however the way you spell it

Alright nerds, today we are going to discuss headphone etiquette.

You walk into your favorite hang out joint and you see a dear friend. How grand! However, you see their headphones are in use and you have not the slightest clue how to approach them. Here is a helpful guide on how to decipher the code.

Both headphones on/earbuds in: Leave them alone, especially if they are hunched over a laptop, a book or their phone. This means they do not want to be disturbed. It is okay to give a small wave, head tilt or smile as acknowledgement.

One earbud is out: This means said person is listening out for something and not fully engaged with what is being listened to. You may approach, but watch for body language that says ‘leave me alone’. Examples are: crossed arms, little to no eye contact, short one word answers.

Headphones/earbuds out: You may approach! This one is not enjoying music/audio books on their device currently, and it is deemed okay to talk to said person.

Note: If someone sees you, and takes off their music delivering device from their head, that means they desire to talk to you! Smile, and enjoy a lovely conversation.

You taking off my headphones/earbuds: Run. Because no jury will convict me.

Mystic Messenger: Korean Phrases/Translations Clarification

After browsing the “Mystic Messenger” tag on Tumblr, I’ve just wanted to clear some possible confusion or misunderstandings about certain phrases the characters use that arose from the translation.

1. Did you eat?
When we use this phrase in Korean (informally: 밥 먹었어?) we sometimes do mean the literal translation of “Did you eat?” However, most of the time we don’t literally mean to ask if you ate or not nor are we usually interested in what you actually ate unless we specify. This is more of a phrase similar to the English “How are you?” The phrase “Did you eat?” is just a way to check up on someone’s wellbeing or how someone is doing.

2. Zen’s real name (Hyun Ryu/류현)
I wasn’t sure if I had to clarify this but I saw some fan-made content spelling his name as “Hyunryu” or “Hyun-ryu.” Zen’s first name is just Hyun (현) while his last name is Ryu (류), so in the Western style of first name-last name, his full name would be Hyun Ryu, while in the Korean style with the family name first, it would be Ryu Hyun (류현). I understand the confusion about this since his name is only one character while most Korean names are two characters. (Actually this isn’t rare or anything as I have plenty of friends with one character names)

3. Zen’s “babe”
Haha this translation was comical and slightly awkward for me. In the game, every time Zen refers to you as babe, honey, sweetie, etc, in Korean he is actually referring to you as “jagi” or 자기. This is actually a very fond and endearing way of referring to someone or of saying “you” (basically, the same thing as the Japanese “anata”) For example, my parents call each other jagi. This expression is usually so endearing that not all non-married couples refer to each other this way. Personally, I’ve never called someone or been called jagi before but I know some friends who call their significant others jagi even though they’re not married so in the end it’s just preference and how lovey-dovey you are. In my opinion the most accurate English translation for this word or phrase is “dear” or “honey” although there is no 100% proper English translation of this word/phrase as the English language does not have different ways of referring to people based on your relationship with them. In any case, “babe” is fine too but I just wanted to clarify that what he actually says has a more fonder and deeper undertone. However, even in the early phone calls in the Common Route, Zen still refers to you as “jagi” sometimes even though you’re not in any romantic relationship yet so my initial impression of him was “Wow this guy is a total flirt.” ^^;;

4. “Lovely Zen”
I started playing the game in English first because that was the default setting for my game and I didn’t know you could change the language to Korean until later on, so when the option came up to call Zen “Lovely Zen” or “Zenny Zen” I was kind of flustered because it kind of sounded so awkward. You wouldn’t actually call someone “Lovely ______” in real life, right? But after I changed my game language to Korean, it all made sense. Every time a nickname for Zen comes up, you are actually calling him oppa or Zen-oppa (오빠/젠오빠). I’m sure if you’re even a little bit interested in Korean culture, you would already know that this is either a way for a female to call a male that’s older than her, or for a younger female to call her older boyfriend. In the latter, romantic sense, this term is also pretty endearing but definitely not as deep as “jagi.” For example, my ex-boyfriend was one year older than me so technically I should have called him oppa or (his name)-oppa. However, since we both live in America, it’s not that enforced and I didn’t really like calling him oppa casually since I’m used to calling my older male cousins oppa so it was just weird for me. Still, sometimes if I wanted to cheer him up or something and I called him oppa, then I remember he would get really happy and kind of embarassed, just like how in one of the chats, Zen said he felt his heart skip a beat one of the first times you called him “Lovely Zen.”

This last thing is just my opinion so I hope people don’t take too much offense or see me as narrow-minded.

5. In fan-made content: “nii-san” or “baka” (형, 바보)
I love Mystic Messenger so any fanart or imagines I see, I love looking at and reading them but when I see English comics or short stories of the Choi twins and Seven says something like “Listen to nii-san” to Saeran or of one of the RFA members calling someone else “baka”, it’s just a little strange for me. Remember, all the characters in this game are Korean so instead of “nii-san,” they would say “hyung (형)” and instead of “baka” they would say “babo (바보).” If the content was originally in Japanese, then I would understand using nii-san or baka but if the content is originally in English I think it would be nice if they portrayed the characters as sticking to their roots and using the proper Korean terms. Mystic Messenger is not an anime and is not related to Japan at all >.<

If you read everything, as always 감사합니다~^^

Practical Magic: Circle Casting

If you’re brand new to witchcraft, you’re probably seeing this phrase left and right: casting the circle, or circle casting. For some, it seems fairly obvious, because casting circles is often represented in pop culture, from the Devil’s Traps in Supernatural to the circle of brooms in Practical Magic. 

