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Okay so I know that we were all swept away by the hand holding and the forehead touching (and I loved it too) but let me take a moment to show you all the things I loved about Victor and Yuuri’s relationship in episode 6 of YOI.

So let me start with what Victor says here because this is huge:

Because Yuuri always hid behind these metaphors (or personas or however you wish to call them) when skating Eros. He was always either pretending to be a katsudon (I lol, but I do find it cute) or a woman seducing the playboy - Victor. But he never skated Eros as himself. But Victor believes that now he can, now that he’s on the big stage, it’s time to let his theme of love bloom and shine and he can only do that as himself.

(more meta/analysis under the cut)

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The ot3 was kind of majestic in the last chapter ngl 👍

Honestly? If you are offended by NCT’s style then you have the right to. Dreadlocks aren’t just a hairstyle, it is actually a part of a religion which developed in Jamaica in the 1930s. You don’t get to play around with people’s religion as if it’s a toy or something.
However, you cannot go around degrading the members and calling them names or saying ugly things about them. Sure, what they did was wrong but I don’t think they sat there and picked out those hairstyles from 100 different ones. SM will have a department for styling a group to fit their comeback concepts and I’m pretty sure they were the ones who were responsible. And above all, you can educate someone without bringing them down. Sure, it’s almost 2017 but ignorance is still very much alive and people do and say things without even know the extent to which it can cause damage. If they did know the damage their actions can cause, I’m 100% sure they will not purposefully do it. Don’t assume that the members will know right off the bat that it’s wrong. Tell them in a way that will open their eyes not attack them and make them block out what you are saying. Educate people if they are wrong, don’t belittle them.
And don’t go around attacking people who are offended that their culture is being used for the look. It’s a culture, it has meaning and it’s more than just a look. People have the right to be disappointed. 

I Dare You

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 1.3K

Note: I may add more parts to this if you guys like it.


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It was a Friday night and you were working the graveyard shift. You were a bartender at one of the most popular bars in the city. You actually liked your job. You were the perfect mixer, and lots of guys left you large tips along with their phone numbers. However, you never called them.

It was around 11 PM when a group of four boys walked in. You recognized them from your chemistry class. Namjoon, Yoongi, Jimin, and Taehyung. You weren’t really friends with them, but they weren’t complete strangers either. You were lab partners with Namjoon once, but he pissed you off because he kept breaking stuff. They had also come in once before a few weeks ago.

It was your instinct to run and hide when you saw people you knew. But since you were at work, you just acted as if you didn’t see them walk in. You were in the middle of making a man’s drink when the four of them approached the bar. Shit, you thought. They’re going to see me.

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To summarize: many progressive white people, deep down, probably worry they are racist due to their upbringing. This is painful to them, especially given our complete societal ostracization of racists, and they don’t want to believe it. So, they act in many ways to counter this on a high level (expressing anti racist views, shaming other people perceived as racist, maybe protesting or something, etc.) and then convince themselves that they aren’t racist. However, if you call them out on behavior that points out that, in some ways, they’re acting racist they will refuse to absorb this information. They will deny it, say they were misinterpreted, get angry, maybe apologize without any deeper understanding of what they did, because it is painful for them to touch that place that secretly worries they might be racist.

What it is very difficult for people acting out of white narcissism to do is empathize with people who have experienced racism. If someone brings up an incident with racism in it, their number one concern (as someone desperately trying to cover their own racism, even to themselves) will be how can I show that I am not like this racist person.

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Specifically seeking out trans people and calling them "tranny faggot" makes you an asshole, no doubt about it. However, if someone is pissing you off and you call them a faggot, you're not a bad person in my eyes, because it's just an insult. The same as if you were to call them an idiot or a dickhead.

look, it’s really not ok to call people faggot if they’re pissing you off try to use a different word instead.

Here’s an article you should read:


Also slurs are not the same as basic insults and imo people really shouldn’t be using them in the place of insults.

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@ the "speaking for POC and LGBT ppl" anon - I would like to say that the only time it IS okay for you to "speak for" (I hate that term tho lol) a group you're not a part of is if that group isn't there. If you're straight and with your straight friends/family and they say smth homophobic, I would say you absolutely SHOULD use your place of privilege and call them out. However, you should also encourage them to listen to actual LGBT+ people. But if there are LGBT ppl there, don't speak over them

(same anon) I’m white so I can’t talk about whether or not the same applies for talking about racism when you’re with white family/friends, but I’ve heard similar things from POC and I would imagine a similar concept would apply. Tl;dr don’t ever speak over actual POC/LGBT ppl, but uplift their voices when they’re there and defend them yourself when they’re not there 

 Even then I wouldn’t say speak over us, I would say, tell stories you’ve heard from POC or LGBTQA individuals. Which still amplifies our voices even when we are not there.

“U-unless they are already here?”

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Set Up

Imagine: Lydia and Allison setting you up with Brett.

