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Davai! (Or why Otayuri actually wins the world)

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I’ve been thinking a lot about this comment of Kubo-sensei’s. It’s just the most adorable thing I have read in a while. I am not the biggest Otayuri fan, but only mostly because they’re seriously too young for me at this point. I do like their tandem, however, and I am enjoying the attention they are getting recently with the official photos and everything.

This comment, though, just paints such a cute picture for me: Otabek as a god of victory, like a mystical butterfly who ignores and flits past everyone else but chooses to rest on one particular mortal’s shoulder and bless him with strength and victory.

Listen, this is what is great about what Kubo-sensei said. Yuuri Katsuki has the gold rings that connect him to Viktor as his lucky charm - we know this. BUT! Yuri Plisetsky’s lucky charm, on the other hand, is Otabek Altin.

Yuri’s a great character. He is an angry teenager, but also a talented one who has big dreams and the actual skills to achieve those dreams. From the very beginning, we know this. It was even a point he has above Yuuri Katsuki.

He aims to win and does not see what others might consider obstacles. So what if it will be his first Grand Prix? He’s awesome. He won the juniors series. He can win as a senior, too.

Yuri, however, is also very immature. He is pretty poor at expressing himself and seems to shortcut through having to process most personal encounters and interactions by just being angry all the time. Affection for others embarrasses him, which is why he gets so high-strung around Viktor and Yuuri.

(I can’t really blame the kid, though. Those two just have no chill. They’re embarrassing.)

Interestingly though, Yuri seemed to calm down after Otabek came in the picture. It’s a complete 180. Yuri still had that passion, but somehow it became more tempered, less angry and more focused - so much so that the moment Otabek came in, Yuri broke a world record and then proceeded to win his first Grand Prix Final.

I am not saying that it is Otabek’s doing, like an actual god of victory. That would be ridiculous, and it’s more an expression than anything else. The timing is just pretty neat, and isn’t that how people develop lucky charms in the first place? You happen to have them right at the moment of a great win. It is also not as if Otabek was completely useless. He did provide a friend to Yuri, who thus far had been going on without someone he can actually call a friend. Everyone around him were either older than him, a competitor, a mentor or a teacher. I think Otabek calmed Yuri down by reminding him that he can just be himself… well, a cool version of himself anyway. Yuri actually sort of acted his age with Otabek around. For instance, this?

I thought Yuri was kind of cool-guy-posing here - you know, acting chill, even looks kind of smug. Lol, this reminded me so much of my younger brother when he was about Yuri’s age. He was such a useless brat at home and was pissed off at everything and nothing 99% of the time, but the moment his friends came over or one of them called him on the phone, he sort of became this cool version of himself - wittier, sharper, less fidgety. Lmao, his voice even became deeper. Smh at these boys…

What I also love about Otabek’s character is that he reminds us of Yuri’s name. Names are a big deal, okay, and I thought that Yuri being Yurio was kind of like him being a secondary character to Yuuri Katsuki - Yuuri #2, if you will. Ever since episode 2, Yuri is Yurio, and for every episode hence, he is Yurio. It was actually a bit of a shock to me when Otabek yelled this out in episode 11:

I was literally, “Oh yeah, that’s Yurio’s name.” I know Yakov and Lilia call Yurio by his name, but somehow it was when Otabek was calling him by this did Yurio become Yuri to me again. My theory is that it is Otabek’s manner, this I-know-you-call-him-Yurio-and-I-don’t-care-because-his-name-is-Yuri attitude he has going, that is somehow more convincing than anyone else. It is as if no one else matters in his world than Yuri Plisetsky. It is ridiculous to call him by anything other than his name because to Otabek, Yuri is Yuri #1. He probably calls Yuuri “the other Yuri”, “the Japanese Yuri” or just plain “Katsuki”.

So yeah, Otabek enters Yuri’s life and now Yuri has that source of affirmation that is outside family, who is a peer and even a close contemporary. He is no longer fighting alone. Yuri’s a strong guy, but he is still a kid, and at that age people can be quite vulnerable. No 15-year-old is so self-sufficient and self-confident that they can stand on their own at all times - at least not to my knowledge. That is why I love this friendship and why I love that Otabek came along. I think his coming triggered something that Yuri has long been building throughout the series but has yet to stabilize - his strength, his growth, his maturity as a skater as well as a person.

And actually, Yuri did win in the end. I think the series did not celebrate Yuri’s win enough and admittedly, even I was on such a high during those last weeks of the show that I could not be happy for him all that much. Episode 11? I couldn’t get over Yuri’s world record; I did not want to see Viktor dethroned. By episode 12, I still couldn’t look Yuri in the face. I was bitter about his world record and I was bitter about Yuuri Katsuki not winning the Grand Prix.

BUT, it’s time to face it: Yuri Plisetsky is amazing. He won the GPF on his senior debut. He beat a world record. His coach is obviously grooming him to be the next Viktor Nikiforov, and actually, the series has been hinting at it before hitting us on the face with it in episode 11 - Yuuri Katsuki is not the next Viktor Nikiforov, but Yuri Plisetsky is. What is more amazing is that he might even surpass Viktor, especially with Yuuri Katsuki as his main rival. Viktor never really had that one rival to push him up further than he thinks he can. We are told that his wins had wide margins from his other competitors. Viktor only had himself to beat each and every time. Yuri, on the other hand, won by a hair’s width and he knows it. He is even more driven now. He will push himself harder than Viktor ever had pushed himself, and that just might tip the scale a little bit more to future Yuri’s favor.

As for Otabek? Nah, he actually does not need to do anything. He is a lucky charm; he just needs to exist. With him around, Yuri is stable, and that’s all that this talented monster skater needs really.

Lol, look at this guy just watching his favorite so proudly:

“I’m not really needed here, but fuck if I’m not staying put to watch and join the cheering.”

Otayuri actually has a lot more going for them, future-wise. They are young, they are talented, and where Viktor and Yuuri are still struggling and see-sawing between victories and losses, Otayuri actually kept a steady climb. We already know and mentioned Yuri’s wins, but Otabek was also actually that steady character from the very beginning who skated well without question and was even the first to qualify for the GPF.

So, yes. In case you are asking, Otayuri is, in fact, the real power couple of the show.

Lmao, TL;DR - Otayuri just trumped Viktuuri and ultimately even stole their gold. The secondary OTP lowkey just beat the main OTP and I, albeit a hardcore Viktuuri shipper and just an Otayuri bystander at best, still find that really hilarious.

I’d like to imagine that fahc Michael didn’t really have a proper childhood and that’s where he gets his take-no-shit attitude from, because he grew up on his own taking care of himself. However since he didn’t get proper medical attention as other kids did, he never found out he needed glasses.

So in the very early days of the Fakes, Michael developes his love for explosives. He had always been better with widespread weapons because he wasn’t good at aiming. But then he uses his first grenade. It happens during one of the Fake’s first kinda big missions, so Geoff buys some grenades in case they get surrounded or something else goes bad. The mission is overall a success however as the crew races to getaway, an enemy jeep filled with four goons follows them, shooting at their getaway car. Geoff is driving so he hands Michael the grenade and Michael poked his head out of the car, pulls the pin, and throws it under the jeep.

It’s perfect timing. The grenade explodes underneath the vehicle and sends the car flying into the air, now on fire and anyone who was in the vehicle is certainly dead. Michael laughs maniacally, looking back at the sight. Before the car hits the ground Michael knows he wants to do that again.

From then on Michael spends all his heist money on grenades, mines, and c4s. He trains himself on how to use them since he doesn’t know anyone else who specializes in explosives. He’s the first member of the crew to buy his own grenade launcher by saving up his money. Then he gets his favorite weapon in the whole, wide world; his rpg. And Gavin swears he’s in love with his rpg. He’d carry it with him on every mission even though it was a pain in the ass to.

However one mission Michael accidentally blows up Ryan’s bike (while Ryan is off of it) trying to shoot a helicopter out of the sky. Of course Ryan is super pissed off, thinking Michael did it on purpose, but Michael insists it was a complete accident. The whole time Ryan and Michael are arguing Geoff can’t help but notice Michael is squinting. Geoff also knows this is not the first time Michael has made a mistake like this. So he puts two and two together.

“Michael, How often do you get headaches?” Geoff asks.

“I don’t know? Once a week?” Michael responds.

“When’s the last time you had an eye exam?” Jack catches on.

“A what?”

So they take him to an eye clinic under a fake name and Michael gets his eyes checked for the first time in his life. Turns out he’s near-sighted and almost legally blind. At the age of 23 Michael gets his first pair of glasses.

There’s about a week of Michael staying off of heists and just getting used to his new surroundings. He’d stare at practically every leaf on a tree, or get up early to stare at the sunrise. Once Ryan was cooking eggs and Michael came over to stare at the sizzling pan. During that week he must have said the phrase “You guys see this everyday?” about five hundred times.

He breaks his glasses on the sixth day, carelessly putting them in his back pocket and then sitting on them. They go back to the eye clinic to get another pair and Ray has to give him instructions on how to take care of them and clean them.

Once Michael gets back to heists, his performance begins to skyrocket. Now that he can see more than two inches of front of him he can blow up anything he wants with ease. He even eventually becomes accustomed with machine guns and other longer ranged weapons.
He had been living handicapped his whole life without knowing it. Now that he uses his glasses he’s twice as deadly and the thugs of Los Santos begin to fear the Fake crew member who wears glasses and carries an rpg on his back. He also only blows up Ryan’s bike on purpose now.

Jack is also terrified at the thought that they had a practically blind man handling all their explosive power.

Do something good for yourself. Put more sugar in your coffee if it’s too bitter. Eat whatever you like, go to the gym whenever you want to. Read as many books as you want, whenever you want to enter another world. Read to further educate yourself. Study for school, uni or that midterm exam you’ve got coming up. Grow. Give all you’ve got. Use the energy you have for the things that are good for yourself. Take a shower if you want to clear your head. Walk around the block to get your mind off things. Scream if you gotta let something out. Forget how many calories are in that piece of cake you’re craving. Eat, eat, eat. Live in the moment. Laugh as loud as you want, no matter how many people will stare at you. Turn up your favourite song, as loud as you want. Dress as you like. Drink green tea, travel to unknown places, take aims and fulfill as many of your dreams as possible. Say your thoughts out loud. Cry when you’re sad. Analyse your problems and try to find a solution. If something’s getting too much for you, lay down and rest, you’ll figure it out tomorrow. Don’t stay in one place, remove yourself from all the negativity in your life. Feel the moment, live your life the way you think is the right way. Drink, party and dance all night long. Do your homework. Get ready for your exams. Eat healthy and greasy. However you want. Open your eyes and step away from all the lies, intrigues and toxic people. Run, as fast as you can, to overtake everyone else, be better for yourself as you were yesterday, a week ago or a month ago. Don’t stop. Don’t give up, keep your head held high and show everyone who didn’t want you, what they’re missing. Don’t ever stop dreaming. Tell those who don’t believe in you to go to hell. Trust but don’t be naive. Give everything you’ve got. Your only competition is yourself. Eat, whenever you’re hungry, wear that outfit you like, if you want to, dye your hair in all the colours, be crazy, be moody, don’t be all square and express whenever you don’t like something, when you’re unhappy or uncomfortable. Stand by your opinion. Take yourself seriously. Laugh loud, get excited over little things, laugh about yourself, say “please” and “thank you”, be happy for others. Grant others the things you’d like to have as well. Don’t be perfect. Be brave enough to do your thing, take advice but don’t accept it without thinking about it yourself. Don’t spill your secrets to everyone, trust yourself the most. Start accepting your mistakes, loving yourself, your flaws, your rough edges. Talk good about yourself, with yourself and start thinking positive. See positive in all setbacks and defeats. Look for the small victories and believe me, you will find them. Do something good for yourself. You’re worth it. You deserve it.
—  I think so many people still don’t get this. original text by @neues-leben-berlin , translated by @cldhearted
Kai is a sociopath. Not a psychopath Disclaimer: Yes I do research before I post, but as always when dealing with uncle google take things with a grain of salt. But I’ve read enough to be confident that this post is either true, or close to the truth.