However, what purpose does casting a circle serve? How do you cast a circle? Why does it have to be a circle and not, say, a square? And do I always need to cast a circle when working magick?

Well, we’ll take this in small bits!

Why should I cast a circle?

A circle serves several different purposes in witchcraft. For some, it’s a means of protection. To others, it’s a means of magnifying ritual energy. For still others, it encourages slipping into meditative consciousness. Whatever the reasons for the tradition, it remains a rather good way of getting the spell started.

In terms of protection, the circle acts sort of like a bubble. After all, it’s not just a cylindrical wall. When a witch casts the circle, he or she is envisioning the energy rising up from where it had been cast on the floor and forming a dome over the ritual space, and below the floor to encase the space in a bubble of intent. For many witches, this forms a sort of shield from outside spiritual influences, and to enter the circle after it’s been cast would require cutting a doorway into it.

As you cast your spell or work your rite, the energy you send out interacts with your altar, your tools, yourself, and your ritual space. The circle acts sort of like a can of soda that’s been shaken up. It holds in all of that energy, allowing it to increase in concentration and potency, allowing it to continuously interact with all ritual components, including the witch casting it. When the rite is done and the circle is opened, it sends all of that energy out into the world with extra force and intent, allowing it to more effectively do as the witch desires. This is particularly useful for rites and spells intended for someone else, or for spells intended to cause large changes.

Furthermore, casting a circle is usually the first or second act done in a spell - often a witch will cleanse a ritual space by asperging or smoke cleansing before casting the circle. As a result, casting the circle is an ideal start to a rite because it begins to set you into the state of mind you need for spellwork. By channeling intent and starting up the circle, you get your magical energy moving so that by the time the ritual starts, you’re already warmed up (like an athlete taking a couple of laps around the track so she can be warmed up and ready to go for practice or for the game). 

Why does it need to be a circle instead of another shape?

This largely is rooted in tradition. If you really feel that a different shape is more sacred than a circle, you’re welcome to use that instead in your practice - some cultures believed in triangles being the shape of perfection. However, in most cultures and beliefs, the circle is a rather sacred shape. We see it everywhere, the only shape that can truly be called perfect - no corners, no sharp edges, no beginnings, no endings. It is a symbol of eternity, and reflects the shape of Mother Moon and Father Sun.

The circle also has another impact in witchcraft in that it can be seen as a fertility symbol - representing the full womb. 

When casting a spell and beginning with a circle, you’re creating a sphere of energy - a magical manifestation of the principle of “as above, so below.” In a sense, you’re not casting a circle, but instead casting a sphere. It allows you to encompass your ritual space in a way where the energy can flow smoothly and freely like water. In general, other shapes don’t allow this kind of movement. Just like in Feng Shui, corners collect energy, prohibiting it from moving freely and causing it to grow stale and potentially sour into negative energy. Without the corners, you don’t have to worry about stale energy.

Do I always need to cast a circle in order to work magick?

The simple answer is no. The more accurate answer is that it largely depends upon the tradition you follow and what brand of magick you work. There are witches out there who will absolutely refuse to cast any kind of magic without the protection of the circle. Meanwhile, there are witches out there who only cast the circle for esbats and Sabbats. What feels best for you should be what dictates how frequently you cast your circles.

In my case, I always cast a circle when I am doing a full rite. Since many of my spells are done on the fly (intuition is key for me, so I don’t always write out elaborate spells), I don’t cast a circle for every working I do. Instead, with some spells I make use of circle imagery in order to provide the same effect - the pentacle is basically a mini circle. If you’ve seen the picture I showed of the protection altar I made for a friend of mine, you would notice that I have the pentacle there, but on either side of the pentacle are crystals pointing outward - through the use of imagery, and by using the crystals to project the energy, I’ve managed to cast my circle in the process of casting the spell.

When I’m working in my kitchen, I never cast full ritual circles - the pots and pans provide the shape, and I can cast the circles in the bottoms of those utensils if I need to empower the food.

I do, however, recommend casting circles any time you wish to work with spirits or any time you perform divination or healing spells. This is as much for empowerment as it is for protection.

How do I cast a circle?

Casting a circle can be as elaborate or as easy as you feel it needs to be. It can make use of actually drawing a circle on the floor, or it can be entirely energetic and felt. Ultimately, like any aspect of magick, the circle should be cast in the way that you feel it should be. The guidelines I give here are exactly that: guidelines. Work with them however you feel works best for you!

Step One: Cleanse your space

Cleansing your ritual space is necessary for any magick, depending  upon your craft. When doing a ritual spell, I always cleanse with sage smoke or asperge with holy water. When you feel your ritual space is cleansed of all negativity, you’re ready to begin the casting of the circle.

In my practice, I go around the circle a total of three times. The first time is when cleansing the space. In addition to cleansing the room, I cleanse the circle in a clockwise direction, stopping briefly at each cardinal point to allow the smoke to linger in the space. For me, this helps begin the process of casting, and enhances the visualization.

