“don’t look down, just keep your eyes ahead of you”

victuri howl’s moving castle au gives me life….man…..

Dangerous Minds:  Psychedelic Blasphemy! Diabolical Art Curated By The High Priest Of The Church Of Satan

Last spring, Dangerous Minds told you about “The Devil’s Reign,” a traveling exhibit (and its companion book) of Satanic art curated by Peter H. Gilmore, author of The Satanic Scriptures, and the High Priest of the Church of Satan for fifteen years. The exhibit endeavored to explore expressions of the diabolical from many cultures, though it mostly focused on ancient deities that were repurposed as devils and demons by Christianity, and, as that’s a pretty damned (haha) fertile artistic field to harvest, a second book has been published.

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Tales of Memory - YOI fanfiction

So yesterday I wrote A Thing but I had already exceeded the post limit so I couldn’t put it on here =v=‘ Here it is now, though!

Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice

Pairing: Otayuri, Oturi, Yuribek, whatever you kids are calling Yuri Plisetsky/Otabek Altin these days

Summary: Fairy/Knight AU - The woods are dark and deep, but Otabek finds something else in them.

Be wary of the woods, my son, for they are dark and deep.

Otabek has always made sure to heed his mother’s words - there’s nothing like a mother’s wisdom, after all, passed along generations after generations of ancestors until it reaches him. He remembers them, remembers the tales he’s been told, and never forgets.

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Just watched yuri on ice ep 10 on a whim while fckn around on youtube and I think i am in love

Is it just me or does one of the russians look like Gladion

The other one with black hair is really cute tho! And all that fluffy shit with him and victor I’m actually crying. It’s so funny too.

anonymous asked:

If you could be any animal which animal would you be and why?

I don’t know why I have such a fixation with wolves, but I do.

I’ve always liked the way wolves looks and the dynamics of any canine creature.

They can be aggressive and alert towards those they know/sense have ill intentions, but they can also be protective and affectionate towards those they know will give them the same treatment in return.

Plus it sounds great to run around and howl at shit with a pack of friends.

Wolves are great my dude, and if I had to be an animal 10/10 would want to be a wolf.


“It’s Love, Isn’t it?” (Viktor’s Moving Castle!)

I live for Hat Maker/HouseKeeper Yuuri, Wizard Viktor and Apprentice Yurio! 

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