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This Is Love: Part Four

Summary: Being Bucky’s PA wasn’t easy and you respond to his grumpy attitude with your own. The two of you have never gotten on, forced to stay working with him because your Uncle Tony insists you have a job. 

Word count: 2418

Warnings: swearing

A/N: this is the last tiny bit of douche Bucky, I am very sorry he’s nice after this

Part One    Part Two    Part Three

You’ve never felt happier in your job than you do now, curled up with Steel, chatting casually with Wanda and not worrying about what nasty things Bucky might say to you next time you see him. You haven’t told anyone about what happened after your date for fear that you might jinx it but you haven’t seen him since so you have no idea if the good mood he was in has lasted.

‘Ooh you know what we need to do soon?’ Wanda asks, shaking your arm excitedly. 'We have to go on a shopping trip. You, me and Nat’. You nod at her, definitely in need of an escape having not had a day off since you started this job.

'And meeeee’ you hear Sam squeal from the kitchen and laugh as he charges over to you. Your laugh is silenced when he slips and falls to the floor with a loud bang. He’s sat on the floor looking absolutely baffled and all three of you are stunned to silence. You’re the first to break it with a whooping laugh, clutching your sides and gasping for air, Wanda soon joins in and Sam, trying his hardest not to, finally smiles and pulls himself up. You wipe the tears from your eyes and giggle at the memory of Sam’s face.

'Ok I’ve got to tell the others’ you say, still laughing. As you skip away you hear Sam yell after you telling you not to breathe a word of it to anyone but you ignore him and run of to the labs where at least two of the team, Bruce and Tony, will definitely be.

The automatic doors slide open and you dance in, not phased when you see not only Tony but also Steve and Bucky who all look like they’ve been in quite a heated argument. You smile at each of them and when your eyes land on Bucky the smile wavers, taken slightly aback by his cold stare. In an attempt to lighten the mood you jump onto Tony’s work surface, throw your hands behind you and leaning on them as a support you let your head fall backwards, your hair spilling onto the desk still laughing as you had been the whole way here. You look around again to already see some of the tension alleviated, all three of their faces softened and smiling. You begin your story with a giggle and a deep breath before you launch into it.

'Oh my god’ you say, already needing to pause for another giggle, 'the funniest thing just happened. Ok so Wanda said we need to go on a shopping trip soon and then all of a sudden Sam just bursts in and runs up to us. And then’ you gasp for air and continue, 'and then he slips over and lands right on his bum’ at this you squeal with laughter and collapse, physically wheezing and hitting the table with your hand. The three men listening to your story are all smiling and Tony joins in with your laughter. When you calm down you look around again. 'So what’re you guys talking about?’

'How you had a date that you didn’t tell me about. Seriously I’m your uncle it’s my job to know this’ Tony says in a mock offended tone. You shrug and smile sheepishly.

'Chill out he was a total fuckface, literally one of the worst humans walking. And if your that well vest in my love life Nat says she knows a guy she can set me up with’ you say casually, your mind drifting back to the picture Nat showed you on her phone of the guy, Mathew you think his name was and smile to yourself.

'Really?’ you turn to look at Bucky, his face twisted with bitterness as he spits the question in disgust.

'Mhmm’ you hum in confirmation, determined not to let him get to you. At this he laughs harshly and mockingly and you brace yourself for his next words.

'Let’s hope he’s not as bad as the last one then I might not have to listen to your problems and pretend to care’. Your eyes widen and the smile falls from your face to be replaced by a grimace. You knew his kindness towards you couldn’t last long. You hop down from the surface and glare at him with your hands on your hips.

'Are you fucking kidding me?’ you shout and ignoring Steve mumble something about language you continue. 'If I remember correctly I was fucking comforting you cause of a dumb nightmare! What are you like five? Who the fuck still has nightmares at 100?’ You know it’s a low blow but you just want to hurt him as much as he has you. He gets to his feet, towering above you with that familiar deadly inside look in his eyes. You flinch and take a step back holding a finger up as a warning not to step any closer. You’re still nursing your bruised chest and don’t want another set of purple blotches to try and cover. 'Stay the fuck away from me James’ you growl and watch as his stare wavers exposing a hint of hurt and regret. He turns and strides out, walking so quickly that he has to stop and wait for the automatic doors to slide open. You watch him go, the glare still fixed on your face and are about to leave to go to the common area back to Wanda and Sam when Steve puts a hand on your shoulder.

’(Y/N) he’s not a bad guy I promise’ Steve attempts to reason with you and defend his friend. You shrug his arm off and interrupt him before he can continue to waste his breath.

'Steve stop. Don’t make excuses for nasty people. You can’t put flowers in an asshole and call it a vase’ you snap before turning and following in Bucky’s foot steps.

When you walk into the common area the room is filled with laughter. A laughter which soon dies as Sam and Wanda take in your glum expression. Both sigh and Wanda, in an attempt to lift your spirits grabs her phone and hits shuffle on her 'when (Y/N)’s depressed’ playlist, the music that fills the room instantly making you smile. The three of you start dancing wildly to the song, your back to the door so you don’t see or hear Bucky enter and stand in the doorway, the corners of his mouth twitching upwards almost involuntarily. His small smile soon falls away however when you bend over, pressing your bum into Sam’s crotch and swinging your hips in circles, and it turns into an almost deadly jealous glare at Sam when he rests one hand on your lower back and lifts the other into the air in a fist pump. Both of you are fully aware that the two of you are just friends and this is obviously just banter but Bucky is not and, taken over by envy, he struts calculatingly up to Sam who has his back to him. He taps Sam on the shoulder and when he turns around, brings a metal fist up to collide with his jaw sending him flying maybe two or three metres backwards. Bucky’s chest is heaving with anger and you run to Sam’s side, holding his head in your hands as he blinks up at you, bewildered.

'What the hell is wrong with you?’ you yell at Bucky who’s attention now turns to you. He looks confused at your tone which is infused with a white hot rage.

'He was all over you (Y/N)! What’d you think I was gonna stand by and let him harass you like that?’

'He wasn’t harassing me James we were dancing! Jesus!’ Your attention turns back to Sam who moans in pain. 'Hey look at me’ you order. 'Can you stand?’ When he nods you get him to his feet. 'We’re gonna take you to the hospital wing ok?’ He nods again, holding his hand to his jaw and wincing at the slight pressure. Throwing a last glare at a still confused Bucky you help him to the lift and then into a free bed in the wing. When he’s settled you look down at him sympathetically. 'I’m gonna kill him’ you say decidedly. Sam shakes his head.

