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imagine slowing building a relationship with jasper when the Cullen family adopts you? (as a newborn) thanks!

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When you had miraculously managed to free yourself from the maniac that had grabbed you off the street, you thought you were fine—that you had saved yourself. However, he had managed to bite your arm before you had a chance to free yourself from his grip and, at the end of the alleyway, you had collapsed in pain, your body writhing everything inside froze. Though it was over in a few agonizing minutes, the pain made it feel like ages and you were still left with the burning in your throat. Despite that, you were able to collect yourself long enough to run far, far away from the man hidden in the alley’s shadows. The pain was much, much duller then, anyways. Now, two days later, you were still wandering the woods, in search for something, anything, that could help you. You had no idea what was happening to you and you desperately sought an answer. After you managed to get a few more feet further ahead, you stopped and sat against a tree, unsure you could continue on with the pain that seemed only to increase as more time elapsed. You pulled your knees to your chest, crossed your arms atop them and rested your forehead on your forearms.

“Miss? Are you alright?” A smooth, accented voice asked from a few feet away. You slowly brought yourself to raise your head and look up at the blonde male. Your eyebrows furrowed as you watched his face contort into a look of pain seemingly out of nowhere. You managed to pull yourself up on your feet and take the few steps to him. As weak as you felt, you had always put people before yourself and now would be no exception. He reached out to stop you but, when his skin made contact with yours, his eyes darted to yours and a sigh of relief escaped his lips.

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I'm so glad the ask box is opened again! How would Ren Ran-Ran Ai and Reiji react if their girlfriend had a period accident in the bed? My worst nightmare 😱 And the girlfriend is super embaressed and shy about it? Is it possible to fall in love wiyh someones writing? i think I fell In love with your writing 😍😍😘😘💜💜💗💗💗💖💖💟💟

S/O having their period in bed

Ren Jinguji

Ren understands that menstruating is very natural for women and he is not uncomfortable with that fact. Once he was aware of your embarrassment for accidentally leaking through and onto the bed sheets, he will carry you bridal style to a drawn bath so you can relax and ease any cramping you might be experiencing. He will then take it upon himself to remove the bed sheets and put on fresh linen. Ren is not disgusted by the blood at all so this does not faze him. However, if you are still feeling self-conscious about the incident he will go out and buy your favorite snacks and spend the rest of the day soothing you and worshiping your body telling you how beautiful you are and to not worry over such trivial things.

Ranmaru Kurosaki

Most would assume Ran would become upset over the mess, but he is infact indifferent to it. He knows women have periods and you are no exception. As your lover, he would do everything he can to make you comfortable as possible and reassure you that accidents do happen. Though he doesn’t personally like the sight of blood, he will clean up the linen himself. If you are still feeling guilty over the small incident he will eventually become annoyed and tell you that it is okay and to drop it. Afterwards, he will comfort you and cook your favorite meal then spend the rest of the day inside cuddling while watching a film together. 

Ai Mikaze

The droid is indifferent to the incident. He does not see why you are embarrassed about this. Ai usually keeps up with your cycle anyways so he is not surprised. He is in fact glad because this lets him know you are healthy and regulated. If you are embarrassed and still upset over the mess, he will simply remind you how much he loves you and to not worry about it. He will change the linen for you since blood does not bother the droid at all. Then once he is done he will ask if you have all your feminine products, and offer to go out and buy any if you need it. Afterwards, in an attempt to sooth you, he will pull up Netflix and watch your favorite shows for the rest of the day. 

Reiji Kotobuki

He is very lighthearted about this and may crack a few jokes. Though once he sees how uncomfortable you are about this, he will bring you into a warm embrace and reassure you that it is okay and not to be embarrassed over natural things. He will clean the linen for you and brush it off as no big deal. After all, he loves all of you, including everything happening in your body. In attempt to lighten your spirits, he will crack a few jokes and maybe try to convince you to play jokes on the other members of Quartet Night. If you are cramping, he will settle for a day in bed cuddling with each other and watching movies together.

Melting Snow

A/N: Jacob is back to warm you a little! wrote it with thought of my best girl @ohlookahiddenblade  <3 to make her feel better! sorry for any mistakes and enJOY! (credit to the owner of the gif) X

Pairing: Jacob Frye x Reader

Warnings: fluffy fluff

You were standing on the roof of one of the London buildings observing the city. All of the city was covered with thick layer of snow, which gave the most fun to the children, who were playing snow fights and creating snowmen. Their laughs were heard everywhere, which made you smile and brought back nice memories from your own childhood.

A quite hard stroke in your back pulled you back from your thoughts. You turned back and looked into direction from where it could came, when the next one you felt on your face. You swayed and took a step back to keep your balance and clamped your eyes, feeling cold and wet snow. You brushed it away and heard loud, throaty laugh coming from behind nearby chimney, who you would recognize everywhere. You came closer and saw no one else, but infamous Jacob Frye. Young man, who irritated you to the limits with his stupid jokes and immature behaviour and for who your heart beat faster since the day you met him. However, you had no courage to tell him about your feelings towards him, being affraid of rejection. Nevertheless, his sister Evie noticed straight away the way you looked at her brother and encouraged you to confess him your feelings, but you were never able to do it. You’d rather be his friend than loose him.

‘’I hope, you are having a good time, Jacob?’’ You asked sarcastically crossing your arms.

‘’Indeed, love.’’ Jacob gasped still laughing and putting one of his hands on the chimney to keep him steady.

Cheeky grin appeared on your lips and with fast move you gathered snow from the roof shaping a small ball. You threw it straight into Jacob’s face and his annoying laugh immediately died away. He wobbled and with a thoud fell on the roof. That time you started to laugh and younger twin’s face became red from embarrassment and irritation.

‘’Awww Jacob, why don’t you laugh anymore? Earlier, it was all so funny to you.’’ You mocked him and Jacob gazed at you with a glint in his eye, which didn’t bring anything good. You felt shivers running down your spine.

‘’And it still will be when I get my revenge on you, love.’’ On his handsome face appeared cheeky smile and he started standing up.

‘’Maybe if you catch me, snail!’’ You called over your shoulder running and laughing loudly.

‘’Snail? You are so in trouble, love.’’ You heard him laughing behind you and light thuds of his boots.

You laughed sarcastically again and started jumping from roof to roof trying to loose Jacob, but it wasn’t easy. That bastard was fast and nimble, and his hurt pride and ego were giving him even more strenght and speed.

You noticed that there were only couple of buildings left ahead of you, so you decided to jump off on the street and try to mingle into the crowd. You found a narrow passage between buildings and by catching pendant bricks you found yourself on one of the London streets. Then, you ran into the crowd of people, put on your hood and carefuly looked over your shoulder. You saw Jacob’s top hat and you fastened the pace. You went into the side alley and ran along it.

‘’Gotcha!’’ You heard Jacob’s husky voice on the other side of the alley.

You turned aroud quickly and grinned. ‘’Not yet!’’ Then you sped up and found yourself in the park.

Your lungs stung from the lack of breath and you felt how your legs started to slow down. You couldn’t give Jacob that satisfaction and you tried force your muscles to work a little longer. You heard Jacob steps just behind and then his large, strong hands caught you by waist and both of you pitched to the ground.

