however you may call it

Spell to Release Emotional Blockage

Forward: My Mother was physically abused by her first husband. She had PTSD and carried her emotional baggage like a nuclear bomb. She carried it day in and day out, waiting for when it would explode. This is what PTSD will do to a person. It will cause you to detonate in public, at your loved ones, at a stranger, or even a flickering light bulb without warning. She carries it to this day.

This is not a spell to get rid of PTSD. My mother did not want to get rid of it. It had become deeply rooted inside of her, it made her the strong person she is today. She’s learned important life lessons from her experience. Taking it away would turn her into a stranger who is nothing like my wild, fierce mother. She didn’t want her past to change, she just wanted to let go.


  • Geode
  • Black salt
  • Chalk
  • Hammer (Cleansed)
  • Basic circle casting materials


  1. Make Shadow Stone- The first step is to make the Geode into a shadow stone. This involves focusing on the stone and imaging your trauma being manifested inside it. The outer geode will symbolize the blockage. Imagine the outer shell of the geode not allowing the trauma to pass. Do not actually put your trauma inside, just create a projection or shadow of the pain. Do this on the New Moon. Continue to do this every night for an entire Lunar Month if you want the spell to be strong. (If you don’t have the time, one session will due.)
  2. The Ritual- When the Lunar month has past and a New Moon has come, it is time to perform the Spell. Cast your basic circle, however that may be. Call Elements and whatever Deities or Spirits you want to aid you in your release. Make sure the circle is large. We are going to fit another inside of it. 
  3. One-Way circle- A One-Way circle is a circle made of Black salt. Black salt is very good at containing strong negative energies while allowing persons/covens to send good energies in. We will use this circle to contain whatever negative energies may come pouring out. If the trauma has been pushed down for a long time, removing the blockage will be like releasing a flood gate. This will protect anyone or any tools that are nearby. Create the One-Way circle especially if you are performing the spell with another person or coven. 
  4. Creating One-Way circle- Use chalk to draw pentagram on floor (the pentagram is used to keep the person protected in the circle. It is not necessary if you cannot do it.) Make pentagram big enough for a person to comfortably sit in. Next, sit in pentagram with shadow stone and hammer. Trace pentagram circle with black salt. Say something along these lines (I believe a spell is more powerful if they are your own words): “Here lies the One-Way Circle. No negative energy shall exit. Only positive energy shall enter. The circle is sealed.”
  5.  Release- Focus on the shadow stone and project your trauma inside it. Say words along the lines of “I will move on from my past. I will not let myself be controlled by these negative emotions any longer. I will remove whatever blocks me from moving on when the stone breaks. I release you. I release you. I release you.” Break the Stone.
  6. Break down- Break down circle and cleanse space. 
  7. Cleanse- Bury shattered geode for a full lunar month to cleanse. Dig up and display on altar as reminder of your inner strength.

I love this spell because it allows you to move on without removing what will make you strong. We sometimes keep ourselves from moving on from our past. We keep ourselves living the pain over and over. You may believe you deserve the pain or know no other way to live and cling to it out of fear of letting yourself be happy. 

Let Go. Be Happy. Be Strong.

Felix Felicis -Liquid Luck

A potion to help fate lean in your favor.

Originally posted by flitchylicious


A large bowl and a smaller bowl.

Consumable full moon water

One candle

Bay leaves




This potion has varying degrees of effectiveness, depending on how far you stray from the directions. Generally, the amount of time and effort put into this potion will be proportional to how much you get out of it.


  1. Prepare your work space however you may like. Cast a circle, charge the surface, call on your gods -anything that you feel is necessary. Feel free to conduct another complimentary ritual before this, using this as the catalyst, or using this alone.*
  2. Place a coin in the center of the large bowl, then the smaller bowl on top of that, and a candle in the smaller bowl. Carve “wealth,” “success,” and “love,” into the candle and anoint with oil (or charge in your favorite way). Light this candle, and make sure it doesn’t run into the bowl.
  3. In the kitchen, bring a cup of full moon water to a boil. NOT rain water. Do not use water that has been left out side, improperly sealed. Once a nice steam is rising, remove the candle from the smaller bowl, and pour the hot water in it’s place.
  4. Take your herbs and place them in the outer ring, between the small bowl and the large bowl. You may also wish to place corresponding crystals, sigils, ect, here. If drinking immediately, drizzle some honey into the water.
  5. When the candle goes out, the potion should be complete. Snuff it out if you’re in a rush. If not using presently, put the water in a jar and keep in a cool, dark place. For best results, drink heated with a teaspoon of honey. Each brew only works for one use, and it is best not to drink this more than once a month, lest it loose its potency. I find rare occasions (in general) tend to supply more power.

