however you feel about him

ok I’m doing it, I’m going in:

all intense feelings about the actual bughead break up aside, Archie’s delivery deserves WAY more understanding than it’s being given here. it’s not a matter of “oh Betty asked Archie to be gentle and he can’t even get that right ahaha fuck Archie am I right?”

Betty asks for Archie’s help because she couldn’t do what needed to be done. she couldn’t put on the savagery like she did with Veronica because it’s too painful. She may have asked Archie to avoid cruelty because she hates the thought of Jug hurting, but I think they both knew what it would take.

Archie knows his friend and knows how to hurt him. You think Jug would have stayed away with a gentle break up? Come on y’all. This isn’t an issue of Archie being a bad friend or an idiot, he’s playing to Jughead’s insecurities. And it works.

if Archie hadn’t come round the trailer at the literal exact moment as the serpents, who knows how it would have gone. But them showing up when they did actually gave Archie an opportunity to play up the division between them all. Not only can he use the serpent excuse to drive a wedge between Jughead and Betty, he can use his own anger to make the moment that much more dramatic.

And not only that, what was Archie supposed to do in that instance? “Oh no, it’s okay dude, go join your gang, I’ll be here when you get back.” ???? It was a perfect moment to deliver the precise blow he and Betty thought was necessary.

Anyways. It’s not like Archie delighted in this moment. However you may feel about him, it’s a complete disservice to his character to claim that he didn’t do his absolute best with the shit storm he was handed.

I really appreciate the direction that this season is taking. There is a much bigger story to be told here, bigger than bughead (even though y’all know I love bughead and I am of course anxious for their reunion) or any other ship. Don’t take a perceived slight against your ship as a reason to write off a character. The narrative gets so much weaker that way.

Find a way - Sirius Black x Reader

Request: Hey love, can you a write a Sirius x reader in which reder reader is best friends with James and Remus but with she is constntly fighting over ridiculous thing with Sirius and they dont really get along. AND one day J and R had enough and they lock them in small place (like a closet) until they clear things up and when they unlock them they’re in front of a making up session between Sirius and the reader. I know it has a lot of details but yeahhh…
Warnings: My English, language, idk sarcasm, a bit suggestive? Gif and image aren’t mine. Credits to their original owners.
Word Count~1.7k
Pending Requests

You didn’t really know why you would always fight with him over the most ridiculous things. You didn’t really know why he annoyed you as much as he did. You couldn’t stand each other. That was a bit of a problem, considering that you were both friends with James and Remus. It just meant that you had to tolerate him while he was around but he didn’t make it easy on you. On the contrary, he was trying extra hard to piss you off.I
t was one thing to act all arrogant and it was another to display his hatred for you in front of everybody. You didn’t hate him; you didn’t particularly like him either but you didn’t hate him. He, however, seemed pretty clear about his feelings for you. He was always so moody and angry and… infuriated whenever you were around. And it kind of sucked.
You were currently studying with Remus and James had tagged along-dragging, quite literally- Sirius with him. You had been explaining something that made all of them a bit confused. Until Sirius started humming a song and distracted you. He didn’t pay attention. Of course. Why did that even surprise you? You coughed to let him know that he was annoying and gave him a pointed look.
“Me pretending to listen should be enough for you” he replied without even looking at you. You really wanted to hit him with a book. Or a table. Whatever.
“You know you will be the only one who would survive the Apocalypse. Zombies eat brains. You’ll be safe” you retorted as you went back to reading and writing down some notes. James snorted and Remus chuckled, things that only made him more… extra.
“If you wrote down every single thought you ever had you would get an award for the shortest story ever” he said overly sweet and you felt like you could throw up. On him. You just forced a smile and looked at him with a cold expression.
“I’m smiling at you…that alone should scare you enough to make you shut up” you raised your voice a bit because he was exasperating.
“Do you know who I am?” he asked all defensively and his voice was betraying him- he was a bit angry. But guess what? So were you.
“Why? Have you forgotten?” you asked him in return and gained yourself a death glare. Well, it was worth it. He was fuming. Why were you fighting again?
“Do you want a piece of my mind?!” he exclaimed and Madam Pince came rushing over to your table. You knew you were about to be thrown out of the Library any time soon.
“Oh no, I couldn’t possibly take the last piece” you used sarcasm as your way out. But it only made things worse.
“Great, guys. Thanks a lot” Remus scolded you and you felt terrible. He, on the other hand, didn’t. Or at least he didn’t show it.

“You are being ridiculous Black. Give it back” you yelled at him. You wanted your book back. It was your favorite Muggle book and he had taken it. He was just looking at you with a devilish smirk.
You looked around the common room. It was only the guys and you. You had agreed to help James with Lily and Remus needed a good laugh. Sirius… well, he was Sirius.
He stood up, causing Remus to give him a pointed look but he ignored it and threw the book into the flames of the fireplace. You screamed in agony.
“Are you insane?!” you shrieked at him as you ran to the fireplace, trying to save the poor book. Even James, who usually sided with Sirius, was taken aback. Remus smacked his head, hard as you were practically burning your hands. It was the only thing that you had left of your family. But of course, he didn’t care.
James tried to move you but he gave up as you began to cry. You ran out of the common room in a blur wishing for things to be different.
“What the fucking hell?” he roared once he saw his things kind of… destroyed. Everything in the dorm was intact except his side. It was a big mess. Things thrown everywhere, ripped shirts, broken stuff, burned books. He thought he knew who had done this but he was wrong.
He stormed out of the dorm and almost collided with you in the middle of a corridor as he was trying to find you.
“What gave you the right to destroy my things?” he said almost threatening. You furrowed your eyebrows. You hadn’t done anything.
“I don’t know what you are talking about. I am simply ignoring you. Now, if you’ll excuse me” you answered him coldly. But before he could say anything else, both of you were pushed towards your left into… a broom closet? Really?! And the door was slammed closed.
“Hey, hey, hey, hey!” you screamed and punched the door.
“No. You are not getting out of there if you don’t make peace with each other” Remus’ voice was heard. Bloody hell. Those fucking idiots.
“Cut the crap Lupin” Sirius said in a very dark tone. For once, you agreed.
“No, Black. It’s getting very annoying. Clear things up and then you’ll get out”. That was James. So much for helping him and him being grateful. You huffed.
“Screw you Potter” you whispered under your breath.
When all you could hear was silence, you took a step back, your back hitting the wall. Great. It was tiny. They were so dead.
“You know this is your fault” he accused you a moment later. You were startled. It was pitch black but somehow his eyes were sparkling with anger and something else.
“You’re one insult away from starting a war” you commented dryly. That little shit. He laughed ironically.
“If you hadn’t destroyed my things” he started but you cut him off.
“I told you. I have no idea what happened. But maybe you should consider who else you pissed off before accusing me. Any girl in particular?” you were so close to each other, you suddenly realized. Oh, no. He was about to fire something back but he remembered. Yes, it had been another girl.
“Oh. But that doesn’t change the fact that you’re annoying as hell or that-”
“Do you ever shut up? Merlin, you’re trouble” you asked him rhetorically, rolling your eyes.
“You look cute when you’re angry”. What? What? What just happened? You felt red staining your cheeks. You dropped all your walls. You had enough.
“I can’t keep doing this, Sirius. I’m tired of us fighting all the time. I am done” you finally told him. Your voice held all the exhaustion and all the sadness and disappointment you felt. He felt his heart dropped to the floor. Yours had fallen a long time ago. Fallen in love with him. It was such a cliché story. You hated him, he hated you. You had fallen in love and had tried to pretend that you hated him still. But something wasn’t exactly the way it was supposed to be.
“I’m sorry about your book. Remus told me” he stated hesitantly. Did he just apologize?
You weren’t prepared for that. His voice was sincere, honest.
“Make me feel something other than anger or disappointment. Anything” you informed him, pleading him to just let you go. This was too painful for you.
You couldn’t pretend anymore. You were sick and tired of it.
“Isn’t it so painfully obvious that I’m crushing on you?”.