Jacob’s top hat fell from his head when his heavy, firm body pinned you to the cold snow. There were heard loud, honest laughs coming from your throats. Jacob turned you on your back, leaning most of his weight on his arm and when you looked into each other eyes, your laughs died away. You felt nice warmth radiating from his body, heating your own. His rough palm softly brushed away unruly starnds of your hair from your face, then with his fingertips stroked along your cold, rosy cheek. You smiled lightly and embarrassed to the feeling, but you placed your palm on his broad chest without breaking the stare and moved it up, tenderly dabbing his neck and finally putting it on his cold cheek.

Jacob started moving his face closer to yours. His warm, mint breath was heating and pleasently tingling your face. In his hazel eyes you saw something like ask for permission. You lifted your head and rubbed your nose against his, making Jacob chuckle. Your heart was beating like crazy, but it gave you courage to close the gap between you two in a tender and uncertain kiss. You were affraid, that Jacob didn’t return back your feelings and was acting only on the spur of the moment, but you felt how he gave back the kisses without hesitation and with entanglement. You put your hands on the back of his neck and drew him in to your body. Younger Frye put his hand on your neck and delicately started stroking it with his thumb, making you giggle a little into the kiss. You wanted to feel his lips against your own for so long. You wnated to know their taste, if they were soft and warm. To your surprise, his lips were even better than in your imagination.

Jacob parted your lips with his tongue and deepened the kiss. Moans of pleasure ripped from your throats and your palms tangled into his dark hair, moving him closer, that there was no free space between you. Jacob’s hand slid down to your waist, squeezing it firmly, making you shudder. You didn’t feel cold, only heat radiating from his body, which could melt whole snow around you. Your tongues were dancing together like they were doing it since forever and you couldn’t  tear off from each other even if the lack of air were no more bearable. Your kisses became more sloppy and finally you broke away, breathing heavily. Jacob put his forehead against your own. His eyes were closed and on his lips was a soft smile.

‘’Now I gotcha and I will never let you go.’’ He whispered and looked into your eyes, stroking your cheek softly.

Tumblr-Girl (Part 5)

Tumblr – Girl (series)

Part 1
Part 4
Part 6


Pairing: Misha Collins x reader
Summary: you made a new friend, didn’t you?
Word Count: 2.080
Warnings: panic attack, angst, depression, mental illness, self doubt


thanks soooo much to @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki​ for beta-reading so fast, so that I can throw it out for you guys even faster. 

Also I wanted to thank y’all for sticking around (it took a while writing this one) and giving me so much strenght with your comments! I really had some hard days, but your appreciation helped me a lot! Love you guys! 

Now enjoy chapter 5!

Your POV

Some time passed, a few days, maybe a week, the medication you got stood untouched on the sink in your bathroom, your arm hurt awfully, but you couldn’t get yourself to take the painkillers. You had some more talks with Dr. Richard; he was nice, he seemed like he cared about you. You found out he was just a few years older than you, he lived alone, a bit outside the city. Every time you met him you both continued your question-answer game, it never was boring, you got to know him better and your relationship turned. Dr Richards was no longer Dr Richards to you, but now Jacob, and you often met with Jacob for some coffee, lunch or even for a drink in the evening together. He became a very good friend and you found yourself telling him things that you would normally tell Dmitri. However you still didn’t feel that comfortable to tell him everything about you, so you weren’t as honest with the Doctor as you were with your your Tumblr friend. ,

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Pregnancy Scenario’s Part 4 - Garrett and Alec

Woo hoo! The final pregnancy scenario’s. Inspiration just suddenly struck so here they are! 


Garrett strolled in with an ease it seemed only he would ever master in a particularly cheerful mood as he always was when he returned from hunting. You tried not to think about the awkward conversation sure to come and focused on cooking your dinner which was slowly descending into a chaotic mess. Really after the day you’d had you should have known to go for the microwave meal.

“Y/N?” Garrett leaned against the door frame arms crossed over his chest, looking particularly vexed at the situation you had gotten yourself into. “Is everything alright?”

“Alright? Yes.” You replied, not paying too much attention to the conversation, mostly focusing on trying to keep your kitchen from bursting into flames.

Garrett’s frown deepened as he realised just how out of it you were. “Are you sure? Because everything is looking a little…strained, right now.”

“Yes, fine. Everything is fine. I mean, I crashed the car but everything is fine.”

“What?! Are you okay?!” It was really amazing the ability soldiers had to snap to attention so fast.

You quickly turned down the potatoes which were beginning to boil over.

“Yes. Crashed probably isn’t the best word, more like…” You pondered for a second as you flipped the bacon. “More like dinged. I dinged the car on a wall because I was a little preoccupied. I should have known better than to drive really, then again, with a vampire boyfriend you don’t particularly foresee the day when you go to the doctor for stomach cramps only to find out you’ll actually be having a baby, but then, I didn’t exactly foresee the vampire boyfriend part either, so why should I really be so surprised? Oh shit, the eggs.”

You quickly swung the frying pan off the gas, wildly swinging round to put it on the side, only to hit Garrett in the midsection with it. His deep red eyes were wildly searching your own.

“You’re lucky you’re not human. That could have been disastrous, then again, wouldn’t move so damn fast human would you?”

You went to sidestep round him to put the pan down only for him to hold you in place with one hand and take the pan in the other to put it down himself. He also systematically turned off everything that was still cooking with one hand without so much as looking away from you. It was really quite impressive.

“What did you say?” He asked eyes wide and intently focused.

“You couldn’t move so fast as a human?”

“Before that?”

“I crashed the car?”

“No!” He snapped, making you jump slightly and let out slight squeak, before he got a hold of his emotions by closing his eyes tightly for a fraction of a second. “After that.”

“I went to the doctors.”

“And?” He pressed.

You shifted nervously, running a hand up his chest to tug on the side of his jacket. “We’re having a baby.”



“Yes. Oh.”

You frowned somewhat nervous. “Bad oh?”

A cheeky grin slid onto his face. “Good oh.”


“Good oh?” He asked with a cheeky wink.

You grinned, nodding. “Good oh.”


Alec was a vampire of very few words and his nature, although sometimes vindictive and cruel, was mostly very reserved. Basically Alec was good at keeping calm, had to be really working for the Volturi. However you had the horrible feeling that what you were about to tell him had the ability to make even Alec freak the fuck out.

“Alec.” You called, walking into the rooms you shared.

You half hoped he wasn’t in but that hope was dashed as soon as he responded. “Bedroom, darling.”

Yes Alec did call you darling, why people always thought he couldn’t do the niceties like pet names you never could work out. Marcus had noticed first, bloody Marcus of course he had, noticed that you and Alec were mates, noticed that there was something or rather someone, in your womb who had begun referring to you as mother. It was all very fucked up in your opinion.

“Alec, we need to talk.” You announced, sounding much more in control and confident than you felt as you pretty much stormed into the bedroom a whirlwind of confusing emotions.

Alec cocked one eyebrow pausing half-way through buttoning up his shirt. The look he wore clearly displaying the words ‘so talk’ although he remained silent.

“Marcus discovered something about me today which may be a small cause for concern as we’re not really sure what’s going to happen to me assuming this works the same way with us as it does in human relationships.” You tugged at the frayed edges of your favourite knitted jumper as Alec continued to watch you, his blood red eyes carefully guarded.

