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Stranded {Part 2}

Fandom: Marvel/Avengers

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Female Identifying)

Series: Stranded

Warning: N/A

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Merman Bucky AU: You find yourself stranded on a desert island no thanks to a stupid group of pirates…you happen to make a friend, however, who’s determined to show you how to survive.

Note: Photo is one of mine :)

Part 1 X

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promo for the hpminorcharnet: Cormac McLaggen

“To Harry’s great disappointment, Cormac McLaggen saved four penalties out of five. On the last one, however, he shot off in completely the wrong direction; the crowd laughed and booed and McLaggen returned to the ground grinding his teeth.”

Andromeda hadn’t wanted to go through any of Remus’ possessions, she already had enough on her plate sorting through her daughters belongings and looking after little Teddy, so she asked Harry. 

Harry didn’t have to do it, but he wanted to, it felt wrong to just put everything into storage or throw it as Andromeda suggested as alternatives. It was also nice to have something to focus on in his spare time, to take his mind off the horrors of the past few weeks. 

Remus didn’t have much. Harry really just intended to sift through everything, keep a few things for Teddy and hand things that seemed like they might have sentimental value over to Lyall Lupin, who also hadn’t felt up to clearing everything out and whom Harry had met stood by Minerva McGonagall’s side when they’d taken news of his sons death to him.

On the second and last day he was clearing through everything, Hermione joined him and they sorted through everything silently. Occasionally Hermione would hand Harry an errant photo - one of Remus holding a tiny baby that could only be Harry, glancing at the camera like he was scared of dropping him - or some odd memento or other. 

Finally,at the bottom of a box of clothes, Hermione pulled a locked wooden box. Harry watched her examine it for a few minutes, probing it with spells before she announceed that the locking charm used on it was designed to be unlocked only by the caster - unless the caster had passed on.

“So we can open it?” Harry asked. 

Hermione hesitated, “Well, yes, I’m almost certain that I can but…”


“Well, if he used such a protective locking charm, do we really want to see what’s in here?”

“What if it’s something we could show to Teddy one day?”

“What if it’s something he never wanted anyone to see?” countered Hermione.

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Super Awkward

Characters: Jared x Reader, Jensen

Words: 1,019

Warnings: Comical fluff

A/N: This is for @impalaimagining‘s Cheesy Pickup Line Challenge. My prompt will be in italics. Gif is not mine, it was brought to you by google. 

Also this is my first RPF. Criticism and pointers to writing Jared are welcome!

Jared hummed as him and Jensen drank their beers. It had been a very long but eventful day. It was full of panels and even photo ops. However, it was nice for the two to finally wind down.

“We can’t get too drunk now Jare. We have a panel first thing in the morning.”

Jared nodded, “Right… I know.”

Jensen sighed knowing that look. Jared had often got it. He was a single man in his thirties.

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THIS WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO MAKE A PSD FOR YOUR RP ICONS OR GRAPHICS.  I will personally just be showing you how to do it for an image that isn’t cropped or bordered.  you will need photoshop for this, but you don’t have to be a pro!  ( you can prob. find a download link online but be careful! )  the tutorial is below the cut!  Its super flexible and easy and is a great way to spice up your aesthetic and visual mood for your writing threads or blog posts!


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Behind the Camera | 3

I was always behind the camera, whether it was for them to film or in the middle of no where to find a perfect place for photos. It wasn’t that I necessarily hated it, I was just much more skilled in working a camera than working it for a camera. Grayson however, he was exquisite at both, simply because he was fantastic at everything. It was one of his favorite things to steal away the camera and snap a picture or two of me, he knew I hated when he did that. But somehow, his quick and teasing photos always put mine to shame, so I let him takeover anytime he wanted to.

It was nearing midnight and I was stuck on their couch, waiting for them to get back from a meeting. Ethan had made me promise that I would stay and film a video for them, and by ten o'clock I had already regretted my decision. It was beginning to be more difficult for me to keep my eyes open underneath the soft blanket and Grayson’s t-shirt. My favorite show on the television, but I relented to shut my eyes, even for just a few minutes.