Step Two: Physical Representation (If Any)

I don’t often draw a circle on the floor. This is largely because most of my magic is intuitive. However, when working with the coven, we sometimes do lay out a circle depending upon the rite we’re working. Especially for new witches who struggle with visualization, laying out a circle can be very nifty and helpful. As such, if you’re new to witchcraft, I do recommend laying out a circle if you feel it helps. If you’re still in the broom closet and want to cast a circle discreetly, you may have to rely upon visualization alone.

Regardless, there are a couple of ways you can lay out your physical circle. The first is to only provide representations at the Corners, or Cardinal Points - North, East, South, and West. If laying out the circle is ritualized for you, it is often recommended to start in the East and move clockwise around the circle. When providing only representations at the Corners, you can either place candles in each direction, or you can provide something that represents the element associated with it (a feather for air at the east, a candle for fire at the south, a glass of water at the west, and a jar of salt for earth at the north, for instance). My coven has considered casting spells at the beach, and we all loved the idea of taking tiki torches and setting one up in each corner, lighting them as we greet each guardian.

The other way of laying a physical circle is to actually draw out the whole circle in some way. If you’re at the beach or in an area where you can draw a circle in the earth, you’re set. But other times, you may be in an area where there’s a bit of foliage, or you’re indoors and don’t have the luxury of scratching a circle into your apartment’s carpet. Depending on what kind of surface you’re using, you can pour salt around the ritual space as a circle, or you can use a protection powder (such as ground eggshells, or ground cinnamon). If laying down something that’s granulated or powdered is a bad idea, because carpets, some witches will use ribbon instead.

One of my favorite moments with my coven was when we had cast a circle on a hill for a Sabbat rite. The hill was rather overgrown, and we were working in a small, grassy clearing. Since the rite was for Imbolc, we had decided that spring flowers would be beautiful. So we took flowers and laid them out in a circle around our ritual space.

Whatever method you use, it is often easier to lay out the physical circle before casting it spiritually.

Step Three: Greeting the Quarters

The second pass around the circle is done as a means of welcoming the Quarters. If your tradition does not have guardians at the cardinal points, you may substitute as needed (welcoming the Faeries, or welcoming deity, for example) or you may omit this step entirely.

Starting at whatever direction is traditional for you (I always start in the north, but many witches prefer to start in the east), greet the guardian, welcoming it to the circle. I do this with an invocation and with the ringing of a bell. Something to the effect of:

I welcome the element of Earth to the North, that it strengthen the circle.


I welcome the Guardian of the North, that it may bear witness to my work. Come in peace and love, so mote it be!

You would move in a clockwise direction around the circle, stopping at each cardinal point and welcoming its guardian or spirit in turn.

Once done, return to the altar.

Step Four: Casting the Circle

My third pass around the circle is the actual casting of it on a spiritual level. Depending upon your tradition, you would do this with a staff, sword, athame, or wand. My personal tradition is flexible - cast it with your hand if you feel that is more effective. I do, however, often cast the circle with a wand - the quartz in my wand helps to empower the circle, and I love encouraging that as much as possible.

With whatever implement you prefer in your casting hand (some traditions emphasize casting hands, others don’t; in general, your casting hand is your dominant hand or whatever hand you use to write with most often; if you’re ambidextrous, this could be either hand), start with the point you began at. Point the implement toward the floor at that point (physical circles help with this - point at the border you’ve created) and begin moving clockwise about the circle, envisioning your energy flowing outward from you, through your implement/fingertips, to the floor and creating a barrier.

Personally, I always tend to see energy as being like slow, fire-like mist that glows blue. I see it coming outward from my heart, traveling down my arm, through the wand (glowing brighter as it passes through each crystal) and then passing onto the ground where it ignites like a little wall of fire. Every witch sees it differently. That’s just how I visualize it.

Some witches will see the circle forming a sphere on its own. Great! If you feel you need to shape the sphere yourself, you can do so. Once you’ve cast the circle, go back to the altar and lift the energy upward from the floor until it closes above your head, creating a dome, and then push it downward in the same manner so that the sphere encloses the space below ground.

Visualization is key.

Congratulations! You’ve cast your circle. Some traditions will mark this in the ritual format: “Here is the border where the circle is cast none but love may enter, none but love may leave” or “The circle is cast in the presence of Goddess and God, so mote it be!”

When doing a simple spell and casting a circle for it, I acknowledge the casting quietly before setting to my work.

In Conclusion…

As you can see, casting a circle is something that can be very elaborate or very simple. It can be required for all workings or it can only be required for some. I feel that the way you cast your circle is often deeply personal. For that reason, in the steps I gave as an example above are only some of the key parts of how I cast the circle without revealing any personal details of what I do for it when not working with the coven.

Every tradition, every path, every witch casts circles differently. If you are starting out as a witch, I greatly encourage you to create your own, personalized method of casting the circle. If you keep a Book of Shadows (as most witches do), the way you cast your circle should be one of the first things that you write down in it.

All that said, may all your circles be unbroken!

Blessed Be! )O(

Cleansing & Calming Salt

Here is a quick recipe I made for some salt to cleanse my crystals/spell jars and also charge them with some calming energy at the same time!