* If you really need some luck, something more than just a boost on exams, there’s another crucial part.

Keep a piece of ribbon, rope, or string easily accessible at all times. Keep it with you when your inside, outside, traveling, ect. Whenever something particularly miraculous happens, tie a knot -during the event or immediately after, always in the same location. Upon reaching three knots, you can begin the above potion. At some point during the ceremony, burn the knots with the candle until they unravel. Once the knots have disintegrated, I would recommend drinking the potion as soon as possible.

Captain's Chair - Yondu x Reader

Pairing: Yondu x Female Identifying Reader story. Kinda fluffy. Little smutty. Slightly NSFW, but just slightly.

Length: ~1,000 words

Summary: I have a thing for how Yondu sits in his captain’s chair at the end of GOTG1 when he opens the orb. I like it…a lot. This is about reader seeing him sitting in his chair from afar at a Ravager crew celebration.

It did not end up like I thought it would, but when do these things ever?

(I’m on mobile and I don’t now how to add a “read more” on mobile…I’ll add it shortly, sorry.)

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The Nilo/Nouiam masterpost we all deserve

Because I have a lot of feels about Nilo and I cannot believe not everyone screams about this OT3???

The rest under the cut because I got carried away with these menaces.

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Freedom of speech

You have the right to say that you hate certain groups of people, and you can say that they are inferior.

However, speech trying to incite violence/suicide against a certain group/person is not protected.

Also, before you say “Free speech protects you from jail but doesn’t protect you from getting punched,” You’re right, people may still punch you. However, punching people is not protected. That’s called assault. 

Are you really an INTJ?

INTJs are strategic visionaries with a dominant focus on the theoretical aspects of the world. They are arguably the most strategic out of all the 16 MBTI types. With assumed potential like that, it’s no wonder that so many people are quick to call themselves INTJs. You yourself may be calling yourself an INTJ.

However, there are actually very few INTJs out there in the world. According to the statistics, nearly one in every 50 people you meet will be INTJs (2.1% of population). From my personal experience, it is even less.

The three types that often have the most trouble discerning whether they are INTJ or not, are usually one letter away, namely being the ISTJ, INTP, and the INFJ. Below are listed the key differences between those types.


INTJ is future-focused vs the ISTJ who is past-focused.
INTJ focuses on big picture impressions (they look at the top first, then bottom) vs the ISTJ who prefers to focus on details (they look at bottom first, then work their way up).
INTJ can get swept up by need for new experiences vs the ISTJ who can become overly focused on seeming funny.
INTJ often seeks to create new changes (non-traditionalist/non-conformist) vs the ISTJ who values past values and history (traditionalist/conformist).
When looking for directions, ISTJs would prefer the titles of the streets while the INTJ would prefer general directions such as “keep going right for a few blocks till you see it”.

INTJs are often more focused on worldly success compared to INTPs who focus on personal understanding and interests more.
INTPs are usually better people’s persons than INTJs since INTPs are more friendly-seeming overall, while the INTJ is ironically likely to be more caring on the inside.
INTPs are likely to ramble at times without being aware of the audience compared to the INTJ who is much less likely to do that.
INTPs look at things from a bottom-up perspective building a database of facts to the top helping them to understand the big picture, while the INTJ looks at things from a top-bottom approach trying to understand the big picture first and then the details.
INTPs generate many random ideas in quick succession that may not all be good while the INTJ is more likely to come up with a few ideas that are often on point.
INTPs think more like inventors while INTJs think like solution-builders.

INTJs first look at the systems, then how people come into play while the INFJs focus on the people first, and then the systems. For example, I look at people through the lens of my psychology theories first, and then as people while the INFJ looks at people through their natural understanding of people’s nature in general, then theory.
INTJs are more focused on achieving for self-centered reasons compared to the INFJ who will wholeheartedly do what they think will help the world with comparatively little regard for themselves.
INTJs are horrible people-persons compared to the INFJ who is very altruistic and able to “fake it” in social situations.
INTJs have a strong sense of internal justice (introverted feeling) and question it often vs the INFJ who has a very strong and defined sense of social justice.
INTJs usually do not care what society offers beyond what peculiarly interests them while the INFJ is genuinely interested in becoming involved in societal culture as much as possible.


