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so according to this one interview napoleon’s father was an irish janitor in the us????? and then (after the war???? he never mentions the war really) he lives it up in europe for a while and gets turned over to the authorities by “a jealous mistress” wow so much information what am i supposed to do with this

So I got my little brother into Steven Universe (sidenote: he’s not so little anymore, he’s in college now), and he’s teaching himself ukulele. Since getting him into the show he’s started playing songs from it to practice. Last night he was playing the theme song and he stopped and went, “So, I think I’ve got it down, but I can’t play and sing at the same time. Could you sing it for me?”

It was just. It was magical and I want you all to be jealous of my talented adorable brother (maybe someday I’ll post a video if I’m not too embarrassed of my singing voice ruining his nice uke playing).

Autistic writing hack: give your autistic characters your special interests. Instant infodumps all story

I’m reading Midnight’s Children and its weird. Tbh Rushdie’s focus on abnormal noses just reminds me of how my family mock me for having a European nose.

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"I end up a little light headed, mainly due to low blood sugar because you have to fast before they draw blood for labs." I'm just kinda throwing this out here, however my mother is diabetic and I'm just deathly afraid of needles so I'm always light headed before labs. Pack yourself some soda, it'll help the light headed-ness and bring your blood sugar back up. It's a trick my moms been using for years... she has labs it seems like every month.

I’ll try that and see if I can get away with it. The tough thing with my doctor is that she will not test you if you’ve had anything short of just water for a period of about 12 hours. If I can get away with a sprite or something I’ll do it.

I don’t feel lightheaded before, but after it hits me. It varies a lot though, because there was one time where I was perfectly fine all day but then there was another time where I almost blacked out.

Afterwards though, especially if my Mom’s with me, we go to the McDonald’s in the next lot over and I eat a couple of hashbrowns and a chicken biscuit.

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Hey, i'd be really interested as to what you think about the video on youtube "Ex-Muslim defends right to asylum - renounces Islam by desecrating Quran". It's always interesting to hear your perspective on things like this. Thanks

I’m against mass immigration, regardless what nation the migrants are coming from or what nation they are going to, because it deludes the existing culture of a nation. As for small amounts of immigration over time, I’d be a hypocrite to say I don’t agree with it, since both my mother and I came to the US from Ireland when I was a little girl. However, my mother and I both respect the United States, we came here legally and pay our taxes. But the Americas are so different than the rest of the world. North and South American countries are melting pots, with many mixed cultures, heritages, races, and ethnic groups. And we can’t compare places like the USA, Mexico, or Canada in that sense to countries such as Sweden or Germany. Sweden belong to Swedes, just like Japan belongs to the Japanese. And it’s up to the Swedish who they allow into their country, if the Swedes want to keep their country ethnically Swedish then that’s fine by me. Although, if I were Swedish I’d rather take that guy who’s an ex-Muslim and respects Sweden over the “refugees” they’re taking in currently. The man in the video seems genuine and I know a few ex-Muslims who live in Europe, my cousin is one of them, so this hits home.

Where my cousin is from there is no freedom of religion. If you’re not a Muslim, then you’re not a citizen… and if you’re not a citizen then anything goes. It’s disgusting. Recently, she and I were talking about this via email and she says that the only way to change MENA is to get rid of Islam. She feels guilty for leaving her country and wants to return, but it’s not safe. She, like this man in the video, respect western culture, and maybe he should try to come to the US instead if Sweden does not want him. Seeking asylum as an ex-Muslim is fine by me, but I think they should speak out about it. Change people’s views on Islam. Because Islam will still spread if no one speaks out against it. 

i have this suspicion that my mom, like me, doesn’t experience sexual attraction. it sounds funny, cause she’s a mom, and of many children at that. but i feel it’s true. my sister mentioned something about our mother’s behavior that reminded me a lot of myself, and i thought it was interesting. unlike me, however, my mother might have been like a csa survivor and so i think for her it’s trauma, but i think all the time about how trauma can be genetic, and like inherited, and i wonder a lot if that’s how i ended up this way for no reason at all. i’m not very sure

Blog #1

 The story I’m going to share with you guys is the story of the time I got a tattoo illegally when I was 15.

  The story begins in the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of high school. Around this time, I was really close with a girl that lived near me named Fiona. My mother however wasn’t that big of a fan of Fiona because she was notorious for being reckless and getting into trouble for doing stupid things. Since I live in a town of only 2,000 people, news travels fast and when Fiona inevitably got into trouble for something practically everyone knew about it within 24 hours. Including my mother.