  • Salt (cleansing & purifying)
  • Lavender (calming, relieves anxiety)
  • Chamomile (calming, soothing)
  • Rosemary (anti-depressive)

Simply mix the salt and herbs (I used a mortar and pestle but you could just mix in a bowl) and use however you like to use salt for cleansing. Feel free to substitute for herbs with similar correspondences, or for whatever intent you would like the salt to have!

Bonus tip!

Add to a spray bottle for an easy way to cleanse and calm whatever space you’re in with a quick spritz!

How to cleanse your cards after someone touches them!

If you’re like me, you’re the type of witch who does not want anyone touching your cards but you. Energy is transferrable and when someone else touches your cards, the cards absorb their energy. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; some witches prefer this and find it helps with accuracy. However, others may itch at the thought of others touching their divine merchandise. Either way, it’s likely that eventually you’ll want to cleanse your cards. Clearing out all that backed up energy from various people is a way to keep your cards mystically healthy! And here’s (one of many ways) how!

You’ll need:
•Amethyst - for spirituality & divination
•Sage - for cleansing, and banishing unwanted energies
•White Candle - to represent purity (and the presence of a deity)
•Black Candle - to represent the banishing of negative or unwanted energy
•Purple Candle - for spirituality, divination, and heightened magickal power
•To draw a banishing pentacle - to banish the unwanted energy

Optional Items:
•Selenite/Moonstone - to represent the full moon
• Black Moonstone - to represent the new moon
•Sigil - to restore the accuracy to your cards.

Set Up Steps:
1. Place the white candle at the left point of the pentacle. Place the black candle at the right point of the candle. Place the purple candle at the highest point of the pentacle. Light the candles.
2. Place the amethyst by the purple candle. (Place the selenite/moonstone beside the white candle. Place the black moonstone beside the black candle.)
3. Place the burning sage in the middle.

Spell Steps:
1. Hold the cards. Above the white candle (far enough so that you don’t burn yourself or the cards). One by one, bring each card across the pentacle and lay it down next to the black candle. While you are doing this, chant the following:

“May balance return to this [oracle/tarot] of mine,
May the Goddess restore these cards and remind,
This tool of divination of my aura and energy,
I banish the birr that infected thee.
These cards will look to fortune and see,
The answer to questions that are asked to thee.
By the moon, by the stars,
By the land, and the sea,
I cleanse these cards,
So shall it be.”

place the sigil in the box or bag you store your cards in. It’ll rejuvenate them and ensure accuracy!

After wards, hold your cards a lot. Shuffle them, sleep with them, poop with them! Even though they’re clear of energy, you might want them to get to know yours all over again. Tell me if this helps!
New Witch Worksheet: Spell Types

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

Another New Witch Worksheet! This one is to help you learn different types of spells and how the terms are used. Please keep in mind that different witches may use terms like “charm” and “enchantment” interchangeably, as well as words like “curse” “hex” and “jinx”. However, there are other times where the distinction may be important or useful. For instance, if a spell is described as an elixir, you will want to be extra cautious before attempting to ingest it. 

Other witches may have different ways to define these terms, but these are the most common definitions that I’ve come into contact with. See the answers below the page break. 

Keep reading

I can’t stop thinking about how Allura reacted when VM came into her room post-Ft. Daxio fight you guyssss. 

Because Feeblemind, right? This is the thing that got cast on Tiberius way back when, and I checked the spell description online: your Intelligence and Charisma drop to 1, you can’t use skills that use those modifiers, can’t cast spells, understand language or communicate coherently. You do, however, still know who your friends are and can follow/protect them. 

Allura, though - Allura was so goddamn terrified that I don’t think she really got that VM were allies, given the way that she panicked when Pike and Keyleth reached out to her to cast Greater Restoration. She was still a bit wary of them all, even if she knew somehow that they were friends. 

But - she knew she could trust Kima, that Kima had her back and that Kima was someone to protect and defend. Excuse me while I cry at these gorgeous, badass women who love each other so fucking much that, even when one of them is terrified out of her mind and unable to think or communicate fully - they can still recognise one another. They still know. They know. 

Moving Forward

Set after the eventual future scuffle in which Darrington proves himself to be a valuable addition to the team.  LOOK I AM GRIEVING IN MY OWN WAY LET ME HAVE THIS

She plops down next to him, quivering in his freshly-sullied armor, fixing her braid and brushing debris out of it as he stares, dazed, at the bodies that lie before them.

“It was never like this when I–when we–I mean–”

“When you paid innocent men to get slaughtered so you could kill monsters to get your rocks off?”  Vex’s voice is icy, as always when directing any words at all to this flippant memoir-writing dickwad.

He lowers his head.  “I didn’t think–”

“No. You didn’t.”  Vex lets out a huff.  “You thought this was going to be a shot at glory.  Guess what, Darrington?  Lives are on the line.  Lives of people with families.  People who matter.  People who you can lose forever if you make one mistake.”

There is a pregnant pause.  “I’m sorry,” He murmurs.  “I didn’t… I’m sorry.”

More silence.

Vex glances over at the man, once full of bravado, rattled and broken beside her.  It’s pathetic.  She should leave him like that, let him marinate in his own misery, go crying home to whatever palace is filled with servants to soothe his aching wounds … 

She sighs and grits her teeth, glancing down at the word carved into Fenthras.


