however my wifi is not


Well sort of….

At the moment I’ve made it back to my native land and have wifi back. However I don’t have a home or a comfortable spot to draw digitally. Were staying with family and its a bit overwhelming for me… anyway I’m still gonna try to draw digitally because its one of the few things that relaxes me and allows me to get away from everything right now. Also I have a Mr.GxBunny (sort of) story I worked on I need to post to!! 

this is a semi - hiatus psa!!  

from 8/4 to 8/22, i’ll be in taiwan, hong kong, china, and some other places!!  this will mean i will be… a lot busier, and will probably be mostly mobile - bound for the day. however, i will be bringing my laptop, and whenever i have wifi, i will try my best to come on and do some drafts!!  

however, the best way to reach me would be through discord!!  please feel free to ask me for my discord, or give me yours to add if you’d like to stay in touch!!


((So I am awful with giving heads ups, especially since all of them seem to be last minute, this one being no different from the rest. I am going on vacation tonight, well morning, since I have to go the airport at 3am. I originally wasn’t even going to make a post since I would have wifi there, however, my computer started acting up today and has not been registering its keyboard or the usb one I tried on it. Because of this, my activity may be very sparce as I work to figure this out and get it working again. For now things will be done via my tablet and the bluetooth keyboard my brother so kindly lent to me so I won’t be able to use icons and my formatting may be a little off. If any one knows how to solve this, I would be really thankful for the help.))

I’m currently out of town right now, but I have brought my laptop to work on edits. However, I dont have WiFi at the moment and dont know if I do before I leave on Sunday so I cannot post any edits until then! Thank you all for understanding and being patient with me! If the situation changes I’ll probably post one or two requests tonight.
-Mod Laslow


This is basically how I feel whenever I discuss anything with my little brother.
He doesn’t even know what dial up internet is. He has only even known wifi.
I’m a relic.
However, ironically to my case; I was born in 1991. Could be worse.

anonymous asked:

Ok but like, does the wifi have web blocks like they do at k-12?

I recall being able to access a ton of websites with no problem using my college’s wifi. However, they did block Limewire (Oh man…remember Limewire?).

A good way to find out if any websites are blocked is to check your internet/technology user agreement that the college makes you sign. It may mention filters or restricted websites and such. Or you can call your friendly IT office and ask. Or you can just cross your fingers, click, and hope for the best (I don’t recommend this style of living life, but it is an option).

I did have a college friend whose room connection (pre-campus wifi…we were behind-the-times and tethered like goddamn animals!) was ended during a month-long probation after he used too much bandwidth (IT figured out he was pirating a fuckload of movies and music. I don’t think they really cared about the bandwidth, just the legal repercussions of piracy). So that was a thing that happened, yarrr, mateys.

-The Sudden Adult

PS. Why do I have a feeling you are concerned about porn access? Just remember to invest in a decent antivirus program…