The only indication he’d heard you at all was their slight narrowing.

“I um, there is a being…er…”

“You’re not making much sense. Are you ill?” That was Alec. One hundred percent cut the crap and get to the point Alec. Damn you loved him.

“No. Yes. Maybe.”

“Well which one is it?”

“Alec!” It took all your willpower not to scream in frustration as you threw your hands up in the air.


“I swear Alec-“

“Well what am I supposed to be saying you’ve yet to fully explain a damn thing!”

Huffing and crossing your arms as Alec snapped at you, fully realising he was right you tried again. Quick and painless like ripping off a plaster.

“I’m pregnant. So yes, possibly I might be ill.”

Alec was in front of you in seconds, finally dropping his hands from his still half-open shirt to put them on your arms. He glared at your stomach with a look somewhat akin to disgust and loathing.

“Can we get rid of it?”

“What?” Well that threw you through a loop for sure. “No Alec I don’t want to get rid of the baby!”

His eyes snapped up to meet yours, his mouth dropping into a somewhat comical ‘o’. “But that thing could kill you.”

“Perhaps and it’s a baby Alec. You can say the word. Baby.”

“The thing is a monster.”

“Alec this is everything I’ve ever wanted you have to understand.”

“I will not lose you to that creature!” He snapped.

You were quite astounded, Alec had wanted to be a father one day as a human and you couldn’t believe he was reacting like this. It really spoke volumes for his feelings…somewhat less for his morals however.

“Then we figure something out.” You replied gently and quietly, placing a hand against his face. “But I won’t kill the baby Alec.”

You won’t have too.” He muttered going back to glaring at your stomach.

“ALEC IF YOU HURT THAT BABY I SWEAR!” Jane’s angry shout came from the door as she barged her way in.

Really she had fabulous timing.

“I can’t lose her Jane.” At the appearance of his sister, who was somehow in the know, Alec dropped all of his anger and stared over at her as if she could fix the world, the worry finally seeping into his tone and expression. “I won’t.”

“No Alec you won’t, but neither will you murder your child. This is all you’ve ever wanted brother. We’ll figure something out.” Jane’s voice was soft and kind a tone she reserved only for yourself and Alec. Taking one of Alec’s hands and one of yours she emphasised. “Together.”

Alec looked from his sister to your stomach to you his eyes tearing up with venom. “Yes.” He affirmed, putting his other hand in yours and squeezing lightly. “Together.”

Hope you liked these two as much as the others! 

- Admin Tuch

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The One With All The Nicknames

Pairing: Jace Wayland x Reader

Summary: Jace, your best friend, who had never thought of settling down, realizes he wants a family someday when he spends ‘date night’ babysitting with you

A/N: it’s been a while but here’s one i’ve been saving!

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“Hello, hello,” you babble in baby talk, waving your hand over the crib. Shadowhunters from all over the world had come to the New York institute for a meeting, and along with them, dozens of children.

“Hi Tyler,” you say, jangling your keys and watching the baby’s eyes follow them. 

“He can’t understand you,” Jace says, walking past you with a smirk, “Especially when you’re talking in that stupid voice.”

“Shut up,” you grumble, returning to your normal voice, “Can you watch him for a sec? I need to pee.”

“No,” he frowns, “I’ve got a date.” He smooths his hair and winks at you, “A Seelie.”

“Why are you in my room then? Come to raid my closet?” you scoff.

“Like I’d wear anything of yours,” he retorts, “No, I just came to tell you that Barry is looking for you.”

You groan.

One of the visiting Shadowhunters was a boy named Barry who had an incredibly obvious crush on you. You, however, didn’t feel that way about him, especially knowing he’d have to leave in a few weeks.

But everyone in the Insititute knew about it after he’d bought you flowers and chocolates and sang to you at a party.

“He asked me to try talk you into going out with him,” Jace chuckles, looping his arm around your shoulders, “You guys would make a cute couple.”

“Shut up,” you grumble, shrugging his arm off, “Can you please find someone else for him? One of your Seelie’s maybe?” you raise a brow.

“I’ll see what I can do,” he rolls his eyes, pressing a kiss to your forehead, “I’ll see you later tonight. You owe me dinner for setting you up with that nice guy… what was his name?”

“Isaac,” you sigh.

“Mm, how’s it going with you two?” he asks.

“It’s not, we broke up,” you say, “Last night.”

“Was he jealous of Barry’s feelings for you?” Jace teases.

“Shut up,” you nudge him, “No, things just didn’t work out.”

“Well, I’ll kick his ass on my way out. No one breaks my best friends heart,” he says, ruffling your hair, “Have fun with the baby.”

“Wake up, wake up,” Jace whispers, shaking you awake. You shoot up.

“The baby-“

“He’s asleep,” Jace reassures you, “You ready for dinner?”

“Your date over so quickly?” you ask.

“I got bored,” he says, “Are we bringing the baby… Tony?”

“Tyler,” you correct him, looking over the crib, “And yes,” you say apologetically as you put him in a stroller. Jace leans over it, “He kind of looks like you. Is that why you’re so attached to him?” he asks, nudging you.

“Shut up,” you push his hand away, “I like babies.”

“I could give you one,” he teases, pressing a kiss to your neck. Jace used any opportunity to poke fun at you for your lack of a love life. You place a hand over the spot as your skin tingles.

“No thanks,” you scoff, “One of you is enough.”

He shrugs, pushing the stroller out your door as you pull in a jacket and catch up to him.

Incoming,” he hisses. Your eyes land on Barry, stumbling down the hallway toward you.

“Y/N,” he smiles broadly, “You look lovely. Where are you going?”

“Thank you, Barry,” you smile, “Just to dinner,” you say awkwardly.

Barry was the nicest guy you’d ever met which only made you feel worse about not feeling the same way. But you didn’t see the point in dating someone who would just leave. Plus, your affections were elsewhere, for someone you couldn’t have.

“Mind if I join?”

“Actually, I do,” Jace interjects, putting his arm around you, “I’m not sure how I’d feel about bringing the guy who is in love with my girlfriend… on our date.”

“Oh… I didn’t know the two of you were-“ Barry begins to say.

“Well, that’s because it’s none of your business,” Jace interjects.

“Jace,” you nudge him, urging him to be nicer.

“What I mean to say is that I’d appreciate it if you’d stop hitting on her,” he turns to face you, pressing a kiss to your lips, “On my cutie… bunnybear.”

You stare at him wide eyed, tracing a finger over your bottom lip. Barry was staring between the two of you in shock, “I – I’m sorry. I didn’t know,” he stammers, rushing off past the two of you.

“You’re welcome,” Jace grins at you.

“Cutie bunny bear?” you frown.

“Sorry I’m not the king of witty, sickeningly cute couple nicknames! That’s not really my forte,” he says, rolling his eyes.

“I can tell,” you mumble. You lips felt tingly and you try to avoid thinking about it, but your heart was racing too and suddenly you could feel the Jace’s warmth emanating from his skin.

“Mundane restaurants,” Jace scoffs, his eyes skimming the room, “What is the need for all these candles? And this music…”

“Stop complaining, would you? I like this place,” you snap at him, “Can we order?” you ask a waitress as she passes.