“Well,” she finally begins, tone brightening a bit.  “You can apologize by smoothing out that last shot I got in when Doty writes this all down.  Make it sound cool.  Maybe I hit him in the bollocks instead of grazing his shoulder.”  She glances over to read Terrion’s reaction.

He gives a shaky laugh.  “I mean I value my journalistic integrity above all else–but I think I could make an exception.”

They both smile.  Silence fills the space between them again.

It is Vex, once again, who breaks the silence.  “Terry?”


“What’s your mother’s name?”

Master Post of Helpful Programs and Apps

I decided to make a master post of all the programs (free, of course) that I have used over the years to get me through AP’s, studying and exams! Most of these are either apps on my iPhone or programs that I have downloaded onto my Mac. However, all of these *should* be available for Android and PC as well, just let me know if something doesn’t work out!

  • Grammarly: This is a service that I use in computer program form, it is both a Chrome extension and a downloadable application. Not only does it edit your online posts (SUPER helpful to avoid making mistakes in important emails or posts!), you can download your paper into the application and it will edit both grammar and spelling in a way that I find more uniquely helpful than regular old spell check. Additionally, if you are reading a PDF or other article for school online you can click on certain words and Grammarly will define them for you!

  • Zotero: Guys, I can not stress enough what a freaking godsend this program is. You download it onto your computer, and you can save articles/PDF’s from databases directly into it as you are researching, which negates the need for thousands of tabs! You can also have it create your bibliography for you, which is insanely convenient, and you can take notes on the article within the program. That being said, the format was very confusing for me at the beginning. I would recommend watching YouTube videos on how to use it and doing the full tutorial online before you start!   

  • Scribd: Scribd is both an App and a website where you can look up books and read them for free online. It does have ads if you don’t want to pay for the full version, and I would recommend the phone app as opposed to the website formatting wise! I used this to find books at the last minute, and I also used it to find the teachers key for one of my textbooks in order to check my work while I studied for an exam. 

  • Quizlet: Let’s be real, we all know what this one is ;) But I have to give it a shout out! Flashcards, quizzing yourself, fun games, TONS of language options…oh Quizlet how I love you! Comes in both website and app form.

  • Pomodoro: A study timer that uses the Pomodoro method of timing out your study session with specific break time lengths and study time lengths to optimize your performance. I use this one for memorizing vocab and to study for repetitive tests like math, but I really do not find it useful for writing papers. That being said, everyone is different and some people swear by it! iPhone and Android app. 

  • Forest: I love this timer app, I use this for reading and writing papers! It has the added bonus of tugging at your morality by bringing life into the equation. As you study and don’t touch your phone, a little tree is growing. When your time is up, the tree is added to your forest. But if you touch your phone before your time is up, the tree dies! I honestly get super invested in it. App for iPhone and Android.

  • Genius Scan: This one is a bit more logistical, you can take pictures of documents on your phone and it scans them and converts them to PDF’s. I used this to share notes with classmates and to have my own notes with me for on the go review. I use this one surprisingly often! App for iPhone, not sure about Android. 

  • Wunderlist: Wunderlist is my all time favorite to-do list app. Generally, when I’m studying, I use a notepad to make my task list because I love the satisfaction of crossing out tasks. However, I use this for everything from chore lists to groceries to lists of books I want to read. You can have categories and multiple titled lists, and it’s super satisfying to check things off! App for iPhone, not sure about Android. 

These are all the apps and programs that I use with extreme regularity, but I love productivity apps and I am always looking for more! If anybody has anything to add or has any recommendations for me pleaaasssseee tell me about them. Good luck studying! 

Imagine Jonathan turning you into a Forsaken...your friends find you in your final moments. (Shadowhunters)

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Pain yet numb, that’s what you felt. Blood ran down the rune Jonathan inflicted upon you.
This was his intention, his hit towards Clary and the others. He had got to you and they couldn’t save you. Your friends were all superior to you, yet none could save you and would remain helpless.

They couldn’t find you.
All of your friends used every sense they had to track you. However all attempts lead them outside on a hill across from an abandoned building.
“I dont understand! The spell should have lead us right to them! Not the middle of nowhere.” Magnus said.
“Come on.” Alec said frustrated. “All we need is a sign!”

In that moment a copperish smell made its way up Simon’s nostrils…a smell that was too familiar. He looked to Raphael for confirmation and Raphael also had a look of dread across his features.
It wasn’t just your scent. It was your blood.
“No! No!” Simon cried out, running full speed into the building. Raphael not far behind and the others followed.
“Stop!” Meliorn called out when the two vampires reached the door.
“There’s a spell on the door! Don’t touch it!”
Magnus was already flicking his wrists and fingers and a transparent covering of the building seemed to melt away.

Alec with his bow at the ready lead the way and they followed.
“(Y/N)!” “(Y/N)!” Meliorn, Simon, Raphael, all three called out after each other but they got no reply.
“In here!” Simon yelled. “Hurry! There’s something on the door!”
It appeared to be another spell, this one less tricky as though the caster didn’t think any one would get past the first.
Magnus made quick work out of it.
“All of you stay here!” Alec ordered before he kicked the door open, bow raised-.
He faltered, a sick feeling in his gut at the sight.
Everyone noticed. “Alec? Whats wrong?” Magnus asked as they spilled into the room before taking in the sight in front of them, the one that held Alec’s stare.