'No you’re not. He’s just jealous’ he says and you’re reminded of the last time you heard him say that before your date.

'I don’t understand why would he be jealous? We’re like sworn enemies’.

'I think’ Sam begins and then winces again before continuing. 'I think he really likes you. Like really, really likes you’.

'He’s got a funny way of showing it. If that’s how he treats people he likes god knows how he treats people he actually doesn’t like’.

'He’s afraid. I’ve seen this before, veterans who are too scared to get close to their loved ones in case they leave them when they learn about all the things they’ve done. He doesn’t want you to get too close cause he doesn’t want you knowing about his past’.

'I already know about his past, what’s he got to be afraid of?’ you question in slight disbelief.

'Ok then maybe he’s afraid of himself. Maybe he’s pictured you and him together and seen himself waking up from a nightmare only to find his hand round your throat or HYDRA taking you and hurting you as some kind of bargaining chip. I think’ he pauses and beckons you to come closer, 'I think he might be in love with you’. At this you bark out a short laugh right in his ear and he winces.

'Sorry’ you whisper. 'How can you even come to that conclusion? How can he be in love with me and yet treat me like he does?’

'To protect you’ he states simply. 'He’s sacrificing his own happiness with you for your safety’. He says this like it’s the most obvious thing in the world. With the way he words it you almost believe him and he looks up at you, smiling in the knowledge that he’s given you something to think about.

'I don’t believe you’ you say quietly, still slightly in shock.

'Yes you do’ Sam says from his bed. You step outside the clammy room and rest your back against the wall, sinking down until your bum hits the floor. Pulling your knees up under your chin you bury you face in your hands and allow the thoughts in your mind to run free. What if Bucky really was in love with you? And could you really take that chance? Could you honestly confront him, put your heart on the line only for it to turn out that Sam had been wrong? You didn’t think you could. If it backfired you could loose your job and worse still your dignity. It was hell working with him anyway, it would be even worse after a conversation like that. You decide to clear your clouded mind and getting to your feet you head off back to the common area, thinking that if you heard Bucky say one nasty thing to you you could put Sam’s idea down to concussion. When you push the doors open and walk in Bucky has his head in his hands and Wanda is resting one hand on his shoulder. Both look up upon your enter and you swallow slowly the words 'he’s in love with you’ swimming around in your mind.

'You broke his jaw’ you say staring hardly at Bucky.

'I’m sorry’ he says quietly and you curse him in your mind for not being his usually bitchy self.

'It’s not me you should be apologising to’. You’re clutching at straws now to make him say what you keep expecting him too.

'You’re right. I’ll go down there later and apologise’. You wince slightly at his deep blue eyes now filled with sorrow and his calm yet upset tone. God dammit just say something dickish, you think. 'I’m sorry?’ You hear Bucky question and your eyes snap up to him. You’d said that out loud. Shit, you think, your heart racing and you squeeze your eyes shut to compose yourself.

'Urgh’ you moan walking over to the kitchen counter. 'Doesn’t even matter’. You wrench the door of the fridge open and grab the large tub of ice cream you had put aside for a day like today. Sinking down in one of the couches you pry the lid off and all your attention turns the the delicious treat waiting for you. You’re barely one spoonful in when the headache caused by your relentlessly conflicting emotions gets too much for you to handle. You set the tub down next to you and once again hang your head into your hands. You can’t help but let the few tears brimming in your eyes escape and Bucky, upon catching these gets up to come and sit with you, taking your hands away from your face and holding them in his own. He looks into your eyes and you feel like he’s penetrated your soul, unable to hold eye contact for too long because of the sheer intensity of his stare.

'I’m sorry’ he repeats and you have to fight to suppress the loud sob threatening to erupt from your throat.

'The fuck kinda drugs has Wanda put you on?’ You say, trying to cover your emotional state.

'She just.. knocked a bit of sense into me that’s all’ he says smilingly and throwing a thankful glance at Wanda. 'Forgive me?’ he asks, giving you a lopsided grin.

'Sure’ you say, a bit in shock from just those two words. You offer him your hand as a signal of peace and he takes it in his own, shaking it and when he releases it he smiles again. 'Friends?’ you say as a last test of Sam’s theory and to make sure you were on the same page. If he did see you in the way Sam said he did he would say something surely?

'Friends’ he repeats, smiling almost sadly. You nod, knowing now that Sam was wrong. Bucky wasn’t in love with you, that much was clear and you smiled in the knowledge that your job would be made a hell of a lot easier now you were friends even if you couldn’t be anything more.

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The Bird’s Nest Ball commences now!

For the next hour, you will be able to interact with the guests, and from this, you will gather clues. But who are our feathered friends? Hopefully, you’ll figure that out…

The Carrion Crow

Dressed entirely in black, the crow commands an auspicious aura. His pitch black suit, complete with matching shirt, tie, and mask could easily gain the attention of the whole room…and evade it.

The Peregrine Falcon

With their jacket and trousers dark silver, but their shirt striped with black and white, the falcon looks to be a character! However, their small mask concentrates on their piercing gaze, and makes all who meet it uneasy.

The Grey Heron

With a smart grey suit and white shirt, the heron looks quite comfortable. But the striking black mask with long, yellowy beak ensure that everyone else isn’t so relaxed. A good business tactic? Or perhaps a distraction?

The Sparrowhawk

Soaring in, the sparrowhawk wears a brown suit, with a striped shirt to match. Though representing a vicious creature, a smile beckons from beneath their feathery mask. Maybe they’re not so deadly after all?

The Blue Jay

As in the animal world, the Blue Jay looks a colourful spirit. With a blue suit contrasting against a sharp black tie and white shirt, they dazzle the other guests. Their black mask only serves to complete the confusion.

The Love Birds

A pair of birds, both brightly-coloured in suits that shine of yellow, red, and green all at once, certainly seem like the most daring of all the guests. And in their twin fashions, can anyone ever hope to tell them apart?

The Peacock

Strutting their stuff, the Peacock crosses the floor in a shimmering blue suit, with long coattails for display. Their green shirt is a little unbuttoned, and their black mask, though hiding their identity, cannot hide their flair.

The Phoenix

The Phoenix’ flame-like clothing is red and orange and fierce. Their mask cannot hide their swagger, as they know their choice in disguise was likely the best. No one could guess who they truly are.