I’ve written a meta like this before, but here I am writing a different one, but on the same topic because it’s a real pet peeve when someone calls him a psychopath.

A psychopath

Born with an abnormal brain, that you can see in a MRI.


Born with a brain that looks exactly like us normal people.

A psychopath

Is callous because the parts of their brain that deal with empathy and stuff are physically damaged.

A sociopath

Are callous because of extreme abuse/trauma/neglect. They formed the condition of sociopathy to deal with that abuse. This does not mean that they deliberately chose to become a sociopath. Nobody can choose the way their brain develops. All it means is that Kai’s brain felt the best way to protect him was to develop sociopathy. 

Wait if their brains are physically normal, then how can they not be normal?

Well as we go through life we develop neural connections and lose neural connections all the time. Developing the ability to empathize with other people, and feel emotions are neural connections we form as we grow up.

A child going through severe abuse, in order to avoid feeling emotional pain, their brain may stop those neural connections regarding emotions from forming properly.

Kai’s abuse

They downplay the abuse Kai went through as a child. But he would have had to go through some real serious shit, to have developed sociopathy.

That’s what I hate about it. At least Klaus’ abuse was portrayed as a very serious matter. Kai’s abuse was portrayed as a joke, and that disgusts me. In fact they took Klaus’ abuse so seriously, they gave him a therapist! 

They even had Chris acting as Kai to joke about his abuse in season 8 episode 14. Sure the words themselves weren’t joking matters, but the way he said it, you could tell that the show was trying to make it out to be a joke.

Sure it could be because he only likes to show vulnerability to Bonnie. But the thing is he could have said all that to Caroline in a cool and calm way. Instead he said it as if it was funny. And it’s disgusting that Plec hates a character that much, that she’d resort to making jokes of a serious issues, just because they she didn’t want anyone to have any sympathy for that character.


They deleted the scene where Kai shows how hurt he was over the way his family treated him, to Jo, again because they didn’t want anybody to sympathize with him. No what they want is for people to view his abuse as something that’s not serious. 


Some people might have thought that bit was funny, I am not one of them. I frowned during that scene. I did not think it was funny, or charming.

Psychopaths can’t feel emotions.  No fear, anxiety, love, care, sadness. However they may feel anger. I’m not sure why anger is an emotion they can still feel. All I know is their brains aren’t physically wired to feel “empathetic” emotions. 

Sociopaths can feel emotions.

They tend to feel emotions that are muted. Or emotions that are exaggerated. Their exaggerated emotions are usually triggered by something that reminds them of the traumatic things they’ve gone through.

For example the gif below is Kai’s exaggerated emotion over not getting to be the coven leader. Because it reminds him of the trauma of the abuse he went through over not being good enough, over being an abomination.

Because he knows the reason they didn’t want him to be the coven leader is because they see him as an abomination, because of his siphoning abilities. The defective twin that nobody wanted. It reminds him of the neglect they gave him, of the fact that he was so disgusting to them, he wasn’t allowed to touch or be touched by anybody else.

Honestly guys this is the first time I’ve made my own gif lol. I’m proud of myself. 

Sociopath’s snap over anything that triggers their post traumatic stress disorder. 

Didn’t he snap because he wasn’t going to get power and control?

A lot of people think he snapped because he wasn’t going to have power or some shit like that. But if power was so important to him, why did he want to kill his coven? Killing his coven would mean he’d be powerless, because he would have nobody to rule, or have power over.

He said he wanted to give the “Gemini coven an excruciating death.” What he did NOT say was “I want to rule them and make them suffer under my reign. If he said that, then I would believe that he was aiming for power as well as the other thing I mentioned. 

No. What he wanted was to become the coven leader to prove to everyone else, that he wasn’t a worthless piece of trash.

Kai was told his entire life that he was only valuable for one thing. Killing his twin sister, or dying for his coven. Apart from that one thing, he was an abomination, trash. Because he was led to believe that about himself.

So he held onto the one thing that he could do to prove that he was valuable enough. Kai wasn’t sure if he would die in the merge or not, he just wanted to prove himself. Because you know Kai didn’t have the ability to see the future or anything.

Then he finds out that it was all a lie. 

He was taught to believe his own TWIN’S life wasn’t valuable. Because he’d kill her in the merge when he turns 22. So how could someone with a mental illness come to the conclusion that the lives of his other siblings were valuable?

His twin’s life meant nothing, because that’s what he was taught to believe. His own life meant nothing, because that’s what he was taught to believe. Therefore why on earth would the lives of his other siblings mean anything to him?

I am not justifying Kai’s actions. I’m saying that his home life was the perfect environment to bring him to the point where he committed a monstrous deed.

Like if I punch you in the face, and you punch me back. You are still at FAULT for punching me back. I did not make you punch me back. But you have to admit that I created such a perfect environment for you to punch me, that it was almost impossible for you not to punch me.

In fact if you decided to glare at me instead, you’re a great person. But 75% of people would have punched me back. 

Well the above 2 paragraphs is an example, but something like that is what happened with Kai. 

Now this gif below is Kai’s exaggerated emotion over his failure to get out of the prison world. The place that had psychologically tortured and tormented him for 18 years. Of course as much as I love this scene for my meta, it’s also confusing, since if all Kai needed was magic and Bennett blood, why didn’t he just siphon from Bonnie then and there? I think I know the answer:

The dinner party was him giving Bonnie one last chance to change her mind. But instead she made it clear that she would rather be in ISOLATION, than be in his company. She said she wanted to be in her own separate part of the world.

Obviously Bonnie found out she was wrong, and Kai’s company would have been better than isolation, but that doesn’t change the fact that she said “let’s just divide the world in half and go our separate ways”

What about sociopaths and good emotions?

Sociopaths generally feel muted versions of love, and other kinds of empathetic emotions, because they are trying to protect themselves from being hurt.

For example they feel muted versions of sadness. Love is also an emotion that can make someone vulnerable, so they feel muted versions of that.

I don’t think Kai loved Bonnie in 1994, because he had only just met her. But he felt something for her. I guess a fondness for her.

I’m getting too lazy with the gif nows lol. But Kai showed moments of sadness and vulnerability before the merge for Bonnie Bennett only. 

Bonnie was the only one he would have given all of these second chances too. Had it been Damon that was the witch, or even Elena, Kai would have just drained their magic and left. In fact Elena or even Caroline would not have even had the opportunity to send their magic away in a bear, because Kai would have already killed them before that moment. 

Not that Elena would have been smart enough to think of that to be honest.

All Kai would have needed was to overhear the spell and have their blood. So if Elena or Caroline were the witches in question, they would have been dead shortly after Kai shot one of them with an arrow. 

Because he over heard the spell before he shot Bonnie with the arrow. He knew all he would need was her blood.

Now unfortunately Kai also has muted empathy as a sociopath, which explains why he hurt Bonnie as badly as he did.

But in this odd kind of way his empathy for Bonnie was also very strong. Kai was willing to give Bonnie more than once chance, despite having to face his own hell of 18 years of trauma and psychological torture, while giving Bonnie those chances.

I would be desperate af to escape that place, and I haven’t even been there for eighteen years in isolation!

So it’s like his empathy was muted and strong at the same time. Which is one of the reasons why Kai is complex as a character.

Whoever created the episodes with Bonnie and Kai in 1994 really need to pat themselves on the back, for portraying Kai’s complexity so beautifully.

Whoever removed Kai’s complexity and turned him into this dumb villain, well I hope you never get a job as a tv producer, or writer ever again.

Hey people as you may not know, I do value accuracy in my posts, or at the very least theories that are well reasoned. Thanks to @fuckitimfangirling there are a few improvements I can make, and I will make those improvements when I have time.

For now though here is the copy pasted version of what she said. Try your best to fit it in with my post and the wrong bits of it, until I’m able to edit.

I like the meta aspect of this, but I gotta address some things (lol not ragging, the meta is good!) bc the neuroscientist in me just has to. DSM-5 for diagnosis is different now. Sociopathy is no longer a term used, it’s antisocial personality disorder. Psychopathy is a symptom of ASPD and it exists on a spectrum. You can have psychopathic traits without being diagnosed a psychopath if you don’t meet enough of the reqs for diagnosis. Emotionally, psychopaths are depressed, not non-existent - the problem is with empathy bc they have underactive amygdalas (regulates fear expression and recognition) and mirror neurons (help with emotional recognition in others bc ppl tend to imitate facial expression as part of recognition in social interactions) due to a decrease of serotonergic axons (the physical brain differences). However, non-psychopathic ASPDers have decreased serotonin levels in a different way, so there’s actual physiological differences there as well, just not as extreme. Kai, having ASPD, probably exhibited traits as a child of ASPD (called conduct disorder) bc of those differences, but didn’t actually get diagnosed until late teens bc his environment exacerbated them. He also likely didn’t have muted emotions, but increased impulsivity, anger, aggression, and disregard for safety of self and others due to low serotonin levels (all of this is depicted in the show) and this overshadows other emotional expression. ASPD individuals can foster genuine relationships (unlike psychopaths), but they’re usually dysfunctional/abusive. ASPD heritability is really high and fostered in abusive/traumatic environments bc in those aspects, it is evolutionarily beneficial to survival to be aggressive and violent. In our social constructs now, not so much. Medication and therapy is helpful in non-psychopathic ASPDers but not so much with the psychopathic ones due to distinct physiological changes. Overall though, media is terrible about demonizing the disorder without doing proper research. I can provide you with names of more detailed texts if you’re interested.

anonymous asked:

Can I just say, I feel like I'm the only one that's extremely irritated with the whole moving theories? Like it's great if they are but in all seriousness, there's a lot to disprove them moving, specially right now with everything going on(vaca). And moving is something serious, not some secret project that doesn't have to be acknowledge right away like moving would. Why the fuck would they be so hush hush over moving? There's no need to?? And dan said he's redecorating his room SOO... no move.

