howl's moving castle

when your otp has an honest talk only in dire situations, like when they’re running full tilt being carried by the wind shouting at the top of their lungs

(the movie made this flying thing so romantic, but the book version is basically ‘howl and sophie scream into the wind as it slams them back to the castle’)

One of my favorite things about Howl’s Moving Castle is how frankly and fluidly magic is portrayed. Magic suits its user, and because of this we hardly recognize it as magic because it matches the character.

This is all just to say, I really love that Howl’s magic is intellectual and Sophie’s is instinctive and intuitive.

a family doesn’t have to be a man and a woman. a family can be a wizard, his apprentice, the fire demon who ate his heart, his cleaning lady who’s under a curse and in love with him, a senile witch who used to be his greatest enemy, a dog which belongs to his ex teacher and also enemy, a random cursed prince along for the ride, and their walking magic house