Just as I was nearing that sweet drop into sleep, I heard the rustling feet come through the door, and surprisingly only one pair. I lifted myself to sit although I felt like I was pulling a ton of bricks to do so, turning to see Grayson staring back at me from the table, hand ghosting over my camera that was patiently waiting there.

My voice was hoarse and ugly when I spoke. “Where’s E?”

Grayson gripped the camera before looking down to power it on, shrugging his shoulders and pulling it up to his eye, clicking just as I scrunched my face. “I don’t know, said he was going to meet some girl for pizza or something.”

I stood from the couch quickly, rushing around the edge to place my hand in front of the lens. “No pictures, Gray.”

He rolled his eyes with a smile, gripping my wrist softly before letting it drop to hang loosely by my hip. “Just a few, come on.” His eyes were alight, and I never missed how ecstatic he always was to take a backseat and be behind the camera every once in a while. I rolled my eyes right back at him and lifted my arms to show him I’d relent. I had begun to round the couch to sit, but his hand on my shoulder stopped me dead in my tracks. “Not here. I have a better idea.” So he grabbed my hand and lead my through the winding hallway to his open bedroom door, ushering me inside before pushing me gently to sit on the bed. “Now you have to do exactly as I say, just like I do when you take pictures of me.”

I raised my eyebrow, narrowing my eyes. “Don’t try any funny shit, Dolan.”

His boisterous laugh echoed perfectly through the quiet room as he snapped another picture of my tired and irritated face. “Take off your pants.”

I’m sure I looked either enraged or embarrassed. Grayson and I’s relationship was strictly platonic friendship, so it seemed that a demand like that was crossing into unknown and forbidden territory. “I said no funny shit.”

He was agitated as the camera dropped to hang loosely from his neck. “And I said you have to do exactly as I say, pants off, now.” I grumbled as I grabbed the waist band of my leggings, pushing them to my ankles as I kicked them off rather ungracefully. “Now get in the middle.” I listened pretty quickly, eager to do as he said to get it over with. My mind was racing with questions as to why this was happening, but I was far too tired to truly think on them. I plopped down to sit on my behind over the plush and soft cover, forcing myself not to fall backward and wrap myself in the delicious bed. “No, on your knees.”

I narrowed my eyes again, but did so anyway, resting my butt on my heels as he took the picture. I pushed a stray piece of hair from my face as he rounded off a few more clicks, his smile shining behind the camera. “Are we done yet?”

He pulled the camera down to take a look at the shots before pulling it back to his sight. “No, Y/N we’re not done yet. Take off my shirt.”

My eyes widened as I coughed the surprise from my throat. “Are you crazy? No!”

He sighed loudly, eyeing me with disinterest. The way he had asked was so nonchalant and straightforward, like asking someone to borrow a pen, and it honestly confused me. When I said Grayson and I were platonic, I meant it. There was no undercover flirting or suspicious glances, no sneaking around or hiding secrets from anyone. We were friends, and friends who had never crossed that boundary into that territory before. If anyone had asked me if this would’ve ever happened, I would’ve laughed loudly in their face. I just wasn’t really Grayson’s type, and I’d never really bothered to wonder if he was mine. So sitting in the middle of his bed and pulling the warm cotton over my head seemed almost like I was still on the couch asleep and in a dream. He smiled from behind the camera and began clicking away again. “Good girl.” My face heated with affection under his praise, and although my underwear set was very practical, and although I wasn’t sexy even if I tried, I decided I was already near naked and that I might as well humor him at the very least.

I wasn’t a model of any kind, but I had taken enough pictures of others to notice the tilt of the head and where to place my hands, I knew how to look at the camera as if to look dead in the eyes of the person seeing it. I felt a little awkward but I went with it, we’d far passed that moment of no return. “Am I doing okay?”

He lowered the camera to take a look at me before smiling and nodding his head. He tilted his head to the side to survey everything of the bed around me before looking back at me, that devilish smile on his face that he always had when he wanted to push someone a little farther than they liked. “Turn around though.” I bit my lip with nerves, but did as he said, turning myself around and sitting back on my heels again. The low hum in the back of his throat was deep and vibrated around the room. “You really have a nice ass, Y/N. It’s a shame you don’t show it more often.” Goosebumps erupted all over my flesh as my hairs stood on end. “Now lean forward on your hands and spread your legs a little.” It was intense silence apart from the camera and our breathing. The dip at the end of the bed made me jump slightly as he was directly behind me. “I’m only going to ask you this once. Can I touch you, Y/N?”