fair enough. idg why it’s the foundation for so much discourse to be honest. if they move they move if they don’t they don’t. they inevitably will eventually bc they’ve said themselves that the house is too small for all of their things. so it’s rly more a matter of “when” and that seems v uninteresting to me overall to be frank

edit: since yesterday i’ve been thinking about the wholly inadequate answer i gave to this ask. not only was i a bit condescending in my response (and i want to say sorry about that bc i didn’t intend for my tone to be laced with so much judgment … of course it’s valid to be interested in if/when they’re moving and think about what it could mean for them,) but i also didn’t even really respond to the question that this anon posed and i feel really bad about it (which is also why i realized i should probs log off and not try to answer much else, since i was not in a great place to be thinking about this stuff.) 

i do want to try and respond better tho to the question of why dnp would “be so hush hush over moving” (though i apologize in advance since u said you’re feeling irritated by the moving theories. this is a full on explanation of all the evidence that supports that theory.) the first point i want to make is that i actually don’t think they’re really trying to keep it hush hush. they’re obviously not outright stating that they’re moving, but dan especially has made several allusions to that notion over the last few months, many of which seem to have been forgotten in the overall discussion happening in the fandom right now. there were all of the needing storage mentions of course, and then the explicit statement in that january live show that “getting more storage” was definitely on the agenda for 2017. that could obviously be an innocuous statement, but with dan’s extensive knowledge of phandom discourse, the chance seems slim that he didn’t know that “getting storage” was being used as a way to talk about moving. then there were all of those subtle mentions about how long they’ve lived in the flat–i think on 2 or 3 separate occasions dan brought up that he couldn’t believe they’d been there for 5 years now. there was also the mention that he wants a new piano, and that that was something he would do this year. again while it’s possible he meant getting a new piano in this flat, he’s also stated in the past that the piano has been in that apartment since it was constructed and it just seems more feasible to accomplish that goal in a new place? and he also stated in january that after filming a lot for dapg, the early part of 2017 would be dedicated to “life things.” and, finally, with respect to yesterday’s live show, if they’re really trying to keep this some enormous secret dan would’ve tried a lot harder imo to hide the absence of the wirrow painting and the shit on his bedside table. or he would’ve waited until after the tuesday live show to get the stuff moved. or he would’ve canceled the tuesday live show altogether, especially bc he had a pretty solid excuse in being swamped with pre-travel preparation (he even made it seem like a possibility that he wouldn’t stream today during the joint live show last week.)

generally, i do think there are a number of reasons they would want to keep it mostly secret (the pressure from millions of people openly speculating about it, drawing conclusions from it, expressing their heartbreak bc of their emotional attachment to their current flat, etc. seems like an incomprehensible stress on top of the already stressful process of moving.) but i also think it’s important to note that they’re not really trying very hard to eliminate speculation on it either. in my opinion, they seem more like they’re attempting to lowkey prepare people without outright stating it so that no one who is seriously invested in them and their personal matters (aka the ardent live show watchers) can truly claim to be shocked or surprised when it happens. i mean, just look at their tags here on tumblr rn–if they were aiming to keep it “hush hush” i would say they miserably failed. if, however, their goal was to tell people subtly without confirming it outright,, then they clearly succeeded.

overall, since dnp have always been people who seem to make every decision and statement with so much premeditated thought, the easiest explanation of all of the past statements i’ve listed (and yesterday’s very pointed “you could say i’m relocating it … one could say” …. like rly if he’s aesthetically rearranging his current bedroom why that sketchy “one could say” addendum? it makes literally no sense in that context) is that they’re moving. i also don’t understand why it seems like such a ‘reach’ to people. they’ve lived in that flat so long. they’ve talked about needing more space for so long. it just seems very logical to me on every level that two people with their level of intertwined living and their financial capacity would take this relatively chiller time in their professional lives to do something about their struggle w too limited space, the annoying loudness of their street, their leaky gas pipes, their overbearing landlord, etc. etc. and “see if there’s a better way to live” (also dan’s words from earlier this year, in case ppl forgot) 

in short, all of these things seem to make at least a reasonable case for them moving (and moving soon), and  all of dan’s talk about aesthetics and new backgrounds for his videos, plus asking viewers to send him “palettes,” are easier explained, imo, as just a bit of (adorable) excitement around the upcoming process of redecorating in a new place. he’ll still need to think about how to arrange his furniture and what sort of decorative pieces to add to his background in this hypothetical new place, obvi, and he never explicitly said the words “i’m redecorating this bedroom that i currently inhabit.” moreover, that they’re moving and some of their stuff has already been packed away explains all of the sketchier elements of the show in a much cleaner way. for example, why was dan’s excuse for using his phone that the mouse to his “laptop” was dead? do they not have batteries? do they not have other computer mouses in their house? (they do. like at least 2 if not more.) why would not having a mouse, if that was even true, necessitate him sitting on his bed with his phone? why not use his laptop? or if that’s broken too, why not use phil’s laptop as he has done before? using a phone seems like the most inconvenient solution, and sitting on the bed with that phone seems doubly inconvenient. like, let’s say all of the other tech is packed away for their trip or dead or broken and his only option really was his phone … why did he choose to sit on his bed? something he hasn’t done in a live show in literal years? something that is so clearly uncomfortable? wouldn’t it have been easier to sit at his desk with his phone leaned against something? and then obvi why the weirdness with the painting? why the empty bedside table? also, why will phil be unavailable to do a live show until the 25th if the aus convention ends the 15th and, by dan’s own words, they’re coming home before going to florida? 

i really think the simplest explanation to all of these things is that his room is being emptied and he didn’t want to show us, they’re in the process of moving some stuff out, maybe all of it, so that they’ll be totally relocated in the coming weeks. i think the notion that he was talking about rearranging his room makes much less sense bc then he would’ve just directly said “lol i’m rearranging my room right now and i need ideas and also that’s why the painting is gone.” there was literally no reason for him to be so weird and unclear about it. that they’ve been house-hunting and packing shit up would also account in large part for their apparent busy schedules and stress over the last few weeks. it would account for why dan has made so many allusions to being tired (rmmbr “i’m so tired … i don’t know why … actually i do know why”?? rmmbr him clarifying at one point that he was “physically” tired??? hmmm.) 

obvi everything is speculation at the end of the day, i could be totally wrong on all of this and dan might just be a crazy person who says random misleading shit for kicks, but i guess overall i’m just a bit confused why the idea that they’re moving is being treated like some sort of outrageous tinhat theory when: 1. there have been so many signs pointing to it 2. it just makes sense for them at this stage of their lives, and 3. they’ve seemingly not tried super hard to hide it either. 

I think 2016 has resulted in a lot of people in need of some cheering up… so here’s a piece that I hope makes my followers smile! An alternate first meeting between a much younger Arthur and Merlin, the little dumplings… Oh, and please feel free to totally ignore this and imagine whatever you wish for the scene, but I did write a short accompanying fic… which took so much longer than the actual art, ahh!

I’ll probably edit it here and there, since writing is not my forte, so I apologize for the slightly different versions that’ll end up going around, lol… Nonetheless, please enjoy, and here’s to our fantastic and everlasting fandom! May 2017 bring peace and happiness and many good things! Happy New Year!  

♥ Whimsy


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( bias list? pffft, more like a lame appreciation post! wow, so um, i never really thought i’d reach this far with say’ri?? i remember back in october of last year, i decided merely on a whim to play an obscure character in the fire emblem franchise… especially since i felt like i couldn’t do any other muse justice at the time and the fact i’ve been wanting to be a part of the fandom back while i had been an observer as an oc whom some of you might know by the url of unladylikc. 

true, now that i’ve been in it, i do recognize the fact that it is less than perfect, realistically speaking? but all the same, however, it will always hold a precious place in my heart for it is the first fandom i’ve ever really joined and where i met some of the most talented writers that i had the fortune of writing with. anyways, i had always been such an insecure little bean, that more often than not, i would question if i truly belonged here.

by now of course, i kinda know my doubts are unfounded and i want to thank everyone for sticking with me through thick and thin. like i have oftentimes been saying, say’ri is a difficult muse to play, yet you all put up with that, despite my initial portrayal being a shaky one. well, before i start delving into a long winded speech, i think i’m just going to get on with addressing/mentioning cool folks beneath the cut… though do keep in mind i’m just going off by memory here for this list, so forgive me if i forget anyone. )

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Of Books and Dirty Cash pt. 10

Please read part 1, part 2,  part 3 , part 4 , part 5 , part 6 , part 7 part 8 and part 9 so this will make sense

You can also read part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18


Yoongi x Reader

Before you moved to live on campus for college, you had never heard of a librarian who had a reputation for yelling. But not only does Min Yoongi yell, he’s also dangerous, and part of something much, much darker. When curiosity gets the better of you, you end up involved in much more than you bargained for.

The room you sat in had cleared out considerably. There were two left now, you sitting with your hands tied behind your back, and Jackson sitting across from you. He had spun the chair around so he could sit backwards and facing you, his chin resting on the back of the chair. He held a gun loosely in his right hand, dangling almost out of eyesight, but not quite.

Jaebum’s conversation with Yoongi had ended what felt like hours ago, but it was hard to tell exactly. Jaebum had been very clear that he had until 3am to show up with everything that had been requested. You weren’t sure what Yoongi said—if anything— that caused the second slap to your face, but your cheek throbbed where you had been struck.

Jackson was watching you intently, as he had been since the others had left the room. It was starting to get unnerving.

“What?” You finally asked.

“I’m supposed to make sure you don’t escape.” Jackson said simply. “Also I’m trying to figure out what it is about you that Yoongi likes so much.”

“Why do people keep saying that?” You muttered.

“Probably because most of us have known him longer than you have. It may not be obvious to you, but we know him. He’s not very subtle if you know what to look for.”

You shifted uncomfortably. Your right arm was going numb, and you were pretty sure you were getting blisters from where the ropes dug into your wrists. “Did you go to school with him too?” You asked, remembering that Yoongi had told you he had gone to school with Marcus. You were also trying to distract yourself from your predicament in any way possible.

“Is that what he told you?” Jackson laughed. It was high pitched and felt out of place in the situation. “You really don’t know him, do you?” Jackson said when he calmed down.

“And how do you know him so well, then?” You snapped. You knew it wasn’t a good idea to lose your temper at the people who could literally put a bullet through your skull, but there was something about Jackson that simply wasn’t intimidating.

“We grew up together.” Jackson said, and you tried to keep the surprise from showing on your face. “All of us did. We were all on the same side until old Mr. Kim died. Namjoon was left in charge, and Jaebum wasn’t too happy about it. I don’t remember why. We had to choose sides, but years of knowing someone doesn’t just disappear overnight.” He ran a hand through his hair. Outside the door, someone was yelling for Jackson and he stood. You watched as he walked over to the door, turning back to you briefly.

“I’ll be back in a few. Do me a favor and just sit there, love. I’d hate to have to kill you, it’d really put a damper on the rest of the weekend.”

You felt your stomach turn as he left the room, and began pulling at your restraints with renewed vigor. There still wasn’t any guarantee that Yoongi would pay the ransom, and you weren’t about to just sit there. Just when you thought the knots might be loosening, Bambam walked into the room.