Now that it has been established in Quake Champions that Doomguy (or the Doom Slayer, however you may call him) doesn’t have any kind of voice lines, here’s hoping that they stick with the speechless space marine persona for the eventual Quake Champions comic about him, if they plan on doing one of course.

I’ll be keeping an eye on you, Titan Comics!

Question: How would Ratonhnhaké:ton confess his love? @thatbellagaze

He’s got that planning sickness, that’s why he’s generally known what he’ll be doing next, all his life. But since you came in his life, he noticed that he has things about himself that he doesnt has the control of. He’s been acting so out of character; he started doing things he normally wouldn’t. For example, one morning, when you were taking your daily morning stroll, you found him looking at the sea, sitting on the pebbles, all blanked out, with his guard down! And that other time, when he called you for a dinner at the manor, the house -especially the kitchen- was all disorganized; but you know that he wakes up at 5 to clean up his house at least twice per week! Especially when a guest is coming, you know he starts the cleaning up ritual at least two days ago.
That day, early in the morning, you were awakened by a soft knock on your wooden door, to see a mountain of a man trying to figure out if you were still sleeping.
“Good morning..?” He said, with an awkward voice, studying your face carefully.
“Good morning, Ratonhnhaké:ton.” You said, trying to fix your bed head.
“It is nice to hear my name. I’m glad you are bothering to spell.”
“So what’s up?” You said, smiling.
“I was going to ask if you would… Like to take a morning stroll together?” he said, choosing his words carefully.
So you accepted.
First, you went to see if everybody was doing fine, wishing them a nice day. Then, when it was mid-day, you decided to grab some lunch from the docks; settled down by the sea and talked for some time. It was an immense pleasure to be around him. His scent was enough to make you happy. Even though it was rare, his laugh was beautiful. The funny thing is, he thought the same for you, but you did not know that yet.
The day had passed real quick with him around. The sky was already dark, and you could count the stars. You hung around a bit more over the decks, grilling some fresh caught fishes. After that tasty dinner, he asked if you’d like to go to the manor, since he wants to show you something; and so you did.
He showed you a bunch of herbs he had gathered from the forest that he had sun-dried himself. He said that he had amazing tea recipes he learned from his clan mother. He then asked you to choose 3 of those ingredients. You chose the ones that smelled the most beautiful to you.
“Well-chosen.” he said, and you shared a giggle to his impersonation of that British cocky-diplomat accent.
You both climbed up to the roof carrying the herbs and a kettle with boiling water within. You settled down, and he served the tea by adding the water to the cups. You were stargazing, and he took a deep breath;
You looked at those deep and mysterious eyes, tightening your grip around your mug. His intense gaze was making you excited.
“I wanted to tell you something. For a long time. But I do not know if this would be the convenient time.”
“Please go on…?” you said, trying to encourage him, and sound not-excited at the same time. You were actually dying to hear what he had to say.
“Y/N, I…” He took a deep breath, and went on;
“Whenever you appear in my gaze, whenever you step with the poise, the posture only you have, whenever you voice my name, whenever you find me worthy of your beautiful smile, whenever your scent fills every piece of my soul when you pass… I do not know what to do. You paralyse every bodily function I have, and I can not describe the feeling merely as “Excitement”, because it is much more than that. I know it is. You are like a colour I had never seen before, you, and everything about you are indescribable to me… I, my whole being…“
-pauses for a breath-
”…really desires to be your valentine. I want to stand beside you, and support you however you want me to. As you may call it; May I be your… man?“

Smite A-Z: Isis

I did something stupid so now I no longer have the original file lol. Wanted to continue this at a later time, but since this is now 100% of the size I have I’m very discouraged so I prolly won’t :’D

I also made myself a logo / watermark thing! It’s a seashell~ (I’ll explain if I ever draw my online persona thing or however you call that again lol.)

Anyway, as you may have noticed, I’m kind of done with the weird white / caucasian-esque skintones HiRez has given (older) gods, so I’m trying to make them more accurate and to give them a bit more diversity as of now :) I also really want an Isis remodel so I didn’t make her waist the size of a matchstick–even though that part of her body got cut off and you can’t see QvQ.