“Sure,” she smiles, pulling out her notepad, “What can I get you?”

“I’ll have the calamari and Jace-“

“I’ll have everything alcoholic on the drinks menu,” he says with a smirk. You groan and nod when she turns to you for confirmation.

“And for the baby?” she asks.

He can’t drink yet,” Jace says. You kick his shin, “Stop being a dick, would you?” you growl at him.

“I fed him before we came,” you reassure her. In fact, you’d spent an hour trying to get him to eat anything at all.

“You make a lovely family,” she smiles at the two of you, “Such a cute couple.”

Before you can say anything, Jace places his hand over yours on the table, “Thank you,” he smiles, “I think so too. Isn’t that right, pooky poo?” he winks.

“Pooky poo?” you mouth the words with a frown.

The waitress leaves and you pull your hand out from under his, “What has gotten into you tonight? First with Barry and now here?”

“I was saving you from Barry and I just saved you from that waiter whose been watching you since you walked through the door,” he says, nodding to behind the counter. Your eyes land on a blonde boy who smiles at you awkwardly before turning around.

“He’s cute,” you say.

“Really? A mundane?” Jace scoffs, “You could do better,” he states looking bored, “Even Barry would be a step up.”

Jace was always picky about who you went out with and he really hated that you had a soft spot for Mundanes.

“You never like anyone I date,” you say, “Plus, you’re planning to get blackout drunk tonight. I’ll need someone to have a normal conversation with.”

He grumbles something under his breath and leans back, drumming his fingers against the table, “I can’t imagine doing this with anyone else,” he says, looking around and then focusing on you.

“What?” you raise a brow, amused.

“Going out to dinner, pushing around a baby,” a small smile spreads across his face, “You make me do weird things, y/n.”

“This is normal for most people,” you say, looking around, spotting a few families.

“Not for people like us,” he shrugs.

“So you’d never want to start a family?” you ask, frowning. Jace’s whole aesthetic was being a carefree badass but you’d always thought he’d want to settle down eventually even though his behaviour suggested otherwise.

“Maybe. If it was with you,” he says nonchalantly.

“Yeah right,” you say sarcastically.

“I told you… I can’t imagine doing this with anyone else.”

“Jace,” you laugh, “You have to know someone really well to start a family with them.”

Check,” he nods as though he’s ticking off a mental checklist.

“You have to commit to them…” you add.

Check… I could really commit to you,” he nods.

You inhale sharply, “You have to be in love with them.”

He leans in, taking your hand in his and slowly pulling you closer to him, “Check,” he whispers.

You pull your hand away from his, crossing your arms over your chest, “That’s not funny. Stop being an asshole.”

“I’m not joking,” he reassures you, his voice sincere, “It’s not my fault you never take me seriously.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” you furrow your brows together, “You’re the one who serially dates girls.”

“Because you’re always off dating Mundanes or Shadowhunters who are the complete opposite of me,” he snaps back, “And anytime I mention you and I together, you laugh.”

“So you’re saying that right now, you want to be in a relationship with me – you know… monogamously?”

“Yeah,” he crosses his arms over his chest, his jaw clenched, “I want to be with you.”

“Wh- why are you telling me this all of a sudden?” you frown, running your fingers through your hair. Your heart was hammering in your ears and you could barely sit still.

These were words you’d wished you could hear on more than one occasion but hearing them brought out a completely different reaction than you’d expected.

“Because I like this,” he shrugs, “Us having date nights and being normal. I like strangers complimenting us on how good we look together and I like kissing you and holding your hand when other guys look at you so they know you’re mine,” he says all in one breath, “And I wouldn’t do it with anyone but you.”

You lean back in your chair in surprised silence, dumbfounded.

“Please say something,” he mumbles, looking insecure for the first time in his life.

“No nicknames,” you finally say, meeting his eye.

“What?” he frowns.

“If we’re dating, you can’t call me those stupid nicknames.”

He smiles widely, almost in disbelief that you were agreeing to go out with him.

“I don’t know. I can’t help it with you baby cakes,” he winks, causing you to stand up, faking annoyance. He pulls you down onto his lap just as you pass him and kisses you.


Fandom: Criminal Minds

Relationship: Spencer Reid x Reader

Summary: Spencer can’t sleep. The last case left him weak and drained. He looks at you in his arms and can’t help but feel like he is not doing his part in this relationship. You show him that it’s okay to lean on one another.

Requested By: No one. Just a random idea I had.

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Mean ≠ Evil

“Snape was mean to children so in the afterlife everyone must hate him!”

Considering the way you treat Albus Potter, I’d say you have no authority over this.

Snape despises James (why shouldn’t he?), and this is fact for many years after Hogwarts has passed. He takes every turn to verbally deride, insult, put down, and degrade him.

He hates your guts… But is your kid dead? 

Harry, too, doesn’t see consequences for a lot of his misdeeds (however you feel about him), constantly hears how wonderful his father is, and also has many peers who love and adore him (Snape does not see the abuse Harry suffers at the Dursley’s–very few people know).

Snape was exposed by this boy to his peers, taunted and traumatized relentlessly and unprovoked, and has to live with the fact this same person also married the only one to show him unconditional love and kindness. 

Snape utters a countercurse to keep Harry from falling to his death; saves Dumbledore from a prolonged, humiliating end; re-directs a spell that would’ve killed Lupin; spares Neville, Ginny, and Luna torture by overriding their punishment to be with Hagrid; shows Harry how to find another tool capable of destroying the Horcruxes…

And he should feel bad about being mean to a kid?


James Potter should be on his knees, BEGGING forgiveness for everything. Because he sure as hell didn’t deserve any of the goodness Snape’s deeds did for him.

It is not Snape should be despised because he was mean to people.

It is Snape should be glorified because he ultimately died for people who never liked him.


Request:  I was wondering if you could do a george/twins one shot where the reader is in gryffindor, and best friends with the twins even though she’s a year below them? But George and y/n get into a massive argument and end up shouting etc. and really badly insulting and hurting eachother? And they’re both really stubborn so they both continue being really nasty and dismissive toward eachother, until eventually Fred gets so sick of it and tries to get them to make up? And fluff? 😁😁💕 - Anon (from ages ago which I am only doing now ^^’’ sorry)

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Characters: Jimin x Y/N
Genre: Angst/Fluff (Fluff comes at the end)
Length: 2047 words


“All I ask for is for you to love me unconditionally. Take care of me like I’m the only one you need. Put all of your flaws and your differences aside, and love me. Because if you do, I’ll love you and take care of you the way you’re supposed to be loved. So the only thing you should focus on is to hang in there. Love. And you’ll recover.” 

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On Air // JK Scenario

Anon asked:
idk if this is where you submit requests but can i request a writing? Could the reader also be a kpop star and at a awards show and the relationship between the reader and which ever bts member is a secret and he kisses the reader on live tv and yeah….. thank you <3

I ABSOLUTEY LOVED THIS ONE. NOT GONNA LIE. It was fun to make, so I hope you like it!! I chose to make the bts member Jungkook because he’s my bias and I feel like it’s easiest to write from his pov when given the choice. You were welcome to pick any member though… Anyway, thank you so much for sending it in 😍😍 ENJOY!