The Wood Pigeon

A silvery suit adorns the Wood Pigeon, as well as a white shirt and tie of green and pink. Their beaked little mask hides them as they tiptoe through the crowd, taking stock of all others. Something is amiss with this bird.

The European Robin

The Robin’s red breast is, in this case, a waistcoat which sits between their tweed jacket and white shirt. Their mask and beak, though small, seem to point at others in an intimidating way. Or is it sneering?

The Mute Swan

Most likely not welcome at weddings, the Mute Swan is in a suit of white, a shirt of white, and a mask of white. The only splash of colour is its orange beak, which quite completes the flashy and fabulous ensemble.

The Pileated Woodpecker

The Woodpecker wears a suit of black, with a black mask, and a fascinating red hairpiece which obscures their ordinary hair. What a clever trick the Woodpecker has pulled, but it certainly won’t make them hard to see.


It doesn’t matter where I come from. I know who I am.

Things I’m Happy About
  • Lucy won a prestigious literature award at the age of 19.
  • The main character in her book is called Iris; Iris was the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow; a rainbow usually symbolizes following our hearts and dreams.
  • This girl has fulfilled one of her dreams at the age of 19. I am proud of her.
  • People older than her acknowledge her talent and even refer to her as “Lucy-sensei”.
  • Fairy Tail is as loud as ever. I hope that never changes.
  • Gajeel eating an iron mug. I’ll never get enough of Gajeel eating iron anything tbh. :D
  • Jet and Droy being genuinely happy for Lucy.
  • Happy having his paws healed. Happy not having to worry about his best friend dying or turning into a demon or anything of the sort. Happy just being happy.
  • Natsu possibly making a promise to clean after the party.
  • Natsu and Gray ready to fight over the smallest of things.
  • Erza being there to stop them, just like old times.
  • Anna being a part of Lucy’s life. However small it might be.
  • Blushing Gajeel.
  • Wendy and Chelia’s friendship.
  • Lyon being supportive of his pink-haired guildmate.
  • The difference between the amount of food Rogue and Sting had at the eating contest.
  • Freed and Bickslow being genuinely happy for their close friend Evergreen.
  • Freed with a ponytail.
  • Laxus still having trouble believing the Lisanna in front of him is the real one.
  • Erza saying she’s proud of Lucy.
  • Lucy being happy that she’s acknowledged by someone she’s always looked up to.
  • King Fiore finding happiness in something small (pumpkin business?) and leaving the country in his daughter’s hands.
  • The Alvarez Empire actually being mentioned in the final chapter.
  • Meredy’s beautiful dress.
  • Erza brushing her scarlet hair day after day. /This is the part where I started sobbing./
  • Mest taking care of Makarov.
  • Second chances. Forgiveness.
  • Lucy’s “Everything’s making me happy. I feel like I’m wrapped up in something really warm.”
  • Romeo being absolutely certain that he doesn’t want to end up like Macao and Wakaba.
  • Reedus drawing the stunning Bisca and her elegant husband Alzack.
  • Natsu taking care of drunk Lucy.
  • Natsu and Happy actually staying over at her place for the night to make sure she’s alright.
  • The flashbacks to what they’ve been through.
  • Happy being concerned about Lucy. Stomach aches are not to be taken lightly!
  • “If I hadn’t met you, I would have never lived any of this” which also applies to us, fans of Fairy Tail.
  • Their hug.
  • “We’ll be together forever from now on” implying that they have all the time in the world to say (and do) the interesting things Lucy hinted at.
  • Both Natsu and Lucy staying as much in character as possible.
  • Natsu packed Lucy’s bag while she was sleeping.
  • Gray, Erza, Wendy and Carla waiting for them and for the start of their new adventure.
  • Team Natsu going on a quest very few mages have ever attempted to undertake, which speaks volumes of how much they’ve grown and how powerful they’ve become.
  • The open ending. The adventure that continues forever.
  • “Do fairies have tails? Do they not? Do fairies even exist? Do they not? The eternal mystery will continue as an eternal adventure.”

Hello everyone.

Apologies for the long/unexplained absence. I’ve not been doing very well recently and I haven’t quite had the time to be posting. However, a small update is that I’m struggling very much with my mental health but my studies are going very well. I just wanted to thank you all for your kindness and support and I will try update more regularly from now on!

I hope you are all well and looking after yourself, and I’m sending love, hugs and good study vibes 💗

Of all the things I am most proud of, still being here ranks the highest. There is nothing that proves your strength more than surviving. So survive. Find your reason, whatever it may be, however small it may seem, and survive.
—  Sometimes it’s chocolate that keeps me going// listlesslylistening 
Angel in the Darkness (M) pt. 8

Originally posted by aestheticvbts

Summary: After a patient urgently pleads you to go and help a friend of his, you naively agree to it. Little did you know, that you would get more than what you agreed to, when he leads you to a brothel, to help a dangerous prostitute named Jeon Jungkook.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (ft. Jin, but not romantically)

Word count: 6.5k

Genre: Smut (M), angst, mafia!au, prostitution!au

A/N:This is a dark and filthy story! Graphic descriptions of sex (oral, penetration, etc), heavy dom/sub undertones, drug use, vulgar language use… This is a mature read! You have been warned!

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8

“Again? Didn’t we already talk about this?” your mother scolded with a sigh, as you two entered your small apartment.

She had gotten a call from work at the rehab centre, that you had gotten into another fight with the kids at your school. And this became an alarming concern to her since this was the third time this month that you had fought with others.

“I didn’t mean too…” the nine-year-old you sniffled, as you shyed away from your mother’s harsh glare.

“Y/n this is the third time this month that your school has called me!” your mother exclaimed tiredly from the kitchen, getting ready to prepare dinner for the two of you.

“I’m sorry,” you whispered from your spot on the sofa, trying to withhold your tears. You knew your mother hated when you got into fights – you didn’t even like it either, but the kids always picked on you. You just wanted them to stop…

“You said you were sorry last time.”

“I know…” you mumbled in reply.

“Then why do you keep fighting?” she frustrated. “No matter what those kids say, you don’t put your hands on them.”

“But they wouldn’t stop!”

“Then tell the teacher-”

“They hit me first,” you interrupted. This caused your mother to pause in the middle of her footsteps.

“Why?” she asked in confusion.

“They just wouldn’t stop saying those horrible things, even though I begged them…”  you said as your tears started to fall.