Isis © HiRez Studios

snlangford  asked:

Would the guys like a girl who's tall (like 5'7" since that's considered tall for a girl in Japan 😂). S and M if possible please! ☺

I hope this is ok :)


Shu: Wouldn’t really care whether you were on the taller side on not, because chances are you still won’t be taller than him. However, if you are exceptionally tall he may take to calling you names, e,g, Eiffel Tower.

Reiji: As long as your manners are good, he cares not what height you are, but does prefer women who are smaller than him because it makes him feel superior (not that he’d admit it).

Ayato: At 5″7 you’re only just smaller than him, but that doesn’t stop him from teasing you about your height. If you are quite close with him though, he may like how unusually tall you are as it’s better for basketball. May eventually like having a tall S/O as long as they’re not taller than him.

Laito: Tall girls, small girls, Laito doesn’t care! He finds girls on the tall side sexier though and loves taking blood from their long legs, where he finds smaller girls cute. Would enjoy a tall S/O.

Kanato: Absolutely not. He’s on the smaller side himself and hates his brothers teasing him about it. Can’t stand tall people.

Subaru: Prefers smaller girls, but as long as the two were able to grow quite close he wouldn’t really mind if they were particularly tall. May make him angry if his S/O gets to be taller than him though.

Social Suicide part 7

Pairings: Bucky x reader

Warnings: swearing, fluff, alcohol

Your body slammed to the mat with full force, and you thought you heard something crack; but you jumped back up before Bucky could lunge at you again. He’d finally agreed on training with you after you passed his test in the bedroom a few weeks ago, and you weren’t about to ruin that. And even though you’d never admit to it, you kind of enjoyed kicking his ass and vice versa. Though today, he kicked your ass thoroughly. 

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The Fan Letter (Oswald x Reader) Part 01

Originally posted by upflyingwords

I actually wrote this months ago, thought I needed to finish the whole story first and now, however, decided to split it into parts … So, you recently moved to Gotham and are quite intrigued by all the articles about Oswald Cobblepot, the so-called ‘Penguin’ in the local papers. 

Warnings: my as usual rather bold language, apart from that none

Editor: @amandajuly81

Tagging: @penguinsweetest , @queencobblefreezestuff @red-panda-on-the-loose @oswald-cobblepot-is-my-addiction @umbrellas-and-tallymarks @ascoolasathestral

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Nicknames/Pet names

Hello there!

I’m searching for a list of nicknames or pet names, however you may call it. Though I started writing my first fanfiction I did a lot of research for such names. But to be honest I’ve got no idea of such names in english, the german ones are pretty boring I need to admit. So, I’m gonna post this list here with names I already found. If you like to add something, please, just feel free to comment! I really would appreciate that. Thanks a lot ;)


Angel | Angel Cakes | Angel Eyes | Angel Face |


Babe(s) | Baby | Baby Boy | Baby Cakes | Baby Daddy | Baby Doll | Baby Face | Baby Girl | Beau | Beautiful | Better Half | Big Daddy | Boo-Boo | Bright Eyes | Buttercup |


Care Bear | Cinnamon | Cinnamon Roll | Cookie | Cuddle Bug | Cuddle Bunny | Cupcake | Cutie | Cutie Pie |


Darling | Dear | Dearie | Dearest | Dearheart | Doll Face | Dork






Home Slice | Handsome | Honey | Honey Bee | Honey Bunch | Honey Buns | Honey Muffin | Honey Pie | Hot Cakes | Hot Mama | Hot Stuff | Hottie | Hubby | Hun |



Jelly Bean


Kit Kat | Kitten |


Lady Bug | Little Monkey | Love | Love Bug | Love Muffin | Lovebird | Lover Boy | Lovey Dovey 


Meatball | Muffin | My King | My Queen |




Other Half |


Pookie | Precious | Precious Angel | Pretty Lady | Prince | Prince Charming | Princess | Pudding | Pumpkin | Pussycat |




Sex Machine |Sexy | Sexy Lady | Sexy Legs | Significant Other | Snookums | Snowflake | Snuggle Bunny | Spouse | Sugar | Sugar Mama | Sugarplum | Sunshine | Sweet Cheeks | Sweetie Pie | Sweet Cakes | Sweet Lips | Sweetheart | Sweetie |


Teddy Bear | Tiger | Tootsie | Twinkle Toes |




Wifey | Wookums




hey no hard feelings and this is gonna sound really up my own ass and pretentious but i think maybe i dont want ppl who value physical attractiveness to join in on my “ab is ugly lol fuck yeah” jokes

i know you all probably mean the best but if im being honest with myself it feels weird coming from anyone i know hasn’t also completely rejected the value of pretty as good and ugly as bad and completely ceased to see value in attractiveness

you may however call me a gremlin/goblin/creature/whatever

scummy slimy grody sludgy and other such things are also acceptable

Bound By Chains - Chapter 20

Pairing: Eric/OC
Fandom: Divergent
Rating: M - This story will continually portray sensitive subjects. Trigger warning.