Genre: Fluff
Jungkook x reader
Length: 1.3k words

A lot of your fans shipped you and Jungkook together. Ever since BigHit debuted you and your girl group, the fans had immediately thought that you and Bangtan’s maknae would make a great couple. There were many fan theories and fantasies surrounding you two, saying you were dating or at least in some kind of ‘friends with benefits’ relationship. Any kind of relationship would satisfy the fans, but the only relationship you and Jungkook were interested in was a real one.

So yes, the two of you were dating, although hardly anyone knew that. It was agreed from early on that it must be kept a secret. Even though the fans wanted the two of you to be together there was still that belief that kpop idols should not be together, no matter how compatible they are. There would always be those people who would shame you for having a relationship, so having it out there for everyone to know about was simply unachievable. It was a painfully slow journey into the relationship but now that you had become completely comfortable as a couple you had managed to become pretty solid. You didn’t want anything to ruin that for the two of you.

Because of your fans’ hardcore love for you as a pair, you’d been nominated as the ‘Most Loved Ship’ at an awards show both BTS and your group were attending tonight. It had been a surprise to the two of you, of course, but you both loved that the audience found you so suited to one another. It only excelled your affections for one another, knowing how much people saw the compatibility between the two of you.

So that was how you both ended up in makeup and formal attire, anticipating the idea of possibly winning the award.

“Do you think we’ll win it?” he asked you, sitting down next to you on the sofa as a stylist noona put one last spritz of spray into his hair before scurrying off to someone else. The buzzing of the busy people around you was always the perfect cover when you guys were talking about stuff like this. Everyone was always too busy looking after the troubles all the other member’s created, so they never paid attention to the two of you if you were simply sitting and waiting for the show to start. Provided that your makeup was done, of course. And it was, so you were safe tonight.

“Maybe. They do really love us,” you said, a small smile creeping onto your face. He stared straight ahead, intentionally gazing at the bustling people as he intertwined his fingers with yours in between the two of your bodies, his hand resting next to your hip. You purposely didn’t react, but reflectively squeezed his hand at the contact.

“I hate having to hide like this, you know,” he told you, still staring in front of him. You chuckled.

“Yeah, I know. You tell me that almost every day.”

“Because we have to act differently every day! Do you know how much I wish I could put my arm around you right now? That’s not too much to ask,” he said, his thumb running in circles over the top of your hand discreetly.

“I know, I want to as well. But you know we can’t do that.”

He stayed quiet for a second, as if he’d run out of things to say. “I wish it was different, but you’re right. Let’s just hope we win this award, okay?”

You nodded, and he pressed his thumb into the top of your hand – his version of giving you a secret kiss. As much as it shouldn’t matter whether people wanted you together, you still were pretty anxious to see if they loved you enough to have you up on stage tonight.

“… Jeon Jungkook and Y/L/N Y/F/N!” A chorus of applause echoed around you as you slowly stood. You’d really won the award. Turning your head in the direction of where BTS were seated, you saw Jungkook get up too, a tiny grin on his face. His eyes flitting over to you, he started to beam as we walked over, taking your arm as the two of you began making your way to the stage. You weren’t exactly expecting him to hold your arm like that right now, but it was pretty innocent looking if you were honest. In fact, it was the kind of stuff the company loved from you. It worked as fanservice for those who shipped you, and for those who didn’t it still didn’t propose anything “sinister”.

Holding onto his forearm, you carefully walked up the few steps before making it onto the stage, the MC moving out of the way so you both could stand in front of the podium. Since he had never been good at public speaking, you were the one that took to the microphone. Before getting close to it you cleared your throat as softly as possible, careful not to project it into the crowd. He stood in his place next to you, tense from standing so clearly in the public eye but nevertheless a comfort to you as you readied yourself to speak.

You began with a bright smile. “Well, this was never going to be an easy thank you speech to give, given the… uniqueness of this award. It isn’t exactly something we can thank our families for, or even the company. All of the fans out there are the ones who have given it to us, and as you clearly have a strong belief in us, we both want to thank you very deeply. It means so much to us both that you look upon us in such a way, and we are truly grateful.”

Jungkook very lightly touched your shoulder, but thinking he was just trying to be soothing you didn’t react to it in any way and continued speaking.

“If it weren’t for all of you out there then we would never have been given the opportunity to stand here like this in front of you all, receiving an award and sharing our thoughts like this…”

“Y/N?” he interrupted softly, but you kept talking without a thought.

“But that isn’t what’s important. The important part is that you have so much belief and support for us, and that is what we are most thankful for today. Thank you all so much.”

“Y/N?” he repeated a little louder. Very confused at why he was insisting on interrupting you, you turned to him, only to have his lips suddenly planted on your own, his hands cupping your cheeks. A coo ripped through the crowd, a few squeals of surprise and delight here and there. The softness of his lips was so familiar to you as you instinctively kissed him back, not at all sure what else you could do. Even so, you were still tense as he moved his thumb to under your jawline like he always did, his fingertips pressing on your skin. The lights above you, the sounds of the crowd and the thought of the managers out back going crazy made the moment feel strange and unnatural, but that comforting feeling you always felt as he kissed you was still there. It was a surreal moment as you didn’t know what to feel about it, however you were still kissing him in the process. It felt right, somehow.

You still felt the usual dull desire for more as he broke away from you very slowly, even though the strange set of circumstances should probably make you unwilling and unsure. But you weren’t. Your eyelids fluttered open at the same time as his did, his dark brown orbs gazing through you and a shy smile tugging at the corner of his mouth.

“I couldn’t help myself,” he whispered and despite how confident he’d seemingly been as he’d suddenly kissed you, his eyes continually flitted into the audience as if he was unsure of what would happen now that he’d jumped that first hurdle. A shiver ran through your body as you truly realised what you’d just done.

You had just kissed your secret idol boyfriend on live TV. Even better, you felt very proud of it.

Let me know what you think! Writing requests always open ❤ I write for any BTS member so ask me for anything!

Something More

Originally posted by connectingsilence

Imagine: Imagine you’re in love with Stiles but he’s dating Malia so you start distancing yourself from him until he confronts you and makes you tell him why you’ve been avoiding him.

Pairings: Stiles Stilinski/Reader

Warnings: I don’t think there’s anything.

Word Count: 1604

Reader Gender: Female

Author: Gabby —

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the one in which you are suga’s sister | PART FOUR | FINAL

summary / request:  hi! can i have a scenario where you’re yoongi’s younger sister and you like jungkook but yoongi doesn’t want you to date him? thanks <3 xx

genre: i don’t even know… fluff? kinda? maybe some angst? i don’t know

length: 2947 words

warning: mild use of swear words


Originally posted by jjks


Jungkook ran into his dormitory and quickly shut the door as if there was an angry mob following him. It was a quiet day, most of the other Bangtan members had gone out and there was hardly anyone in the streets, yet Jungkook was being followed. Followed by a mob of his guilt, regret, self-hatred. Followed by the image of a broken-hearted you standing in the middle of the local park. It’s like the image had anchored itself in his brain and gotten wedged into the tight and complex crevices that made up his mind. Maybe if I’d told her the truth, he thought to himself, yet quickly shook away his doubts as he was far too hurt to fully process what had just happened. When Jungkook was upset, he found the best way to deal with the pain was to close off and provide himself with distractions. How the hell am I going to distract myself from her?

