howl inks

Ok, technically Howl is a male, so he’s a wizard and not a witch. But first of all Howl always looked kind of… “feminine”? And I honestly had no better idea for this entry, so here we go with one of my cartoon crushes. ❤💙💛💚💜

EDIT: I’ve been told that “witch” in english is a gender neutral term. In my native language the correspondent word for “witch” (=“strega”) is only feminine, while for males we use the correspondent for “wizard” (=“mago”).

I catch him staring at me, and give him a questioning look. “What?” I ask.

He smiles sheepishly, although still with that dreamy look in his eye. “I was just thinking,” he says finally, his fingers playing with my hair.

“About what?” I try to coax it out of him, and he laughs, his cheeks flushing.

He takes a deep breath, his gaze steadfastly on his fingers. “I was just thinking… that this - you know, us - this is love, isn’t it.“ He laughs again, embarrassed, but he sneaks a glance at me.

My heart melts.

—  this is love - oakflower

Inktober day 10.
The day i got a vicious cold and all i could think about was that part in howl’s moving castle (the book) where howl has a cold and he spends all day conjuring tissues and being dramatic.
Featuring my first artsnacks box that included that beautiful violet ink that makes my life better just by existing.