Your eyebrows were furrowed in an attempt to recognize any signs of irony or sarcasm. But there was nothing but those naked words. And suddenly you felt so exposed and hyped.
“Right now, I don’t know if I should kiss you or bang your head against the wall” you huffed. How many more fights and how many more broken hearts was he going to waste?
He chuckled and heaven felt closer than ever.
You could make out his soft smile and his lovely grey eyes fixed on you.
“You gotta stop doing that” he said as he took a step closer. Oh, no.
“What?” you asked breathlessly. His scent was all over the place. He was all over the place. Intoxicating you in the best possible way.
“Saying things that make me wanna kiss you. And if I kiss you, I don’t know if I would be able to stop”. He was dangerously close. His one hand found your cheek and cupped your face while his other hand held a strong grip onto your hip. Oh Merlin, oh Merlin, oh Merlin. Okay, breathe. Just breathe. But how could you be okay when all you could see, smell, touch, sense was him?
“Sirius…” you slightly warned him. How could you do this? He had thought of it before. In his wildest dreams, you were his.
“We’ll find a way” he breathed out and you almost melted under his words and his touch.
Your fingertips were exploring his toned torso, over his shirt, slowly unbuttoning it but your hands were shaking, so you just gave up and reached for his hair, fingers getting lost in his dark locks.
His lips were finally on yours. It was a hungry kiss. It was almost desperate, frantic, erratic, wild. Maybe because you had both suppressed those feelings you held for each other. His lips were hot and you gladly opened your mouth, wanting more. Wanting all of him. He explored your mouth eagerly. He tasted of cigarettes and sugar. You were too drunk off of him to care about how fast things were escalating.
Your hands had finally ripped his shirt off. You would be cocky too if you had a body like that. His hands squeezed your bum as he wrapped your legs around his waist and slammed you against the wall.
His lips were on your neck and your hands everywhere on his upper body, as you rested your head in the crook of his neck, mimicking his actions. He found your sweet spot making you let out a low moan. His hands moved underneath your shirt and he -
“Okay! Show’s over” James sort of yelled. That was anticlimactic. Sirius, though, didn’t let you go.
“Shame. You know, she has an amazing mouth. All those possibilities…” he trailed off. You blushed even more but you did answer to him.
“You’ll be using your mouth as well, love” you whispered seductively. He gave your thigh a squeeze as he smirked
“I was counting on it”. 

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Cold As Ice: II

P. Parker x Shy Reader

Request: Yes

Summary: The Reader discovers more about their powers, as well as their relationship with a certain Spiderling.

Word Count: 3,736 

Warnings: language, shy reader, kissing, fluff, emotions.

A/N: Let me know if this sucks. 

*Also the biggest fucking shoutout to the wonderful @loratheorange for proofreading this, bless you.

Part I  Part II  

Flashback (end of part I):

Turning his direction towards you, he asks, “so… what’s your deal?”

Chuckling, you duck your head, answering, “I’m afraid that’s a story for another time, Spiderboy.”

Hearing him sputter out incoherent words, you decide to bid your goodbyes.

“Goodnight, Peter.”

Knowing he’ll get nothing from you now, he says his farewells.

“Goodnight, Y/N.”

Walking into Midtown High with the thoughts of what conspired last night, you knew you couldn’t face Peter. Yes, you were brave yesterday, and sure, you both gave up your identities, but you felt like a mess and you even kissed him for fucks sake! You can barely even get a word out to him! So, instead of walking with him to classes or meeting him before school started, you avoided any path of bumping into Peter. You knew he’d ask several questions and bug you until you answered. You just weren’t ready for all that pressure yet, especially with everything you both have together now.

Peter, on the other hand, was desperately trying to find you in a mass amount of students that occupied the halls in order to get to class on time. Peter didn’t give two shits about being on time. Honestly, he just wanted to talk to you and pray you’re not avoiding him.

Coming lunchtime where both you and Peter usually hang out in the library and eat, you decided to do something different in order to continue this excessive avoidance until it was unnecessary. So instead, you took out your bagged lunch and chose a shaded tree outside to relax and read a book. Not only was it like the library because of the quietness, but most people didn’t wander over to this spot, which meant you’d be safe from a certain Peter lurking around the school for you.  

However, once Peter took his seat with Ned in the cafeteria like he would if you weren’t there, he asked Ned if he’s seen you around. Ned, not knowing anything going on, shook his head. Peter’s worried thoughts raced in his brain.

Is Y/N mad at me?
Did I do something?
God, I hope Y/N doesn’t hate me…
They’re the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time (even before the whole Spiderman incident).
I need to find them…

He wanted to be more than friends with you, even before last night with the whole ‘kissing to shut him up’ situation. But he also didn’t want to risk your guys’ relationship over some stupid feelings he was thinking about sharing. However, if you kissed him… that must mean you like him too, right?

You’re slowly getting a better grip on what your powers are exactly, but you’re still struggling with the idea of having it and not knowing how to control it necessarily. Plus, you didn’t want to cause anyone harm, so it was best to just avoid everyone you came in contact with, even your family, but that was difficult since you live with them. In a way, you still feel like a freak with these weird, unexplainable powers. You thought it would make you feel more self-confident, but quite honestly, it feels like the opposite. No one can relate to you in this situation and if you were to talk about this to someone, they might send you away to the loonie bin or lock you away with no contact whatsoever. That was the extreme, but you tend to overthink on certain situations, causing the most serious situation to seem like the only option.

For the next few days, you get by without running into Peter, which you’re relieved about, even though you miss your lunch library time together.

However, today that all changed…

As you were rushing feveriously to your first period since the subway delayed by a few minutes, you accidentally bump into him while getting to class, just like how you two had met in the first place.

Coincidence? I think not.

You had no clue of this though, since you were too focused on already being late.

“Oh geez, I-I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to… Y/N?”

You whip your head towards the person’s direction.

Oh fuck…

“O-Oh, h-hey Peter…” you nervously reply, shoving your hands in your pockets.

“I-I haven’t seen you in a while. Are you doing okay? I’ve been wanting to tal-”

Peter is interrupted by the bell, once again and a swarm of students appear through the halls.

“S-Sorry, I-I have class. Uh, t-talk to you later?” you question, anxiety rattling your bones.

Frowning with a sigh, Peter nods. He is determined to figure out what is going on today. And hell, he’ll do whatever it takes to get you to talk to him. He needs to know you’re okay.

Peter knows what it’s like to go through the whole “discovering your powers” thing. It was a territory he was never expecting to go through. Plus, he wanted to help you. Help you learn to control the intensity, help you discover all you’re capable of, and so much more. He knows it’s definitely going to be a struggle if you go through this alone, so Peter just wants to let you know that he cares and wants to help you figure this out.

After the last class of the day got out, you headed to your locker to replace the books you had with the ones you needed for tonight’s homework.

Peter knew you’d want to leave in a hurry, so as soon as the bell rang, he sprinted through the school in order to get to your locker in time. Of course, he was trampled by a few upper classmen and shoved against some lockers in the process, but he arrived, looking like a sweaty mess, seeing you hurriedly stuff your books into your bag. He knew you’d be anxious, so he slowly approached you, making sure not to scare the living shit out of you in the process.

“H-Hey, Y/N.”

You tense and stiffly turn around, while shakily zipping your bag closed.

“O-Oh, hey P-Peter. H-How’s it going?”

He smiles at your nervousness.

“I was wondering if you, maybe would want to, y’know, uh, g-go get some coffee, or like a smoothie or something?” Peter questioned, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand.

You contemplated your options. You could either say no and ruin whatever this was with Peter or say yes and have to explain to him your whole ordeal, which you still weren’t fully aware of.

Closing your eyes with a sigh, you choose the latter. You don’t want to lose what you have with this boy. He’s something special, and you’re not saying that just because he’s Spiderman.

“I- uh, s-sure. I guess…”

A bright smile plasters Peter’s face upon hearing your reply.

“Great! I know a great place to go, it’s quiet and totally has that library aesthetic you love…”

Peter kept rambling as you two walked side by side out of the school, but you couldn’t pick up anything he said. You were too busy inside of your head, anxiously awaiting the conversation you were dreading.

A hand waved in front of you trying to gain your attention, which you realized was Peter’s. You completely spaced out while he was talking!

Dammit, Y/N!

“S-Sorry, c-could you repeat that?” you asked, a prominent blush on your cheeks.

He gives you a worried glance, which is quickly replaced with a chuckle, “I was just wondering what you were going to get, so y’know, I could order it for you?”

You blush madly once again, glancing towards the ground as a smile creeps onto your face.

“Oh, t-thank you. I- uh, well, w-what do you recommend? It’s your favorite place after all.”

“Hmm… well, I usually get the mango and banana smoothie, but the blueberry-pineapple one is the bomb! It’s like an explosion of flavor on your taste buds, it’s great.”

Giggling at his excitement, you tell him to surprise you.

Arriving at the smoothie coffee shop/library, you both get in line and patiently wait your turn.

You take in the area around you: the charm of the dark, cherry wood surrounding the entire building. The antique, yet rustic feel of it.  From the chairs to the shelves overfilled with an abundance of books, you could see why Peter loved this place. It was quiet and peaceful, and in a way, like the library at your guys’ school.

Turning your attention back to Peter, you realize he’s already gazing at you, a small smile on his thin lips.

You blush and look away quickly, only to be startled by the barista patiently waiting for your order. Peter takes care of it and you both pull off to the side to wait for your drinks in silence.

In all honesty, you both enjoy these silent moments, especially because Peter knows you’re observing your surroundings, which he sees you do all the time around school. He loves that these moments of silence don’t feel awkward or unnecessary. It’s moments like these that he can really take you in and discover something about you he’s never noticed before.

His thoughts are interrupted as his name is called letting you know your drinks are ready. Once you both retrieve the drinks, Peter urges you to take a sip.