You were a sickly pale colour, eyes half-lidded and breathing slow. Your hair stuck to the sides of your face, your fingers shook seemingly in attempt to grip the concrete floor.
Simon yelled out your name before rushing to you, taking you into his arms. “They’re burning up! What do we do!? Alec, their neck, it has a rune! Don’t just stand there we need to do something!”
All but Alec crowded around you. “They won’t heal!” Magnus said frustrated. Raphael tried to get your attention but you gave no response, like you never heard. Your eyes flickered to the men around you. “Alexander, they won’t heal.” Magnus turned to Alec with a startled expression.
Alec gave no reaction of surprise. Instead he slapped a hand to his mouth, squeezing his eyes shut, close to tears.
They didn’t realise what was happening. They couldn’t save you. You were turning into a Forsaken. Alec knew what he had to do but even if it was for your benefit, how could he kill you? His friend?
He turned away and this got their attention.
“Alec!?” Simon called.
“Alec? Alec, what’s wrong?” Magnus asked concerned with a tone of dread.

Alec turned back around before walking up to you and kneeling, taking you into his arms and out of Simon’s. Then Alec covered your ears. “We can’t save them.” He said quietly, with a stammer.
“What!?” Meliorn glared.
“No-” Simon started.
“Remember what Izzy told you Simon. She told you what happens when a mundane is marked with a rune.”
They die or go insane. Usually we just kill them.’
A Forsaken life isn’t one I’d choose for a loved one.’ He remembered Clary’s words too. He felt the need to voice his concern with his best friend as the Shadowhunters solution to the Forsaken was a bit too brutal to stomach.
Then the sickening phrase came back to him. ‘The law is hard but it is the law.’ The phrase became personal, never had he realised the sincerity of the words. It meant to sacrifice, it meant to face pain for the greater good but were any of them really able to enact this sacrifice?
Alec could.’ Simon thought bitterly, he was raised to conform to this. Only now has he really ever acknowledged his feelings before a mission. If anyone in the crumbling room could kill you, it was Alec. Alec uncovered your ears.

“Please tell me this isn’t how this ends.” Simon pleaded but Alec stayed quiet looking down at you as Meliorn ran his fingers through your hair. Alec passed you back to Simon, raised to his feet and stood facing away from you all.
“Say your goodbyes, they don’t have long left.” Alec swallowed. He decided against saying goodbye to you. He felt he didn’t deserve it. He deserved the pain of your death, he’d be the one to kill you after all.

Raphael was first. He planted a kiss to your forehead. “Everything’s okay. You’re safe. We have you.” A tear ran down the side of your face which Meliorn wiped away.
“Just breathe.” Meliorn whispered. He looked at you with eyes of pain yet sympathy too.
“Do not be afraid anymore.” Magnus finished.
Simon finally spoke up. “Hey.” He smiled his eyes tearing up, his whole torso was tight. It was the feeling of feeling so much emotion that you couldn’t breathe. “See when this is over, we’re gonna take you to so many places. Remember how you wanted to go travelling? Just pack up and go? We’re gonna do that, me and you, we’re gonna just get up and go.” You looked up at him intently. “And we’re even going to see the shadow world. We’ll meet so many amazing people.” Simon swallowed, voice faltering. “We’ll even get Clary and you can take all the pictures you want, Clary will spend all her time drawing and I will come out with well planned stupid jokes and puns because that’s all I’m really good at.” Simon laughed quietly along with you.
“That…sounds…nice…” You smiled.
Simon nodded, fighting back tears. “You’ll watch the sunset and you’ll come home and tell everyone about the amazing things you saw.” You’re smile left a second after he finished. Simon stroked the dark circles, emphasising your eye sockets as you went limp, and stopped breathing. Simon quietly sobbed but didn’t let tears fall. He lifted you into a hug, kissing your cheek as he did.
“It’s time.” Alec said.

Magnus was the first to get up and briefly comforted Alec, squeezing his shoulder, silently telling him he was not to blame. You had began to violently twitch, a quiet gurgle being heard.
“Simon…” Raphael said. Simon continued to stare at you. He had grown accustomed to you always being there. He couldn’t imagine a life without you and yet now he’d have to face forever without you. He already missed you. It wouldn’t be the same without you.
There is a void you filled, like the three musketeers. With you gone and only himself and Clary, it wasn’t three musketeers, there was no three.

You jolted and Alec repeated himself more forcefully, bow at the ready - raised and you being a clear target.
Simon did move and then minutes later you sat up abruptly and let out a screech, scrambling to your feet when-

They all watched as you choked and sputtered, arrow deep in your throat. Blood ran down your neck as you gurgled.
Alec shook lowering his bow. His breathing quivered as you dropped to your knees. Simon was beside you holding you up in a matter of moments.