   Fiona and I had been talking about getting tattoos for about a month prior to when we actually went, because she knew a guy that did tattoos for minors. Of course he only did this because he was unemployed and needed money and wanted to build his portfolio to get said job. Fiona had about 5 tattoos from this guy, and they looked pretty legit. (his name was Kenzie). The night that we finally decided to go, my cousin Erica was staying at my house before she moved to Canton to go to college and we wanted to do something memorable for her last night in town. Fiona told me that she could take us to see Kenzie since his “shop” was open that night, and we quickly agreed without really thinking about it. There was one problem though, how would we get there? Kenzie lived about 45 minutes away and none of us could drive or had a car. 

  This is where a majority of the bad decisions that night came in. Fiona’s 15-year-old brain decided it would be a good idea to steal her mothers car in the middle of the night to come pick us up and drive there. Keep in mind we were 15 and neither of us even had our permits. My 15-year-old brain also decided this was a good idea and went along with it. To this day I’m surprised we didn’t either crash or get pulled over and arrested or even killed. She is a crazy driver. Oh and we hit a porcupine on our way there and dented the bumper. 

   So after  the 45 minute illegal drive, we finally arrive in this sus neighborhood and walk up to the front door and knock. When Kenzie answered the door he welcomed us in and told us to take off our shoes so we didn’t ruin his mothers new carpet. Keep in mind Kenzie is a 28 year old man. Then he ushered us INTO HIS BASEMENT and into a little room with a tattoo chair and ll sorts of packaged needles and tattoo equipment. Fiona went first because he already knew what kind of tattoo she wanted, she got a treble clef and a bass clef on each of her feet. Next my cousin went, and she got carpe diem on her back. I went last and hastily decided on an anchor design I found on google. My tattoo only cost me $10, and you can tell too. A lot of the lines are messed up and it just looks ugly as hell. I love it though none the less because of the story behind it even if it was ridiculous and preeeettty stupid. 

  After we went home, it took less than 12 hours for my mom to notice it and I swear to God I’ve never seen that lady so mad before in my life. Oh and if getting in the worst trouble I’ve ever been in wasn’t enough, she then made me go to the police and file a police report against Kenzie because he was tattooing minors. 

     Since then, I’ve gotten another tattoo-professionally of course. Fiona and I are still friends but we just do less insane stuff when we hangout. Erica is happy at college and I’m not too sure what happened to Kenzie. I don’t know if the police did anything or if hes still tattooing people in his mothers basement.


So I actually made a gofundme account. Please check it out and donate of you can. If you can’t, just reblogging this so other people could see would be enough. If you have any questions about it or anything, just message me on here.

And if you do donate, let me know so I can personally thank you!

Background: I’ve suffered from severe Crohn’s Disease since I was about 6. My insurance isn’t able to cover the cost of hospitalizations/ medications fully. I’m also currently attending university and I’m working a minimum wage, part time job to help me pay for it along with my mothers help. However, my mother just lost her job and our financial stability is not good. She is an amazing single mother to two children, and if I could help her in any way I will.

TransEmily #4

I had a hard time thinking of what to write for this one, but I realized I could just related it to a silly post I made earlier.

Now, when I was a small child, I didn’t play with too many toys, mostly just video games. Video games were, similarly to how they are seen now, seen as being a completely masculine activity. (Despite the largest group that plays them now being women). I always loved having stuffed animals, which is seen as feminine apparently? There were always toys that I really wanted associated with either way (Literally gendering toys) but I was usually given the “masculine” ones if I was getting any. My mother however, if she was the one getting something, she’d get me whichever kind I was wanting. I’m not saying that we were like, swimming in toys or anything, but that she was much more OK with “breaking the norm”. But I’ve also liked a lot of shounen anime, with some exceptions like Sailor Moon. I distinctly remember her telling me that something that was confusing her about my being trans was “that I liked boys things like Dragon Ball”. And I was really feeling some shame about that. Even now, I still feel weird about a lot of my interests. I feel like they make me less feminine. I guess I just still care too much for the wrong reasons.

Anyway, simple Q time: What sorts of interests did you have, or even do you still have that have given you pause over “who they’re supposed to be for”? Is this something that still impacts you?

New Problem

So I was finally forced into the new age of having a smartphone and all the joys that comes with it. However my step mother and father are getting on my ass about using data. Not because I am overusing it. No no. Because I am not using any*.

I exist in two places. Either my house which already has wifi so I don’t worry about data. Or at school where I am also connected to wifi so I don’t have to worry about data. I am now getting yelled at for not using it enough when literally I use my phone as a phone, for texting, and now to play Neko Atsume.