“Holy shit, this is really good, Peter!” you exclaim quietly, only to cover your mouth at your phrasing.

“Right?! I think they’re the best I’ve had,” he dismays, adding, “… just don’t tell Aunt May that. She would have my head.”

You giggle, giving him a nod.

Going up a few staircases, you didn’t realize how big this place actually was. Peter led you to a corner of the top floor, where it was surrounded by bookshelves reaching to the tops of the ceiling. It was amazing, to say the least, and by the expression on your face, Peter knew he chose this place right.

After picking a spot in the corner of the room, you both set your bags down and pull out some homework. He knew you were avoiding the conversation, so he was going to wait a little before pressing it.

You, on the other hand, knew that Peter was anxious to figure out what was wrong with you. You weren’t ready. So, you instead decided that working on school work would quickly pass the time. However, you were wrong.

An hour or two passed and you had finished your homework just a few minutes ago. Taking a glance at Peter, you see him nose deep in his calculus book, eyebrows furrowing in concentration. Before you made it weird staring too long or accidentally catching his eye, you decided to wander around and see what books they carried.

“H-hey, I’m going to go browse around for a bit.”

Peter lifted his head out of concentration to look towards you, “oh, okay! I’ll be here if you need me,” he smiled.

Once you left Peter’s sight, you grazed your hands against the immense amount of books surrounding you on each side. The smell of old books inflamed your senses, causing you to let out a content sigh. You were beyond excited that Peter showed you this place. This will be one of your happy places for sure.

As you were passing through the different sections on the level, you were hit with a genius thought. Why don’t you try and look through these books to see if any of them address your current situation. Your icicle hands situation.

I’m a genius!
And it only took me 2 hours.

You thought with a roll of your eyes.

Surprisingly, you found the fiction section easily. You knew you wanted something regarding superheros, but that wasn’t something most authors wrote about. It took you a little bit of digging to find cheesy kid books discussing superheros like the Avengers and X-Men, but that was it. You weren’t expecting much anyways, but kept looking in hopes of finding something out.

Maybe the internet is my only hope…
Even then it doesn’t give me what I want.
Ugh, this is a disaster.

As you started to reach for another book, a shot of pain coursed through your hand, causing you to drop the book and clutch your hand in agony. It wasn’t as painful as the first one you experienced, but it was pretty damn close.

Oh no…
This better not be happening again!
I cannot let Peter see me like thi-

Your thoughts were interrupted by another wave of pain, this time shooting through both hands. Taking a glance you see them change into a numb looking white color, indicating the presence of ice forming at the tips of your fingers.

You let out a small whimper, the pain increasing every time you clench your hands shut. Bending down on the floor, you press your back against the bookshelf, gripping your hands and closing your eyes tightly, mentally trying to shut the world around you out.

The pain you suffered through was unbearable sometimes and you just wanted it all to stop. You weren’t ready for something like this and you know you never will be. Peter is way more competent than you are. He’s fucking Spiderman for Christ’s sake!

You didn’t think you’d gain any attention, but Peter was over there as soon as he heard that whimper escape from your mouth. He didn’t see you at first since your body was behind a desk, but he saw a shadow on the floor and immediately booked it over there.

Tears slowly formed the brim of your eyes, not daring to escape as Peter worriedly approach your aching form.

“Y/N? W-What’s wrong? What happened? Are you hurt?”

You stiffen at his questions, tightening your closed eyes even more.

“Y/N, ple-please. What’s wrong? I-I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s going on,” Peter panics.

“It hurts, P-Peter,” you shake, releasing your grip on your hands.

He takes a glance at your frosty, white hands and suddenly realizes the predicament.

He needed to get you out of here, now.

Cautiously picking you up, he quickly gets back to your table and packs up both of your guys’ things. Once he zipped the last pocket on his bag, he carefully placed yours on your back and snaked his arm around your waist to guide you out.

Peter only lived a few minutes away from the cafe library, so he knew his place was the only option at the moment. He prayed May would still be out working, especially since he’s never brought you over before. Or any girl for that matter…

After maneuvering through the crowded streets of Queens, Peter finally arrived at his apartment, your shaking figure still pressed against his side. May must’ve still been at work because the apartment was dead silent, which Peter was more than happy about. Opening the door to his bedroom, Peter led you to the bottom bunk of his bed, helping you lie down and pulling the covers to the tip of your chin.

Peter’s face laced with confusion and worry as he took in your shaken form more prominently. He doesn’t know what to do, especially since he has no damn clue what is going on with you!

Hearing you rub your hands together for what seemed like warmth, Peter ceases your movement with his own hands on top of yours. In that moment, the pain started to subside, no matter how cheesy and ridiculous it sounded. Peter’s warm, soft, lanky hands engulfed your own, not leaving any inch uncovered. As your shaking came to a reasonable halt, Peter lifted his hand off your own to move the hair out of your face, causing you to heat up in embarrassment over what just occurred within the last few minutes.

Slowly sitting up, you avert his gaze.

“I… I-I… fuck,” you quietly stutter.

You feel the bed dip, noticing Peter has joined you.

His hands return on the tops of yours.

“It’s okay.”

You give him a weary smile as you mumble out an apology.

“C’mon now, there’s no reason to apologize, alright? I just want to make sure you’re okay. D-Do you need anything? Water? Food? A hug…?”

“P-Please don’t go,” you mumbled, squeezing his hands in your own.

“Hey, I’m not going anywhere, okay? I’m right here,” he cooed, “plus, this is sort of my room, but y’kno- yep, nope, not a joking matter right now… got it.”

Inching closer, Peter wraps his arms around your form, pulling you comfortably into his lap. You could feel the rapid beating of his heart, and he knew it too.

Peter continued to hold you for another hour or so before you started squirming in his hold. As much as you loved being in his warm grasp, you weren’t used to this much of affection since, well, ever really. All the hand holding, hugging, and touching was overwhelming you a bit more than the problem with your hands. Most of your family knew your boundaries, but you never had  discussed it with Peter before.

He seemed to sense your uncomfortableness and carefully lifted you off his lap onto the bedside next to him.

Feeling self-conscious, you pretend to pick at something on his comforter. After a couple minutes of silence, you decide it’s time to talk about the shit load of events that have occurred in the past few hours. You’re probably worrying him. No, you know you are and it’s causing your insides to tie in knots.

Covering your face with your cold hands, you mumble against your palms, “you probably think I’m a freak, huh.”

Your statement leaves Peter perplexed. He cannot believe you said something like that. Lifting your hands off your face, he moves your chin up to look at him in the eyes.

“Y/N, why would you say something like that? You are not a freak, okay? Hell, I must be a freak then too! I got bit by a spider and now I can climb walls and swing around the city with webs! Like, how fucking weird is that?! You’re not alone in this, Y/N and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to prove to you that you are not a freak. Even if it takes forever, you are worth every single second,” Peter explains, softly kissing your now cherry red cheek.

“God, I don’t deserve you, Peter. I-I’m such a mess.”

You knew you shouldn’t of said that, but you couldn’t help it. You didn’t deserve him. You’ve probably worried him beyond belief. Ignoring him wasn’t the brightest thing to do and you knew that, but you just never wanted to approach the problem head on and cause his anxiety levels to plummet through the roof, even though they did.

You hear Peter laugh, which gains your attention.

Why is he laughing?

“Y/N, you’ve got it all wrong… I don’t deserve you. Trust me, you aren’t the only one that’s a mess. I’m surprised I was even able to talk to you in the first place! Ned kept nagging me every fucking day. Man, I’m happy he did though, or else I would’ve never had this moment or any other moment with you. I know you’re afraid to tell me what’s wrong, but I’m here to let you know I will never judge or criticize you, okay? These powers, or whatever they are, don’t have to control you. You are the only one that has the power to decide that.”

“I-I know that, Peter. You deserve to know, though. I-I’ve been dragging this out for too long a-and I don’t know how much more I can take,” you admitted taking a sharp intake of air.

Peter gave you a simple nod, urging you to continue.

“L-Let me start from the beginning, I guess. Uh, do you remember that day you bumped into me and my books went everywhere? A-And you commented on my cold hands? Well, uh that morning was when I knew something wasn’t right with me. I-I was walking home that day and out of nowhere this unbearable pain shot through m-my hands and I couldn’t control it… I-I didn’t know what to do. I went into the alley to avoid people looking at me like I was crazy, b-but that’s w-when it happened,” your voice getting the best of you.

Peter notices and rubs your arm for comfort.

“Take your time, Y/N. There is no rush, okay? You can do this, it’s just me.”

You nod, closing you eyes. After letting out a breath you didn’t realize you were holding, you continued.