He waited patiently as my mind short circuited with question after question. It would change the whole dynamic of our friendship. Forever. No longer would I stand behind the camera and look at him the same, I would remember this and I was afraid I would never be able to let it go. But something about the warmth of his body so near mine, and how he smelled so delicious like he always did, I caved. I hadn’t been touched by anyone in months, and there was a tiny fragment of me that admitted I wanted him to. “Y-yes.”

His hand reached forward immediately to pull the lace fabric to the side, his fingers dipping in to touch the slick folds which he had caused. His sharp intake of breath was loud, as was mine as he moved one finger over my clit rather slowly. I bent backward to push into his hand farther as he crawled forward to get closer. His other hand gripped my shoulder to pull me up, grasping the clasp of my bra as it popped open and fell from my arms. His chest was holding me up as he reached forward to run circles, thrusting two fingers into me quickly from behind. A harsh and frustrated moan pushed from my mouth as I was already so close to cumming. He leaned down by my ear, his hot breath fanning out over my neck. “Come on, you’re so close baby.” And just like that, with his deep voice in my ear and his fingers working so diligently, I released all over him.

It took a moment for me to catch my breath, my limbs feeling heavy but I felt so relaxed. I was ready to just curl up and sleep, but payback sounded much better.

I adjusted my underwear back in place as it stuck to me from my cum. I gripped the camera which had been forgotten beside us, hopping off the bed and pulling the lens to my eye to catch his smoldering look at me. I looked to the bulge in his pants and smiled largely at him. I felt much better behind the camera, and it was time for him to get to work. “Alright, your turn.”

No Control | Chapter Twenty-Six


Micky Bennett: college student, loyal friend, aspiring nurse, One Direction fan, Harry Styles enthusiast. Her best friend, Trevor, wins tickets to a show in New Jersey with meet and greet passes. Micky expects a quick photo op with the boys and a great night at the concert with her best friend. What she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.

To read previous chapters, you can go here.

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A/N: honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of this chapter, until the very end, so be nice, please lol. Next chapter will pick up, however.


When we land in Manchester, and I can’t help the anxiousness I feel wash over me. I told my parents I was coming, since Harry and I were going to be staying in the house for the night before driving down to Holmes Chapel the next day. It’s already late evening when we arrive, and Harry and I are in a weird state of exhaustion from traveling but also alertness from having gotten a bit of sleep on the plane on the way over. We’re mostly silent on the short drive from the airport to my parents’ home. Harry had someone drop his Range Rover off at the airport before we landed so we’d be able to drive ourselves around this weekend as opposed to calling cabs or renting a vehicle.

My mum is stood in the doorway of my childhood home when we get there, the light from inside the house illuminating her from behind. I can see she’s in a pretty thick jumper to keep out the chill that’s settled over the night. The display in Harry’s car read that it’s only about five degrees now from the lack of sunlight, and I can feel it as I step out of his toasty cab. 

Mum is by my side in an instant in her house slippers, wrapping her arms around me and enveloping me in her sunshine scent. I hug her back tightly, only letting her go when I see Harry come from the back, having gotten our bags. 

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(Photo: Katherine Frey/ The Washington Post) 

This is the northern part of the Bears Ears National Monument, a territory in dispute between politicians who want to mine and drill the land and conservationists who want to preserve its natural splendor. 

President Obama designated it as a monument in December, in an effort to protect its archaeological sites and land considered sacred by Native American tribes. However, President Trump, at the request of Utah public officials, has been considering a reversal of that decision — as some Utah residents regard the designation as a federal intrusion.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke recommended Trump to revise the existing boundaries of the monument and Congress dictate how parts of the area should be managed. 

Mine-Daniel Seavey

Summary: You’re a model and your first bikini shoot is right around the corner. You did everything to prepare yourself for this day both mentally and physically and you can’t contain your excitement. Your boyfriend Daniel, however, isn’t too excited to see you posing half naked with male models. 

