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Black moon Lilith

What is Black moon Lilith? Black moon Lilith is the nothingness, the empty space that’s fills the void between the earth and the moon. Knowing your BML will help determine your subconscious side, secretive behavior patterns, sexual wants and needs, seductive traits, repressed anger and possible reason for death. It’s the energy who makes us feel empowered and vulnerable at once.

Who is Black moon Lilith? To sum it up, BML is a bad ass angel who took a stand for her sexual desires, and because of this, she was cast out of Eden for upsetting the dynamics between male and female power. Black moon Lilith is the feminine sexual energy that we are told to hide, uncontrollable lust, dirty thoughts, obsessions, kinks, anger and impulses.

Black moon Lilith in…

Aries Lilith in Aries feels the need to look powerful. They attain this by working out and eating clean. They need to burn their excess energy out in order to relax, by internalizing their abundance of energy this can cause suppressed anger, anxiety, depression, and lack of will power/motivation. They don’t listen to rules and regulations. They come up with the rules. BML in Aries people are usually talented and fast learners, but they can also be fickle. Instead of changing their mind they should learn to focus on one thing at a time and conquer it before moving on. Sexual energy is high, with a need for control and domination, they prefer BDSM, rough sex, adventurous and impulsive sex. Too much of this can lead them too dangerous situations, lack of this can cause unsatisfaction. Find a balance and you’ll be a bedroom god, oh and mind your head as there’s a chance of severe injury in that area.

Taurus A strong attachment to possessions, money, power to attain security. There’s seductive way about BML in Taurus, they have lustful eyes, soft skin, soothing voices and cupids bow lips, because of their pretty features there’s a connection between this sign and sexual/physical abuse, unwanted pregnancies, stuck in bad relationships especially in their youth years. This placement indicates a need for raw, natural connections, they can immerse themselves in music as they’re very in touch with their bodies and rhythm. A few bats of their lashes could leave anyone melting. Sex can involve domination, abuse, drugs, alcohol and money.  They shine in bed with someone who they feel comfortable with, and have a love for kitchen counter top intimacy. They have a tendency to have people obsess over them, perhaps even break a few hearts in their younger years. Remember, familiarity isn’t always right… jump into the unknown once in a while.

Gemini A difficult connection between mind, body and soul. Split personalities. Problems with communicating and expressing their true feelings, emotional blockages and dissociate personalities. There’s a strong sexual urge in this sign, when controlled can lead to satisfying sex, when uncontrolled can lead to suppression, anxiety about sex and relationships/intimacy; resulting in prostitution and drug use later on in life. When mind, body and soul are in balance, expression, verbal communication and tech skills are at an all time high. Their words are powerful weapons, and they possess and sharp tongue in conjunct a restless mind. Tendency to combine communication and intimacy… dirty talk, phone and cyber sex. Promiscuity and lies can happen when the mind and heart aren’t working together. LGBTQ’s are higher in this placement. 

Cancer Intuitive nature. Seems trust-worthy and kind, gets you to expose your secrets to them and stores them away for later use such as blackmail and emotional manipulation. Can indicate problems at home or feeling like an outcast in their own family, a difficult/distant relationship with either parents and siblings. These people have outstanding memories, able to easily access their past life and reincarnation through meditation, day/night dreaming or intuition. They fear loneliness but find it hard to become emotionally available out of fear of being betrayed. When this placement is channeled at a lower frequency, someone who strives for a peaceful trusting home life might choose to be with someone that won’t make that’s happen by choosing a partner who’s distrusting, abusive, loud, they may have a problematic child, or they themselves cause the chaos at home. Nevertheless, they protect and love their family with their entire life. They love in abundance, and this shows under the sheets. Sex with a Cancer in Lilith will probably leave you falling in love.

Leo Strong need to feel admired, looked up to, frothed over. Will unconsciously run away or close off when they sense rejection. Obsession with creating “meaningful moments” by travelling, communicating, giving, having countless friends.. this obsession can be ego driven to make it seem like they’e living an exciting  life; even if the friendships are fake and the travels rip a hole in their wallet. However living life on the edge is what makes them happy. empowered, charismatic, eccentric, magnetic. These people make great artists, actors, musicians or something along the lines of channeling their creativity to an audience. Their love of a good thing can be self destructive if not controlled, tendency to become sex and money addicts, homewreckers, chronic drug users, Most Leo Lilith’s discover their sexuality at a young age and stay sexually active their entire life. They have no problem jumping from one partner to the next… many have multiple partners. There’s a chance they’ll cheat if they aren’t receiving enough attention from their other half.