“S-So the pain started to get worse and out of nowhere… uh, ice spewed out of my palms? I-I sprinted home after that a-and tried to look up anything I could regarding ‘ice powers’ I guess and all that I could find was something about Cyrokinesis? Y’know, like creating ice by manipulating molecules of matter? Oh and don’t forget that incident with the gross pervert a-and Spiderma- well, you… I-I don’t know, Peter. I don’t understand it all. I mean, I-I guess I was always cold as a child, but how the fuck is this a useful ability?!” you exclaimed, pulling lightly at your hair.

“Hey, hey Y/N, listen. That’s so awesome! Imagine all the stuff you could do! Make melted ice cream frozen again, snow days, freeze people?! Okay, well maybe not the last one, but still, just think about it.” Peter pleaded.

You sighed taking in his words.

“If you want, uh I could have you meet Mr. Stark? He might know what to do more than me, y’know? Him being Iron Man and like the head honcho of the Avengers and all…”

“I-I don’t know about that,” you nervously laughed. “I-I mean, I don’t know if I’m ready f-for something like that, Peter. I don’t really even know w-what this is!”

“Well, maybe he will, Y/N. Either him or Dr. Banner will. Trust me, please? I will be right there with you every step,” Peter sympathized, stroking your cheek with his thumb.

“You promise?” you questioned with worried eyes.

“I promise.” 

To be continued…

Top Of The Hour

gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

Word Count: 997

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by an anon! I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

You were adorned in a sparkly red gown and Gibbs was wearing a tuxedo.  The two of you were undercover, attending a party.  Evidence pointed to the couple who hosted the party as the people who killed a naval officer down in autopsy.  He was supposed to stay quiet about them taking money from the foundation they set up and he almost came forward, had they not killed him first.

Gibbs had his arm around your waist as he looked around.  He knew that Tony or McGee could’ve done this, but he wanted to be the one with you tonight.  The Marine didn’t want you to dance with anyone else but him.  He had no right to be jealous because he had never told you about his feelings.  However, he wasn’t going to let that stop him from being here with you.

“We should move,” you said in a hushed voice.  “Otherwise we might cause suspicion.”

Gibbs hadn’t realized how long he had been standing there.  He was too lost in thought.  His arm dropped from your waist so that he could take your hand in his.  As he walked on to the dance floor, he couldn’t stop thinking about perfectly your hand fit in his.  Or how nicely the dress hugged your curves.

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Nct Dream as your best friends (blurb)

Request : Can I request a fluffy funny Best friends with the dreamies? Thanks 💖

A/N: I’m very excited about this,,,,and im including jaemin bc im not leaving my boy behind. n the gifs were taking forever to load so rip


  • okay so he’d literally come to you with all his worries n problems
  • but plz believe it wasn’t always like this
  • first he’d try to act content with everything (even tho deep down he feels overwhelmed with responsibility)
  • however when he saw that you genuinely cared about him he’d feel safe with you
  • so he’d tell you EVERYTHINg
  • and he’d be your venting buddy
  • but aside from that yall would have the goofiest of rap battles
  • like about anything
  • you guys would have so much fun just being around each other
  • AND hed take you word over everyone else’s
  • like hed always go “y/n liked it so i bought it”
  • or “ y/n said i look cool like this”
  • literally will be your buddy to the end


  • hed get you to do things you thought youd never do
  • like he brought your wild side out in a good way
  • you to would usually go to the arcade together
  • sometimes you’d question if he was okay bc he was literally ALWAYS joking
  • and when you confronted him hed tell you about his insecurities
  • and hed just be content with you knowing his secrets and not the others
  • like yall would occasionally link eyes and youd just know what was troubling him
  • AND THE ULTIMATE spontaneous hangout was ice cream,,,
  • and he’d always stick his neck out and open his mouth for a bite of yours
  • AND HED whine if you ignored him
  • the two of you would be inseparable and he’d appreciate you bc you dealt with him even at his worst.


  • alright so this precious boy would be a very respectful bff
  • like he’d always check up on you despite how busy school and practice made him
  • Jeno’s definitely the type to stay on facetime even tho you’ve fallen asleep
  • he’d always wanna hear about your day
  • but also hed always feel really comfortable around you LIKE
  • despite how soft he was as your buddy he’d never hesitate to roast you
  • but sometimes he’d just do it for a reaction
  • like “ y/n what are you wearing? it’s hurting my eyes”
  • and THE ROAST SESSIONS would begin
  • n being his bff meant you hung with jaemin alot too
  • you guys would make dumb videos and do prank calls all the time


  • this boi would always be yelling like,,,
  • when he greets you he YELLS
    when he wants your attention he YELLS
  • when you annoy him he YELLS
  • but aside from that he was a very loyal friend who payed a lot of attention to you
  • hed be extremely helpful
  • but hed also be a bit hesitant to claim you as him best friend
  • despite his V outgoing nature he wouldn’t want to claim you before you claimed him
  • like bb fears rejection in various forms
  • hedd secretly steal little pieces of your food
  • but ALSO he’d sneak food into your bag bc he knows that you skip lunch to do more work
  • probably would send you memes of the others and recreate them


  • an emotional bb
  • would cry when you give him a birthday present
  • overthinks alot but makes sure to share his thoughts
  • literally the sweetest guy
  • probably would carry your bag on your walk home
  • doesn’t really know what he’d do without you
  • very playful and loving
  • if he feels like he joked around too much he’d repeatedly apologize
  • tries to be cutesy to get what he wants
  • extremely thorough and straight toward for the most part
  • is the occasionally CLINGY best friend
  • like if you havent hung in a while he’d whine about how he missed you


  • extremely animated
  • the one bff who’d pushed you out of your comfort zone to help you
  • very confident and open
  • jokes about the most random things
  • IS RREAALLY EXTRA WHEN HE TRIES TO BE CUTE (i mean he is cute but you know with i mean)
  • “am I cute? yes or no”
  • Hed literally just wanna push your buttons
  • “come one i said yes or no?”
  • gets serious when you dont tell him things
  • LIKE hed feel betrayed when you dont tell him about a conflict youve had
  • yall protect each other all the time but also he is willing to care for you through rough times


  • okay so this boy would be very reserved in the beginning of the friendship
  • but later when he warms up he’d always be judging your silliness
  • but you’d judge him as well
  • sometimes he seemed a bit too shut in
  • but once you showed him memes or random videos he’d be in tears for days
  • he’d definitely be flustered at your compliments but then hed flaunt
  • he’s your cringe buddy
  • YOU GUYS REACT TO EVERTHiNG TOGETHER  and would have tons of little inside jokes.
  • …his sarcasm would probably not be clear at first
  • but eventually you’d adapt to his sense of humor

daydilia  asked:

Hi there! Can I make a request? I 💖 your content and your writing is great! How would the S&M brothers react to their s/o answering "I feel the same way for you but I promised my parents I wont have a boyfriend while Im studying and haven't graduated yet" when they asked her out? (She isn't aware that they're vampires but they're pretty close and have known each other for years)

Aww, thank you so much! <3


Ayato: The rejection would truly hurt him, causing him to lash out at you in anger. Ayato would reveal that he is a vampire to you and would subsequently bite you, claiming you as his. You need to begin to realize that you are his, and his alone.

Laito: He would laugh it off as a joke at first, and would tease you for taking his words so seriously. However as time passes, Laito begins to grow more standoffish and cold towards you. His behavior gradually worsens and it’s not long until he reveals that he is a vampire and begins to inflict uncalled for punishments on you for the smallest things.

Kanato: Kanato is absolutely livid at your words. If you feel the same way about him, then why are you rejecting his affections?! In a state of fury and desperation, he harshly plants his fangs into your neck as a way to claim you as his. There is a possibility that he may even harm your parents for their impudence.

Shu: His attitude is that of nonchalance, but he’s truly happy that you feel the same way about him. However, he finds the fact that you can’t completely be his to be both irritating, and a nuisance.

Reiji: Despite your words, Reiji still finds himself pleased by your good work ethic and studious behavior. While he’ll respect your wish, Reiji will begin to keep a closer watch on your actions. You are still his possession, you know.

Subaru: Subaru is relieved that you feel the same way about him, but he feels slight unease at your words. As much as he would like to believe you, he has difficulty doing so. Subaru will be prone to misunderstanding some situations and may react violently in turn.


Ruki: Ruki dislikes the blatant disobedience you are giving him. He decides that it is about time he reveal to you what he truly is in order to make you realize just who you belong to.

Kou: Your words would fill Kou with indignation. He tells you how he feels about you, shows you his vulnerability and weaknesses, yet this is how you treat him?! Out of anger and distress, as well as a desperate need to claim you as his, Kou would roughly bite into your neck. As a way to spite you, he may even play around with other girls.   

Yuma: It’s great that you return his affections, but your words still manage to aggravate him. He finds your promise bothersome and will do what he wants with you regardless.

Azusa: Azusa is very pleased that you feel the same way about him, but is a bit distraught over the fact that you cannot date him yet. Despite your words, Azusa will be persistent with his affection for you and will shower you with love and praise regardless.