Pulling his phone out of his pocket and crashing on the cheap Ikea sofa he proceeded to delete every picture that had even the slightest association to you. He thought that it would help him think about you less, however it just made him feel sadder look through all of his happier moments only to realise that they would never come again. Looking at his photo gallery that was now empty of joy, a lump arose in his throat. And possibly a few tears formed at his eyes, however he would never admit to it.

“It’s done?” A sleepy-eyed Namjoon emerged from his room and sat on the adjacent sofa.

“Yeah. It’s over.”

Namjoon remained silent. He felt that his roommate needed a moment to himself. He understood Jungkook’s feelings the best, as he was the only one out of them all who was aware of Jungkook’s immense love and adoration towards you. The rest, especially Yoongi, only saw the relationship between you as something immature and lust-driven.

With an exhausted sigh Jungkook shoved the phone back into his pocket and forced himself to stand. Picking up his keys and wallet, he headed back towards the door he’d come in.

“Where are you going?” Namjoon curiously shouted, unmoved from his reclined position on the sofa.

“To find a distraction.”


“Chan is so amazing- and sweet!” Your friend Emma’s overenthusiastic voice rang through your ears like a fire alarm. She smiled cutely whilst standing in front of the bench you were sat on, holding up her couple’s t-shirt like a small child doing show and tell.

“Don’t be fooled. Boys are evil.”

“Oh come on, Y/N, it’s been two months since you and Jung-” you stopped her sentence with a hostile glare.

“Actually, I agree. Chan is so sweet and amazing.” You purposefully cleared your throat, “Especially when he did that really sweet thing where he settled for you after getting rejected by me,” you sarcastically added.

Another friend, Jenny, slapped your arm. “Y/N what’s wrong with you?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” you apologised after realising how harsh you had sounded, “seriously though, you guys are cute together.”

Emma accepted your apology as she knew how much the breakup had actually affected you. Still, even after two months, you hated hearing his name. It created an unpleasant taste in your mouth and made you wince automatically. A week of non-stop crying and not leaving your bed left you feeling numb to all affectionate sentiments you had once possessed. Even when such sentiments were expressed through other people, you couldn’t help but recoil in horror and retaliate with pessimism.

“You know what guys,” Jenny changed the topic as all three of you were getting up off of the bench, “we haven’t had a girl’s night in for a while. I think we should have a sleepover this Saturday.”

“Ooh, yes!” Emma responded with her trademark puppy dog-like excitement. All three of you walked leisurely along the gravel pathway which flowed like a river through the grassy area that existed between two tall apartment buildings in your neighbourhood.

“I’m actually going out on Saturday.” You replied in a surprised tone, as if shocked that you had any plans that didn’t involve staying at home and binge-watching a television series.

“Really?” Jenny was equally as surprised, “Where to?”

“My brother is having a party for his solo debut and we’re having drinks to celebrate out near where he works.”

“Ah,” Jenny replied.

“Is, um, you-know-who going to be there?” Emma softly half-whispered.

“I don’t think so,” you confidently answered, “He has a show he’s doing so I probably won’t be seeing him there- not that I know his schedules or anything, I just wanted to make sure he wasn’t going.” Jenny and Emma were both amused by your attempts to justify that you only knew about what he was doing so that you could avoid him.

“Well, then it’s just you and me,” Jenny said to Emma, “Have fun tomorrow, Y/N.”

And the three of you parted ways. Emma probably to go see her beloved Chan, Jenny to the library to get some studying done and you back home, not aware of the troubles that awaited you in the near future.


Cutely dressed in a crop top and skirt, you met Yoongi in the lobby of the BigHit building. After not seeing your brother for a few months, you shared a quick hug and were immediately off to the club at which he had arranged his rather informal solo debut celebration to take part in.

“Wow,” you remarked whilst sitting in the taxi next to your brother, “Min Yoongi has finally released his mixtape.”

Your brother smiled at you, “I know. Now the world will know my musical genius.”

“Calm down, Kanye West,” you joked. It felt good to get along with your brother again. After the whole kissing Jungkook thing your relationship with your older brother seemed to become strained, he hardly talked to you and you didn’t feel right speaking to him while you were having your fling with one of his best friends. Even when the two of you did talk, you’d unintentionally start an argument about trivial subject matters and there was always some sort of feeling of mutual hostility. After Jungkook broke up with you, you felt like you no longer had something to hide from your brother and so could rekindle the close bond the two of you had shared before he’d joined Bangtan.

The two of you got to the club and at the entrance Yoongi was reunited with Jimin and a few other BigHit employees, whilst you politely greeted some acquaintances.

“Yoongi never told me how pretty his sister was,” said a friend of your brother’s after you cordially introduced yourself as ‘Yoongi’s bratty little sister’.  You laughed at his comment and humbly denied as you started to become more settled into the celebratory atmosphere.

“Hey, Y/N,” Jimin shouted from right in front of the entrance as he clung to your brother’s arm, “We’re going inside now!”

You and your newly established friend walked into the club together, ready for a party. Once inside, it took a while for your eyes to adjust to the darkness, and once they did, they were immediately drawn to a woman aggressively making out with a seemingly attractive man, surrounded by a sea of dancing bodies. You couldn’t quite see their faces, you could only see the man’s messed up hair poking out from behind the woman’s desperate cling.

“Ugh,” you instinctively reacted in disgust.

“I know right,” Yoongi’s friend shouted over the loud music, “Jungkook and his girlfriend need to calm it down with the PDA.”

Your whole body grew stiff. You finally realised the messy hair was that of your ex-boyfriend, Jungkook. The very bulging biceps that had once embraced and sheltered you where now snaked around another girl. You felt like your heart had broken for a second time and you thought that if the music wasn’t so loud everyone else in the room would be able to hear the shattering.

“Are you okay?” Yoongi’s friend questioned, although you were too numb to answer. Your fight or flight response was beginning to kick in and your mouth grew dry. All you could think in that moment was: I have to leave, I have to go.  And so, without a word to your new friend you turned around to go through the club’s exit.

“Y/N! Y/N!” You could hear faint calls from your brother, although you pretended not to hear them and kept walking. You finally got out into the crisp night air and forced yourself to lean onto the brick wall of the club in order to catch your breath. You couldn’t cry, you couldn’t move, you couldn’t do anything except stare up into the night sky.

Yoongi barged through the door that you had just come out of and gave a sigh of relief once he saw you. “Y/N,” he moved closer to you, “Are you alright?”

You finally moved your gaze from the sky to him and quietly replied, “Yeah I just- I have a headache. I want to go home.”

“Is it not because of Jungkook?”

“No I-”

“Just tell me, I already know that you two dated.” His tone seemed to have a touch of sincerity to it, although his words were more stark and unfeeling.

“Well it’s been over for a while now, so you don’t have to worry.”

“But I do.” He seemed more serious this time. “Namjoon told me Jungkook was in love with you. At the time I didn’t want to believe him, but seeing your face now-”

You laughed cynically, “In love with me? Yeah right. That asshole was never in love with me.” A couple of tears finally pushed themselves out of your tear ducts. After that, a solid stream of salty tears was able to flow down the curvature of your cheeks.