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anonymous asked:

In your tags for the post about exploding cucumbers, you said something about a plant that casually catches on fire??? Is this real???! If so can you please tell me more about it?

ok so like 45 people are messaging me about the plant that casually catches on fire and its completely real. its called Dictamnus albus and its a casual perrenial that super pretty and nice and people keep it in their gardens: (x)

what makes Dictamnus albus so notable is that in the summer, it covers itself in a super thick oil thats like?? flammable. its actually so flammable that you can light it and watch it briefly ignite without it harming the plant. heres a demonstration:

we still dont know why it does this. like a few theories are:

-its an accidental effect as a byproduct to the oil, which helps the plant in a completely different way

-it encourages wildfires to help kill off the stuff around it to reduce competition

-it causes wildfires to help kill off the stuff around it to reduce competition 

because of the small size of the resulting fire, however, its kind of hard for me to imagine that it could cause a wildfire. i could totally see it perpetuating a wildfire though, and having something to burn off might help protect the plant from destruction in the fire, too. 

うちはサスケ x 春野サクラ 


chu~ ❤

Day 2: Something More…

[Ah I am late again…Please forgive me! However, I am happy I was able to make something small at least! I hope everyone is having a good sasusaku month! Ah please enjoy and have a good week! take care!]

Characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto ©

The psychological concept of mindfulness is yet another concept that I just… can’t really apply to myself?
I feel like you just have to be allistic for it which is Not Good™, for the majority of anti-stress-therapy is based on it.

Anyone here in the community who made some experiences with mindfulness? If so, how tf were you able to align it with being autistic?

The signs as interesting space phenomena

If you like this whole mixing astronomy and astrology thing then also check out this post!

Aries: Gamma ray bursts

While gamma ray bursts are commonly though to be caused by supernovas (due to stars being the only known thing in the universe to cause enough energy for a gamma ray burst.) There is no actual proof that they are caused by stars.

Taurus: Shape of the universe

While it is generally perceived that the observable universe is spherical around us, it is also thought to be flat. As for the global universe, all we have are theories, and they are unproven.

Gemini: Space roar

This is a radio signal from space that can be translated into sound. It is six time louder than the output of old stars and there is still no explanation for where it is coming from or why it is so loud.

Cancer: Mars crab

Given the ready availability of high quality images of Mars, people are discovering all types of unexpected things. One of them is what appears to be a red crab. Scientists dismiss this as just seeing familiarity ini images but you have to wonder, are they wrong?

Leo: The size of the universe

The universe has been expanding ever since it’s beginning 13.8 billion years ago. Astronomers estimate the diameter of the universe to be about 91 billion light-years, but that’s merely an estimate.

Virgo: The formation of our solar system

Our solar system has four inner planets with metallic cores and rocky exteriors, and four mostly gaseous outer planets with extreme temperatures. It is unknown how that came to be and at the moment random chance is just as valid of a guess as any other. Once the formation of solar systems is studied more we may be able to understand the formation of ours better.

Libra: Why is the Sun’s Corona so Hot

The sun’s corona is a region of plasma surrounding the sun and extending outward for millions of kilometers. This region of space is actually much hotter than the Sun itself, on the order of 150 – 450 times hotter. Their is no consensus among scientists as to why it is so hot.

Scorpio: The Next Meteorite Extinction Event

Approximately 66 million years ago, a huge meteorite 6 miles in diameter is thought to have struck the Earth, killing the dinosaurs. 80,000 years ago a 60 ton meteorite struck the Earth. Most meteoroids are small and burn up when entering Earth’s atmosphere. However, five to ten per year are sufficiently large enough to be observed and recovered, although certainly there are others which fall into remote locations. Scientists are beginning to track the large known asteroids that could strike Earth, but many unknown and uncharted objects remain in our solar system. No one knows exactly when the next meteorite extinction event will occur.

Sagittarius: The color and size of Jupiter’s storm

While we know that yes, it is the “great red spot” and it is currently tinted a orangish shade and that three Earths could fit inside of this giant storm. What we don’t know is why it has been shifting colors and why it has been shrinking.

Capricorn: Dark energy and the expansion of the universe

Our current understanding of gravity predicts that all large celestial bodies attract each other and smaller objects. But it appears that most space objects are moving further apart. Dark energy is theorized to be the force causing the expansion of the universe. It is hypothesized that this makes up 70% of space but dark energy has never actually been detected.

Aquarius: Alien star

KIC 8462852 is a strange star that has odd patterns in its light output. One explanation for the light flickering we observe is orbiting alien superstructures. These orbiting objects are hypothesized to be so large they block our detection of the star’s light for short periods. Astronomers think these massive structures could have huge solar panels affixed to them to harvest the star’s energy.

Pisces: A multiverse

External image

Scientists are pointing to data gathered by the Planck telescope as proof that our universe is just one of many. The Planck telescope detects the background cosmic radiation in the universe. This background radiation was expected to be relatively uniform, but instead it has hot and cold spots. These spots are thought to be caused by the pull of other universes on our universe.

Heart of the City (PREVIEW)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader.

Genre: Spider-Man!Jungkook / Fluff.

Summary: When the mysterious vigilante known as Spider-Man starts making himself known around the city of New York, you can’t help but be entirely intrigued by him. Little do you know that he and the shy boy-next-door named Jungkook have a very similar secret that they aren’t so sure they want you to figure out just yet - if at all.

You see Jungkook every night without fail.

When the sun has set below the distant horizon and plunges the world into a formidable darkness and drives most ordinary civilians to seek shelter in their homes, he stumbles into the cafe tucked cozily on the corner of a busy street in Lower Manhattan. The concrete city is still very much alive in a harmonious mix of sirens and the hum of cars but is subdued, muffling under the night sky and is most susceptible at this time to misconduct. Usually, at this point of night, the cafe you work at is nearly empty, save for a few stragglers that huddle tiredly at certain round tables. Most times, these are students from the university you attend just around the bend, whose weary eyes peer over the laptop in front of them as they meticulously work on an essay due the next morning, only fueled by the cup of coffee next to them.

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A/N: aye! this is my very first imagine posted on tumblr and tbh I’m very!! excited!! (my friend came up with this idea and I though it was pretty cute so idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) (also, the ‘technicalities’ with the fracture I found on google, so I apologise if its not very accurate!!)