She’s bound to a monster. And he has personality issues.

A/N: Thanks to everyone for the continuous support/messages/asks. It means the world. 

Tags: (If you want on or off the list, just ask/PM) 

@dauntlessmetalmom @equalstrashflavoredtrash @badassbaker @red-diary @pathybo @murmelinchen @insertamazingwords  @feminamortem @halefiresurvivor @suchlonelymuchsoul @elaacreditava @lauraaan182 @synnocence @jcause @glittergiirlgg @platitudinise @frecklefaceb @mimigemrose @sparklemichele @beltz2016 

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           “ ARIAS. A rather curious a surname. ” Arms remain crossed over chest as they give the other a too-tight smile. They weren’t thrilled at the prospect of being made to run errands at the behest of another. Personally, Morpheus found the idea REPULSIVE. They were meant to issue orders, not travel across a country as large as mind-numbingly large as America to receive them…

“ Duvall, Morpheus– however, you may call me Phillipe Jefferies should we meet in public. I’d imagine HE informed you as to why I’ve been sent here? If so, PLEASE do enlighten. ”

I thought you were a myth - Part 7

Derek Hale x Reader (x a little bit of Pack)

A/N: This chapter is also fluff and set up for what’s to come. Also getting a little angsty. Sigh, you knew it was inevitable. And yes, I know some characters might be a little OOC (and I literally mean little) but it will make sense in the next part. Sigh. Yes. I will write more. (Here is the masterlist, in case you want to catch up.)

Words: 1,514

Warnings: None that I know of? Well, it starts and ends really fluffy and happy, but gets angsty in the middle. (Actually, mention of dead characters, so, a feels warning. And some light swearing.)

People requested to be tagged: @never-good-enoughhhh

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.


The last way you expected to spend your Sunday began with a jolt.


“Dogpile!” Some random voice cried, before you and a still snoring Derek were covered with your laughing pack members. A groan emanated from where you guessed Derek to be in the mass of limbs, the mattress bouncing slightly still from the initial impact.

“If you all don’t get off in the next five seconds, I will-”

“You will what?” Stiles’ voice challenged you back teasingly.

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anonymous asked:

Can U do a fanfic of EITML when the mc is dying and the guys can't save her but she could only live by turning her into a ayakashi like them? Yea it's weird.. Haha 😳

It’s not weird, I totally dig this one. Okay anonymous-chan! Enjoy!


He looked down at your bloodied body as he gripped your hand firmly. Your eyelids struggling to stay open as you whispered your final goodbyes to him.

He clutched your hand harder, “I’m not letting you die Ashley.” He called out.

Although he only knew one way to save you now, and wanted anything but to change you.

He leaned down the mark of you agreement, pulling back your shirt and placing his lips to it. “I’m sorry.” He muttered as he bit down, releasing his Akayshi power and sending it coursing through your veins.

You cried out in pain as the transformation into an Akayshi wasn’t a easy one. Already gripping his shoulder tightly and panting even harder than before, you were sure you were dead when you passed out.

“Ashley.” He called out, nudging you out of your sleep.

When you opened your eyes you felt energized, nothing like moments before. Not realizing the changes you looked around for an answer.

As your eyes locked with Miyabi’s, he explained how you managed to pull through. Shocked you reached up to find a pair of ears and down to find a bushy tail, twitching when you touched them for they were extremely sensitive.

“Are you upset?” He asked, worry washing over his face. You paused and thought about the new you.

“Well this means I live as long as you, so no.” You smiled at him. You reached out for his hand and he pulled you close, savoring the sweet aroma you gave off.

He began to nibble on your kitsune ears, “But I bet your sensitive to the changes huh?” He whispered seductively, “And you’ll have more stamina now.”

You flushed bright red, awaiting the night with you loved one.