Requested: Yes

♥ ♥ ♥

“I’m telling you, I’m coming with you tomorrow.” Daniel warned, waving a finger in your face. “Babe that’s unprofessional.” you groaned for the third time from your spot on the couch. 

You and Daniel had been playfully arguing about your photo shoot for about an hour now, and it was getting old. Since the photo shoot was in L.A., you figured you’d just stay the night with Daniel but he was making you regret that decision.

“Daniel.” you said firmly, getting his attention as he looked away from the television and his eyes met yours. You scooted closer to him on the couch and he put on arm around your shoulders. 

“Yes, (Y/N)?” “This is my job.” you reminded him, putting as much emphasis on the word job as you could. “Yeah but you’re my girlfriend and it sucks when guys are constantly drooling over you.” he whined.

“Mhmm. Sound familiar?” you raised your eyebrows and he sighed before admitting his defeat. “Okay, okay. Just come here.” he said and pulled you closer to him.”

“You can come if you really want to but you have to act completely professional.” you said. “Can you do that for like two hours max?” you asked and he nodded excitedly. “Anything to see you in a bikini.” he said with a smirk.


“Y/N) wake up!” Daniel said, rocking you by the shoulders and pulling you from your slumber. “Good morning Daniel.” you said as you forced your eyes to open. 

“Did we sleep on the couch last night?” you asked as you felt around for your phone. “Yeah you fell asleep during the second movie. I didn’t want to take a chance on waking you up because you seemed so nervous about today.”

“Aww, thanks babe. And yeah, I am really nervous. It’s my first bikini shoot, you know.” You explained as you sat up on the couch. Daniel joined you before saying, “I get it but you’re beautiful and I know you can do this.” 

“So what’s the plan for today?” he asked after kissing you on the cheek. “Okay, so it’s nine now and I need to be there at eleven since the official shoot starts at noon.” you began and Daniel listened intently.

“So I need to go shower, get dressed and then leave.” you finished and Daniel chimed in shortly after. “I’m driving you remember?” he said and you smiled at the thought of him wanting to be with you for this.

“Right, sorry. So we both need to be ready by like ten fifteen okay?” After receiving a nod and some kisses from Daniel, you headed upstairs to the bathroom to begin getting ready.

You figured the other boys would still be asleep for a while but you were quiet anyway as you grabbed your robe and your toiletry bag and slipped into the bathroom. 

You took a quick shower and Daniel showered after you. While Daniel was showering, you put your hair up and applied light makeup. Now, it was time to decide what to wear.

As a model, you didn’t need to show up to set looking gorgeous-in fact, anything more than a little makeup and natural hair was usually frowned upon-but you were still to look somewhat put together.

About ten minutes was done going through your suit case before settling on a pair of ripped light wash skinny jeans and a white off the shoulder top; your outfit made complete with a small Tiffany&Co. necklace given to you by Daniel.

When you were fully ready, you went downstairs to find Daniel completely ready and waiting for you. “You look great, (Y/N).” he complimented. “All set?” he asked, dangling his keys in the air and you nodded with a grin.


The drive was nice and fairly quick, you and Daniel talking and singing a long with the radio the whole way. Before you knew it, you had arrived at your destination and the butterflies began.

“Wait, you’re doing a photoshoot at a hotel?” Daniel asked with amusement as he pulled into the parking lot of the Bel Air hotel. “Yeah, I must have forgot to mention it.” you shrugged and waved at your manager, Sarah.

“Yeah, apparently you forgot to mention a lot of things…” Daniel muttered and you looked to see what he was on about. Sarah pulled into the spot next to you and you and Daniel hopped out to greet her but she wasn’t alone.

“Hi, (Y/N)!!” she exclaimed, getting out of her vehicle along with a handful of male models. “Hi, Sarah. This is my boyfriend Daniel. You haven’t met.” you said quietly and the two of them shook hands and exchanged greetings.

You pointed to the muscular boys that stood behind her and tried not sound rude with your next question. “I, uh, I thought it was going to be an all girls shoot?” you asked and Daniel cleared his throat softly.

