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OMG! omg! HAHAHAHA It's hilarious! XD Thank you ♥ Do you know another video like this from Doctor Who or the actors? I love it *-* Thank you again!

Haha you’re very welcome!

I know right?! :P I’m obsessed with this video, I could watch it over and over without any shame, it’s just too brilliant and funny! 

Um, The only funny/cute videos of the cast I can think of just like that atm are these two:

The first one being a sketch with David Tennant and Catherine Tate and the second one being Karen and the Babes singing a Christmas carol

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Hi Natasha :3 I recently knew that DW will have a 7 season. YAY! :D But do you know when is it gonna be? Sorry for my awful english XD

Hey! <3 :) Um, from what I’ve read Series 7 part 1 will be in Autumn 2012, then there’s gonna be the Christmas Special and the second part of series 7 will be in Spring 2013. We’re basically the Fandom Who Waited. Ugh. I can’t wait this long! 
Your English is okay, I totally understood what you meant. :)

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You're back! :) i didn't saw you posting lately. I love everything you post about doctor who *-* I just started to see it. I'm watching season 2. I love the serie

thank you! :) I’m still on hiatus, though! :c I post from time to time, but I can’t post as mush as I used to! :c akjahdhgghg Happy to see you’re watching DW! :D And so glad you enjoy it! Season 2 is brilliant! <3