had utterly miscalculated how heart-wrenchingly sad Grave of the Fireflies was, and you’d ended up in tears. Akashi had suggested a break, but you’d pushed for another, more cheerful sounding movie: The Tale of Princess Kaguya. When that ending upset you as well, Akashi suggest you take a break for a while, and had only cheerful movies prepared for when you were ready to start again. 

KUROKO: When you’d persuaded Kuroko to watch The Cat Returns with you, he was absolutely sure it would end up being rather childish. He agreed anyway, hoping to share an interest with you so that he could understand you better. What Kuroko didn’t expect was to actually become engrossed in the movie, along with all it’s cheesy power of friendship motifs. He frowned when you did, and laughed a few jokes you hadn’t actually caught. You both could agree on one thing in particular though. The King Cat was an ass and you both hated him. The movie marathon would be enjoyable to him as long as you both got reasonable amounts of sleep.

My top ten favorite characters

I was tagged by the totally cool karogue (Thank you!!! :D)

Howl- Howl’s Moving Castle

Hermione Granger- Harry Potter

Anders- Dragon Age

Fenris- Dragon Age

Isabela- Dragon Age

Aragorn- The Lord of the Rings

Gandalf- The Lord of the Rings

Hagrid- Harry Potter

Ed Elric- Fullmetal Alchemist

Yato- Noragamie

yeahh…..there’s a butt-ton more but these were the first ten that pooped into my head. :)

I’ll tag: firnae deepdarkbeforedawn vallasliin lyriumrebel and any other of my followers who would like to ;)