“You’re in luck, princess. You’re knight in shining leather showed up, and as long as he has what we want, you’re good to go.” He walked over to you, leaning down so you were eye to eye. “Do you know what would have happened if he hadn’t?” He asked, a smile on his lips. You shook your head even though you did, and his grin widened. “Bang.” He said before standing. “It’s too bad you and I didn’t meet under different circumstances. You’re cute.”

Jackson and Mark walked in then, both armed. “Hurry up, Bambam.” Jackson said, and Bambam just sighed, walking behind you and untying your wrists with ease. He told you to stand up, then retied them.

You winced as he pulled the rope tight. “You know,” He said near your ear. “It wouldn’t be nearly as painful if you hadn’t rubbed your wrists raw trying to escape.” You didn’t say anything, just allowed yourself to be directed out of the room and down the hall.

Outside of the building stood Yoongi, and you were fairly sure you had never been so happy to see anyone in all of your life. He didn’t even look at you, however, his eyes too focused on Jaebum. The latter stood smirking at him as you walked out, Mark’s gun once again pressed into your back.

Yoongi was standing with two other men, neither of whom you recognized.

“You know, for a second I thought you might not show up.” Jaebum said, glancing at his watch. “But I should have known I could rely on you, old buddy.”

“Cut the bullshit, Jaebum.” Yoongi said flatly. He held a briefcase in one hand, and still had not taken his eyes off of the other man. “I have all the files you wanted, the deeds to the shipments, and the cash. Hand her over.”

Jaebum ignored him completely. “And Namjoon! It has been a while. I wasn’t expecting to see you.”

“Quit acting like this is some kind of family reunion, Jaebum.” The man you assumed must be Namjoon said. “We’re here to do business.”

Business? Is that what you were, a business transaction? You bit down your irritation, noticing how calm Namjoon was. It was much like how calm Yoongi was, and you wondered if it had something to do with being in the Mafia.

Jaebum rolled his eyes. “Fine, be that way. Yugyeom.” He snapped his fingers, and a young man stepped forward, walking over to Yoongi. Namjoon and the other man standing with him instantly had guns aimed at Yugyeom, and he froze.

“I’m just going to check that it’s all there.” He said, holding his hands up. Yoongi threw the case over to him, and it hit the ground with a thud. He opened it, and after a moment closed it back again. “Looks good, boss.” He said, picking it up.

“And I’m sure you already know, but if it turns out that any of this isn’t legit, the girl will meet an unfortunate end.” Jaebum said with a pleasant smile. Jackson nodded for you to start walking, and a man you were fairly sure was named Jinyoung gave you a shove forward. The unexpected impact made you lose your balance, and your knees collided with the concrete. As you stood, you looked at Yoongi. His calm façade had shattered, and he was positively livid.

“You’re going to regret dragging me back into this life, Jaebum.” He said as you staggered over to him. Namjoon untied your hands quickly, before putting an arm around you and pulling you towards a car. You looked over your shoulder to see that he was pointing a gun at Jaebum, with another ten guns pointed back at him.

A/N Jaebum better watch out, Yoongi is angry and going to be looking for payback! Lol, I didn’t get a chance to really introduce Hoseoks character, but I plan to in the next part! Thank you for reading, and let me know what you think! <3

FAQ 4. Does this mean everything is a lie?

FAQ for: “5H and Camila have the same management and PR firm” post.

4. Is everything a lie? (about the girls’ relationships)

No. Just because I’m saying that the messy breakup is a purposeful PR move to fabricate drama and get headlines, that doesn’t mean that OT5 is strong and they are all super best friends behind the scenes. Realistically, I think some of the tension was real. But the key word is SOME.

I love a good OT5 moment, but I am not naive enough to believe that all Camila’s relationships in the group were perfect. Of course there was tension in the group at different points, and honestly (from an outside perspective) Camila seemed way closer to some members than others. It is incredibly hard for us to judge these things - this is mostly speculation. But I think all of us noticed some especially tense times around just over a year ago. This was at the time that the label first tried out ‘solo camila’ with IKWYDLS and behind the scenes LAND formed the band partnership without Camila. My personal opinion is that this was the time when Camila’s solo career was being planned. They started to set the separation narrative up and began the process of transitioning Camila into a solo act. If I were one of the other 4 girls and I realised that Camila had been chosen by the label to ride off of the group’s success and have the opportunity to kickstart a successful career (leaving the band’s future vulnerable), I would be pretty angry. I think this sentiment is reflected in the way that the parents aggressively stan their daughters. They were probably all trying to protect their daughter’s careers because they were worried. Even though they were all (C and some 5H parents) annoying AF, it is understandable that they were so passionate given the highly competitive environment and fucked up situation they were in. I don’t really usually like to discuss personal relationships because I am aware that it is just speculation and I may be completely wrong, but I am just putting this forward to show that I do believe that there were issues in the group. 

I think we also need to consider that we tend to only think about the business side of things when we think about possible tension in the group (because this is all we know anything about) but there could be tonnes of other stuff that has happened that explains certain members being less or more close to each other. Each girl has an individual relationship with each of the other 4 girls. That’s a lot of ships. And all over the span of 5 years whilst they are in a very fucked up environment that puts a huge strain on their mental health. This is all very complex and realistically there must have been fights and there must have been certain people who were much closer than others. NOT because they are girls. But because they are humans with complex personalities who are growing up in close quarters with each other in a high-pressured environment. Meanwhile, people were purposefully trying to pit them against each other: The public, the media and quite possibly even their own team. 

So yeh they’ve probably been through a lot. As Dinah said, ‘We’ve got a whole lot of history’ could be their soundtrack.


And this is a massive ‘however’…

All of this does not mean that the break-up narrative was real !!!!! The inevitable perceptible tension that us fans observed at some points helps to make the whole story of how Camila supposedly left fifth harmony seem more believable. From what I’ve observed, a lot of effective PR is about exploiting real life events and relationships

BUT this does not mean that the particular story they have fed us is real!! Particularly this ‘black and white’ ‘4 against 1′ narrative.

The key that gives it away is the TIMING. As I have said many a time, the story of Camila screwing them over last minute via her representatives literally just doesn’t make sense. The fact that we now know they are with the same management and publicists just confirms that this is bullshit.

The timeline they have sold us doesn’t fit with what the fans could see of the relationships in the group. Yes, we observed tension (as I said mainly at the time c’s solo career was probably being set in motion) but as time went on throughout the 7/27 era we saw some of Camila’s ships flourish. Lauren and Camila were sharing merch right up to the end basically. Another good example: on the same trip to Europe as 4H signed the trademark assignment (without Camila), we saw the famous camren kiss greeting in London. Out of principal, I do not discuss camren on this blog. But I only bring it up because (no matter whether you personally think they are just friends or more than that) two people who are not genuinely close do not greet each other with kisses in the morning and share each others clothes. Then of course there is Dinah. Good old Dinah. Caminah was seriously strong throughout 7/27 and LITERALLY RIGHT BEFORE the supposedly ‘bitter’ break-up we saw Dinah trying to get the message to us that she fucking loves Mila and supports her no matter what. We even got a tiny bit of OT5 and Normila towards the end as well. I mean come on people - the timing in their break-up story clearly doesn’t fit what the fandom knows and it is clearly aimed mainly at the general public who don’t know this stuff. It is apparent that some of C’s ships are probably not that strong, and that at some point shit went down, but we also know for sure that the ‘4 against 1′ story they are selling is not true.

To be honest, pure common sense and an understanding of how business works tells you that it would have been virtually impossible for Camila to screw everyone over by sneakily ‘going solo’ and letting everyone know last minute. This shit takes major preparation and involves a lot of people (and a lot of money). Now that we know that she had the same publicists and Maverick were also managing her solo career, we can see for sure that its all bullshit. THEY HAD THE SAME TEAM!!! It is probably true that contractually a member of a band has to give in an official month’s notice before leaving - and perhaps Roger (as her personal manager) was the one to deal with this formality. BUT seeing as she had the same publicists as 5H and Maverick were also managing her solo career… It would have literally been impossible for them ‘not to know’ about when she was beginning her solo career - THEY WERE THE ONES PLANNING IT LMAO. The labels. Maverick. Their publicists. They were all in on Camila going solo. Who else is left? Roger? Sinu lol? Camila can’t just use her personal manager to sneakily go solo - she needs her label, management firm and PR firm to make it work - all of whom are also 5H’s team. It’s just common sense.

This answer was way longer than expected, but I hope I have made it clear that that the recent discoveries do prove that the PR Breakup contained a hell of a lot of fabricated bullshit, even if there was real tension in the group. Don’t make the mistake of using tension in the group as evidence that the bitchy break-up was genuine. You are not being ‘realistic’ by using this logic: You are being misled. There may have been elements of truth in all this, but the bottom line is that the public were fed a dramatic story in order for 5H and C to gain massive publicity, sell records and eventually line the label execs’ pockets with DOLLARS.

Wake up people - This is business.

Imaginerding, Zootopia.

Zootopia is a smash hit at this point. It’s breaking records left and right and clearly there is a demand for it from audiences! So what better way than to capitalize on that than giving Zootopia it’s own land! As for why Zootopia over other properties I would say it comes down to 1. Need 2. Theme 3. Location as it fits all these three criteria perfectly. It’s no secret that Animal Kingdom is in the middle of a transformation from a half day park to a full one. And with the promise of Avatar Land on the horizon in 2017 it seems there is a lot to look forward too. But even with the new land I still feel Animal Kingdom is still missing out on things to do, especially for the little tykes! And if you look at Animal Kingdom’s attraction lineup there isn’t a traditional dark ride that would seem excitable for the all ages crowd! 

Zootopia fits the need for attractions especially aimed at youngins, it’s theme fits perfectly in Animal Kingdom’s mission statement and would go hand in hand with the rest of the park, and there is PRIME location for this land to be made right by Rafiki’s planet watch.

The land you see above is hidden from guest view on the train and is one of the large expansion pads over at Animal Kingdom. Realistically you could fit three lands in here but for now let’s just focus on one. 

Using the red as the outline here you could have a WONDERFUL little zootopia land e ticket family dark ride and all! As for what the land would look like I don’t think that’s a difficult thing given how the movie gave such detail 

Have giant skyscrapers looming over the land and other various buildings all forming the metropolis that is Zootopia. Now given that the film make it clear that entering is done through monorail I think it wouldn’t be all that hard to retheme the current train that leads to Rafiki’s planet to match the one from Zootopia. Doing so would give the land a real kinetic energy and authenticity making the only way in and out through monorail! The land could consist of one E ticket family dark ride, and perhaps 2 b/c ticket rides sprinkled throughout the land. But I think a major part of what would make this land work would be the kinetic energy of the city itself. Fill it with unique retail and dining options all teeming in the metro area! From the Elephant Ice cream shop which could feature JUMBO sized ice cream goods to other fun animal themed shops and eateries! For example even making a walk through area of little rodentia could even work as one of the extra b/c tickets of the land!