“Change of plans!” was all she had to say before she grabbed your hand and led you inside, Daniel following closely behind. “I’m sorry.” you mouthed in his direction before Sarah dragged you to hair and makeup.

You couldn’t tell whether the expression on his face was hurt or jealously and you didn’t ask either. Your prep team had been making small talk as you sat in the chair and Daniel stayed silent across from you.

“Okay, meet us outside in five minutes!” Sarah said before rushing outside herself, your hair dresser and makeup artist leaving as well so it was just you and Daniel.

“Are you mad?” you asked softly, standing up to meet him half way. “No.” he said, pulling you into a hug, careful not to ruin the work your prep team had just done on you.

“Okay, let’s go then.” you said and gave him a quick peck on the lips but as you went to leave he pulled you closer to him. “Just remember, (Y/N), you’re mine.” he growled in your ear, leaving you excited to get home the rest of the day.

♥ ♥ ♥

Author’s Note: I changed the request a bit just to make it a little more realistic. Originally, the reader was supposed to be a VS angel about to walk her first runway show but I made her going to her first bikini shoot!


Request: “Hey no rush on this one, I’ve just been hit with some serious Scott feels. So I would like to request an imagine where the reader is into photography so she invites some friends to the beach. They think she is taking photos of the water, trees etc. But she is actually sneaking photos of Scott bc he’s so gorgeous. Then he finds out and it’s really cute and fluffy. Thanks💖”

Ship: Scott McCall x Fem!Reader

Warnings: fluff, swearing, SO MUCH FLUFF, cuteness, photography, embarrassment, etc. 

Notes: none of these gifs are mine, credit to owner

Third P.O.V

(Y/n) packed all her things into the car, her smile never leaving her face. She had been waiting weeks to go to the beach with her closest friends. However, every chance they got, weather seemed to end her plans. But today, today was the day they got relax in the calming water. Beacon Hills wasn’t a place for relaxing, never was, never will be. But just for one moment, things seemed to be still around the pack. Pulling up to the beach, swimsuit under her shorts and shirt, camera in hand, she practically ran over to where her friends had begun to set up. Scott McCall, her long time crush, whom of which also secretly harbored feelings for the young girl, was the first to turn his head over his shoulder to see her running towards them; towards him.

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

It took literally everything in Scott to not grin like a child on the morning of Christmas. Instead, he went for his goofy smile. Hoping that it wasn’t as big as it could have been. When she ran up to him, they embraced, a warm feeling fluttered in both of their hearts. (Y/n) pulled away to hug the other members, her friends. Stiles was the first to be thrown into the water, Isaac and Derek lifting him up with ease. They laughed together, following Stiles soon after. (Y/n) however, stayed behind. You see, being a photographer is a very challenging, yet fun thing. The young girl had to keep her camera with her at all times. Whenever she saw something beautiful, a huge feeling would wash over her. She had the need to capture that moment in time so that she’d never forget it.

Standing at the edge of the beach, right before the water hit its peak, she took a few snap shots of the cool material as it made its way up and onto her toes. She giggled quietly to herself, surprised that the water was that cold. When she lifted her head up, her breath hitched at the sight in front of her. The boy she’s had a crush on since forever, walks out of the water, the droplets cascading across his muscular body. His hair is drenched from the liquid previously taking residence there. Scott’s swim shorts clung to his thick thighs. Running a hand through his hair, the water droplets seemed to fall off and away from him and back onto the sand below his feet. It was like one of the slow motion movies where the hot guy comes out of the water looking ten times more sexy than he should.

The sight alone could make any woman drool for hours on end. However, (Y/n) was just genuinely captivated by his gracefully appearance, how calm he looked right now with his friends, she couldn’t help but capture that moment. She photographed the smile that made it’s way onto his face when Stiles tackled him into the water. The way the light hit him made him look like a god, more so than usual. She had taken ten or so pictures, completely captivated by the boy and the ambiance around her. When they finished up at the beach, they headed back to her house, still dripping and sticky from the sand and water. While her friends were drying off, she decided to take a minute and head over to her photo-home. The one place where she could just be and hang up her pictures. 