(also this is a repost bc I’m an idiot and didn’t post it to my primary gah)

pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

warnings: breaking your leg accidentally? two implied swear words? mainly just a whole lotta fluff!1!!

word count: 4.7k (go big or go home)


Originally posted by seabasschino

The crease between your eyebrows grew as your scowl deepened. You glowered intensely at the cast that entrapped your leg, confining you to the bed unable to move  without a sharp pain creeping up your body. A pathetic whine fell from your lips as you shifted slightly, helplessly attempting to find a somewhat comfortable position given your impending circumstances. Huffing, you threw your head backwards onto the pillow, glaring at the ceiling and the fluorescent lights that were beginning to contribute to a painful headache mumbling incoherencies under your breath. However, despite your current predicament you couldn’t help but let a small smile adorn your lips as you thought back to the morning’s events involving a certain brooding soft super-soldier.

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It’s pretty short, but I hope you like it!

Lance watched intently as Shiro and Keith clashed, arm against sword. A violet spark nearly set Lance’s coat on fire, and he hastily scooted backwards to continue his observations. The machines became predictable after a while, so Allura had tasked the team to practice sparring with each other; Coran had crafted a board with each paladin’s face across the top to add competition to the matches.  After several more swipes, Shiro managed to pin Keith to the wall, and Coran marked a point under the older male’s photo.

“Alrighty then,” Coran piped cheerily. “Next is Shiro against Lance!” The blue paladin cracked his neck and stood to meet the challenge. They took their positions on either side of the ring. “Ready…” Lance dropped his cocky grin. “Steady…” Shiro’s arm flared to life. “Go!”

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SnK Crack Theory Week Day 1: Historical Monday

Ymir Fritz, commonly referred to as progenitor of all Titans, is one of the most important characters in SnK. Her actions brought about the story as we know it today. It all started when she came upon “the source of all organic material” and consequently made a deal with the devil, which obtained her the power of the titans. However not much is not about her aside from a short origin story and the fact that she died 13 years after receiving the Founding Titan (this is later named the “Curse of Ymir”). Questions like what did she do in those 13 years before her untimely death, how much of her memories have been seen by the current titan shifters and has anyone actually died from the “Curse of Ymir” have been bothering the fans for ages, and yet  the answer is quite simple.

Ymir Fritz is a lizard.

Now I know what you’re thinking: Bro what? But hear me out.

There are many similarities between the reptiles and Ymir, such as appearance. Lizards have typically long bodies and small faces. And what does she look like, you ask? Well she’s got a pretty slender figure and small face, just as lizards do.

There is however the issue of the lizards’ tail that needs to be addressed, but there is a simple solution to that too. Notice how in all of her pictures she is always shown from the front and never from the back? It’s almost as if she was hiding something. The only picture of her that we have which isn’t from the front is the one above.

See how there is a bit of a bump in her dress right below her back? That is a clear indication that she is indeed hiding her tail underneath her clothing.

To further prove my theory,  the reason why no one knows what she did in those 13 years is because she didn’t do anything. Lizards spend their days sun-bathing on rocks, hunting for food or waiting for it to come their way, meaning she spent her days lounging around and wasting her titan power for hunting dem juicy spiders. Another simple solution to a complicated question is that her death was actually not because of a curse, rather it was from old age.

And in conclusion I present to you photogenic evidence that she is indeed a lizard.

It’s only a matter of time before Isa confirms it himself.

A Tenderness They don’t Understand.

Hi my friends! I hope you enjoy this fluffy one shot. It was written in one go so please excuse any mistakes. 

Plot: Harry and Y/N are utterly in love with each other. 

Warnings: None. Well, it will make you want to be with Harry Styles. 

Picture isn’t mine. Doesn’t he look just way too good in this one?

“You guys are too much.” 

My friend’s words pulled me from my thoughts and for the first time in the past 20 minutes my eyes found a face other than Harry’s. 

He was standing among a small group of his mates while I was sitting next to mine on the couch in Jeff’s living-room. The party he was hosting was nice however not half as small as he’d promised it would be, which had lead to me and Harry being separated the moment we arrived. I felt like a clingy, whiny, little girlfriend, the kind I never intended to be. My boyfriend had left my side for almost an hour now and it was enough to dull my mood completely.

Leila arched her brows and grinned knowingly. My cheeks flushed.

Though redundant I asked: “Who are you talking about?”

“You and Harry!” she rolled her eyes, “Obviously! The guy you’ve been eye-fucking for the past hour while he’s done the same thing to you. That man has you undressed in his head I can tell.” 

Her harsh words made me shrink back a little and I swallowed the lump in my throat. Leila winked at me before laughing loudly and taking another sip from her drink.

“That’s not even true,” I argued quietly before changing the subject so she couldn’t say anything further. 

Of course she hadn’t meant any harm with her words and while there was technically nothing wrong with two people staring at each other while thinking about something steamy, I didn’t like it at all when she suggested it. 
It wasn’t like Harry and I didn’t occasionally send the other suggestive glances or knowing smiles from across a room but we hadn’t done anything like that tonight.

My eyes searched for him because he was almost like my magnet, my other half. I felt his presence like a warm and electric buzz, leaving my body tingling and longing for him. I was constantly on alert the second he left my side and I only felt truly at peace when he was back with me. 
When Harry’s orbs searched for me it wasn’t because he imagined me naked in his bed. It was because he wanted nothing more than to leave the stupid conversation he was forced to listen to and instead wanted to be involved into whatever stupid chat he knew I was forced to feign interest for. 
Harry missed me. His skin was covered in goosebumps and his muscles tense from not having me close, it didn’t matter if we were separated for two minutes or for two hours, the dreadful feeling at the bottom of both of our tummies was the same. Harry was so tender with me and he promised that I treated him gentler than anybody else ever had. 

After two months of dating Harry I knew nobody really understood our relationship and I’d found ways to come to terms with that. It was their loss not mine.

A smile pulled at my lips. I didn’t need to look up to know that he was walking towards me and when his arm wrapped itself around my waist I didn’t flinch in surprise. Harry leaned down from his standing position so he could press a loving kiss to my temple before allowing his nose to gently rub against my skin. 

“My love,” Harry murmured so only I could hear, “Are you enjoying yourself?”

“I am,” I smiled at him and reached up to caress his cheek and cradle his face in my palm, “And you?”