Idea’s like this are just the surface of what could be done with this area! As for the E ticket Attraction I think the family dark ride should be a cop search and rescue for a missing animal through Zootopia! However before we start on our journey the ride should have it’s queue/line somewhere that is fast, dangerous, exciting teeming with energy to get you ready for the attraction! 

The Zootopia DMV. Seriously we should be waiting in line in front of these guys and they should be the ones to call us into the actual vehicle loading area. And as one of the Directors of the film so beautifully put it instead of a cast member pressing a button to start the ride I would hope it would be none other than

Flash Flash 100 yard dash. I think seeing him slowly hover over that green button as everyone in the ride vehicle is just itching for the ride to start would not only be hilarious but true to the film. As for the ride vehicle itself I think it’s pretty safe to say it would be Judy’s police car.

The ride could take us through all the various areas of Zootopia each with unique temperatures and animals all the while visiting some of the friends from the film, Mr Big, Nick and Judy, Mayor Lion Heart, Mrs Otterton, etc.

All culminating into a nice high speed chase finale which would bring us out into the ZPD upon solving the case. Where upon exiting everyone could be given honorary ZPD badges and while passing by Chief Bongo’s office where we could see his silhouette and hear him recite a few lines here and there. And before exiting the building we would be bid farewell by this lovable cheetah  

As for entertainment options night there could be street dance parties hosted by Zootopia starling Gazelle and her dancers

Though the tigers may need to be put in area where nasty folks can’t reach em lol But the idea would be like the incredibles Dance Party only here it would make sense given she’s actually a performer. All in all I think there is a LOT to work with here when it comes to Zootopia and I think to not take advantage of that would be a real shame! If you liked this post please be sure to like and reblog and as always I’ll see you guys next time! Until then! 


How to be a nice guy, not a "nice guy"

Growing up shy with only brothers, I was never confident approaching women I was interested in, and I think I was in my mid-twenties before I was finally the one to make the first move. The upshot of this is it gave me the chance to form some fantastic friendships with women in school, and college.

I saw first hand the kinds of horrible attitudes men held towards my friends, and since becoming addicted to the many many online dating blogs on Tumblr I’ve seen this to the Nth degree. As someone who found it hard simply saying ‘hi’ to a woman I liked, this behaviour baffled me. If someone else had that confidence to walk up to (or now message) a woman, and start a conversation with her, why would he go out of his way to fuck it up?

1) Fedoras/Trillbys: First of all Trillbys ARE NOT fedoras. Second, this is what PUAs call “peacocking”, making yourself flashy somehow to stand out from the crowd.
A- This doesn’t work if you’re all fucking doing it, at least try and be original.
B- If your personality doesn’t stand out, then go work on that instead.

2) Negging: Another PUA tactic, though I suspect it’s as old as dating itself. This involves giving backhanded compliments, or small insults followed by compliments. The aim is supposedly to make the woman either extra grateful for the compliment after the insult, or desperate to prove you wrong.
A- What the actual living fuck? On a basic level it’s nonsensical. “There’s a woman I like…I know! I’ll insult her.” If that seems like a good thought process to you, then you’re a fucking idiot.
B- Tricking someone into talking to you/being interested in you is pathetic because again you’re just proving that you have a shitty personality that can’t stand it’s ground.
C- This kind of behaviour is a trait of psychologically and abusive relationships. To the defence “I’m a nice guy, I just wanted her to talk to me.”, women talk to people every single fucking day without the need for them to insult them first.

3) Rejection: Here’s a scenario.
Bro 1 - “Hey dude, you wanna go to the game today?”
Bro 2 - “Thanks for asking, but sorry dude, not interested in Basketball.
Bro 1 - "You fucking piece of shit! How dare you reject me?! I hope you get raped! I never even wanted to go to the game with you anyway! You’re fat lol.”
Manbabies can try and mansplain this away all they want, and they do; “If you’d just given me a chance I wouldn’t have acted that way, I’m actually a really nice guy.” “Sorry, I was drunk when I sent that.” “Sorry, my friend got my phone, lol.” However, if you’ve never or would never react this way to a man rejecting your request for something, drunk or not, then you are behaving this way simply because a WOMAN did it. Right there is your problem.
Bro - “Hey, do you wanna get dinner or drinks sometime?”
Mysterious Alien Creature (aka; woman) - “Hey thanks, but I’m not really interested.”
Bro - “Np, have a good one.”
A - You haven’t burned any bridges. Is she just out of a relationship? Is she dealing with stuff in her personal life? If that’s the case, when she’s not, you’re still a contender, instead of a piece of garbage.
B - You treated someone like a human fucking being.

4) The FRIENDZONE: All in Caps because that’s how some guys seem to view it. I guarantee you this phrase was coined by a guy who is the most horrible piece of shit on the planet. As I mentioned earlier, I had a much easier time making woman friends than meeting girlfriends. There was one who I had a huge crush on and nothing ever happened, and I know for a fact there was one who liked me and nothing ever happened. And guess what? We stayed friends.
A - If you enter a friendship with the sole aim on getting something out of it for you, then you’re a terrible friend.
B - If a male friend chose to go to a basketball game with someone who likes basketball instead of you, would you complain about the friendzone?
C - If a woman was your friend for years, and then you found out it was only because she wanted your kidney, how’d you feel? Betrayed, hurt, knowing that person never liked you as a friend?
Let’s rename the friendzone the neverwasafriendtobeginwithzone.

5) Girls only date Assholes: What? What?! What the fuckitty fuck fuck? I’ve dated horrible people, my friends have all dated horrible people. Women do not have a monopoly on bad choices.
A - EVERYBODY dates assholes at some point. If a friend is, try to help them see that instead of assuming they like it.
B - As a general rule, assholes date assholes. If you’re not an asshole, if you’re a self-proclaimed nice guy, then why would you wanna be with a woman who’s an asshole? Oh right, because you only care about her body.
C - I have friends whose boyfriends/husbands are nicer than I am and it pisses me off.

6) “Compliments”: I hope you noticed the inverted commas there. From catcalling, to pet names, to street & online harassment, again this is something that I can’t wrap my head around. You see a woman you like, you have two options.
i - Find a reason to initiate contact. Online, look in the profile for common interests. IRL, whatever she’s doing at that moment.
ii - Shout a generic compliment a 5year old could come up with.
Which one seems more likely to you? I once started a two-year relationship initially based on a mutual love of nothing more than a brand of chips.
A - Unsolicited compliments are…wait for it…UNSOLICITED. If no one asked you for it, don’t give it.
B - “Learn to take a compliment.” Next guy I hear say this in a bar I’m gonna send every male friend over one after the other to 'compliment’ him.
C - If you catcall, I’m gonna get six huge construction workers to come to your neighbourhood and shout 'compliments’ at you every time you walk down the street and see how you like it.

In conclusion…because this has gone on Waaaaay longer than I’d originally intended, let me leave you with a couple of rules of thumb.

1 - As difficult as it may be for some men to realise, women are not a part of some alien species. You don’t need to trick them, you don’t need to manipulate them. Respect breeds respect, talk to women as human fucking beings.
2 - There are over 6billion people on the planet. Attraction is a complicated phenomenon that the physical and social sciences are NOWHERE near explaining. Not every one of the 3 ½ or so billion women on the planet are going to be attracted to you. Accept it and move on.
3 - Nice guys don’t finish last, only “Nice guys” do.

This has been a public service announcement. Out.

Too Cute


 Bucky Barnes x Reader
 Hi! I love your writing!!! Can you write a one shot where the reader goes to a concert with the avengers and Bucky and Steve lets her get on his shoulders so she can see and they like each other so it’s all cute and the team knows it too. Fluffy! lol thanks!
Warnings: None
Notes: Hey guys, I have my prom today so sorry for this one being a bit short. I have induction days at my new school next week so the imagines may be in short supply, I’m sorry in advance. Anyway enjoy!

When you worked with the Avengers you never really got any free time, it was constant mission, training and the occasional meeting, oh and not forgetting Stark’s extravagant parties.  However for the first time in what seemed like forever you all had the week off. Of course this meant that you were all immediately bored with the lack of things to do. Sighing you flopped down on the sofa next to Bucky. “I’m booored” You whined throwing an arm over your face. You felt Bucky chuckling beside you and jabbed in the side with your elbow. “It’s not funny Barnes.” You growled with a small smirk on your face. “I have an idea!” Clint suddenly exclaimed, eliciting groans from throughout the room. “What? I have good ideas!” He insisted. “Sure Clint last time we went along with one of your ‘good ideas’ we all ended up brainwashed and sent out to destroy the city!” Natasha insisted with a small smile gracing her lips. “How was I meant to know the hypnotist was working for hydra?” Clint muttered crossing his arms over his chest. “What’s your idea Barton? It’s gotta be better than lounging around here!” You chuckled. “Well, there’s a small concert going on in the park down the road, I thought it would be a fun thing for us all to do!” Clint replied perking up instantly at someone wanting to hear his idea. “What type of concert?” Steve asked skeptically.  “Bit of everything.” Clint replied “They get local bands to come and play, it’s free and everything.” He smiled with a wink aimed at you. “Please guys, can we?” You pleaded like a small child. Sighing everyone eventually agreed, even with slight resistance from Steve and Tony, who both had other things that they had wanted to do.

 As the small venue came into view you grabbed Bucky’s hand and pulled him along with you. “Hurry up soldier.” You groaned tugging on his hand.  “Stop worrying about it doll, I’ll make sure you can see the action.” He chuckled. You and Bucky had always had a very close relationship, people often mistaking you two for a couple. If you were honest you would admit your romantic feelings towards him but you didn’t want to ruin your friendship with him. Groaning as you noticed the sheer amount of people in attendance. “We’ll never be able to see from back here.” You whined, a frown etching its way onto your face. “Right come here.” Bucky commanded squatting down so you could get on his back. “Yes! You’re the best! Thanks Buck!” You exclaimed clambering onto his back and wrapping your legs around his strong shoulders. “Anything for you doll” You heard him whisper, making you blush profusely.

 “Hey Steve.” Natasha whispered into Steve’s ear. ‘Huh?” He questioned, in slight shock from her sudden appearance. All he got in response was Natasha gesturing towards you on Bucky’s shoulders and his hands on your waist.  “They’re too cute.” Steve chuckled.

Our Promise

Songs about two soulmates whose devotion to one another transcend countless wars.

[A X/Zero playlist. ]

Thanks to meep @ for permission to use their (GORGEOUS) artwork!

Link to meep’s xzero artwork! (….go reblog/like it)

Link to playlist!


1. “Slip Into Your Skin” - Patrick Watson

2. “Something About Us” - Daft Punk

3. “Brothers” - Penny and Sparrow

4. “Let It Be Me” - Ray LaMontagne

5. “Careful Where You Stand” - Coldplay

6. “True Colors” - Jules Larson

7. “All Of Me” - John Legend

8. “Adventure Of A Lifetime” - Coldplay

9. “For You” - Angus & Julia Stone

10. “Everything I Am Is Yours” - Villagers

11. “Yellow” - Jem

12. “Two Men In Love” - The Irrepressibles

13. “Safe & Sound” - Megan Nicole and Tiffany Alvord

14. “I’ll Keep You Safe” - Sleeping At Last

15. “Keeping Your Head Up” - Birdy

16. “All My Loving” - The Well Pennies

17. “The Magic of Us” - Bim

18. “I,0 Your Fellow - Interlude” - III

Additional thanks to @grey-witch (for lol, more second opinions at 3am and bearing with me despite not in the fandom…forgive me lol…) and @shikai-of-the-4th-world  (for helping out and encouragement to lol get this done)!

