however the hell her name goes

Quick Funny Drabble

Sock was nervous. Of course, he had been nervous the whole day, but now he was extremely nervous. He had already met Jonathan’s parents and he absolutely adored them, but when Jonathan offered to return the favor, Sock was a bit wary.

His mother was somewhat of a loud, energetic, ball of energy, which is where he really gets it from. She goes by Providence and she is just as her name sounds, which wasn’t technically a bad thing.

His father, however, was a sarcastic, tall, and drama queen-like man named Mephistopheles who made several dad jokes that made the whole moment uncomfortable. While the two accepted Sock for who he was, Sock was still terrified they wouldn’t like Jonathan or Jonathan wouldn’t like them. Nonetheless, the night was made.

They were currently sitting at the table and making light conversation. Sock actually thought things were actually working his way. That is, until he asked the question, “Hey, Daddy, can you pass the salt?”

Upon instinct, Jonathan had reached for the salt at the same time as Mephistopheles, stopping the whole table and causing them to freeze. Providence started to blush and giggle behind her hands.

“Son of a bitch,” Sock cursed.