You fell deathly ill and were lying in your room, taken out of the hospital because there was no hope for your survival. Chikage was in the Mononoke Village most of the time, looking for a way to cure you and your strange illness.

He came bursting through the door, where you and the other Akayshi were watching you in what they felt were your final moments. 

“I can save her.” He said, rushing past the others and ignoring their confused looks, he came to your side and knelt down, brushing the hair out of your face. “Ashley.” He said, his voice calm, put you at ease. 

You lazily opened your eyes and looked into his cool ones. “If I could save you, regardless how, would you let me?” Even now he asked if you wanted whatever he was about to give you. You slowly reached out for his hand and gripped it, telling him that you would. 

He pulled out a yellow liquid. “If you drink this, you will turn into an tengu.” He said, already popping off the lid. 

“Woah, is that safe?” Shinra called out. 

“I’ve heard about this medicine, looks like your the first to perfect it though.” Samon said. 

Chikage paid them no mind while he brought the liquid to your lips, letting you drink its contents, before a wave of sleepiness came over you. 

“Ashley?” A voice called out to you. Your eyes flew open, scanning the room. They landed in Chikage. He looked tired and worn out, probably not sleeping until you woke up. “Chikage?” You called out, sitting up and feeling a tremendous weight in your back. You started to fall back when he caught you and pulled you towards him. 

“Your an Akayshi now. A tengu.” He said, playing with the soft feathers on your wings. 

You twitched and tried to wiggle out of his grasp. “That feels weird.” You said as you looked into the mirror. Any traces of sickness were gone but instead you were given a pair of huge wings. 

“How do you feel?” He asked, wrapping his arms around you from behind. He rested his forehead on your head and sighed. 

“Hehe I think your more exhausted than me. Thank you.” You said turning around to push him down on the bed and cuddling up next to him. “Now sleep.” You said, giving him a kiss on the cheek. Chikage nuzzled up against your chest as you wrapped your arms around his head, keeping him close. 


You were laying in the bed at your room in the Mononoke Village. You decided that you wanted your last moments to be here, because you had no family back in the human world.

A month ago, you were constantly getting sick, and not getting better. Your immune system failed, and there was no curing you. You waited in agony for the day you would take your last breath.

Shinra always took you where ever you wanted to go, wanting your final moments to be happy ones.

Although when you were asleep, he would read hundreds of books to see if there was a cure for you. He knew the human world well enough to understand they could not help you. He even begged the other clan heads to use their resources to aid in your survival, something they did with little complaint. 

You were in and out of consciousness, only wanting Shinra to be there in your final moments, but he was no where to be found. “Is this…how it will end?” You said, hoping someone would deny the words you spoke, but no attendants or clan heads were with you to do so. Tears streamed down your face as you started to fall back asleep, knowing this time you wouldn’t wake up.

The last sound you heard was the door banging open.

“Ashley!” Someone called out as your eyes started to flutter open. You opened them to be meet by Shinra’s eyes, so full of worry and anticipation. 

Stranger enough you felt energized, like you could take on the world. The feeling was so different to the one only moments ago. “Shinra?” You asked, wondering how on Earth you were alive.

“It’s ok,” He said giving you a soft smile, “You alive, but you did change.” He said, looking past the top of your head. Confused you tried to look up but saw nothing. He reached out and placed his hands on the horns protruding from your head. 

“Huh!?” You gasped, making your way to a mirror to see the changes. 

“I gave you some of my blood so you would become a oni, it was the only way you could survive.” He said, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into a hug. “I’m so sorry if you didn’t want this. I couldn’t lose you now, I was selfish.” He said, sounding so full of regret. 

“No Shinra. Thank you.” You said, looking up into his eyes. “I wouldn’t want to live without you either. Plus, this means we can be together longer.”

He smiled, locking his lips with yours. “I worked so hard to figure out how to keep you alive, I’m glad it payed off.” He said resting his forehead against yours. 


It hurt him more than the actual pain that should have inflicted him.

He watched your body, fall almost lifeless, as you took the blow from another akayshi.

Anger consumed him, as he extinguished the life that once was the enemy, running to your side to pick you up, only to find a very faint pulse.

He ran as fast as he could to bring you to the clan doctors. Trying to hold whatever he could to your wound to prevent even more blood loss.

Hastily he made his way in, set you down on the bed and doctors quickly tending to you. You were so focused on her that you disregarded the blood that stuck to your fingers, hands and clothes.

