“The band were fascinated to discover that many of the strangers they met during a year on the road were so open and honest; as though that level of anonymity allowed strangers to be themselves. This isn’t a universal truth, in my experience, but a phenomenon often unique to the arts; you see a film, or you read a book, or you listen to an album that relates and has meaning to you. As such, you may feel close to its creator, almost like they’re your friend, or even a therapist, or a voice of authority and understanding.” — Lauren Ziegler pondering on the How to be a Human Being conception. [×]

I honestly love the word queer

I like the word for myself, and it’s nice to have a concise word to describe the associated community at large without leaving people out

ladyabigail24  asked:

Howlite is Beautiful and Scary as all Hell! Who the Heck thought it would be a great idea to make her eyes go black and gave her two mouths?!? Seriously!! 😠

VT thought it would be a good idea.~ He got the inspiration to make Howlite both a beautiful character and one that looks like she belongs in a Halloween attraction. Funnily enough, she was actually designed right around Halloween time, 2015. She’s a gem made for intimidation and disarming her opponents with appealing/nonaggressive looks. That is, until you anger her. Then all bets are off.

Besides, who doesn’t love a deadly beauty with the smarts of a Diamond and the instincts of a hunter?~