Stoms (shawn mendes x reader)

hey its me back at it again with a fic no on wanted!!

word count: 945

warnings: panic attacks, anxiety, thunder storms, shitty writing that’s it i think (???

You sit in the corner of the room shaking and sobbing uncontrollably. It was late in the night, or early in the morning rather around one am you woke up about a half hour ago to the sound of thunder outside.

You’ve had a lifelong fear of thunder for reasons you’ve never been able to figure out. Different therapists and doctors had concluded it was a side effect of your anxiety. So here you are at one in the morning having yet another panic attack from the storm.      Thankfully your boyfriend, Shawn, was still out at the studio.

 He’d called you a few hours prior saying he’d gotten a great idea for a song, and not to wait up because he wouldn’t be home for a while. This wasn’t uncommon as he was it the midst of creating his third album and he’d often stayed out late to work.

 Most nights you’d be upset by this wanting to fall asleep in his arms instead of wishing he was there. However tonight you couldn’t be more thankful. The two of you were a fairly new couple and you’d yet to tell him about your anxiety. You knew it would be so much easier to tell him. but you didn’t want him to think less of you or see you as weak.

 Despite the relief you felt of Shawn not being here, part of you wishes he was here to wrap you up in his arms and comfort you. You let out another loud sob as you hear the thunder rumble outside. Maybe it was the sound of the rain and thunder outside, or maybe it was the sound of your sobs, whatever it was you didn’t hear the sound of footsteps walking down the hallway and, you certainly didn’t hear the door open.

  “Y/N?” You hear the familiar voice of your boyfriend call out. You let out a loud sob as a response unable to form words.

  “Baby what’s wrong?” he says in a concerned manner walking over to you.

  “The storm.” You manage to choke out in between sobs. He gently grips your face with both hands carefully wiping the pads of his thumbs under your eyes.

  “Y/N why didn’t you tell me?” He questions softly as he pulls you into his lap. You shake your head gently hoping he’d understand that you didn’t want to talk about it right now. Thankfully he seems to understand as instead of questioning you further he pulls you closer to him as if he’s afraid you’ll slip away. As the thunder continues to clap outside Shawn gently lifts you and carries you toward the bed.

  He lays you down pulling the covers over you before quickly pulling of his shirt and pants and climbing in next to you. He pulls you close to him and you lay your head on his chest. For the next half hour before you fall asleep Shawn softly sings to you in a successful attempt to comfort you. Eventually you fall asleep to the sound of his voice feeling safe in his arms.

 The next morning you wake up to an empty bed. You sigh and turn to the clock on your bedside table which read 10:34. You immediately assume Shawn has left for the studio as he usually leaves around 9, however most days you’re awake when he leaves.

 You feel a little relief as this means you won’t have to face the awkwardness of the conversation about your anxiety. This relief however is quickly replaced with the guilt you feel for not telling him about it. You think back to how caring he was last night. He didn’t interrogate you about it and respected that you didn’t want to talk about it, and he certainly didn’t tell you to ‘just get over it’. Both of which have happened in the past.

 You throw the covers off of you and stand up walking out into your kitchen. However instead of an empty kitchen you’re greeted with your boyfriend making his usual coffee.

 “Y/N you’re awake!” He says.

 “Ya,” You nod. “I just woke up.” He strides over to you and presses a kiss yo your forehead.

  “Well good morning.” He says handing you a cup of tea. “So,” He begins. “I was researching about anxiety this morning because like I gotta know how to take care of my girl, and apparently caffeine is really bad for anxiety so I made you herbal tea.” You begin giggling softly at how caring he’s being. “Oh God, did I do something wrong I know I shouldn’t have assumed it was anxiety. It’s just I had a friend back in high school who had anxiety and she used to get panic attacks like you had last night oh gosh I’m so sorry.” He quickly rushes out.

 “No it’s anxiety you’re right I’ve just never had anyone care this much.” You tell him.

 “Well get used to it.” he stated pulling you into a hug.

 “Why aren’t you at work?” You question softly.

 “You really think I would leave you home alone after last night? I want to spend the day with you.” He states. “I’m sorry.” You whisper softly. “For what baby?’ He says resting his head on top of yours.

  “For not telling you it was stupid of me, and for making you miss work.” You mumble into his chest. “No babe don’t be sorry for any of that, but please don’t keep stuff like this from me.” he says pulling away to look you in the eyes.

“I won’t I promise.” You say leaning in to touch your lips to his.

The One With All The Nicknames

Pairing: Jace Wayland x Reader

Summary: Jace, your best friend, who had never thought of settling down, realizes he wants a family someday when he spends ‘date night’ babysitting with you

A/N: it’s been a while but here’s one i’ve been saving!

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“Hello, hello,” you babble in baby talk, waving your hand over the crib. Shadowhunters from all over the world had come to the New York institute for a meeting, and along with them, dozens of children.

“Hi Tyler,” you say, jangling your keys and watching the baby’s eyes follow them. 

“He can’t understand you,” Jace says, walking past you with a smirk, “Especially when you’re talking in that stupid voice.”

“Shut up,” you grumble, returning to your normal voice, “Can you watch him for a sec? I need to pee.”

“No,” he frowns, “I’ve got a date.” He smooths his hair and winks at you, “A Seelie.”

“Why are you in my room then? Come to raid my closet?” you scoff.

“Like I’d wear anything of yours,” he retorts, “No, I just came to tell you that Barry is looking for you.”

You groan.

One of the visiting Shadowhunters was a boy named Barry who had an incredibly obvious crush on you. You, however, didn’t feel that way about him, especially knowing he’d have to leave in a few weeks.

But everyone in the Insititute knew about it after he’d bought you flowers and chocolates and sang to you at a party.

“He asked me to try talk you into going out with him,” Jace chuckles, looping his arm around your shoulders, “You guys would make a cute couple.”

“Shut up,” you grumble, shrugging his arm off, “Can you please find someone else for him? One of your Seelie’s maybe?” you raise a brow.

“I’ll see what I can do,” he rolls his eyes, pressing a kiss to your forehead, “I’ll see you later tonight. You owe me dinner for setting you up with that nice guy… what was his name?”

“Isaac,” you sigh.

“Mm, how’s it going with you two?” he asks.

“It’s not, we broke up,” you say, “Last night.”

“Was he jealous of Barry’s feelings for you?” Jace teases.

“Shut up,” you nudge him, “No, things just didn’t work out.”

“Well, I’ll kick his ass on my way out. No one breaks my best friends heart,” he says, ruffling your hair, “Have fun with the baby.”

“Wake up, wake up,” Jace whispers, shaking you awake. You shoot up.

“The baby-“

“He’s asleep,” Jace reassures you, “You ready for dinner?”

“Your date over so quickly?” you ask.

“I got bored,” he says, “Are we bringing the baby… Tony?”

“Tyler,” you correct him, looking over the crib, “And yes,” you say apologetically as you put him in a stroller. Jace leans over it, “He kind of looks like you. Is that why you’re so attached to him?” he asks, nudging you.

“Shut up,” you push his hand away, “I like babies.”

“I could give you one,” he teases, pressing a kiss to your neck. Jace used any opportunity to poke fun at you for your lack of a love life. You place a hand over the spot as your skin tingles.

“No thanks,” you scoff, “One of you is enough.”

He shrugs, pushing the stroller out your door as you pull in a jacket and catch up to him.

Incoming,” he hisses. Your eyes land on Barry, stumbling down the hallway toward you.

“Y/N,” he smiles broadly, “You look lovely. Where are you going?”

“Thank you, Barry,” you smile, “Just to dinner,” you say awkwardly.

Barry was the nicest guy you’d ever met which only made you feel worse about not feeling the same way. But you didn’t see the point in dating someone who would just leave. Plus, your affections were elsewhere, for someone you couldn’t have.

“Mind if I join?”

“Actually, I do,” Jace interjects, putting his arm around you, “I’m not sure how I’d feel about bringing the guy who is in love with my girlfriend… on our date.”

“Oh… I didn’t know the two of you were-“ Barry begins to say.

“Well, that’s because it’s none of your business,” Jace interjects.

“Jace,” you nudge him, urging him to be nicer.

“What I mean to say is that I’d appreciate it if you’d stop hitting on her,” he turns to face you, pressing a kiss to your lips, “On my cutie… bunnybear.”

You stare at him wide eyed, tracing a finger over your bottom lip. Barry was staring between the two of you in shock, “I – I’m sorry. I didn’t know,” he stammers, rushing off past the two of you.

“You’re welcome,” Jace grins at you.

“Cutie bunny bear?” you frown.

“Sorry I’m not the king of witty, sickeningly cute couple nicknames! That’s not really my forte,” he says, rolling his eyes.

“I can tell,” you mumble. You lips felt tingly and you try to avoid thinking about it, but your heart was racing too and suddenly you could feel the Jace’s warmth emanating from his skin.

“Mundane restaurants,” Jace scoffs, his eyes skimming the room, “What is the need for all these candles? And this music…”

“Stop complaining, would you? I like this place,” you snap at him, “Can we order?” you ask a waitress as she passes.