The warmth of his soft skin and the short stubble made me giggle and I felt my cheeks redden when he kissed my cheek noisily. He chuckled against me when the two girls sitting around me got up quietly to give us some privacy and I reached for his hands to encourage him to sit down. 
The sofa dipped under his weight and I sighed when he finally wrapped both of his arms around me the way I’d wanted him to do for the past hour. 

“I’m having only half as much fun when you’re not with me,” Harry admitted with a huff. 

“Me too. Which makes us quite sappy, doesn’t it?” 

Harry laughed at that and squeezed me to him. One of my hands rested on his knee, caressing and squeezing the skin while my other wrapped around his arm. I looked up and when his sparkling eyes found mine I leaned in to kiss his jaw. Harry hummed, his arms tightening around me.

“I like that we’re this way with each other,” he told me with a serious expression before breaking into the most gorgeous smile, “So romantic.”

“Me too,” I promised against the skin of his neck, “Wouldn’t have it any other way.”


We both looked up to find Jeff making his way towards us. He stumbled a bit and came to a halt right in front of our sitting figures. His expression was one of excitement. 

“I just got the call from John! We spoke about the studio you wanted to rent and he told me it’s free!” 

Harry’s eyes widened. “That’s great!” 

“It is!” Jeff agreed, “Come and have a drink with me to celebrate!” 

Harry pulled me closer. “M’okay, Jeff. But thanks! I’m quite happy here.” 

Jeff rolled his eyes. “C’mon you can feel her up later, mate.” 

“Thank you, Jeffrey,” I laughed and he flushed before nudging Harry’s foot with his own. 

But Harry shook his head. “Nah, mate, really. I’m good.”

With a roll of his eyes Harry’s manager moved away again and I chuckled quietly. 

“Our friends won’t ever invite us anywhere again,” I predicted. 

“Great,” Harry laughed, “Means I can keep you to myself. Fine by me if I’m honest.”

“I agree,” I nodded before leaning into him. 

My lips found his collarbones while his pressed to my head. Harry’s fingers intertwined with mine, my leg brushed against one of his and I pressed a loving kiss to his tender skin. Harry’s breath fanned over my arm when he leaned down and I gasped quietly before letting him connect our lips in a kiss. 

Kissing Harry was something I knew I would never fully get used to. 

His lips were soft and gentle when pressed to my own and when he moved them he never forgot to be attentive to what I did. A low moan left his throat and I fisted his hair in a tight grip, answering to his more urgent movements by holding his cheek and jaw with my free hand. His tongue licked my bottom lip and I whimpered quietly. We kissed and held onto each other with nobody disturbing us and when he pulled away from me I blushed at the mess I’d made of my boyfriend’s hair. 

Harry’s nose nudged mine and I closed my eyes briefly, breathing his familiar scent in. 

“I love you so much,” Harry spoke quietly. 

My arms wrapped around his neck tightly in an embrace and I nuzzled his skin. 

“I’m so in love with you, Harry,” I whispered. 

He hummed. The room around us had gone so quiet in my mind we might as well have been alone. God I did I wish for us to be alone. 

“How about we leave?” my voice was quiet and I gently scratched the back of his head. 

Harry smiled and shrugged. “Sure, why not? Are you tired, baby?”

“No, but I want to be somewhere where I don’t feel like everybody is judging us for actually being gentle with each other.”

A frown formed on his beautiful face and I reached up to smoothen his skin. 

“Who cares about them?” Harry asked quietly, “You’re my girlfriend. I’m your boyfriend. You can kiss me as much as you want and I’ll come over to hold you as much as I want regardless if our friends are jealous of that.” 

I smiled and squeezed his hand. “You’re right. I shouldn’t overthink everything.” 


So we stayed and with Harry sitting by my side, one arm around my body and lips occasionally finding my cheek to kiss, I felt really good. 
Of course I still noticed Leila’s eyes on us and I could practically see her biting back her comments, but I didn’t care anymore. 
Just as Harry had said I loved how much we adored each other and how utterly tender we always behaved with the other. It was something the others didn’t understand and that was their problem. 

Thank you for reading! Little background to this one: I was sick all week, yesterday was the first time I felt okay enough to eat something properly and now today I got my period which means my body is once again blessed with an immense kind of pain. My life is so great. Anyway it made me really wanna have somebody like the guy in this one shot by my side. 


Still Life of Hands

Being an art student, one would think Ronan would be used to half-naked models by now.

Usually, he is. His figure drawing class brings in a new model every time they meet twice a week, though sometimes they bring back old models if the class is particularly inspired by them. The models are everywhere from female to male to non-binary, and Ronan had thought he’d seen it all. Of course he’s attracted to the male models if they have nice bodies, but usually it’s just a thought. He’ll look up from his notebook, appreciate their body for a second, and then start sketching their muscles, zoning out as he lets his pencil or charcoal do the rest. If Ronan thinks about them outside of his artwork besides that, it’s usually because he feels sorry for them having to sit in weird ass poses requested by the class for what must be two painfully long hours. He looks at them as a project to tackle more than anything else. He doesn’t feel flustered around any of them. He definitely doesn’t raise his hand and request a pose.

So why the hell is he doing that now?

His professor looks surprised – of course she is. Ronan has hardly even spoken in this class, let alone raised his hand. A small smile soon adorns her face however, she has always supported Ronan for whatever reason, and nods in his direction. “Yes, Ronan – go ahead.”

Ronan looks back at their new model and abruptly forgets how to speak.

He doesn’t know if all of the models before him were just shitty or what, but Ronan swears he has never seen a more beautiful human being in his entire life. He has short, dusty hair that falls across his head in what can’t be described as anything but a mess, but it’s a beautiful mess, like fucking movie star hair perfectly tousled by the wind. He has ocean blue eyes that seem to pierce right through him when he turns to look at him, and the utterly bored look on his face just makes Ronan ache more. His face is dotted with thousands of freckles, Ronan would love for an opportunity to count all of them, and his figure is tall and thin. But the part about him that completely floors Ronan is his hands – oh God his hands. They’re boyishly big, jutting out from his slender wrists and supporting large knuckles and long fingers. His hands look like he’s been working hard all of his life and Ronan can’t stop staring at them. He wants to kiss those hands – he wants to feel those hands all over his body.

He has never reacted this strongly to a model before. Ever.  

No matter where he looks Ronan feels like he’s going to explode. Oh, and did he mention that the guy’s shirt is off? Ronan can’t even begin to describe what the sight of that scarred and muscled chest is doing to him.