Soon your choking stopped and your eyes turned glassy, giving notice to the greyish film across them. You looked different than you did before- a total contrast to your usual self that was full of life and colour.
“They were gonna grow up…fall in love, have a family, tell their kids their stories. A normal mundane life that seemed so boring yet vibrant, filled with things no downworlders, demons, angels or Nephilm could ever have. They wanted that. They didn’t want immortality or magic powers, they just wanted a life full of love and laughter and joy, even if they’d have to face the bad stuff to get it.” Simon said pained.
“They didn’t deserve this.” Raphael spoke up firmly. “They were too young.” “This is what he wanted.” Meliorn said. “Why take on any of us when he can get someone we love. It keeps him going and it breaks us down. We suffer the pain of losing a loved one, he proves he can hurt us without even being near us. They were his message…that even we cannot run from pain and he can take anything from us and we can do nothing about it. Even with our power…we are useless.”
Alec looked at your motionless body.
I’m so sorry.’

Increasing your emotional tolerance spell

Spoonie witches may enjoy this spell, or you can use any time you feel you can’t handle your stress. 

This is your tolerance. It get filled up with the squiggles when you feel stressed and when it goes over the edge you feel angry, anxiety and depressed. 

What you need. 

-A lighter or matches 

-Paper and pencil 

-Ground Cinnamon and rosemary 

-Tea of your choice (however chai and chamomile are recommended) 

-Rose quartz (only needed if you are going to leave your house after the spell) 

1. Take the paper and pencil and draw what your tolerance looks like right now. If you are going over the edges then you are not handling your stress well. Do not feel ashamed if your bar is very narrow and filled to the brim with stress marks, its normal, there is no correct way for a bar to look like. If you are using the rose quartz, have it with you throughout the rest of this spell. 

2. Pour a little cinnamon and rosemary on top of the paper. This will help you ‘empty’ your bar and help with step 3. 

3. Fold the paper and burn it in a fire safe place. As it burns meditate and imagine your bar expanding as far as it can and being emptied of your previous stress. Do not proceed until you feel relaxed and your bar expanded, even if by a little. 

4. When the ashes are cool, dump them into the earth and make your tea and drink it. If you are leaving the house, carry the rose quartz with you as it now carries the energy you created during the spell. 

Chemistry within Magick


As a medical student studying Pharmaceutical Science and Biochemistry, I like to incorporate my scientific knowledge into my spell work. I always work with colors in my magick, so finding creative ways to do this may be challenging. However, I think I have found a great way to do this using chemistry and the element of fire! Now, I haven’t done this yet, it still just an interesting idea, but when I get the materials, it’s happening!

If you’re a witch who likes to use a cauldron, then I suggest trying this:

Fill the bottom of your cauldron with sand (as to protect it from the heat of the fire) and place a small tin container (or lid) on top of the layer of sand inside the cauldron. This tin layer acts as a barrier between the sand and the ingredients that will be placed in afterwards (to keep everything safe and decontaminated). Then you can add the desired substance into the tin container (don’t let it spill over) and light it on fire. The different substances will produce a specific color that corresponds to the type of magick you’re performing.

*It’s best if all these chemicals are in powder form as they will produce the best results. *

Potassium Chloride- violet
Cupric Chloride (Copper Chloride)- blue
Cupric Sulfide- green
Sodium Chloride (table salt)- yellow
Calcium Chloride- orange
Strontium Nitrate- light red
Lithium Chloride- deep red (looks really cool!)

Pour a little bit of one of these substances onto the tin surface and then grab some liquid Methanol (NOT Meth!!) which is an odorless alcohol that’s flammable (but not explosive). After adding that, you’re ready to light it on fire! Just grab your lighter or match, and set it aflame.

I hope you like this post and I hope that some of you try this!

Remember to always be safe around fire and if something goes wrong at any time, make sure you have a fire extinguisher around at all times during any spell involving any kind of fire.

Aesthetic design trade with my amazing friend, @monstersparade!

I’ve never done such a trade before but it was sooooo much fun to do!! Hope you like it ;vvv;

Xylina is a dwarf unicorn who lives inside of a deep dark forest. Her magic isn’t so strong, however she found out an alternative way to cast spells: it’s witchery. She’s really interested in magic and making different kinds of potions, she knows everything about every plant/herb in her forest. She always carries a few magic books and potion bottles with herself, just in case.

As for her personality, we don’t know much about her since she never leaves her forest. She’s secretive, mysterious, and really hard to open. She isn’t very talkative either. 

<insert aesthetic here>

anonymous asked:

Hello! You don't have to reply to this, especially bc its from awhile ago but I saw you had been asking how we spell Yuuri and why. In Japanese, Yuuri is how it is actually spelled. If you switch languages on your keyboard to Japanese and type in Yuuri, the kanji for his name pops up. He probably spells it 'Yuri' in English because he lived in America, and modified it for English speakers to make it easier to spell. You've prolly already heard this but just thought id put my 2 cents in :D

Yes, I stuck with spelling it “Yuuri” in my fic, Winter Song.

However, I did purposefully spell it “Yuri” in a few places. I only dropped the second U when his name is literally written down by another character - like in text messages, in the letter Victor writes him, and on his Happy Birthday sign. I figured it made sense to keep those instances spelled the way it is in the anime.

Just in case anyone is wondering. :) It’s not a typo when I spell his name like that.

Full Moon and Cannabis; the best of friends.