Printing them out to hang up, she smiled in delight. They were the best photos she had ever taken. Glancing over her shoulder once more before heading out to meet her friends, she grinned when her eyes connected with her favorite photo of Scott before sitting down with her friends. What she didn’t notice though was the boy she’d been in love with for forever, sneakingly making his way over and into the room she just left from. Scott had always wondered why it had been locked. Why was this room so important? What was in there that needed a lock? Of course, it was beyond rude to look, to peek in and see. But he blamed it on his strong curiosity, the one thing unable to crush his morals. He wanted to know what was behind that door, more than anything. And for once, it was cracked open, unlocked. 

Do it. A voice inside his head seems to say. He hesitates at first, wary of intruding before listening to the voice from within him. Scott slips in quietly, putting the door back into the same place it was once before. Turning over his shoulder, he gasps at the sight. Pictures taken covered from wall to wall, some on tables, in books, literally everywhere. They were all magnificent, enchanting photos. Looking from one to the other, he noticed a small signature at the bottom of them. Her signature. (Y/n) had taken each one of these photos. Wow. He thought to himself before stopping in front of a set of photos, ones that seemed familiar, recent. They were pictures from the beach, today. His jaw dropped at the sight of him. They were gorgeous, the lighting was perfect, a great angle. Everything about the photo screamed beautiful. 

He noticed two more of him except with different angles. One of which, where he was tackling Stiles, their smiles wide and real. Scott smiled at how beautifully captured they all were. But before he could look further, he heard a small gasp from behind him. Swiveling his torso over, he noticed (Y/n) standing by the door, shocked with a guilty look. “S-Scott, it’s not what it looks like- I-I” She stuttered, her face flushed. Even without werewolf abilities, he could tell she was beyond nervous, beyond embarrassed. Scott couldn’t help but laugh, smile wide. “(Y/n), these photos-” Motioning his hand over them. “Are beautiful. They’re amazing. I think you got my likeness rather well.” She blushed even more, completely frozen. Scott asked. “What’s wrong, (Y/n)?” She shook her head, somewhat shaky. “D-Don’t you hate me?” 

He scoffed, genuinely shocked by the statement she’d just proposed. “Why would I hate you? Just because you took some photos of me? (Y/n), they’re amazing. I’m honored that you captured such a good picture like that. But I think it’s more than the lighting, isn’t it?” Before she could answer, he pressed his lips onto hers. From the moment she stepped into the room, he felt it. The love and worry wash over her body. When she kissed back, he couldn’t help but feel relief. Wrapping his arms around her body, he giggled into the kiss. “I’ve loved you since the beginning, (Y/n). I love you.” She grinned, glancing over at her pictures with pride before looking back at him. “I love you too.” 

(I hope you liked it!) 


The Removal of the Heart

When I created this process, I had been through a very rough period in my life. A dear friend and ex-lover of mine went missing and, if that were not enough, I – as a witch – had a very hard time dealing with the fact I was not able to find him. At was at this time, I made the choice to drink Morning Glory tea and seek him out – what I found was all the more heartbreaking. I knew he had gone from this life – and lo and behold, months later the news arrived. It was at this time – because, even though I knew he had perished, there was a touch of hope that perhaps I had misinterpreted the signs, misunderstood the message – that I decided to remove my heart.

So, I sat down and worked out the specifics, knowing well what I was doing. When the time came to do the ritual, I prepared. I had crossed every “t”, dotted every “I” – but as I began, I knew this was not what it seemed. I had written it to free myself of the heartache by means of metaphorically removing my heart. What I found was all the more placating. As the ritual proceeded, I knew I would not be removing my heart – but memorializing it. I penned out a lengthy letter, in which I tied up all loose ends – not just with the aforementioned, but all loose ends of my life. I wrote them all out and folded the paper inside the heart, let the wax seal it in and I had done what needed doing, and made an oath then and there:

All these things, I will carry with me always, but no longer might they hold me back. They have been sealed in the past, so that I may move forward – but forever, all of them will remain, tucked away in my chest.

I sealed up that heart, wrapped it in cloth and then stowed it away in a miniature, wooden chest (Word of wisdom, though, make sure you remember where you stash it, because I spent 20 minutes searching all over for the damned thing so I could take a photo or two!).

So, if you are ready to allow the past be the past, and seal up the memories – I have brought to you the ritual.