Virgo A good placement to have Lilith in. These people possess sharp analytical minds… when used at their fullest potential they’ll go far in terms of career and finance. Prone to using work as a source of escapism. Tends to think and analyse their emotions rather then “feel” them. Excels in psychology, medicine, law, teaching and cooking. Fear of vulnerability and letting themselves go. They can appear “up tight” or very prim and proper, when really they’re free spirited and open minded individuals, able to see between the lines of everything, recognize patterns and reasons most people can’t. This leaves them feeling like an outsider or loner. trichotillomania, OCD and eating disorders are common in this placement; there’s a need for systematic control otherwise they become extremely anxious and fidgety. In bed is where a Virgo Lilith really relaxes and goes wild, sex is a way to release tension and they aim too please.. by taking into account of what turns you on and what you enjoy, they’ll make sure to incorporate it into sex. Advice would be too let feelings happen without creating a reason for them, take some risks, and don’t suppress your emotions.

Libra They mirror the actions of those surrounding them, they can be the sweetest person or the coldest person you’ll ever meet… depending on you. They are proud of their fluent  allure and charm, they’ve mastered the techniques of seduction and use this to their advantage, possible using it to get something out of someone. These people are often geniuses in many areas… arts, music, law, criminology, and language to name a few. Co-dependency and a need for the perfect lover is strong… leading to abusive/problematic relationships especially in their younger years, as they grow they’re more choosy with whom they give attention too, but their flirty nature and need for attention can cause love affairs in their relationship. Their father tends to be detached or overly protective. As mothers, these people can be verbally abusive, particularly pointing out their children’s flaws.. they have an aloof way of showing their love. In bed, they love BDSM, role play, wine, whipped cream, pretty lingerie and love bites.. spank their ass too lol. If this is your placement, remember not to let anyone else’s thought’s or words affect how you feel. You’re all that you need.

Scorpio REBIRTH is frequent in this placement.. strong, intense relationships with their parents, friends and lovers. They feel the need to completely deteriorate themselves and their SO, mostly driven by passion and emotion. When channeled at a lower frequency their personality can become self destructive, they’ll have their perfect job, partner, and finance one second, then find themselves bankrupt, single and depressed the next.. they need to fall into the depths of rock bottom in order to rise up even higher then before. Sex is their favorite weapon.. they usually posses some fire genitals too ;) Don’t be surprised if they’re throwing you against a wall right before they’re in your pants. Most are fascinated by the occult, black magik, astrology, hypnosis, metaphysical subjects and psychology. They possess the best bullshit detectors, and can sense a good idea of a person within 2 seconds of meeting them. Not by analyzing what they say.. but how they say it and what they don’t say. To them, love isn’t love without jealousy, truth, lies, passion, and extremely kinky sex. All the time (sometimes even involving blood)  Chances of anxiety, paranoia, psychotic depression are high. Their ex partner will constantly compare their new spouses to them, because no one will make you feel passion, love, lust, and hate all at once like a Scorpio Lilith

Sagittarius Relies on “luck” to make it in life… and these people are usually quite lucky surprisingly. Rash, gossipy, fickle. Due to their “wanderlust” mindset, there’s a fear of being held down, these people unconsciously try too escape from anything they fear will confine them. This becomes a big problem when the thing they’re trying to escape from is themselves. Escapism outlets include… drugs (especially weed/acid) alcohol, fighting, video games, drawing, fashion, social media. This becomes apparent in relationships. Go travelling with a Sag Lilith. They’ll make the experience the most mystical and eye opening adventure you’ll  have. They prefer raw experiences and travels instead of fancy resorts and restaurants. They’ll be the one’s eating what the locals eat, with the locals. They often feel a little different from everyone else,this can lead to depression and/or anxiety. It takes a while for them to realize the rare gifts they have. How connected they are with the universe as a whole… I bet a Sag Lilith has the most philosophical dreams.  Prone to being boastful , full of themselves, know-it-all’s though. They need to understand that they’re not always right, and not everyone is out to sabotage them. Sexual partners are usually a different race to them, with a completely different background too. Sex while travelling and meeting their soul mate in another country is high.