Originally posted by ooevilynoo

Notice how everyone (usually) is aware when it’s a full moon? Common phrase is ‘Watch out for crazy folks, it’s a full moon tonight!’ well they aren’t crazy they just don’t know how to handle the energies the moon is throwing at them. Time to use this energy to our advantage, it’s the witch-way after all.

Smokey Mirror Spell


-          Your Altar (however you prefer to set it up, I’m more of non-traditional altar fan myself)

-          A Mirror to set on your altar, at least 8X10 size. Larger mirrors are fine, you can set them behind your altar.

-          Dry Erase Markers (single or multiple colors)

-          Your choice of smoking utensil

-          Your choice of cannabis

With your altar set up place your mirror where you can see yourself in it. Take your markers and write/draw your intentions/sigils/symbols/doodles all over the mirror. Get creative with it, it’s all about you and for you. Once you’re done pack your bowl (or roll your joint/blunt) and let your smoke session begin. Blow each hit on your mirror to help seal your intentions and wishes and activate them. Once you’re done leave your mirror on (or behind) your altar till the next moon phase then place your mirror where you can look at it every day to keep it fresh in your mind. You can do this for as long as you want or need to.

Tips and Tricks!

-          If you use a bong, use moon water as your bong water then pour it outside when you’re done.

-          You can substitute smoking with edibles and it’d work just the same.

-          If you would rather use paint or whatever on your mirror that also is perfectly ok.

Blessed Full Moon Ya’ll

Dear Witches

I plan on casting that spell I’m sure you’ve seen against Donald Trump’s harmful ways. However, I’ve seen some concerning things going around.

I’ve seen people who are fearful that people, specifically women, suspected of witchcraft will be rounded up and burned like in Salem during 1692.

I’ve seen people delete themselves from social media entirely because of this fear.

Now, I don’t know how probable that is, and I’m doubting it would actually happen, but it is not something to be ignored. I know how it feels to have a fear that others invalidate and I’m not about to bash it. I’m a little worried, but I’m here to tell you that:

-If anything like that were to happen, there are laws now that we didn’t have in 1692 to protect you and the members of your household. 
-You are protected under law and you must be given a fair and speedy trial. They cannot take you and burn you like they did back then.
-Donald Trump likely doesn’t believe our spell will affect him so that decreases risk for us.

I could list more reasons but I’d get carried away. However, these are not reasons to be less careful. Please don’t put yourselves in harm’s way. I love you all and you are all amazing and wonderful. Stay safe. 


Potion Magic 101

@witchy-wondering messaged me over the weekend asking for my thoughts on a good starting place for those interested in pursuing the art of magical potion making. Instead of responding privately, I thought it would be best to share my thoughts in a post with the hopes that others may find some use from it. It should be noted, however, that these instructions assume that the reader has some previous magical experience (i.e. you can formulate an intent) Again, these are just my thoughts. There are as many ways to approach this as there are witches in the world. For those that may be interested, I will also be putting together some simple potion recipes for others to test out. I will be working on these later this week!

The Physical Requirements

You will need to obtain a boiling crucible, mortar and pestle, wooden spoons, funnels, fine sieves (for straining liquids), and glass vials (clear and dark colored). One important note: eventually, you may find yourself constructing brews with poisonous ingredients – it is highly recommended that you obtain a separate set of tools just for these types of concoctions so that cross-contamination does not occur. Make sure these utensils are clean for each use. Obviously, don’t ingest poisons.

You will also need to obtain ingredients – these can be anything that call out to you, but usually herbs or roots of some sort. Gemstones are also popular, as are animal parts (bones, skin, etc.) The list of potential ingredients goes on ad infinitum. I suggest obtaining a book of correspondences and using it as reference when you start collecting your ingredients. The reference books may be useful for the neophyte Witch, however, feel free to use your own correspondences if you are comfortable doing so. As discussed in a previous post, get creative here. Use the page of a dictionary for wisdom, use a feather for travel, play with it and have fun. Think about the application of the brew before gathering ingredients. Is the brew going to be ingested? Used to anoint? Poured on the earth? Depending on how you intend to use the brew, that will dictate the ingredients that may be used.

The Mental Requirements

As with all forms of magic, your potion making will be more effective with some degree of mental preparation. For me, a brief breathing exercise is all I really need to center myself for magical work. I wrote a Witch’s Middle Pillar Exercise that utilizes elemental powers instead of the Judeo-Christian influences of the standard exercise which has become one of my preferred methods of mental preparation. Again, this step will be unique for each Witch.

The Magical Requirements

When it comes to actually brewing a potion, the parts are never as important as the whole. This should be kept in mind at all times. Ingredients should always be contributed while maintaining concentration on how they “fit” into the potion’s end goal. It’s challenging to hold this concentration, but the rewards are worth the effort. Beginners may find it easier to limit the number of ingredients they’re using. It’s far easier to “manage” three ingredients than it is eight. With practice, a Witch could work up to more ingredients, thus adding more complexity to their brews.

After brewing, remember to empower the brew. My preferred method involves programming energy into the brew using my hand or my wand. Some may prefer chanting a spell over it, allowing it to bask in the moon’s light (or sun’s light), elemental empowerment, and so on. For me, the simple, but very final gesture, of waving my wand over the potion seals ties everything together.