Things You’ll Need:

For the Heart

  • Air-Dry or Oven Bake Clay – however, if you have a kiln, by all means… – also, as a last ditch, you can use clay-rich soil/dirt, I talk about the process here
  • Wax – you can use candlewax or paraffin, which can be found at most supermarkets (you’ll have to ask someone, because no place puts it in the same damn section [I’m not still bitter])

  • (Optional) Paint – I used red and pink wax, so I forewent the painting process

For the Rest

  • A Box/Chest/Bag or other Storage Option
  • Time (& other supplies of your choosing) – as I said, I sat down and wrote everything out, but that isn’t the only way. If you want to burn some things, scream, do a little crying, do what you need to do, just make sure you have something to stuff into the heart!

  1. The process is relatively simple, but somewhat time consuming. Begin by sculpting your heart – as you can see, I went the more anatomical route, but the symbolic heart is perfectly fine – it’s your heart, sculpt it however you damn well please. However, you’re going to want to hollow it at least partially out. That’s where you’ll be shoving all the memories and tokens and whatnot. After complete, allow it to cure – through air drying or oven baking. This can be a timely process, don’t rush it.
  2. Once completely dry, in a double boiler, melt your wax. It’s not recommended to melt paraffin in the microwave, as it’s a minor fire hazard. If you don’t happen to have a double boiler, a bowl that snuggly hugs the sides of a pot will work just fine – though not plastic, that would be another hazard. Once the wax is thoroughly melted, remove it from the boiler and allow it to cool momentarily. On a nonstick surface, such as wax paper or aluminum foil, place your heart hollow side up. Pour the wax into the hollow and turn it so that it evenly coats the inside. This may also take some time. After a few moments, the wax cools enough to touch – so you can work it with your hands.
  3. Once the inside has cooled enough to remain solid, cover the rest, following the same procedure, allowing it to cool and then working it with your hands. This seals any cracks and also gives the added bonus of a nice, smooth, shiny coat once hardened.
  4. Once the heart is complete, the rest is very much up to you – however you wish to go about it. I went through a lengthy process of setting up an entire table for the working – covered in photos, keepsakes and the like (which I then boxed separately for safe keeping, out of sight and out of mind). After having written the very long letter, I folded it up and placed it inside, then melted a bit of wax over it to secure both it and a candle – which I lit and let burn down so that it would seal it the rest of the way.

As seen above, I keep mine in a small cedar box, wrapped in a handkerchief on a bed of Sulphur – but your choice of storage is entirely up to you.

As a word of warning, since the “removal” I become a witchy-nun – vows and everything, so that could be a possible side effect, I’m not entirely sure.

So I managed to bag myself the whole box of these Polaroid style photo cards (You had to buy the whole box if you wanted the special card in the bottom right corner).

The annoying thing is, there is an odd number of packets to cards in the box, so I’m gonna have to go try my luck for the last four cards T_T (I don’t have 7, 8, 21 and 25)

HOWEVER, I was lucky enough to get the two secret cards!  I’ll put them under the cut for people don’t want to be spoiled.

They’re definitely worth it ;P

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[NEWS] Super Junior Members Share Photos From Their Most Recent Meetup

When a group has so many members, it’s not easy for all of the members to gather in one place. However, Super Junior’s most recent meetup only had two members missing.

Leeteuk was the first one to share a photo of their reunion on his Instagram, where he wrote, “#meeting#superjunior#sj#suju#superjunior” 

Yesung and Siwon followed suit, captioning, “It’s been a long time ^^ #superjunior #break,” and “good day for good friends,” respectively. 

Eunhyuk put a humorous twist on his post, blurring out the other members. He captioned, “I edited mine too. Love you, members.” He then uploaded a photo of him and Donghae with a Time magazine frame and joked, “We were caught by the Time magazine. #Let’sBeCareful #Paparazzi #D&E” 

Donghae, Eunhyuk, and Siwon are still serving in the army, but it seems that they were able to make time to meet with the rest of the members. Ryeowook is also currently enlisted, but he was not able to make it to the reunion. Meanwhile, another missing member, Kangin, previously received a sentence for driving under the influence

Source: Soompi