Capricorn Someone with Lilith in Capricorn has the mindset of a CEO. They get shit done without help from anyone. And they know it. They can appear extremely intimidating, cold and they pretty much invented the resting bitch face. Many have high positions in terms of career, or they’re self employed. Like the other Earth Lilith’s, there’s a need for financial security, control and empowerment. Infact, they’ll do almost anything to get to the top, even if this includes sleeping with their married bosses. They’ll barely ever let their guard down, and if they do… they’ll beat themselves up for it later on. Their mysterious secretive nature can allure many kinds of people in, it doesn’t take long for you to be trapped under their spell. They like to control or be controlled during love making, and they prefer sex after a few glasses of champagne in a big beautiful bed with expensive bedding, some scented candles and erotic music… then their “other side” (think Christian Grey from 50 Shades) comes out to conquer you. Capricorn Lilith’s are notorious Power trippers… they’ll humiliate their best friend in a crowded room to make themselves feel better and wont give a shit. Prone to acting out in cold ways when they don’t get what they want; the one’s they love the most usually take the brunt of their bad moods.. when their frustration is suppressed it can cause sickness, depression, OCD and paranoia. They might have a few run in’s with mean bosses, jealous friends who use their superiority and success to help them. As children they may have been neglected and abused. As parent’s they’re surprisingly warm, cuddly and protective.. they want their children to have the childhood they never got.

Aquarius These people need freedom. They discover their independent streak from a young age and usually worked for their own money and assets from a young age too. They’re drawn to humanitarian subjects, astrology, numerology and tarot. Tendency to have odd behavioral patterns.. they might have a quirky laugh, a potty mouth, they mutter things under their breath to “make a mental note” something about them is different and it’s this why people are so fascinated by them. Aquarius Lilith’s are extremely charismatic. They’re the masters of influencing, convincing, spreading a message to a large crowd.. most Aquarius Lilith’s had the opportunity to travel from a young age; enlightening them to the world and differences in humanity, this makes them more wiser and brainier then most, but they keep that a secret. They have very active minds, this makes them prone to insomnia and depending on the other placements in their birth chart; Schizophrenia is more common here. They fear losing their independence and self identity, so they need someone who’ll let them roam and explore without being clingy or emotional.  Emotions aren’t a huge deal here, they’ll come up with a logical reason for almost every emotion they feel. And if they can’t, they’ll let it go. Among the more sexually open, these individuals value every kind of sexual kink, desire and fantasy’s, they prefer exciting sex to mundane. Most are chronic masterbators because they’re capable of having multiple orgasms. Dark side includes detachment, disassociation, suppression, alienation, and escapism. 

Pisces Among the more higher frequency’s of BML, Pisces is an intuitive Lilith, capable of interacting with the other side, as they’re easy channels for the spirit realm. They receive messages in dreams, they’ll determine whether someone had a bad childhood just by feeling their energy. Being around negative people and situations heavily drains a BML in Pisces, they’ll need a while to come back from a traumatic experience.. counselling is also preferred. The problems of other people affect them more then anyone else, sometimes using drugs, alcohol and sleep as a way to escape the realities of this harsh world, if they channel this energy into a creative outlet they’ll create magic. Very naive, some in this placement got bullied or taken advantage of as children, and they usually had a bad relationship with one or two siblings because of their innocent kind nature, this progresses as they get older and learn to stick up for themselves. They seduce by sub-missing themselves, appearing innocent and cute , like a little school girl (every dom daddys dream lol) sex is slow, passionate, with gentle touches and lots of foreplay/teasing. They play the victim card a lot though, and emotionally manipulate to get what they want. They’re not as innocent or caring as they may seem. There’s an inability to take charge and confront others here, and will often end up in abusive partnerships most likely with a possessive or controlling partner. Meditation, walking in nature, deep breathing, positive people, cuddles, crystal healing, lucid dreaming, writing, drawing, creating music helps a Pisces Lilith out of their depressive episodes. In their darkest state, they can be psychotic and completely out of touch with reality.. leading to a downward spiral of self destruction. In their superior level, they can heal anyone with their calming energy.

The thing about binary alignment: it is absolutely okay for NB people to identify that way. People are allowed to identify however makes them happy.

When the only way NB people’s queer attractions can be acknowledged is as aligned members of WLW and MLM communities, when alignment is assumed based on presentation and pronouns, when a variety of involuntary experiences such as forcible misgendering and being closeted are equated with an identity label that should be voluntary… there is a problem.