“Ronan?” Professor Kawalski’s concerned voice somehow penetrates into his brain, and he realizes with a start that he’s been staring at the model like a love-struck fool for who knows how long instead of requesting his pose.

Cheeks dusting pink with embarrassment, Ronan looks at his notebook in an attempt to escape and clears his throat. “Uh, yeah – could you…”

And he directs the model through the motions. He has the model—Adam, his brain supplies him unhelpfully—sit with his back facing the class, leaning back on his hands. His legs are stretched out in front of him and he tilts his head over his shoulder, looking like someone has just called for his attention. Ronan wants it like that, to seem like they stumbled upon a scene of Adam’s life rather than making it obvious it’s just a figure drawing. And while he laments that he won’t be able to stare at his chest through the whole drawing—someone else will surely request that anyway—he wants, needs, Adam’s hands to be the foreground of the picture.

It wouldn’t be right otherwise.

Once Adam settles into position, his eyes lock with Ronan’s. “Is this right?”

Ronan struggles to swallow through his suddenly dry throat. “Yeah. Perfect.”

The class settles down then to get started on their sketches. Ronan finds that Adam’s shape comes to him effortlessly, little details he’d never bothered to identify on other models popping out at him every time he looks up. It’s a wonder he gets anything done at all, actually, because every time he glances up and stares for just a bit too long, Adam catches him and stares back with what looks like a smirk on his face. Ronan wants to hate him for it, but he loves it instead and he slowly loses his mind as he drowns himself in everything Adam Adam Adam.

He finds himself adding the smirk on when he gets to his face; it improves the casualness of the pose, he thinks. It looks like Adam was relaxing, and then turned to smirk at someone who just told a dirty joke. Or at least, that’s the scene Ronan is imagining in his head.

While most of the figure itself doesn’t take him too long, Ronan gets caught up in the features that he can’t stop staring at in real life, too. He spends about half an hour just getting his freckles right, dotting them all around his face and on his shoulders. He’s absolutely in love with the freckles on his shoulders. The last hour he spends entirely on Adam’s hands. He draws them with care and affection, adding in every detail he can see. Maybe it’s just an excuse to stare at Adam’s hands (it definitely is), but Ronan’s proud of how it turns out. If someone looked close enough at his drawing, they could see the freckles on Adam’s fingers, the way his large knuckles jut out and give structure to his hand and fingers, that tiny little scar he has on the back of his hand.  

He’s paying more attention to detail than he ever has before. While his classmates request different poses throughout the two hours, Ronan just focuses on his original pose for Adam, using the new poses to add details to it that he couldn’t see before. As he brushes in the way Adam’s hair lazily sprawls along his forehead he wonders what it would be like to draw his fingers through it, if it’s as soft as it looks.

He wonders if he may be idolizing Adam just a bit too much.

“Alright, pencils down!” Kawalski calls, startling Ronan so badly he literally drops his pencil on the ground. Noah, the guy who has sat next to him all semester, snickers at him. Ronan flips him the bird. “Let’s all thank Adam for his patience with us today!”

Adam looks utterly embarrassed as the room is filled with light applause. Ronan wonders if he’s new at modeling or if he’s just like this every time. He wonders which one is more endearing.

As Ronan carefully tucks his notebook into his bag and shoves away all of his pencils and erasers, he wonders if it would be too strange to request Adam back again. Ronan believes he can’t be the only person who was so enthralled with him, so surely the class would back him up if he did…

“Um, hey, Ronan, was it?” a voice says from behind him. When Ronan turns, scowl already sitting habitually on his face, he nearly has a heart attack.

Adam is standing there, right in front of him, within touching distance. Ronan illogically has the urge to pull away, suddenly flustered, but then he realizes: Adam is standing there. Right in front of him. He has a ratty old Coca-Cola shirt on now, Ronan realizes sadly as he stares at Adam like he’s an apparition.

Holy fuck.

“Uh?” he says intelligently. He has no grasp of what Adam could possibly want to say to him – how does he even talk to this boy? He can’t very well tell him he’s enjoyed staring at him and imagining him in mildly erotic situations for the last two hours, though that is the truth. Ronan doesn’t lie. He just smartly doesn’t say everything that runs through his head.

“Sorry if this is weird,” Adam says, luckily filling in the conversation for where Ronan failed. “I just…I just really liked the pose you gave me, and I was wondering…if I could see it?”

For a moment, Ronan just stares at him. His immediate reaction is no holy hell Adam can’t see it! Ronan had bared his heart on that damn paper, in that damn sketch, for this damn boy. Just the thought of how Adam would react to seeing Ronan’s attraction and affection puked onto his notebook horrifies Ronan.

And yet, against every instinct and nerve screaming in his body, he pulls his notebook back out of his bag and hands it to Adam. “It’s the one in the back,” he says uselessly, not knowing what else to say. Anything else is too terrifying to bring to life.

Watching Adam flip to the correct page and just stare at his drawing is the most painful thing Ronan has ever experienced in his entire life. And he’s been through hell and back. It’s almost worse that he can’t tell what Adam think is thinking through his expression – it’s irritatingly blank, except for a spark of surprise in his eyes.

“I…I don’t know what to say,” Adam eventually murmurs, and to Ronan’s horror starts flipping through the rest of his notebook.

Shame, embarrassment, and the familiar self-hatred flares to life as one big ball of anger in Ronan’s chest, and he digs his fingernails into his palms to stop himself from lashing out. Gansey and his counselor have helped him get better about non-violent ways to unleash his anger, grief, and other intense emotions—it’s why he got into art in the first place—but having his heart exposed and crushed like this is worse than anything he’s felt recently. Dammit, this is why he had closed up to people after his dad died!

“Sorry it’s so shitty,” Ronan growls, hurt leaking like venom into his voice despite his best efforts. He reaches to grab his notebook back, but Adam quickly tucks it into his chest, like he’s protecting it. Ronan just blinks at him in surprise.

“No, no, it’s not bad, god how could this be—” Adam, seeming to realize that Ronan has no idea what the fuck he’s trying to say, pauses to take a deep breath before staring directly at Ronan and saying, “I didn’t mean to imply that. It’s just that no one’s ever drawn me so, so…beautifully before. Like, you draw me like I’m worth something, like I’m…lovable.