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Speaking of Taurus and Virgo, both my father and I are Virgo's and my mothers a Taurus. What I've found is we're both a bit OCD. My father and I need everything to be picked up and organized but only if we're trying to work. Our rooms are both messes. However my mother needs everything to be spotless and clean to be comfortable. It's weird

Yes I’ve been noticing that in myself, too, my Mercury and Mars are in the 6th house (well Mars is straddling 5th/6th), but yes I’ve been noticing the ways I’m hyper-organized… it’s funny that sometimes we don’t see things in ourselves until we start exploring a piece of our chart!! Lol like even, the other day I was eating with my friend, and he was like.. watching me eat. Not sure if it’s a Taurus thing or the Virgo/6th house influence but I eat in a super super methodical way lol like every bite perfectly proportioned I already can tell how many bites in each piece of food / perfect amount of sauce etc… He was like ‘first you dip your fork in the ketchup and then you get the potato and dip it in the ketchup again…’ I was like yea I don’t even know why I’m doing that lol. Anyways. My room in high school was allllllways a mess like tornado status but now that I live on my own I have to have it spotless. I think for the Taurus side it conveys a sense of peace/beauty, while for the Virgo side, it’s control over the chaos lol/knowing I’ll have to do it eventually and not wanting the work to pile up..

This Guy.
For those who may not know, this is Doug Walker an Internet comedian and film critic who has a web show known as Nostalgia Critic.
I first discovered his videos properly back in 2013, namely his animated Titanic review. I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes! However, that same evening my mother got a call that my Grandad, a kind and brave ex- Scots guardsmen was deteriorating in hospital, so the whole family headed up to see him goodbye, and he past away the same night.
The strangest thing, his name was also Doug.
I continued to watch Nostalgia Critic throughout the days that followed, and showed his work to my parents to cheer them up and it worked but only for a little while because we were still very grief stricken.
I still watch his videos because since that terrible day in 2013 he and those at Channel Awesome have reached out to me when I was in some really scary places of Anxiety and OCD. The analysis and editorial videos are now the reason
I want to attend Film School.
I actually sent him an email telling him all of this and got a reply back giving me words of encouragement and said if I found myself at a convention he was attending he would enjoy meeting me. I don’t really think most know how much that means to me. Even if I never manage to get to one of those cons, I will forever be grateful to him.

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Artist ask: #2 and #25?

2) How long have you been drawing?

As long as I can remember. However, according to my mother, I refused to touch any sort of writing or coloring utensil until I was forced into it in preschool.

25) Do you like to draw in silence, or with music?

Definitely with some kind of background noise. Music, someone talking (more specifically a teacher or something), or even a video - lately I’ve taken to having a video or movie playing while I draw that I don’t have to pay too much attention to visually.

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hi, so my moon is in the fourth house, and I'm always seeing things about how much these people value family and relationships, especially the one with their mother. however, my mother died when I was fairly young and I never knew her, so could this also apply to their father as well?

OF COURSE. it’s just that you are usually very very close with your family, and even if you don’t really have a family but have friends you consider family that would count too:) -Christy

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Despite being terrified, Ceri couldn't help but furrow her brow in confusion. "Knives? You guys build planet sized super weapons and you still use knives as your instruments of torture? Gotta say, I’m really unimpressed."

Brendol tilts his head at that. “My father used to say the same thing,” he says. “My mother, however, she had quite the skilled hand in this lost craft. She could drive grown men into submission in less than an hour.” He appears in front of the rebel with a long, sharp knife in hand. “I can have them screaming their secrets far sooner, Ms. Ceri.” He takes her arm, strapped to the table, and presses the blade against the tip of her finger. “I will ask you once more. How did you get on this ship?”

Saturday and guests

Hi there! This morning I was up at 9:15am t go to the gym early. However, my mother wanted to prepare dinner while I was there, so I had to check the recipes with her prior to go out. So I was at the gym only between 11am and 1pm.

Then we had lunch: hake fillets with green beans and potatoes.

During the afternoon, we made some quick grocery purchases (mostly veggies, cheese and bread: Frenchy style!) and then we got prepared with my parents to host some guests.

In fact, the couple of friends are trying to sell their house which isn’t far from my parents’, while they are living 300km far from here. So when they come back to Normandy, they invite themselves at home.

First dish was a Piquillo pepper cream soup (potato, Piquilllo pepper, onion, garlic, and for my parents they added some sour cream).

Then, the first dish was some pork roast stuffed with prunes, and cardoons.

For dessert, my mother made small lemon and meringues single-serving pies, I ate two of them!

Oh, and tonight was my “super cheat” night, that I allow myself once a month. So I ate like a little pig after dinner, but it was good.