It is not, by and large, an NB folks’ problem. It’s binary, cis people being unable to wrap their heads around any gender identity that isn’t at least a bit like a binary gender. (And that’s how you get debacles like the whole ‘similar gender’ business. Heck, my gender’s not necessarily similar to that of people who use the same gender label, how are you going to swing it being similar to any other gender?)

But if us NBs for whom alignment language flat out does not work are getting shouted down with accusations of hostility, just because we said that certain language does not serve us and we need space for something that will? That is an issue between different NB folks.

Members of a community pointing out that existing language is not sufficient for them needs to be allowed. Shouting down parts of a community for whom existing or prevailing language is ineffective is only helpful if your goal is to homogenise opinions across the community and ensure one particular set of language prevails.

When that language does not work for some members of your community, to force it to be accepted by everyone in that space is violent.

If binary alignment language is useful for people, by all means, keep using it! But recognise that not all of us find it useful or even applicable, and recognise that in some cases, we are being hurt because we don’t use that language.

Not all language, concepts and models will work for all members of a community. Not everyone will be comfortable using the same sets of identifiers. This should not come as a surprise. No community is homogeneous. And I struggle to see any justification for using a lack of homogeneity in opinions as a reason to call other community members transphobic.

Writing fanfiction is great because you get to channel all your brainpower into your absolute favorite characters. You get to take them and put them in a situation and think seriously and intensely about how they would react to it. You get to examine them and their thought processes and their insecurities and their values and you get to measure and weigh them and then you get to manipulate that situation literally however you want! You can test them! You can make them ridiculously happy! You can hurt them in ways that they’ve never been hurt before and then (if you’re like me and can’t stand unhappy endings) follow them through their recovery from that pain! You can write them into experiences that mirror your own or you can write them into situations that are literally impossible and you can write them into situations that would never happen in the source material. You can write endless AUs, pair your faves with literally any other character and explore their relationship dynamics (!!!!!!!!) and you can follow them through endless journeys because your interaction with them doesn’t end when the source material ends. You get to carry them with you. And your appreciation for that character and your understanding of that character can grow SO MUCH just by being in their head for a little while. 

tl;dr: FANFICTION is so COOL

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DAI + advisor reacting to a really excited Elf Inquisitor wanting to adopt a baby dragon? Romance option too if possible? Thank you and welcome to the community!

Thank you anon!  Sorry for the wait! :)

My first request, I’m very excited!

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Cassandra: She is less than impressed with the idea, and has no problems vocalising her absolute disagreement for the idea.  She openly opposes the idea and does not allow the Inquisitor to bring the dragon back to Skyhold.  Also openly wonders how they thought it was an acceptable plan in the first place.  Romanced: About the same in terms of reaction, and questions lightheartedly how she ended up in a relationship with someone who could come up with such an absurd idea, and then seriously want to go through with it.

Varric: He is torn between amused and extremely concerned.  For one, seeing the Inquisitor so excited was not something he saw on a daily basis.  On the other hand the reason the Inquisitor was an excited bundle was because they wanted to adopt a dragon!  This was the extreme concern that Varric felt, and he quietly questioned their sanity.  Although to be honest, he wasn’t exactly surprised with the amount of crazy and stupid things the Inquisitor has come up with in the past.

Solas: He is not impressed with the idea at all, and flat out tells the Inquisitor that they shouldn’t consider it.  Considering the nature of the creature, his concerns are for their safety and the safety for those in Skyhold.  Romanced: He is gentler about dissuading the Inquisitor, and still doesn’t agree with the idea.  However the level of excitement that this baby dragon elicits from them, makes him happy that they have this small moment, even though it would not last for long.

Vivienne: Anyone around at that moment would be surprised that she did not get a headache, from how fast she rolled her eyes.  She was slightly disappointed that the Inquisitor even brought up such an absurd idea without thinking the consequences through, and calmly yet firmly told them so.  If she values her friendship with the Inquisitor, she is pleased to see them have a moment of happiness.  If their relationship is strained, she seems disappointed at how the Inquisitor is displaying themselves to everyone, through how they are acting in their excitement.

Blackwall: He snorts at the idea, and pictures a baby dragon running around Skyhold causing chaos, with the Inquisitor right in the middle of it all.  He doesn’t honestly believe that the idea of adopting a dragon would be accepted, and quietly finds it amusing that the Inquisitor even brought up the idea.  Romanced: Is not quiet about his amusement at all, and during which he will also tell the Inquisitor his opinion on their brilliant idea.