“Sure,” she smiles, pulling out her notepad, “What can I get you?”

“I’ll have the calamari and Jace-“

“I’ll have everything alcoholic on the drinks menu,” he says with a smirk. You groan and nod when she turns to you for confirmation.

“And for the baby?” she asks.

He can’t drink yet,” Jace says. You kick his shin, “Stop being a dick, would you?” you growl at him.

“I fed him before we came,” you reassure her. In fact, you’d spent an hour trying to get him to eat anything at all.

“You make a lovely family,” she smiles at the two of you, “Such a cute couple.”

Before you can say anything, Jace places his hand over yours on the table, “Thank you,” he smiles, “I think so too. Isn’t that right, pooky poo?” he winks.

“Pooky poo?” you mouth the words with a frown.

The waitress leaves and you pull your hand out from under his, “What has gotten into you tonight? First with Barry and now here?”

“I was saving you from Barry and I just saved you from that waiter whose been watching you since you walked through the door,” he says, nodding to behind the counter. Your eyes land on a blonde boy who smiles at you awkwardly before turning around.

“He’s cute,” you say.

“Really? A mundane?” Jace scoffs, “You could do better,” he states looking bored, “Even Barry would be a step up.”

Jace was always picky about who you went out with and he really hated that you had a soft spot for Mundanes.

“You never like anyone I date,” you say, “Plus, you’re planning to get blackout drunk tonight. I’ll need someone to have a normal conversation with.”

He grumbles something under his breath and leans back, drumming his fingers against the table, “I can’t imagine doing this with anyone else,” he says, looking around and then focusing on you.

“What?” you raise a brow, amused.

“Going out to dinner, pushing around a baby,” a small smile spreads across his face, “You make me do weird things, y/n.”

“This is normal for most people,” you say, looking around, spotting a few families.

“Not for people like us,” he shrugs.

“So you’d never want to start a family?” you ask, frowning. Jace’s whole aesthetic was being a carefree badass but you’d always thought he’d want to settle down eventually even though his behaviour suggested otherwise.

“Maybe. If it was with you,” he says nonchalantly.

“Yeah right,” you say sarcastically.

“I told you… I can’t imagine doing this with anyone else.”

“Jace,” you laugh, “You have to know someone really well to start a family with them.”

Check,” he nods as though he’s ticking off a mental checklist.

“You have to commit to them…” you add.

Check… I could really commit to you,” he nods.

You inhale sharply, “You have to be in love with them.”

He leans in, taking your hand in his and slowly pulling you closer to him, “Check,” he whispers.

You pull your hand away from his, crossing your arms over your chest, “That’s not funny. Stop being an asshole.”

“I’m not joking,” he reassures you, his voice sincere, “It’s not my fault you never take me seriously.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” you furrow your brows together, “You’re the one who serially dates girls.”

“Because you’re always off dating Mundanes or Shadowhunters who are the complete opposite of me,” he snaps back, “And anytime I mention you and I together, you laugh.”

“So you’re saying that right now, you want to be in a relationship with me – you know… monogamously?”

“Yeah,” he crosses his arms over his chest, his jaw clenched, “I want to be with you.”

“Wh- why are you telling me this all of a sudden?” you frown, running your fingers through your hair. Your heart was hammering in your ears and you could barely sit still.

These were words you’d wished you could hear on more than one occasion but hearing them brought out a completely different reaction than you’d expected.

“Because I like this,” he shrugs, “Us having date nights and being normal. I like strangers complimenting us on how good we look together and I like kissing you and holding your hand when other guys look at you so they know you’re mine,” he says all in one breath, “And I wouldn’t do it with anyone but you.”

You lean back in your chair in surprised silence, dumbfounded.

“Please say something,” he mumbles, looking insecure for the first time in his life.

“No nicknames,” you finally say, meeting his eye.

“What?” he frowns.

“If we’re dating, you can’t call me those stupid nicknames.”

He smiles widely, almost in disbelief that you were agreeing to go out with him.

“I don’t know. I can’t help it with you baby cakes,” he winks, causing you to stand up, faking annoyance. He pulls you down onto his lap just as you pass him and kisses you.

Yugyeom Imagine - Paint

A/N - This was such a cute Yugyeom request~ Honestly though I wish I was super artistic and good at drawing/painting but I’m just so bad 😂 Hope you all enjoy the imagine!

Could you do one with Yugyeom where the reader likes to draw, paint, etc. and Yugyeom finds out you’ve been secretly drawing portraits of him? Love your writing btw!!

You were sat in your apartment surrounded by pots of paint with pencils scattered over the floor. You had recently gotten a burst of inspiration to draw and paint ever since your boyfriend posted a selfie to his instagram for all of his fans to see. Yugyeom was, as many often said, a work of art and just one look at him made you want to recreate his face through the strokes of your paintbrush. You’d gotten an idea to incorporate song lyrics into the painting but wasn’t quite sure how. In an attempt to get some more inspiration, you had your earphones in playing music loudly. Because of the music blasting into your eardrums, you couldn’t hear the sound of your boyfriend letting himself into your apartment with the set of keys you gave just a few short weeks ago. 

Yugyeom called out your name as he walked through your apartment, surprised to not hear an answer back. He knew you were at home since he’d been texting you earlier and you had said you weren’t going to leave the house at all today. He wandered around looking for you until he saw the door to your art room slightly ajar. He had never been in out of respect since he didn’t know if you’d want him to see your artwork. The last thing he wanted was to make you feel uncomfortable about it. This time, however, curiosity got the better of him and he peeked his head around the door.  A wave of relief flooded through his body when he saw you were there and just had earphones in, preventing you from hearing his calls of your name. Instead of disturbing you, Yugyeom stood there in the doorway as he just watched you draw and paint. He couldn’t quite see what you were painting because your body was covering most of it but he was able to recognise that you were painting a person, judging by the colours he could see.

Time continued to pass by and you still hadn’t noticed Yugyeom was there. He was entranced by the passion he could feel radiating from your body with each movement of your paintbrush on the paper. When he saw you sit back a bit, he realised you were done and the picture was in full view. He gasped at how precise it was. The last thing he had been expecting was for you to have drawn and painted him as well. Forgetting that you still didn’t know he was there, Yugyeom moved into the room and hugged you, making you jump from fright. 
“Oh my god how long have you been stood there!” You said, heart racing. 
“A while. Sorry I didn’t say anything but I was just watching you paint. It’s fascinating. I can’t believe how amazing this is either!”
“You like it?”
“I love it, (Y/N). You are so talented.”
“You don’t think it’s weird that I painted you?”
“No, I’m flattered that you’d actually want to paint me.”
“I was always worried you’d find it weird. That’s why I never really draw around you because I’ve drawn you a few too many times,” you admitted, a pinkish tint crawling onto your cheeks. 
“Can I see?” He asked, watching as you silently nodded and grabbed a small, leather-bound notebook and passed it to him. Yugyeom’s face lit up as he saw the images you had drawn of him. For the rest of the evening, he was begging you to teach him how to draw and paint so he could create little pieces of artwork dedicated to you. It was sweet but even with your guidelines, it’d take a while before his drawings looked anything like you. He was determined to be good though, and he stayed in your art room all night, experimenting with paint and colours until he had made something he was proud of.

Pregnancy Scenario’s Part 4 - Garrett and Alec

Woo hoo! The final pregnancy scenario’s. Inspiration just suddenly struck so here they are! 


Garrett strolled in with an ease it seemed only he would ever master in a particularly cheerful mood as he always was when he returned from hunting. You tried not to think about the awkward conversation sure to come and focused on cooking your dinner which was slowly descending into a chaotic mess. Really after the day you’d had you should have known to go for the microwave meal.

“Y/N?” Garrett leaned against the door frame arms crossed over his chest, looking particularly vexed at the situation you had gotten yourself into. “Is everything alright?”

“Alright? Yes.” You replied, not paying too much attention to the conversation, mostly focusing on trying to keep your kitchen from bursting into flames.

Garrett’s frown deepened as he realised just how out of it you were. “Are you sure? Because everything is looking a little…strained, right now.”

“Yes, fine. Everything is fine. I mean, I crashed the car but everything is fine.”

“What?! Are you okay?!” It was really amazing the ability soldiers had to snap to attention so fast.

You quickly turned down the potatoes which were beginning to boil over.

“Yes. Crashed probably isn’t the best word, more like…” You pondered for a second as you flipped the bacon. “More like dinged. I dinged the car on a wall because I was a little preoccupied. I should have known better than to drive really, then again, with a vampire boyfriend you don’t particularly foresee the day when you go to the doctor for stomach cramps only to find out you’ll actually be having a baby, but then, I didn’t exactly foresee the vampire boyfriend part either, so why should I really be so surprised? Oh shit, the eggs.”

You quickly swung the frying pan off the gas, wildly swinging round to put it on the side, only to hit Garrett in the midsection with it. His deep red eyes were wildly searching your own.