Comments:  Thank you for listening, everyone!

After the last two (depressing-as-hell) playlists, a fluffier X/Zero playlist was long overdue. To be honest, I’ve been interest in making a playlist about the nature of their relationship for at least a year, but I never got to it because…well, it needed to be done right. They’re always depicted as opposites, but yet despite their odds, they admire and respect each others’ qualities. And beyond that, they support each other, become a source of strength for each other, protecting the other when one of  them are down, and vice versa. The nature of their relationship is romantic and so heartwarming, and I hope that this playlist captures at least a glimpse of X and Zero’s relationship.

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anonymous asked:

I'm having diffoculty deciding whether I use dominant Ti or Fi. What are some visible differences between them? Also, how can I tell whether I use objective or subjective morals (Fe vs Fi)? Thanks!

This might be a bit disorganized, but bear with me :’) I’ll be sure to cover all the judging functions so you have a good understanding of their differences.

So, it’s important to first understand what these types have in common in order to understand exactly how and why they differ. IxxPs all approach the world with the intent to judge it according to their internal frameworks. Immature IxxPs tend to place all their eggs in the basket of their dominant function, so to speak, and are therefore extremely inflexible in regards to rearranging their framework. They don’t like accepting new information or considering alternative perspectives. It’s easier to throw out contradictory information rather than overhaul the entire system. This is the reason why immature IxxPs are generally narrow-minded and prone to stale, knee-jerk judgments. They aren’t proactively using their Pe or Je functions, so the validity of their precious framework is pretty much nonexistent. It may seem valid from the perspective of the IxxP, because they’re only holding their judgments to the standards of their own subjective framework. This is why immature IxxPs are prone to circular reasoning. “It’s correct because I believe it is correct.”

Now let’s start on the differences between IxTPs and IxFPs. Here’s something I wrote a while ago about the differences between Fi-Te and Ti-Fe:

Fi-Te uses a framework of personal self-referencing values backed by external systems of logic. (“This is what makes sense to me based on an intricate analysis of what I personally value and this is how the factual systems of reality support what I believe.”)

Fi+Te users will be speculating in-depth about values. “Why is this good/bad? Watch me pick apart the topic with my Handy-Dandy Moral Reasoning.” But then when it comes to truth-based matters they won’t have that same speculative attitude. Their response will be like, “Things are obviously this way and should be done in that manner. Why does this need to be discussed?”

Ti-Fe, on the other hand, uses a framework of personal self-referencing logic backed by external systems of values. (”This is what makes sense to me based on an intricate analysis of impersonal elements and this is how the value-based systems of reality support what I believe.”)

Ti+Fe users will be the ones speculating in-depth about rationale. “Why is this true/false? I’m gonna pick apart the topic with my Superb Intricate Logic.” When it comes to value-based matters, however, they won’t be doing that same speculation. “Um, things are obviously this way and should be done in that manner. Why are you even questioning this?” [x]

From a different post I wrote on Ti:

At its core, Ti is subjective logical analysis. It operates with the intent to make logical judgments that are consistent with its understanding of the world. … Ti also provides balance to Fe’s desire to uphold group values by detaching from situations and analyzing from an impersonal, logical perspective.

Ti’s judgments take on the form of linear reasoning. “If the sky is blue and all blue things are colored, then the sky is colored.” (If a = b and b = c, then a = c.) Basically, it’s like a process of elimination that Ti goes through, step-by-step, to ensure logical accuracy. It cuts out the illogical until only the logical remains, and there it finds the truth it seeks. That’s what people are talking about when they reference Ti’s “framework of logic”. Ti uses that logical framework to continue to make consistent, accurate judgments in the future. It tends to check and recheck its logic because it doesn’t draw from the outer world like an extraverted function. Ti’s judging process is totally internal, so it has to carefully analyze all aspects of an issue in order to arrive at a valid judgment. Honestly, a lot of Ti-users have a “gift” for making things seem logically sound without there being any actual evidence at all to support their reasoning. Their statements may be logically sound, but the premises may be faulty if their perceptions are inaccurate… or they may just be hoping that you don’t notice the holes in their argument, lol. [x]

Fi has a similar process to Ti, in the sense that it gradually forms and refines. The difference is that Fi operates with the intent to make judgments of value (what is good, what is not). It uses a formula of internalized values to determine what it should accept/reject as it interacts with the world. Above all, Fi-doms want to be consistent with their values. They may try to explain/justify their impulsive value judgments with lengthy moralizing as an afterthought, in order to save Fi’s ego. It’s the value-based equivalent of a Ti-user’s “well TECHNICALLY…” Their reasoning may be consistent and valid according to their personal system of values, but their argument may easily fall to pieces when confronted with factual reality.

In response to overemphasized Fi/Ti, some people might think: “So what if you personally find fault with this thing? Don’t sweat the small stuff. You’re making the situation unnecessarily difficult.” An extraverted judging function really comes in handy in those sorts of situations. Te/Fe allows the IxxP to compromise with reality. Like yeah, the situation may not align perfectly with your preexisting judgments, but how much weight do those judgments really hold when faced with reality? Wouldn’t it be better to work with reality rather than counter-productively trying to force a highly subjective framework on everything? And that’s why Te and Fe are there. They bring objectivity and efficiency to the sometimes-ridiculous intricacy of Fi/Ti.

Now, the Je functions are efficient in the sense that they judge according to the clearest course of sensible action. “We can get from A to B with this method and obtain the desirable result, so let’s do it.” Their approach is broad and productive, in contrast to the meticulous approach of Ji. Even though both Te and Fe work with reality to form their conclusions, their goals are different. Te aims for logical efficiency. It forms judgments centered around the hard truths of reality. In the case of xxTJs, they prioritize Te’s judgments and often take the shortest “most logical” path to their goal at the expense of their personal values. With xxFPs, they will often disregard Te if its conclusion clashes with their personal values. Fe aims for social efficiency. It can be equally brutal to Te in its pursuit to maintain that efficiency. It forms and enforces judgments based on collective values, sometimes at the expense of a more in-depth analysis of the situation (in the case of xxFJs). As for xxTPs, they often disregard Fe if the conclusion clashes with their personal logic.

So, simply put:

Balanced Fi-Te maintains its value system and regularly readjusts it to reasonably account for objective truth.

Balanced Ti-Fe maintains its logic system and regularly readjusts it to reasonably account for external values.

Now I know you asked specifically for visible differences (whoops), so this may be more of what you’re looking for:

An IxTP with a good grasp of Fe gives off more approachable vibes; they utilize facial expressions as a tool to aid communication. They tend to “smile” with their eyes more naturally than IxFPs. Fi-users in general tend to give off serious vibes; their facial expressions are more muted and their eyes seem distant. They tend to express themselves in strong, short bursts and then return to their impassive setting. (IxTPs may be similar in this aspect if they have a hard time regulating their Fe, but their “bursts” will appear more unnatural and forced in comparison.) Fe-users tend to use their expressions to encourage the group to react on a similar wavelength. An IxFP is far more likely to express themselves passionately for the mere sake of self-expression. This may seem inappropriate or ill-timed from the perspective of an Fe-user, while the IxFP may be wholly unaware of this. An IxTP might misinterpret the strong expression from an Fe perspective, believing that the IxFP’s intention is to manipulate them into agreement. (Not to say that Fi-users don’t manipulate people. They’re just more likely to strong-arm people into agreement rather than attempt an Fe-esque approach.)

Basically, the idea is that Fe-users (IxTPs included) approach social situations on a larger scale, with an awareness of the “the group” as an entity, and therefore make value judgments based on that broad awareness. Fi-users (IxFPs especially) approach social situations on a smaller scale, from their individual perspective with the intent to relate all things back to the self, and therefore make value judgments that originate from the individual perspective.

That’s about all I have for ya. Thanks for asking!

Making a zine/book for beginners (long post)

Hi there! Seeing as the book is pretty much done now aside from shipping, I figured I’d make a lil guide for those that wish to do the same. Please remember the scale of which I did it is NOT standard practice. It’s a zine on steroids and can’t really be classified as such.

This is mine, after 4 months of plans and work. I’m proud of it! My first collaborated book.

I’ve already mentioned a few things before when I started the book in September, but now its done I can elaborate on those initial points and give tips on what to remember.

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BTS reaction - to you crying over them getting hurt

Jin: He would hate seeing you like this, and his natural “motherly”, but more protective, self would show as he would take you into his arms and slowly rock you back and forth while he hummed a little melody, kind of like how your mom used to do to you when you would get hurt and go crying into her arms. Omg this is so nostalgic

Originally posted by jeonggu

Namjoon: He would be extremely sad that you got upset about  him getting hurt, obviously, but he would also feel very loved, in a sense that someone actually worries and cares about him THAT much that you would cry over him. He would have extremely mixed feelings, resulting in him doing stupid things, rather than his usual romantic approach, to get you to cheer up. He would say stuff like “it’s okay baby– LOok It DOesn’t EveN Hurt *pant*, I can even dance *heavier pant* See?!”

Yoongi: In his mind, he would think of all of the things he could do to cheer you up, because he hates seeing you cry, and being sad at all. However, he would get confused on how to go about it, because he would honestly feel a little flustered by your sudden outburst of tears. In the end, he would say something like “ You care about me THAT much that you have to cry over me getting a tiny cut? I may have rushed in this relationship too quickly *chuckle*” in a sarcastic way to try and make you laugh.

Originally posted by b-sonyeondan

Hoseok: He would hesitantly go up to you and hug you so tight that you probably wouldn’t be able to breath, forcing you to stop crying. Seeing you cry would make him feel so sad, and he would want to hold you in his arms, and keep you there until he KNOWS that you’re OK.

Originally posted by btsleepy

Jimin: He would be so flustered, and so devastated, that you started crying over him at the same time, that his mind would kind of go blank. He would forget all complicated sentences, and only his natural “care giver” instinct would take over. If you were crying pretty hard, he would cup you cheeks in both his hands, and gently wipe away the tears that were now streaming down you cheeks, and softly say extremely sweet words, so that you would calm down a little. Things like, “ You’re too beautiful to be crying over me Jagi…”

Originally posted by koreanidolblog

Taehyung: He would try and make you laugh. Unlike Jimin, Jin, and Yoongi, who would rather comfort you by simply letting you cry it all out, he would want to make you happy as soon as he could. He would do literally everything he could do get you to smile again. Something like, imitating one of the members, breaking chopsticks with both of his butt cheeks ’*cough* Jimin *cough*’, or even doing aegyo.

