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kiss, hug, bff, marry, text all night, kill, sleep with, party with, study with - himym blog family version GO!! :)

oh god why me

kiss: myself

hug: swarley-daggers

bff: howimetyouryellowumbrella

marry: himymships

text all night: imperiumwife


sleep with: howimetyourmilioti

party with: how-i-met-my-otp, sweettasteofhimym

study with: all of them because we wouldn’t study, we would watch himym




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do you have a favorite himym blog or some you can help me find to follow? i dont have any himym blogs im following but you seem to know a bunch and reblog a lot of them

My personal favorite is HowIMetYourMilioti, and also himymships and himymconfession. Some other blogs to check out are lawyeredbyeriksen, how-i-met-your-mother-lets-talk, how-barney-married-robin, and swarkleswedding. 

Those are just a few, Anon, but there are so many more (: 

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I have to poop and you keep distracting me ;-; -HowIMetYourMilioti

This isn’t the first time I’ve been told this

Challenge completed

Can’t you just take your laptop/phone/whatever device you use to the bathroom with you

It’s my girlish charm isn’t it?

I guess you’re just going to have to 

blogs i missed when i stopped liveblogging himym for a bit:

(due to sickness, school, boredom with it tbh, etc. etc. ) but dont worry im back till the end now!! cant frick frackin wait to see the rest of the fandom in january!!

  • lawyeredbyeriksen
  • how-i-met-robin
  • howimetyourmiloti
  • weekendat—barneys
  • broadwhy
  • janetheknightofjustice
  • all A++ livebloggers tbh follow like i dont talk to any of u but id like to u seem cool

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howimetyourmilioti is awesomesauce 

Not only is the blog great, but the guy who runs it is really cool.  (and I’m totally not just saying this because I’m one of his blog wives and his twin which I now realize is creepy and incestual)

We once had a pretty strange, but hilarious (at least to me) gif war, I was asked to write a fanfic about him once — weird, but I did it — he listens to my incessant rants at random hours of the day, and responds to deeply personal questions. So if that doesn’t make you think that Hunter is a really awesome guy, well then you suck and should go away. 

Hunter if you’re reading this, then 

Put any URL in my inbox, and I’ll tell you what I think 

So after being here for almost two years (and it being almost-Christmas and all) I decided to make one of these!
Sorry for the crappy edit-thingy but photoshop hates me so I decided to improvise.

So here is a list of people who are just downright awesome and who have made my dash my favorite place on earth!

♡ Ps: Hover over your URL for a special message bc it’s almost Christmas and ily all 

ohfinnicked | howimetyourmilioti | teenwolfmixtapes |

peetaschristmascake | dauntless-vampire | 

lanadeljudgingyou | gay4zayn | 

captainswaan | paulwelsey | zcuis |

niliam | needsmoresarcasm | mellarque |

mistletoebrien | plsbeyonce

+ blogroll

♡ I hope that you all have a merry Christmas! Eat lots, laugh lots and blog lots! Love you all! I also love exclamation marks! 

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fanfic prompt: howimetmamamosby, howimetyourmilioti & himym-simon (and any other male himym blogs you might know) "bro'ing out"

Wow, okay this is interesting, I don’t know these blogs too well, so I had to do some major creeping (*salutes* Major Creeping) in order to write this, so this is based on what I’ve seen.

For this story I’ll refer to them as Mosby, Milioti and Simon, because well it’s just easier, also I based their characters off HIMYM characters, howimetmamamosby being Marshall, himym-simon as Ted and howimetyourmilioti as Barney.

Milioti’s phone buzzed loudly in his pocket, You’ve got to be fucking kidding me, he thought to himself, as he ducked behind a wall and answered his phone in a hushed whisper “Dude, you got like ten seconds, I’m in the middle of a very intense laser tag game.”

“It’s here.” Mosby said in a definitive tone. 

Milioti rolled his eyes, he didn’t have time for this, there was a party of twelve year olds in his vicinity and he needed all of his focus, he didn’t have time for these childish games. “What’s where?” 

IT.IS.HERE.“ He repeated with extra emphasis on each word. 

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