howl inks

Lightning Moon

When she gets angry
Her voice cracks
She often plays heavy metal music
Dances like a wild woman
Howls like a banshee

I can feel her from miles away
Her energy is contagious

But there are summer nights
Warm and rare and calm
Where she hums to herself
Such peaceful songs

I become transfixed by her beauty
Settled and unafraid

Azuki Lynn

I catch him staring at me, and give him a questioning look. “What?” I ask.

He smiles sheepishly, although still with that dreamy look in his eye. “I was just thinking,” he says finally, his fingers playing with my hair.

“About what?” I try to coax it out of him, and he laughs, his cheeks flushing.

He takes a deep breath, his gaze steadfastly on his fingers. “I was just thinking… that this - you know, us - this is love, isn’t it.“ He laughs again, embarrassed, but he sneaks a glance at me.

My heart melts.

—  this is love - oakflower

Inktober day 10.
The day i got a vicious cold and all i could think about was that part in howl’s moving castle (the book) where howl has a cold and he spends all day conjuring tissues and being dramatic.
Featuring my first artsnacks box that included that beautiful violet ink that makes my life better just by existing.

Came to school thought it would turn me into a scholar.
Turned me into a fool, an employee, in debt.
Searching for the All Mighty Dollar.
Selfishness sickness society.
Living is so expensive you can’t afford to
die for free.
I’m seeing the greatest minds of my time
being destroyed by vanity.
Insanity that has conquered all of our humanity.
I need to pray, yet I’ll probably sin first.
Ginsburg Howled. Riffat Matin Hollas.
Came to school to become a scholar.
Lost my soul, in search of
The All Mighty Dollar.

Riffat Matin. Keep Kids In Art Classes. 2017. 


sometimes I feel like I am a growling beast.
red eyes, black fur
silver-tipped teeth of hatred
green ichor running through my blood.
I feel alive with the sensation of tugging;
heart strings,
drawn in breaths,
held in words
like my mind is to be flooded with thoughts
that make no home.
I feel like a sauntering wolf,
all fierce fire and
black-gaited claws that run rampant over
flesh and torn dreams.
I feel like destruction,
loneliness wrapped in fur,
apocalypse written in my bones since the day I was born.
I feel like Fenrir
gripping the edge of the world so tightly in jaws
meant to cry,
swallowing and
all those around me
—  i’m scared to show you the shards in case you bleed. Krys Kazik.

Third session of lining. Only characters left to add now are Sophie and Howl, and a quick addition to Haku since one of his hands needs to be adjusted before it goes on for good. This session saw the addition of Howl’s castle, the Nightwalker/Great Forest Spirit, Porco Rosso (via his plane), and Catbus, another little totoro, Satsuki and Mei.

I’m so impressed with Nadia’s work. She’s done an amazing job so far and I’m looking forward to getting into colouring with her right away!

Interestingly the inside of my arm didn’t hurt much at all when it was going on. It stung, but it was way better than I thought it would be… The day after was freakishly terrible, haha, but after I put some moisturizer on there it finally stopped hurting.

Next session is in just under two weeks, so more photos to come after that.

EDIT: If you like what you’re seeing and you’re in the Edmonton area, my artist is Nadia Farhat, at The Mile. She’s amazing and you should go see her! :D