Jungkook: Another one to be extremely flustered. Unlike Jimin, however, he wouldn’t really be “devastated” but rather be confused in why you were so sad over something that wasn’t such a big deal to him. He would be a little awkward and wouldn’t be able to say anything, so he would pull you into a simple hug, and let you cry all you want. While you were in his hug, it would give him time to think of what to say. Even after all the time to plan, he would be nervous af when you actually looked up at him, and would end up saying something like “ IT’S OK TO CRY ” even though he was aiming to say something that would STOP your crying. I haven’t had flustered Jungkook in a while, so this is really refreshing lol

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// I just wanted to post this, cause i actually finished writing this even BEfore pillow talk ^.^ Anyone who requested, I’m doing your requests now– <3<3 Anyone who wants to requests, I don’t have many reaction requests, so i would really appreciate if you requested some :)<3 //

the japan analysis

you asked for more…

we all know for a fact that the japhan vlog has been aaylsed by at least a hundred and one other people but I thought I would give it a go myself, so here goes.

so lets start in instagram. dan posts a picture of him and phil sharing an umberella infront of the statue (pls forgive me hardcore studio ghibli fans), and, as a lot of people prior to me realised is that sharing an umbrella in japan is considered a romantic gesture. the actual definition of physically sharing an umbrella is

As such, a couple in sharing an umbrella in Japan is considered a romantic expression, and teens often draw an umbrella with their name and the name of their crush, the way one would in a heart. In Tegomass’s video, the two are creating rain to make a young boy and girl walk under an umbrella together

if they weren’t together, surely mimei or duncan would have told them about what this gesture implies, since they are recently married and have lived in japan for a very long time, they would know about this, and informed them not to?

gay marriage had also been recently legalised so there would have been no public discouragement, since, i’m pretty sure 99% of japan know what sharing an umbrella means..

new tangent

next, I go back and look at “A Day in the Life of Dan and Phil in JAPAN!” vlog, and paused at some very convenient places. first thing I feel that I should say is there was actually two beds. very close together I know, and almost indistinguishable to the point there may actually have only been one. we see this here at 0:51..

if the exposure is turned down and the contrast up, we can see the divide between where the beds are. however! if we look at the positions of the duvets and how towards the right hand side it is clearly more messed up, one of the duvets seems to be falling onto the other side of the bed, thus giving us another piece of the puzzle.

fast forward about 0.5 seconds and we get this still. the duvet hasn’t been untucked. and as we know from every single video they post, neither of them tuck in duvets to the mattress after use. this meaning that they both got in and out of bed the same side (the left side, which ironically seems to have the most messed up duvet..)

and let’s be honest.. we can see what it looks like when they actually get out of bed

and yet another few seconds later, at 0:58, we see sheets, pillows and bed throws in a pile on the floor. if one hotel typically has 4 pillows per double bed, why are (what appears to be) pillows thrown on the floor here, if there were 2 double beds and another 4 pillows?

 new tangent

and eventually moving on from the hotel room to the sky tree, and here at 16:08, i’m not trying to disappoint anyone, but dan and phil are not holding hands here (in this particular sequence)

a lot of people assume that the skin coloured hand like thing above the orange is dan’s hand, but I can assure you it is not. it is phil holding a bag.. *cries to self* ohh and can we pls appreciate how creepy dan’s face is here? tks

a few seconds later we see dan and phil turn a corner. here is where I think they may actually have been holding hands a few seconds later; both dan and phil are standing very close to eachother, and both of their arms are stretched out behind, almost as if hiding something. dan’s is stretched back and to the left, phil’s is stretched to dan’s.

*a final thought*

HOW CUTE IS THIS a few seconds before the hand holding, dan says, “where are we going now phidu?” he says it so casually and relaxed, not even thinking twice. instead of saying “phil” he says “phidu” awh. (whist phil runs to keep up lol)

and thank you once again for reading this stupidly long analysis thingy, ‘til next time! ttfn


I am completely aware of the fact that this is over analysed. please stop telling me it is. this is just the thoughts that go through me head whilst watching their videos. My aim through these posts is not to “prove Phan” it is simply to put forward my points on things I have considered odd for two apparently straight men.

Please also take into account that upon starting my blog, the first thing I did was block Dan and Phil so that they couldn’t see this kind of post, as I do (as apparently unaware to some people) realise that they are people like you and I, and that this may be unsettling.

glowdroid  asked:

voltron squad's fav overwatch characters/heroes they always play as? *eyebrow waggle*

oh my god how dare u strike me at my weak points

  • Shiro’s FAVE character is Soldier: 76 because… they r the same… Both have white hair from stress/trauma, are the so called ‘dad’ of the team, and just want their team to stay on the payload for the love of god please stay on the payload. Lance, stop running off. Shiro is Inspired by Soldier: 76 and works with Pidge on building a portable biotic field bc lord knows this team needs it.
    • Shiro also really likes Zarya because whenever Shiro sees a Strong Girl he’s like :o!!!!!!!!!!!!! neat.
    • Another fave of Shiro is Reinhardt because of the shield. Shiro is the person to say over the mic ‘okay i’m taking out my shield everyone group up behind me!!!!!!’ he’s very sweet. If a D.Va uses their ult Shiro is the Reinhardt player who takes one for the team and charges towards the nuke, tackling it and pinning it like a live grenade. After watching Shiro die for their sins, his team usually finds the inner determination to win the match.
  • Pidge looks at D.Va and is like #relatable. Also ngl Pidge has the biggest crush on D.Va’s mech that no one can ever know about except everyone knows abt it because Pidge always screams when their mecha is destroyed. “Nerf this!” Is also the best ultimate quote in Pidge’s not so humble opinion. Pidge resents the gremlin D.Va meme because it strikes too close to home (Pidge is also a gamer gremlin)
    • Pidge also plays as Bastion because Pidge is a fucking troll and hates their friends lol
    • Pidge also LOVES Junkrat they basically made this video. Pidge thrives off of mayhem and explosions, Junkrat is one of their faves. They’re probably split 50/50 for Junkrat and D.Va
  • Lance basically LIVES for the Play of the Game but he never. Gets it. Actually, that’s a lie; Lance got the potg ONCE. He got basically a team kill and while he was busy emoting some random goddamn Mercy came along and did a mass res and Lance immediately died. His potg captured this entire moment. The memory flashes before his eyes every night as he goes to bed.
    • I feel like Lance would switch a lot between heroes? I think Lance has a really flexible way of playing; if he’s not distracted, he’s one of the rare few people who actually listen to the team tips and choose a character based on that. I bet Lance really wanted to be a Genji Pro but he’s… not.
    • I think Lance would really like playing as Lucio and Tracer, they’re probably his favorite heroes. Lance also loves Pharah but he has never managed to successfully complete her ult without getting sniped out of the sky. Lance would play as Mei so he could make Frozen jokes and also out of #ice power solidarity. 
  • At first Keith hated Overwatch because every time he played everyone would bully him into playing Reaper. Keith doesn’t mind Reaper he just?? Doesn’t understand why everyone keeps forcing him to play as Reaper?? Eventually Keith managed to break free and discovered his One True Love in Genji. Genji wields a sword, it’s a match made in heaven c’mon. Also Keith is enamored w the backstory of the Hamada brothers and is probably coming up with theories about what happened nonstop with Pidge/Lance.
    • Keith never stays on the goddamn payload.
    • Tbh Keith would only ever play offense characters, look at him, he’s the definition of offense.
  • Hunk LOVES Winston he finds the peanut butter love #relatable and also Winston is so fun?? Hunk loves jumping around he’s an ape that’s so wild video games are amazing. Plus, Winston’s shield is like IDEAL for Hunk because he can sometimes be kind of a wimp when it comes to getting hurt even though Winston is a tank c’mon Hunk.
    • Hunk would either be really good or really bad at Roadhog I haven’t decided yet. Hunk totally abuses that self-heal button though lol
    • Hunk’s favorite support character is Zenyatta bc tbh Zenyatta is chill as hell and Hunk aspires to be him. Also, robots.
    • Hunk also likes Torbjorn because of the whole building turrets things. But Hunk is kind of bad at playing Torbjorn, but he always gets play of the game so Hunk keeps using him. Hunk is the kind of Torbjorn player who dies in the middle of their potg but keeps racking up a kill streak thanks to their turret lol. Lance is PISSED.
  • Allura doesn’t really do video games but she can be competitive so she usually picks the characters that no one else chooses. She really likes McCree because she thinks his voice is so wild, ‘Do some humans really speak like this?’, also she thinks his cowboy hat is adorable.
    • She’s also really intrigued by Hanzo’s dragons and she’s scarily accurate with them. The first time Allura ever got potg she printed out a screenshot and put it on the fridge. Everyone was very proud of her.
    • Allura also loves Symmetra because of the parallel between the teleporters and Allura’s wormholes like damn!!! I can do that too!! Also Allura thinks Symmetra is beautiful (because she is) and is deadset on unlocking all the skins. Plus, Symmetra’s turrets are WILD when setup correctly lol. Allura sets them up correctly.
  • Coran is like DEADLY accurate when it comes to playing Widowmaker. His aim is ridiculously good. However Coran cannot figure out how to use Widowmaker’s grappling hook for the life of him so if you ever watch him play, Coran usually spends half the game just trying to figure out how to get to a good position using only stairs and the jump key.
    • Coran is also the DEFINITION of the tired and disappointed Mercy player. ‘I can’t help you guys if you keep running off!!’ ‘Guys, guys, guys, I’m being shot at- I’m being shot at- oh I’m dead now. Thanks.’
    • Bitter™
Daycare - CEO!Luke:

singledaddy!ceo!luke AU:

Originally posted by rydeforyou

requested: lol no, this came to me in a daydream hehe

Plotline: Single dad CEO!luke running into problems with his ex-wife.

A/N: this was supposed to be short haha, it’s kinda long. I just got this idea while studying and couldn’t stop thinking about it until I wrote it :3

feedback is very much welcomed lovelies :)


Jumping out of the black tinted BMW in a scurry, Luke dashed into the daycare center, only sparing his driver a little nod of his head. His legs led him through the all too familiar corridors, eyes frantically glancing at every classroom, his beating heart only calming down as he spotted an anxious figure at the end of the hall.

“Hey” he breathed out, his lungs still recovering from his previous run. “You called, what’s wrong?” Luke had received an urgent call during a meeting, his body bolting out of the building the minute he read the caller ID, before he could even comprehend what was going on.

“Yeah I did. Luke, it’s about your ex-wife.” you carefully informed him, your eyes gauging his reaction to the spoken words. Luke’s whole demeanor changed at the mention of the word ‘ex’, the usually composed and poised CEO coming baffled.

 You had known, of course; everyone knew. It was no secret to the rest of the globe how two of the most successful CEO’s in the business world turned their divorce into an all out war. It was a sickening scene really; how she had fought to get as much profit as she could from the separation, pursuing alimony and attempting to get a precentage of the financial shares of his own company, hiring a team of lawyers in the process as if it were her only purpose in life. She had fought for the financial outcome of the divorce much harder than the custody of Jace, their one year old son. 