“Y/N, I’m sorry, he told me he wasn’t going to be here.” Yoongi tried to console you, but you felt too uncomfortable to accept your brother’s sincerity.

“You knew me and him dated?” You choked out.


“How long have you known?”

“Since the day before you two broke up.” Now it was Yoongi’s turn to awkwardly ignore your gaze. Your brother looked suspiciously guilty, so you leaned in to further examine his expression. He scratched at his hair, “Um, actually, I need to confess something- I am the reason Jungkook broke up with you.”

“You WHAT?!” Your sadness turned into anger as you tried to wipe away the wetness from your face.

“I forced him to tell you he wanted to end it. But I did it for the general safety of Bang-”

“So he lied to me about the reason he was breaking up with me?”

“I guess so.”

“You made him tell me that he wanted to stop seeing me because you wanted to protect your own image.” You were growing more angry by the minute.


You were not giving him any more chances to speak. “So Jungkook did actually love me?”

“Probably,” he confessed.

A new set of tears began rolling down your face and you had to support your weakened body on the dirty brick wall of the club once again.

“Yoongi, you’re a dick.” You tearfully concluded.

He looked down. “I know.”

“So is Jungkook. You both lied to me.”

“Y/N-” He began when suddenly the back door of the club was thrust open yet again. Jungkook and his stunning girlfriend were joyously holding hands and laughing to themselves when they had stumbled upon a teary-eyed you and a regretful-looking Yoongi.

“Holy shit,” Jungkook gasped under his breath. His girlfriend looked over us with a confused expression. “Y/N,” Jungkook said your name to himself, as if he could not believe you were standing there. It was a really awkward situation for you to be in: your brother, your ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend all standing together in silence and confusion.

“Kookie,” you winced at the nickname his girlfriend used, “who is Y/N?”

Yoongi had finally broken his surprised silence, “Suzy, this is Y/N, my sister,” he delicately introduced. You looked at him with annoyed eyes. She didn’t have to know who you were and you certainly didn’t want to know who she was. Jungkook grew quiet upon observing your irritated expression and avoided your gaze. Everyone was weirdly quiet except for Suzy.

“Oh. Is she okay?” She annoyingly inquired.

“I’m fine, I was just about to go home,” you snapped. You didn’t mean to be rude to her, it was just because of circumstance that you reacted in a bitchy way. “Bye,” you coldly said to your brother, ignoring Jungkook and his tall, beautiful girlfriend.

“What’s up with her?” You heard Suzy whisper to Jungkook, although Jungkook paid very little attention to her. You turned around and started to walk away. 

“Wait!” Jungkook called and you foolishly turned back to see him look towards your brother, “Can I escort Y/N home?” Shockingly, Yoongi nodded back.

“What?!” Suzy confusedly whined. “What about me?”

But Jungkook carried on without acknowledging his girlfriend’s high-pitched moans. The two of you started walking. Suzy shouted some profanity at him, but Yoongi had pulled her back inside the club. You quickened your pace to avoid walking right next to Jungkook. He just sped up.

“What the hell are you doing?” You burst out at him, causing him to stop.

“It’s not safe to walk on your own in these parts. But I’d feel bad if your brother had to take you back and miss his party.” 

You rolled your eyes. “Well don’t walk next to me. I don’t want to see your face. It  makes me want to punch you.”

“Punch me then,” he responded nonchalantly.

His defiance angered you, so you continued walking and pushed yourself so that you could maintain the lead. This would’ve worked, if you knew your way to the train station you were looking for, but you didn’t, so it didn’t. Instead you took wrong turn after wrong turn, trying to navigate yourself through gut feeling rather than actual knowledge.

“You’re going the wrong way.” He uttered from behind you.

There was no response, instead your anger caused you to speed up some more.

“Hey!” He grabbed your upper arm. You turned around to reveal that you had began to tear up and that you were in some weird hurricane of emotion: anger, sadness and frustration was building up inside of you like some unruly storm over the Pacific ocean. He looked at you with his sensitive eyes for the first time in months. You missed the softness of his gaze and the familiar furrow of his brow which had melted your heart many times before. Your two faces were so close to each other that you could almost feel the warmth emanating from his soft skin.

“You know, Jungkook, I really hate you,” you spat out, breaking the prolonged eye contact.

“No you don’t.”

You paused for a bit and reflected on his abrupt response. “I want to.” Your face angled itself up so that your eyes were connected again.

“But you don’t.”

“Your girlfriend probably does.”

“I don’t care,” he retorted.

Yet another tear escaped from your eye and you softened into a whisper, “What do you want from me?”

He let go of you and put his hands into his coat pockets. “I don’t know. I just want to see you.”

“Jungkook, you broke up with me, remember? For fuck’s sake, you have a  girlfriend.”

“She’s not you.” His eyes seemed watery, but he didn’t look like he was going to cry.

“You broke my heart.”

“You broke mine as well.”


He moved closer to you. “By just existing. If I never met you, I wouldn’t have been forced to break up with the only girl I’ve ever been in love with.”

You moved closer to him. “Jungkook,” you tearfully voiced.

His hands were finally freed from his pockets as they rested on both of your cheeks, wiping away the glistening trails of mascara and tears. The night was cold, but his hands made your whole body feel some sort of warmth. “Please don’t cry.”

“It’s too late for that. I cried for a whole sea after you broke up with me,” you weakly hit his chest, “And now you think this makes up for it, don’t you?”

He didn’t say anything.

“I see you making out with some other girl and an hour later you’re holding me like you used to when we were together. I don’t know how to feel about this, Jungkook.”

He still did not say a word, his expression was stone cold. You punched his chest again, tears still falling down your face. He tightly pulled you into a hug and you cried into his coat, feeling the sturdiness of his abdomen against your soft chest. He gently stroked your head with one hand, whilst securing your waist with the other. “I don’t know how to feel either,” he softly spoke, his musical voice making you melt deeper into his body, his chin resting on the top of your head. “All I know is that I love you.”

And with that you found yourself first tenderly kissing his cheek- him sweetly closing his eyes. You moved your lips so that they hovered over his, however you found yourself stopping there. He then slowly pushed himself forward, his mouth grazing onto yours, causing a tingling sensation. It quickly turned into a full on kiss, with his tongue dancing delicately with yours. Everything in that moment felt soothing. And when he finally pulled away to allow himself  to catch his breath, you finally replied, “I love you too.”

So after watching a let’s play I finally started playing Undertale.

And now it’s time to mess with my favorite flower.

After resetting my game a few times, Flowey got tired of introducing himself.


You’re right, how careless of me.

Woops, I’m so clumsy, tehe.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

I would never do that to you. Honest.

Now, now. We can talk about this.

Hey Toriel, what’s up.

Bye Flowey! *waves*

Under the Weather

Requested by anon:  An Isaac imagine where the reader is sick but they’re just friends and then suddenly they aren’t? Did that make sense lol

A/N: It does make sense. :) Thanks for the request, this was a cute little thing to write, I really enjoyed it! Requests are open.

You’re feeling horrible. Every bone in your body aches while your nose obviously started to believe to be an ever dripping spigot. You most certainly caught a cold but it’s that kind of cold that turns getting out of bed into an impossibility. Now of all times with your parents spending their wedding day vacations in Florida. You just really need a mum who makes you soup and tea and takes care of you all day. Instead you had to call school yourself and live from bread because you don’t have enough strength to cook anything.