Ronan doesn’t know what to think – he doesn’t know how to react. On the one hand, he kind of wants to throw his fist into whatever or whoever made Adam feel like he’s worthless and unlovable. On the other hand, Adam, beautiful, freckled Adam just gave Ronan’s sketch the highest possible compliment. On the third hand—you don’t have three hands, Ronan’s brain supplies unhelpfully—Adam apparently saw right through his sketch and to the deepest part of Ronan’s soul.

Ronan’s love for Adam is tangible enough for Adam to notice, and that is the most terrifying thing he has ever heard in his life.

He feels like he needs to blow something up. Set something on fire. Instead he brings his arm up to chew on his leather bands and, pointedly not looking at Adam, says, “I’m just drawing what I see.”

It’s apparently the right thing to say, as Adam’s entire face brightens into a large smile. Ronan passionately wishes he had his notebook back, so he could draw it. “Wow, that’s um…wow. Do you…do you want to go out for coffee sometime?”

If Ronan wasn’t so surprised already, that would’ve sent him falling right off his stool. He’s so in shock that for a moment he’s convinced Adam is messing with him. Why would he have any reason to want to take some crazy artist on a date—oh God—especially one who had just drawn him like he was the most beautiful thing in the entire world? It sounds rather creepy, to Ronan. Against the aching want in his chest, he complains weakly, “You don’t even know me.”

That doesn’t seem to deter Adam in the slightest. “I’d like to.”

Ronan blushes at that, feeling warm and excited and giddy. It’s been a long time since someone has wanted to climb through his spiny walls and get to know him. He hadn’t realized it until now, but maybe he’s been waiting all this time for someone to want to. He can’t help but smile. “If I agree, can I sketch you again?”

Adam tips his head back and laughs, and Ronan wants to sketch him. Again. Jesus, he’s just found his motivation for his next one thousand art projects. Maybe more than that. He wonders if Adam will laugh for him again. If he’ll let him caress his hands.

Dear God.

“Sure, I’ll even let you pick the pose again, since it’s obviously been your goal all along,” Adam teases, grinning and leaning forward to whisper in Ronan’s ear, “I also do full nudes, if you’re interested.”

Ronan’s spine nearly snaps he sits up straight so hard, blood rushing to both poles making him abruptly dizzy. Holy fuck.

“Jesus,” he breathes, embarrassed when Adam pulls back with a snicker. Suddenly he leaps to his feet and practically throws his phone into Adam’s free hand, babbling in a flustered way he didn’t even know possessed him, “Okay listen, fuck, here’s my phone, just put your number in or something and I’ll…I’ll text you. Actually, I hate my phone, so maybe you should text me. I might not reply, but I’ll come whenever and wherever you want to meet – I literally don’t do anything. I just sit in my room and sketch. That’s it. Sometimes my friend Dick bothers me.”

Jesus. He might as well have thrown an I love you somewhere in there.

To his surprise and relief, though, Adam doesn’t seem overwhelmed – if anything, he finds the whole situation amusing, if his wry smirk is anything to go by. Ronan badly wants to kiss him. Fuck this is a mess.

He watches as Adam plugs his contact info into Ronan’s phone before handing it back to him. Then he just stares at him, an eyebrow raised. It takes a few awkward moments of getting lost in Adam’s eyes and knowing absolutely nothing about phone etiquette for Ronan to realize he’s waiting for Ronan to text him so that he’ll have his contact info, too. Feeling like a blundering idiot, Ronan texts him a simple message—guess who—before pocketing his phone again, relieved to get it out of his hands.

Adam pulls out his own phone as he gets the message, and the small smile on his face is worth every moment of suffering in Ronan’s life to get to this point. He spends a few moments editing the info before also pocketing his phone and sending that smile at Ronan. Ronan forgets how to breathe. “Great. You know, I’m actually free now – do you wanna get lunch? There’s a great pizza place not far from campus.”

Ronan would run through hell and back for this boy. Again. But he tries to regain some sense of his pride and integrity, so he leans back at his whole height and says nonchalantly, “Fine. Only if you let me drive.”

“Deal.” Adam smiles widely before flipping to another page in Ronan’s notebook and showing it to him. “But first, tell me about this raven.”


Definition: Someone you find yourself thinking about all the time; a person you are completely infatuated with.

Word Count: 2,866.

A/N: In honor of the official premiere for SM:HC, I came up with this insanely cute fic that will just about melt your heart. (you can thank me later) Hope you enjoy! <3 (no spoilers)

* credit to the note saying used is found here.

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Could we please have some crush headcanons? For McCree, Genji and Reaper please ^^ Thank you!!!


  • He is a complete dorky mess whenever he’s around you and talking to you
  • Stumbling over his feet, dropping his Peacemaker and stuttering cheesy pick up lines
  • He tries to impress you by listening to your music or watching your favourite movies so that you’d have something to talk about
  • Jesse will always choose you over any other hero to train with, he claims it’s because you have different skill sets
  • You can tell he likes you because of the way his face lights up and the little blush across his cheeks whenever you enter the room and the way he stares at you in your tight uniform


  • He’s a little more relaxed than McCree, however that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his moments.
  • He’ll bring you small presents like a tiny cactus if ever you’re feeling a little sad
  • Genji will always stick up for you or defend you in battle, even if it puts him at risk
  • Made the mistake of going to McCree for advice, and he returned with a bunch of pick up lines to try on you. You of course, thought he was joking.
  • You could never hug him for too long because his suit would heat up to an uncomfortable level and when you asked why it did that, he just laughed and shrugged it off.


  • It’s so difficult to tell if he liked you or not, he’s not normally prone to show such a strong emotion, besides anger
  • When he laughs quietly when you tell a joke, you don’t know if he’d making fun of you or if it’s actually funny
  • However he tends to go easier on you during training, this leads you and other heroes to be suspicious
  • He sends anonymous flowers and gifts to your door every now and again with cute little messages. You kept them in your pocket to keep you motivated.
  • You were always tempted to go to Sombra and see if she could find your secret admirer but eventually you caught Reaper muttering something about how your skills were distracting him in battle

Izuku gets together with Todoroki a few years after they graduate. Or at least, he’s pretty sure that’s what it is. Todoroki asks him out, and they end up going on only a few dates before Todoroki moves into his apartment because his lease is up anyway.

The only thing that’s weird about it is that there’s surprisingly little… couple-y things going on. They hold hands, sometimes, and often Todoroki pays for the both of them, but that’s it.

Whenever Izuku tries to initiate something more, Todoroki flinches, and Izuku stops immediately. Todoroki never initiates.

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