Luke was well aware as soon as she had filed for divorce that she was coldly aiming at tearing his company down; the company he had worked hard for, the company he had started from scratch as he first began as a simple employee who was barely making the minimal wage.

 Unlike his previous spouse, Hemmings.Inc wasn’t handed to him on a golden plate from his father. He had gotten where he was through hard work and restless labor, making his name known to every businessman out there. It was given that the divorce and the following lawsuits filed by his ex could severely damage everything he had worked hard to uphold; and it nearly did. But his enterprise had made it through, and he was able to bring everything back where it was, maybe even more successful than before.

 You had known about everything; how he had struggled to bring his business back to life all while juggling the new single-parent life he found himself thrown into; how he had suffered through the first few months, breaking down every now and then as the weight he was bearing became agonizingly heavy for him to hold up by himself. The single parent life wasn’t something he chose, nor was it something he wished for his child. Although it was notable that if anything, the divorce had at least been beneficial for Jace, as he no longer had to live in the poisonous atmosphere caused by the conflicts his parents faced.

 You had known all of that; but unlike the rest, it wasn’t through gossip sites or boldly printed headlines; it was through a candle-lit dinner with Luke, the composure in which he spoke making you wonder if he had anticipated the question. 

Meeting you had been the epitome of hapiness and alleviation, not only because the Daycare you maintained had been delightfully indulgent when it came to his tight –and not always suitable- schedule, but mainly because of the relief you had brought into his life.

 Luke couldn’t possibly deny how much of a mess he had been, completely clueless on what to do or how to even start. He had been more than ecstatic to have gained full custody over Jace, however the sleepless nights he had been through as the little toddler cried out for his mother had brought him over the edge. He often found himself crying along with his son in the early morning hours, fully aware that a hard day of work was awaiting him yet unable to stop the heartbroken sobs that rocked his body, not even after the crying child had fallen asleep. And when you came along, he had already fallen deeply into a perpetual cycle that almost tore him apart.

 Maybe it was the support you had offered him as he broke down one early morning whilst dropping Jace, looking like an absolute mess, that lead him into trusting you.

 Indeed, you had been expecting some kind of turbulence once you had realised that the new enrolled toddler’s last name was Hemmings. What you hadn’t predicted, though, was a 6’4 businessman breaking down in a miniature child chair; his longs legs tugged uncomfortably as he furiously wiped his tear-stained face. 

 You had been the one to carefully listen to his heartbreaking struggles, providing him with the support he –oh so desperately- needed, helping him see the light at the end of the tunnel. The mutual attraction was not hard to miss; even your co-workers and his employees could tell. And although you had both agreed that no relationship could be pursued between the two of you until Jace was no longer in your care, you were both eager to know more about each other, the unspoken care you two held for the other growing deeper with every passing day. And as Jace was nearing three years old, he would soon be out of your Daycare, moving into Kindergarten.

 In the end of the day, Luke was finally able to get his mind back into work, feeling at ease that you of all people were taking care of his son.

 And now, a year and half after the most aggravating event in Luke’s life, she was back once again. The woman that had broken his heart and tore apart his family and business, disturbing the peaceful harmony he had managed to sustain. 

“What about her?” Luke asked, trying to get a grip and understand furthermore.

 “She came in almost an hour ago –I don’t even know how she got the address. She wants to take Jace with her, but I tried to explain that since there was no information regarding her in the registration papers, it’s against policy to let her take him.” 

There had been no mention of Jace’s mother in the papers Luke had filled; he had listed his parents and even hers, yet her space had been left blank. You had been considerate, fully aware of his difficult situation, so you didn’t try and push it any further.

 “I wouldn’t have called, I shouldn’t have called. But she wouldn’t stop screaming and the kids were getting scared… I-I wanted to call your secretary first but I didn’t have your office number-”

“Hey” Luke shushed you, raising his hands to rest them over your shoulders, his thumbs soothingly rubbing your shoulder blades. “You did the right thing by calling me.” He knew for a fact that it was near impossible for anyone else to convince his ex, him being entirely conscious of her character. For a second, he even started doubting if he could handle the situation at hand. 

“Come on, lead the way.” Luke instucted, his eyes reassuring you that he was already planning what to do.

 As requested, you lead him into the back office, warily opening the door for him to come in. There she stood, right in front of him, in all of her fanciness and smugness, shouting at the receptionnist who was trying to keep her cool. 

Luke’s mind lead him back into their first encounter, recalling the star-struck feeling he got as he laid his eyes on her. He had been charmed by her beauty and grace, instantly forming an ideal perception of her. It was his first time falling in love, his first time handing over his heart completely to someone else; his first time having his entire being shattered like broken glass. 

He had been blind, totally ignoring everyone else’s concern about getting married at a young age. He wasn’t worried about any of that, he was in love with her and they both could understand each other as they made money the same way; working in their respective companies. And not even the unplanned pregnancy could change his mind; a child with the woman he loved seemed so delightful at the time. 

That being until he realised how much of a fool he had been to not understand that the whole marriage was nothing but a business deal for his spouse, all in the purpose of merging the companies and increasing the profit. Their marriage had already been condemned to fail by the time he had finally opened his eyes to see that the love was one-sided, and that the angelic idea he had of his wife was no where near true. 

 “Ma’am, I am not allowed to let someone pick up a child without the consent of his legal guardian.” The receptionist explained once again, growing very tired as the shouting hadn’t stopped for an entire hour.

 “For the hundred’th time; I am not ‘someone’, I am his mother!” Jane, Jace’s mother, screamed the words venomously at the worker, her manicured and red tinted forefinger pointing at her. 

The receptionist’s relieved eyes met yours as you sent her away with a nod towards the door. It was very clear that the situation needed privacy, even you were thinking about leaving the two alone. As if reading your mind; Luke turned his head to face you, shooting you a reassuring smile before turning back to face Jane.

“Ah! Finally the legal guardian arrives! Now would you please tell them that I’m allowed to pick up my damned child if I wished? Honestly, what kind of place is this?” she huffed angrily, her eyes staring at her ex-husband.

 “Jane, you are allowed to pick up Jace; but on the visiting hours the court decided. The visiting hours you have completely disregarded for the past 10 months, may I remind you?” Luke’s hand uncousciously moved to loosen his tie, the unplanned encounter with his ex turning out to be far stressful than anticipated.

 “Look, I am in no way trying to take your son away from you; I could never. But you’re not giving me much to work with, and barging into his daycare to take him without a court order is definitely not helping!”

Luke leaned back on the desk behind him, his right hand sliding into the pocket of his dress pants as the other rubbed his eyes in frustration. Business he could do, parenting he could handle, but fighting with her wasn’t something he could take. It only brought up old memories that had poisoned his mind for a long while, memories that had only stopped tormenting him after meeting you. 

Before Jane could shoot her comeback, the door cracked open revealing a crying Jace. He had been shaken up the entire morning due to the screaming, instantly seeking the comfort of his father as soon as he had heard his voice. 

An incoherent babble of words escaped his pouty lips, the two and half year old still struggling with his words. At the mention of the word “ma ma”, a proud smile appeared on Jane’s face, feeling victorious in a way. 

The proud smile instantly dropped into a nasty scowl upon realizing that Jace was running into your arms intead of hers. You picked up the toddler, rocking him in your arms to sooth him. 

It wasn’t unusual for him to call you ‘mama’ or ‘m’my’; you were the one taking care of him whilst his daddy was at work. More so, you were the one Luke would call late at night when Jace wouldn’t stop crying or when his tempature was worryingly high; you were the one to dress him in that spare hoodie you always had when Luke hadn’t predicted the sudden change in the weather; you were the one taking him back to your place when his father would stay in his office until unholy hours. You weren’t complaining though, your actions were driven by the love you beared for the two boys.

“So that’s what this is about?” Jane let out a wicked, dry laugh, “You didn’t want to hand me my son because you somehow believe you could ever replace me? Honey, don’t get too caught up in your dreams!”

 You stood right in your place, arms still holding up Jace who was fisting your shirt, his burning forehead resting in the crook of your neck, feeling intimidated with every click of her designer heels as she stepped closer to you. 

Luke however, didn’t seem to lose his composure, his eyes not leaving her as he adressed you; “Why don’t you take Jace out to the playground for a while?”

“Come on muffin, let’s go play!” You cooed at Jace, stepping out of the tense atmosphere. Setting the child down so he could play, you took a step back as you watched him. As much as you tried to drown out the nervous feeling welling up in your stomach, you couldn’t. Your mind was caught up in the discussion happening back in the room, wondering where it would leave not only her and Luke, but also you and him.

 It was past your closing time, and all the workers and kids had already left, leaving only you and Jace in the playground. Your ears picked up the sound of foot steps coming closer to where you stood.

“Hey” Luke breathed out, sitting down on the bench to join you. 

“Is she gone..?” you trailed off, watching as Luke bobbed his head as a yes. Nodding your head along, you looked back to Jace, not knowing if you should ask more questions or just leave it be.

“I’ll make sure she doesn’t create more trouble in the future.” Luke affirmed, making you direct your attention towards him again. His appearance was much different than it was when he first came in; his gelled hair was pushed back from running his anxious hands through it, his suit no longer neatly ironed as usual, his eyes looking tired as ever.

“About what she said before,” Luke began, his eyes glancing at his son instead of yours, “You’re in no way a replacement for her. You’re nothing like her; if anything, you’re more of a mother figure to Jace than she ever was.” 

The last words were spitten angrily, the collected personna he had managed to keep in front of his ex wearing down for he knew that he could strip himself in front of you, the composed façade no longer needed. As strong as Luke pried himself to be, you could tell that the encounter had brought back the doubts that had surrounded him during the first lonely months. That pained you. Why does he have to torment himself for things she caused?

 “You’re doing an amazing job” You mumbled, leaning your head on his shoulder, your arms wrapping around his waist in an attempt to shield him from his demons that had resurfaced. “Jace is by far the loveliest kid I have ever encountered; he’s really sweet and well-mannered.” 

You lifted your head from where it rested, bringing your hand to his cup his face and turning it gently so he faced you, speaking every word clearly for him to hear; “He has an amazing, hardworking, and ridiculously handsome father. He takes so much after him, and I couldn’t be any prouder,”

 A fond smile adorned Luke’s face at your words, his hands wrapping around you to bring you into a warm hug, his lips tenderly pecking your temple. You found yourself curling your arms around him, enjoying his warmth and the scent of his cologne. 

“Wait! Shouldn’t you be back to work?” your head shot up at the thought, Luke chuckling at your behavior. 

“I actually cleared the whole day. So what do you say the three of us go somewhere no one knows us?” 

His proposal was quickly met with your excited smile, your head vigorously nodding.

 “Come my little prince” you called out for Jace, who shot his head up from the sea of toys he was playing with, finally noticing the presence of his father. 

“Daddy” he squealed, jumping into his father’s open arms; giggling as Luke kissed him and playfully rubbed his scruffy jawline against his cheek. Jace was –predictabely- such a daddy’s boy, and the joy adorning his face was an incredible sight to witness.

 From afar, the three of you looked like the perfect family. And you truly were, albeit there was no blood tie connecting you.