“How is she doing?” Yuki asked quietly, as he appeared next to you. Looking around, all the other clan heads were there, equally worried for Ashley.

You looked at her, growing paler, weaker, more lifeless by the second. 

“Kyoga.” The clan doctor called out. You looked at him to see a conflicted expression on his face.

“Well out with it.” He demanded.

“She’s gone.”

The words hit you like a sack of bricks. You felt like vomiting, trying to reach out for anything to support you before you would fall. Shinra quickly grabbed your arm as you were leaning forward, pulling you back.

“However, we may be able to bring her back.” He called out, giving you hope. 

You ears twitched at the news. But looking back at the doctor, you still saw his conflicted expression. “How!?”

“We can turn her into an akayshi.” He said.

“Has that even been done before?” Samon asked.

“It will today.” Kyoga stated without hesitation.

You felt your eyes start to flutter open when warm hands shook your shoulders. “Ashley.”

You responded with a bolt, sitting up straight and looking around the room. “Why am I here?” You asked, looking to see Kyoga’s relieved face.

“Thank god.” He sighed, pulling you into a hug. “You died a half hour ago.” He said.

The realization of his words brought back those final moments. “Wh-than how am I here now?” You asked.

Kyoga slowly reached up to your head, and fondled something protruding from the top. You twitched, feeling uneasy at the sudden touch. “What?” You asked, not understanding what he was getting at.

“Your an akayshi now.” He said, pulling on your tail to prove it. 

You head wiped around to reveal a tail, wagging behind you. Astonished, you looked back at Kyoga. “Is this real?” You said, playing with the puffy tail that was behind you. 

“What is that smell?” You asked, thinking of other things already as you darted around the room. 

“It might take a while to get used to the sense of smell Ashley.” He said, trying to hold back his laughter at watching you run around the room. 

You stopped at the candles burning in the room, “Oh, I do not like that smell.” You said, holding your nose. Kyoga couldn’t stop himself and started laughing. 

“Hahaha, Ashley, your to good.” He said, wrapping his arms from behind you, “I’m glad your still here with me.” He finished, placing kisses on your neck from behind you.


He never thought he would lose her, or close to it.

Since she was the first human to open his heart again, he swore he would treasure you. So why did he let you go alone to the store? Something so trivial, getting him ice cream, turned into your last moments, being attacked on the way back and near death when he found you.

He carried you back to the shrine. “Samon!” Yukinojo called out, laying you on the bed of your room. All the akayshi came in to see the scene. You were covered in your own blood, barely holding on to the little life you had. Yuki held your hand with his own bloody ones, “Common Ashley look at me.” He kept repeating, but your eyes wouldn’t open.

Samon came rushing in with talismans and other medicines, trying his hardest to help you, while the other akayshi watched in anticipation for the news to come.

“I’m not sure…” Samon finally said, “I think she has a few minutes left.” He stood up, pain taking over his face. 

Yuki knelt down by Ashley’s side. She was breathing heavy, trying to hold on. He wanted her to fight as well, but part of him wanted to tell her to stop, because the sight of her fighting so hard for seconds, minutes even, hurt him to much.

Yuki only had one option.

“I can’t lose her.” He said out loud. Everyone thought he was stating the obvious until he went on, “Even if she hates me for this.”

Looks of realization washed over everyone’s face as Yuki formed some ice into a sharp edge and drew blood. Taking some into his mouth, he pressed his lips to yours, causing the blood to flow down your throat. 

“C-c-cold.” You finally muttered after a couple of seconds. His ice cold blood coursed through your veins as you slowly started to come back to life, yet you felt like death.

“I-I’m so col-d.” You muttered, trying to wrap your arms around yourself to warm you up. 

“It’s part of the transformation Ashley.” Yuki said. You looked at him with confusion when he continued, “I turned you into a yukibito to save you.” He finished, pushing your bangs out of your face.

You nodded meekly and closed your eyes, trying to forget about the cold washing over you. With two yukibito’s now in the cramped room, the temperature dropped fifty degrees. 

“Shi- I’m out of here.” Shinra called out. Everyone else followed, not being able to stand the cold that Yuki, and you, were used to.

“The positive side of this is now you live as long as I do.” Yuki said, trying to convince himself he did the right thing. You smiled and grabbed his hand. “Thats great.” You said, smiling, as you squeezed his back.

Already apologizing for Yuki, because I never read his route. *bows* *bows*