“You’re lucky you’re not human. That could have been disastrous, then again, wouldn’t move so damn fast human would you?”

You went to sidestep round him to put the pan down only for him to hold you in place with one hand and take the pan in the other to put it down himself. He also systematically turned off everything that was still cooking with one hand without so much as looking away from you. It was really quite impressive.

“What did you say?” He asked eyes wide and intently focused.

“You couldn’t move so fast as a human?”

“Before that?”

“I crashed the car?”

“No!” He snapped, making you jump slightly and let out slight squeak, before he got a hold of his emotions by closing his eyes tightly for a fraction of a second. “After that.”

“I went to the doctors.”

“And?” He pressed.

You shifted nervously, running a hand up his chest to tug on the side of his jacket. “We’re having a baby.”



“Yes. Oh.”

You frowned somewhat nervous. “Bad oh?”

A cheeky grin slid onto his face. “Good oh.”


“Good oh?” He asked with a cheeky wink.

You grinned, nodding. “Good oh.”


Alec was a vampire of very few words and his nature, although sometimes vindictive and cruel, was mostly very reserved. Basically Alec was good at keeping calm, had to be really working for the Volturi. However you had the horrible feeling that what you were about to tell him had the ability to make even Alec freak the fuck out.

“Alec.” You called, walking into the rooms you shared.

You half hoped he wasn’t in but that hope was dashed as soon as he responded. “Bedroom, darling.”

Yes Alec did call you darling, why people always thought he couldn’t do the niceties like pet names you never could work out. Marcus had noticed first, bloody Marcus of course he had, noticed that you and Alec were mates, noticed that there was something or rather someone, in your womb who had begun referring to you as mother. It was all very fucked up in your opinion.

“Alec, we need to talk.” You announced, sounding much more in control and confident than you felt as you pretty much stormed into the bedroom a whirlwind of confusing emotions.

Alec cocked one eyebrow pausing half-way through buttoning up his shirt. The look he wore clearly displaying the words ‘so talk’ although he remained silent.

“Marcus discovered something about me today which may be a small cause for concern as we’re not really sure what’s going to happen to me assuming this works the same way with us as it does in human relationships.” You tugged at the frayed edges of your favourite knitted jumper as Alec continued to watch you, his blood red eyes carefully guarded.

The only indication he’d heard you at all was their slight narrowing.

“I um, there is a being…er…”

“You’re not making much sense. Are you ill?” That was Alec. One hundred percent cut the crap and get to the point Alec. Damn you loved him.

“No. Yes. Maybe.”

“Well which one is it?”

“Alec!” It took all your willpower not to scream in frustration as you threw your hands up in the air.


“I swear Alec-“

“Well what am I supposed to be saying you’ve yet to fully explain a damn thing!”

Huffing and crossing your arms as Alec snapped at you, fully realising he was right you tried again. Quick and painless like ripping off a plaster.

“I’m pregnant. So yes, possibly I might be ill.”

Alec was in front of you in seconds, finally dropping his hands from his still half-open shirt to put them on your arms. He glared at your stomach with a look somewhat akin to disgust and loathing.

“Can we get rid of it?”

“What?” Well that threw you through a loop for sure. “No Alec I don’t want to get rid of the baby!”

His eyes snapped up to meet yours, his mouth dropping into a somewhat comical ‘o’. “But that thing could kill you.”

“Perhaps and it’s a baby Alec. You can say the word. Baby.”

“The thing is a monster.”

“Alec this is everything I’ve ever wanted you have to understand.”

“I will not lose you to that creature!” He snapped.

You were quite astounded, Alec had wanted to be a father one day as a human and you couldn’t believe he was reacting like this. It really spoke volumes for his feelings…somewhat less for his morals however.

“Then we figure something out.” You replied gently and quietly, placing a hand against his face. “But I won’t kill the baby Alec.”

You won’t have too.” He muttered going back to glaring at your stomach.

“ALEC IF YOU HURT THAT BABY I SWEAR!” Jane’s angry shout came from the door as she barged her way in.

Really she had fabulous timing.

“I can’t lose her Jane.” At the appearance of his sister, who was somehow in the know, Alec dropped all of his anger and stared over at her as if she could fix the world, the worry finally seeping into his tone and expression. “I won’t.”

“No Alec you won’t, but neither will you murder your child. This is all you’ve ever wanted brother. We’ll figure something out.” Jane’s voice was soft and kind a tone she reserved only for yourself and Alec. Taking one of Alec’s hands and one of yours she emphasised. “Together.”

Alec looked from his sister to your stomach to you his eyes tearing up with venom. “Yes.” He affirmed, putting his other hand in yours and squeezing lightly. “Together.”

Hope you liked these two as much as the others! 

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imagine slowing building a relationship with jasper when the Cullen family adopts you? (as a newborn) thanks!

requested by anon


Your name: submit What is this?

When you had miraculously managed to free yourself from the maniac that had grabbed you off the street, you thought you were fine—that you had saved yourself. However, he had managed to bite your arm before you had a chance to free yourself from his grip and, at the end of the alleyway, you had collapsed in pain, your body writhing everything inside froze. Though it was over in a few agonizing minutes, the pain made it feel like ages and you were still left with the burning in your throat. Despite that, you were able to collect yourself long enough to run far, far away from the man hidden in the alley’s shadows. The pain was much, much duller then, anyways. Now, two days later, you were still wandering the woods, in search for something, anything, that could help you. You had no idea what was happening to you and you desperately sought an answer. After you managed to get a few more feet further ahead, you stopped and sat against a tree, unsure you could continue on with the pain that seemed only to increase as more time elapsed. You pulled your knees to your chest, crossed your arms atop them and rested your forehead on your forearms.

“Miss? Are you alright?” A smooth, accented voice asked from a few feet away. You slowly brought yourself to raise your head and look up at the blonde male. Your eyebrows furrowed as you watched his face contort into a look of pain seemingly out of nowhere. You managed to pull yourself up on your feet and take the few steps to him. As weak as you felt, you had always put people before yourself and now would be no exception. He reached out to stop you but, when his skin made contact with yours, his eyes darted to yours and a sigh of relief escaped his lips.

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Melting Snow

A/N: Jacob is back to warm you a little! wrote it with thought of my best girl @ohlookahiddenblade  <3 to make her feel better! sorry for any mistakes and enJOY! (credit to the owner of the gif) X

Pairing: Jacob Frye x Reader

Warnings: fluffy fluff

You were standing on the roof of one of the London buildings observing the city. All of the city was covered with thick layer of snow, which gave the most fun to the children, who were playing snow fights and creating snowmen. Their laughs were heard everywhere, which made you smile and brought back nice memories from your own childhood.

A quite hard stroke in your back pulled you back from your thoughts. You turned back and looked into direction from where it could came, when the next one you felt on your face. You swayed and took a step back to keep your balance and clamped your eyes, feeling cold and wet snow. You brushed it away and heard loud, throaty laugh coming from behind nearby chimney, who you would recognize everywhere. You came closer and saw no one else, but infamous Jacob Frye. Young man, who irritated you to the limits with his stupid jokes and immature behaviour and for who your heart beat faster since the day you met him. However, you had no courage to tell him about your feelings towards him, being affraid of rejection. Nevertheless, his sister Evie noticed straight away the way you looked at her brother and encouraged you to confess him your feelings, but you were never able to do it. You’d rather be his friend than loose him.

‘’I hope, you are having a good time, Jacob?’’ You asked sarcastically crossing your arms.

‘’Indeed, love.’’ Jacob gasped still laughing and putting one of his hands on the chimney to keep him steady.

Cheeky grin appeared on your lips and with fast move you gathered snow from the roof shaping a small ball. You threw it straight into Jacob’s face and his annoying laugh immediately died away. He wobbled and with a thoud fell on the roof. That time you started to laugh and younger twin’s face became red from embarrassment and irritation.

‘’Awww Jacob, why don’t you laugh anymore? Earlier, it was all so funny to you.’’ You mocked him and Jacob gazed at you with a glint in his eye, which didn’t bring anything good. You felt shivers running down your spine.

‘’And it still will be when I get my revenge on you, love.’’ On his handsome face appeared cheeky smile and he started standing up.

‘’Maybe if you catch me, snail!’’ You called over your shoulder running and laughing loudly.

‘’Snail? You are so in trouble, love.’’ You heard him laughing behind you and light thuds of his boots.

You laughed sarcastically again and started jumping from roof to roof trying to loose Jacob, but it wasn’t easy. That bastard was fast and nimble, and his hurt pride and ego were giving him even more strenght and speed.

You noticed that there were only couple of buildings left ahead of you, so you decided to jump off on the street and try to mingle into the crowd. You found a narrow passage between buildings and by catching pendant bricks you found yourself on one of the London streets. Then, you ran into the crowd of people, put on your hood and carefuly looked over your shoulder. You saw Jacob’s top hat and you fastened the pace. You went into the side alley and ran along it.