You sat in the middle of the Beacon Hill High School’s Lacrosse field. To make it even worse, it was creeping towards Midnight. Lydia and Allison had something they wanted to show you, and it apparently couldn’t wait until tomorrow. So, you had drove to the school and have been waiting for about ten minutes now. There was still no sign of them.You were close to calling them, screaming profanities. However, that was, until you saw Brett Talbot making his way towards you.

“Brett?” you question, quirking an eyebrow, “what are you doing here?”

“Allison and Lydia wouldn’t leave me alone unless I came to see what they wanted to show me. What about you?” he replies.

“They wanted me to see something as well. Apparently it can’t wait until tomorrow,” you roll your eyes in annoyance.

“Then I don’t think that’s what they really want,” Brett suggests, sitting down beside you.

“Are they trying to set us up?” you gasp in disbelief, “why would they do that?”

“Probably because we both tend to sneak glances at one another from across the room,” Brett chuckles, making you look over at him.

“I knew I did it, but I thought you were gay,” you comment, squinting your eyes at him suspiciously.

“I’m bisexual, actually,” he replies, making you go red in embarrassment.

“Oh, that makes senses now that I think about it,” you bite down on your lip.

“Yeah. But I guess they both caught us looking at each other and decided to set us up in the middle of the night so we couldn’t escape it by using other people or anything,” Brett says.

“I’d rather be notified than left in the dark about meeting up with a guy in the middle of the night,” you grumble.

“If they told you that you were going to meet up with me in the middle of the school’s field, would you have come?” Brett crosses his arms, giving me a look because he knows that I wouldn’t.

“Well, I thought you were gay, there’s no point meeting up when you don’t even want me like that. But now that I know that you’re bisexual… i’d probably come. If you promise to be nice to my baby Dunbar,” you wink playfully at him.

“Aw, come on, you know we have a rival going on,” Brett smirks, “but for you, i’d try.”

“Mm, interesting. Well, since it’s pretty much midnight, how about we go on a date tomorrow when I don’t look like death and we can see where Allison and Lydia’s plan goes after that?” you suggest, giving him a small smile.

“Alright, sounds perfect. I’ll pick you up after school. But, for the record, you don’t look like death. You actually look extremely beautiful, you know, for a sleep-deprived teenager,” Brett laughs.

“And you always look good, so I can’t compliment you, jerk. But, thanks. You have just gained a few points in my book,” you push yourself up off of the grass, “so I guess i’ll see you tomorrow, Talbot,” you kiss him on the cheek. He smirks, as you two back away from each other.

“See you later, (Y/L/N).”

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Hey! I'm writing a book about some fantasy stuff and shit. So do you know if it's possible for a planet to move closer to the Earth so we can see that planet a lot closer from here?

Rogue planets and science fiction

In theory it’s possible because vagrants planets exist, they call them Rogue planets. You must, however, take into account the gravitational pull of the outer planets of the solar system (which influences the course of the planet) and that of the planet itself (if “closer” is really that close and unstoppable). For example, if the planet was massive like Jupiter and came as close as the Moon, Earth & co. would crash on its surface due to its gravity. And if it was smaller, let’s say like Mars, it would still have big effects on Earth and Moon (e.g. tides, orbits, seismicity, electromagnetic interference, etc.), so big that I hope the book is a dystopia.

Now some bad news, it has been written already: The Wanderer by Fritz Leiber. But don’t worry, the book is meh, you can use its very first part as research material… and redo all the rest! ;) 

Illustration credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech


Sooo, because I didn’t find them at the right point, I made them myself. the crown crests from Uta no Prince Sama, renders/pngs/however you want to call them. Feel free to use them, but like/reblog if you are using them.

Sorry I couldn’t find the one for Cecil, though!

Since its pride month again, I just want to give a friendly reminder that queer is a slur and should not be used as an umbrella term. If that is how you personally identify, it’s A OK and I support you in that. However, unless someone has given explicit permission for you to call them queer, you should assume it’s not okay to. Please don’t say “queer community” or “queer people” because many people have had negative experiences with the word and rightfully object to being identified with it. I want to stress that you should not feel guilty for using the term in the past because it has become very normalized. It’s simply more inclusive and kind not to use it except in the case of individuals. Happy pride to all of you!


@ first anon: mmmmmmmuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh no I do not. I like Inquisition and all but  have yet to get attached to any of the Inquisitors that I’ve created. For both cases, I fell in love with them initially but eventually grew tired of them. However, I think you can technically call Morholt my ‘main Inquisitor’ for now because he’s my first Inquisitor and the only one who I’ve finished the game and Trespasser with. 

@ second anon: ooh I like this question! And it’s always okay to ask me anything, especially about my characters. Above are the characters that I’ve played DA:I with. Morholt is my first Inquisitor and Rats is my second. Corina is technically my Orlesian Warden Commander for the Awakening DLC, but in my canon she comes to Skyhold to watch over the Grey Wardens and ends up with Blackwall so I wanted to play through his romance with her. 

As for the second part of your question… if they all met I think they’d really get along well tbh. They all have vastly different personalities but they’re all very easy to get along with and would probably become fast friends if they were to meet.