Your friends, especially Isaac, asked you per text why you’re skipping. But you told them not to worry and that you’re just a little sick. Well, at least one of them obviously didn’t believe you.

At four o’clock, while you’re busy with working on your growing pile of handkerchiefs and watching an episode of New Girl without really seeing it, the doorbell rings. You moan and turn around, blinking at the door to your bedroom feebly. The way to the front door is long. You are looking like a zombie from the Walking Dead and don’t want for anybody to see this. Not even the mail man. That’s why you stay in bed, press your eyes shut and ignore the repeated ringing until your phone vibrates next to you.

Unwillingly you turn around and take a look at the received message:

From Isaac:

Come and open the door, lazy peanut. It’s urgent.

Damnit. Not the mail man but the one guy for whom you actually care about how you look in his presence. Which is ridiculous because you’ve been friends forever but it’s freaking Isaac Lahey! However, he wrote that it’s urgent which means that it’s probably some pack business which means you have to go.

Therefore you push yourself out of your bed with some difficulties and a lot of groaning, leave your room on shaky feet and slurp to the front door.

As you open it, he stands on your porch in all his dazzling blue eyes and perfectly shaped jawline grace and observes you with a small smile that fades a bit as he notices your current state.

“You look awful”, he states bluntly, probably not knowing that this coming from him gives you a little sting.

You glare at him. “Thank you very much. I told you that I’m sick”, you defend yourself with your hoarse voice. “Why are you here?”

“You didn’t tell us that you’re that sick”, he clarifies, his tone carrying a hint of concern. “And I’m here to give you the full Isaac Lahey nursing package!”

He raises the box he carries in his hands and the grin makes a reappearance. “Filled with tea, hot water bottles, homemade soup from Ms Mccall, the Lord of the rings movies and an extra soft blanket that smells like me!”

You frown at him, feeling confused and pleased at the same time. “That’s really cute and all but why would a blanket that smells like you help me?”

“Well, I thought it was an extra”, he shrugs.

“And I thought this is urgent.”

“Seems to be.”

There is no way to disagree with that, he already saw the very dark shadows under your eyes. Also, you really want someone to take care of you and you’re quite keen on returning into your warm bed and cuddling into that blanket, although you’d never admit that. Therefore you step aside with a sigh to let him in. A triumphant glimmer appears behind his eyes while he does so.

“Wise choice”, Isaac claims, pushing the door shut with his butt. “You’re gonna go back to bed now while I make tea and everything. I’ll be there in a bit.”

He doesn’t allow any protest. Before you can even open your mouth, he tossed the blanket to you and disappeared into the kitchen. You stand there insecurely, not being sure what to think of this. Then you just turn around and creep back to your room.

You lie back down, tightly pull the blanket around you and deeply inhale his familiar scent while you’re waiting for him to return. It doesn’t take too long and as he opens the door, he carefully balances a tray laden with a cup of tea and a bowl of steaming soup. You sit up, take it from him and start to gulp down large spoonfulls of the delicious soup, sighing satisfied. Isaac flashes you a soft smile, takes the first movie into the DVD player and settles down next to you afterwards. You raise your eyebrows in surprise.

“You really don’t have to do this, Isaac. You’ll just get sick yourself”, you say with some resentment because you actually enjoy his warmth beside you.

He just rolls his eyes. “I’m a werewolf, Y/N, I can’t get sick.”

“Seriously?”, you retort, taken aback.


“That’s so unfair”, you grumble, making him chuckle lightly.

“You should be happy, peanut, otherwise you couldn’t enjoy my nursing package.”

True. You shut up, eat your soup and stop the complaining while The Fellowship of the Ring starts. After you sipped the last droplets, you place the bowl on your nightstand and cuddle deeper into the blanket and closer to him. He doesn’t seem to mind at all, but as you wince because another sting drives through your bones, he furrows his eyebrows.

“Are you in pain?”

“Never mind, it could be worse”, you mumble.

“Always playing the hero”, Isaac retorts. “Come on, I’m gonna take away some of it.”

“No, really, Isaac, I’m fine!”, you object.

“Don’t worry, I can take it”, he claims with a smirk, puts an arm around you and takes your hand in his. Seconds later the pain slowly leaves your bones and flows into his blackening veins. He inhales sharply but that’s the only sign of weakness he allows himself. You really want to stop him but the relief is just too good and after a while you almost become light headed.

As he lets go of your hand, you shoot him a thankful smile.

“You’re the best”, you decide.

“I know. A thousand times more effective than all those pain killers”, he grins.

“From now on I’ll always call you when I feel sick”, you warn him. However, Isaac seems quite relaxed about it. Almost satisfied.

“I’ll be there”, he promises matter of factly, sending warm shivers through your body. You really hope that he can’t sense that.

You snuggle against him and together, you watch the movie. With every scene your exhaustion becomes stronger and you grow more tired. Now that you are finally painfree it seems quite possible to fall asleep. Especially because you feel so good with your head pressed against his torso and his arm around your shoulder. As you yawn loudly, Isaac looks down at you amused.

“You’re really falling asleep while watching lord of the rings?”

“That’s how far it has come”, you mumble, closing your eyes and smiling softly. “Is staying here while I sleep involved in your package?”

“If you want that.”

“I do.”

“Then I’ll stay.”

“Thanks, you’re the best.”

You’re perfectly aware of the fact that you are taking advantage of his good will but you just can’t help yourself. While you hear the movie as a steady background sound, you also feel his fingertips brushing your cheek and putting a strain of your hair behind your ear. His touch gives you goosebumps, the best kind of them.

“You’re already looking much better”, he mumbles.

“You’re a great nurse”, you retort sleepily, absentmindedly, making him laugh. You love the way his upper body moves under your head while he does so, how you can hear his steady heartbeat. This is perfect and you never want it to end. “I just really love you.”

His finger stops to move against your skin, freezes on spot. You don’t even get why until it dims on you what you just said. You rip your eyes open, get up on your elbows and your heart skips a beat while you stare at him. His mouth is slightly ajar and astonishment is written all over his face.

“What did you say?”, he asks weakly.

Now that your heart starts to beat again, it does far too quickly and pumps your blood right into your cheeks. “I…I…forget what I said.”

“Well…somebody telling you that she loves you is kinda hard to forget”, he states.

“Just I’m…I’m so sorry, Isaac. It must be the cold…I can’t think properly…I just…”

Okay, this rambling only makes things worse. You shut your mouth and look at him pleadingly. These are those moments you are in need of a time machine. He returns your look, confusion glimmering behind his eyes. Then he obviously makes a decision. A small smile appears on his lips and before you can do anything, he leaned forward, cupped your face and pressed his lips softly on yours.

It’s a short and small kiss but the taste lingers on your lips nevertheless as he pulls back. If you’d been healthy, you totally would have grabbed his face and turned this into a full make out session. But this way you can’t demand that from him.

He grins down on you, sinks back into the cushions and pulls you closer, locking you into a tight embrace. You can’t believe this is happening. The butterflies in your stomach go riot.

“For the record: I love you too.”