‘’Gotcha!’’ You heard Jacob’s husky voice on the other side of the alley.

You turned aroud quickly and grinned. ‘’Not yet!’’ Then you sped up and found yourself in the park.

Your lungs stung from the lack of breath and you felt how your legs started to slow down. You couldn’t give Jacob that satisfaction and you tried force your muscles to work a little longer. You heard Jacob steps just behind and then his large, strong hands caught you by waist and both of you pitched to the ground.

Jacob’s top hat fell from his head when his heavy, firm body pinned you to the cold snow. There were heard loud, honest laughs coming from your throats. Jacob turned you on your back, leaning most of his weight on his arm and when you looked into each other eyes, your laughs died away. You felt nice warmth radiating from his body, heating your own. His rough palm softly brushed away unruly starnds of your hair from your face, then with his fingertips stroked along your cold, rosy cheek. You smiled lightly and embarrassed to the feeling, but you placed your palm on his broad chest without breaking the stare and moved it up, tenderly dabbing his neck and finally putting it on his cold cheek.

Jacob started moving his face closer to yours. His warm, mint breath was heating and pleasently tingling your face. In his hazel eyes you saw something like ask for permission. You lifted your head and rubbed your nose against his, making Jacob chuckle. Your heart was beating like crazy, but it gave you courage to close the gap between you two in a tender and uncertain kiss. You were affraid, that Jacob didn’t return back your feelings and was acting only on the spur of the moment, but you felt how he gave back the kisses without hesitation and with entanglement. You put your hands on the back of his neck and drew him in to your body. Younger Frye put his hand on your neck and delicately started stroking it with his thumb, making you giggle a little into the kiss. You wanted to feel his lips against your own for so long. You wnated to know their taste, if they were soft and warm. To your surprise, his lips were even better than in your imagination.

Jacob parted your lips with his tongue and deepened the kiss. Moans of pleasure ripped from your throats and your palms tangled into his dark hair, moving him closer, that there was no free space between you. Jacob’s hand slid down to your waist, squeezing it firmly, making you shudder. You didn’t feel cold, only heat radiating from his body, which could melt whole snow around you. Your tongues were dancing together like they were doing it since forever and you couldn’t  tear off from each other even if the lack of air were no more bearable. Your kisses became more sloppy and finally you broke away, breathing heavily. Jacob put his forehead against your own. His eyes were closed and on his lips was a soft smile.

‘’Now I gotcha and I will never let you go.’’ He whispered and looked into your eyes, stroking your cheek softly.

Hi, guys!

Idoia here.

I do not know how this post will turn out to be and whether it is correct or not (because we never write text posts here) but I feel I need to write it down. I hope it is the first and the last one I publish. I apologize in advance in case someone finds my words both daring and offensive. I will try to make it as neutral as possible.

Firstly, I would like to thank all the people who follow us, since this account barely had 200 followers a couple of months ago and now we are over 2000 people. Thank you so much for all your support :).

Secondly, to my colleagues on this web; The fact that they allowed me to be part of it means a lot to me. Thank you.

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anonymous asked:

I'm so glad the ask box is opened again! How would Ren Ran-Ran Ai and Reiji react if their girlfriend had a period accident in the bed? My worst nightmare 😱 And the girlfriend is super embaressed and shy about it? Is it possible to fall in love wiyh someones writing? i think I fell In love with your writing 😍😍😘😘💜💜💗💗💗💖💖💟💟

S/O having their period in bed

Ren Jinguji

Ren understands that menstruating is very natural for women and he is not uncomfortable with that fact. Once he was aware of your embarrassment for accidentally leaking through and onto the bed sheets, he will carry you bridal style to a drawn bath so you can relax and ease any cramping you might be experiencing. He will then take it upon himself to remove the bed sheets and put on fresh linen. Ren is not disgusted by the blood at all so this does not faze him. However, if you are still feeling self-conscious about the incident he will go out and buy your favorite snacks and spend the rest of the day soothing you and worshiping your body telling you how beautiful you are and to not worry over such trivial things.

Ranmaru Kurosaki

Most would assume Ran would become upset over the mess, but he is infact indifferent to it. He knows women have periods and you are no exception. As your lover, he would do everything he can to make you comfortable as possible and reassure you that accidents do happen. Though he doesn’t personally like the sight of blood, he will clean up the linen himself. If you are still feeling guilty over the small incident he will eventually become annoyed and tell you that it is okay and to drop it. Afterwards, he will comfort you and cook your favorite meal then spend the rest of the day inside cuddling while watching a film together. 

Ai Mikaze

The droid is indifferent to the incident. He does not see why you are embarrassed about this. Ai usually keeps up with your cycle anyways so he is not surprised. He is in fact glad because this lets him know you are healthy and regulated. If you are embarrassed and still upset over the mess, he will simply remind you how much he loves you and to not worry about it. He will change the linen for you since blood does not bother the droid at all. Then once he is done he will ask if you have all your feminine products, and offer to go out and buy any if you need it. Afterwards, in an attempt to sooth you, he will pull up Netflix and watch your favorite shows for the rest of the day. 

Reiji Kotobuki

He is very lighthearted about this and may crack a few jokes. Though once he sees how uncomfortable you are about this, he will bring you into a warm embrace and reassure you that it is okay and not to be embarrassed over natural things. He will clean the linen for you and brush it off as no big deal. After all, he loves all of you, including everything happening in your body. In attempt to lighten your spirits, he will crack a few jokes and maybe try to convince you to play jokes on the other members of Quartet Night. If you are cramping, he will settle for a day in bed cuddling with each other and watching movies together.

Same Heart

Chapter 2 - Onslaught        CH1

SUM: You are a Colonel from the Battlecruiser Absolution now aboard Finalizer in an attempt to close a banking deal for the Order abroad. Not much has ever given you cause to seek a significant other before, however, when several people on the ship start taking a personal interest in you things may change.(KyloxReaderxHux)

Word Count: 4000+

Warnings: N/A

The next morning came swiftly: sleep having taken you out like a highly trained assassin after retiring to your room. You had the day off but your body’s internal clock wouldn’t allow you to sleep in. So the next thing on your mind was your ever growling stomach. Typically you would just have your provisions brought to your quarters, however, as a guest on this ship you would have to dress in your uniform and go to the cafeteria again.

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anonymous asked:

Tanaka, komaeda, saihara, amami, and togami with a tall s/o that's insecure about their height? thanks in advance ^^

IT’S MEEEEEE OMG! This is to make up for all the smut I’ve typed recently! 

Request: Tanaka, Komaeda, Saihara, Amami & Togami with a tall S/O insecure about their height 

Gundham Tanaka 

  • He isn’t the shortest himself 
  • But he has had points in his past 
  • Where he’s felt a little insecure 
  • Because he felt his height made him stand out more 
  • But then he embraced it 
  • And he wanted you to too 
  • He tells you it’s nothing to worry about 
  • It’s something that makes you unique 
  • And he tries his best to help you think how he does 
  • Because he hates to see you worry about your height when it’s nothing to worry about 

Nagito Komaeda 

  • He can understand the insecurity 
  • But he doesn’t want you to be insecure about it 
  • “Stand tall. Be proud.“ 
  • He’ll compliment you continually 
  • He loves that you’re tall 
  • He admires you It’s just who you are 
  • And he can’t stand seeing you insecure about it 
  • He’ll do his best to build you up 
  • Because he wants you to see the positives he sees 

Shuuichi Saihara 

  • Well you do stand taller than him 
  • But that’s not a negative at all 
  • It makes him feel safe if anything 
  • And he finds it hugely attractive 
  • Having someone taller than him 
  • He’ll continually compliment you 
  • And when he sees you feeling insecure he’ll be cuddling you 
  • Reminding you how much he loves every inch of you 
  • And the taller you are the more of you there is to love 
  • He knows it’s not easy to beat the insecurity but he’ll help you however he can 

Rantaro Amami 

  • It saddens him seeing you feel insecure 
  • Especially about your height 
  • He wants you to embrace it 
  • And show the world how wonderful it is If he catches your shoulder curled or slumped he’ll just gently place his hands on them 
  • And try to get you to stand up a little straighter 
  • Or he’ll tickle you into straightening up 
  • Only if it doesn’t annoy you - if it does he’ll stop immediately 
  • But either way he’ll hug you from behind “I know it’s hard…”
  • He’ll constantly remind you how much he loves your height 

Byakuya Togami 

  • It’s not something that he observed really 
  • He wasn’t attracted to you because of your height 
  • He was attracted to you because you were you 
  • But he starts to notice your insecurity of your height 
  • He just comes up to you and puts an arm around your shoulder 
  • He’ll just ask you if there’s anything he can do for you 
  • Once he knows it’s because of your height he says things now and again 
  • To help you feel more confident 
  •  He’s more of a realist with you, but every compliment is genuine and heartfelt