Sera:  She agrees with the Inquisitor and wants to adopt the baby dragon with them.  She imagines all the fun and chaos that they could cause with their dragon counterpart, and would love to see the faces of the nobles once they see that dragon with the Inquisitor.  Romanced:  About the same in terms of reaction, but she just keeps calling the adopted dragon their kid as a joke.

Dorian: Like most of the other companions he is also amused at the fact the Inquisitor would bring up such an idea, and their obvious excitement only adds to his amusement.  He would love to know their logic behind their idea of adopting a wild baby dragon.  Romanced: About the same in terms of reaction, but voices his concerns about their safety more, and makes jokes about their adoption choice.  Is torn between avoiding dragons to keep them safe, and finding more baby dragons to see them so excited again.

Iron Bull: 100% on board with adopting the dragon and bringing it back.  He wants it to become a Charger, imagine the mayhem! The Iron Bull is the most ecstatic about the Inquisitor’s idea.  Romanced: Joins in with the Inquisitor’s visible excitement, and will actively help the Inquisitor with any plan they concoct.

Cole: It gives him great joy to see the Inquisitor so happy, he feels the sight of the baby dragon slowly lift the Inquisitors spirits in that moment.  He feels that it helps them, and he wants that help to stay with them.

Leliana: Immediately veto’s the idea, and explicitly tells the Inquisitor that they cannot bring the dragon back.  She hopes that she doesn’t have to keep too close an eye on the Inquisitor, after hearing their dragon adoption idea.

Josephine: She has to pause for a moment and stare blankly at the Inquisitor.  She at first isn’t quite sure if they are being serious, however as she looks at the Inquisitor’s excited face she realises they are serious.  It would not be in the Inquisitor’s best interest to be seen with a terrifying creature such as a dragon, and she says so to the Inquisitor.  Romanced:  Has a little giggle about it, and finds the Inquisitor’s visible excitement utterly adorable.  However she still disagrees with adopting the dragon, and worries about their’s and other’s safety.

Cullen: Maker’s Breath!  He cannot believe the Inquisitor was being serious in even considering the idea.  Adopting a baby dragon? Imagine the danger and chaos.  He doesn’t agree with the idea, and thinks about the many consequences that could happen if the Inquisitor manages to somehow be able to adopt this baby dragon.  Romanced:  Finds the Inquisitor’s excitement amusing and adorable.  He still cannot believe that they are serious about adopting the dragon, and expresses his worries about their safety.  He would really love to see the Inquisitor that excited again however.

- Elvhen Glory


As most of you may know, in the classic Disney movie, Snow White, there are seven characters that steal the show, known as the Seven Dwarfs. Their names are Doc, Dopey, Bashful, Grumpy, Sneezy, Sleepy, and Happy. I thought that since the numbers fit, I’d make a post about which dwarf I thought each member of BTS resembled the most. I hope you guys enjoy!

Kim Namjoon as Doc

Okay, this pairing is for obvious reasons. Doc is the leader of the dwarfs, and he looks out for them very well! However, Doc is still pretty awkward (in a cute way though) and he often stumbles his words. For some reason, this reminds me of Namjoon being all cute in the English interviews lmao. I think they fit each other well.

Kim Seokjin as Sneezy

Okay, just hear me out on this one! Sneezy is not only super adorable, but he often takes care of the other dwarfs by cooking for them, etc. I know it seems like kind of a stretch, but their caring natures really do match up! I promise!!

Min Yoongi as Sleepy

This one was obvious. I mean, come on. These guys would be best friends. I bet you can’t event tell these pictures apart. Also, I saw that Sleepy was very observant and witty, despite his drowsiness.

Jung Hoseok as Happy

This one was pretty obvious too. I mean, we call him the sun for heaven sake! Hoseok is just that member that can always make anyone smile. even yoongi

Park Jimin as Bashful

Our mochi, Jimin, is a perfect fit for Bashful. Jimin is so cute and smol and shy. He is so humble, and honestly, I think he underestimates himself a lot! Anyway, the boy is hella cute and I just wanna hug him all the time.

Kim Taehyung as Dopey

This cutie is actually my favorite of the seven dwarfs. Kim Taehyung, bless his soul, is just so… so interesting. These two fun-loving babies are practically mirrors of each other. They know how to make everyone around them smile and feel happy. However, they tend to annoy the other six every now and then.

Jeon Jungkook as Grumpy

Okay, I know. You guys are going to be mad at me for pegging him as Grumpy, but how could I not when he is just so RUDE ALL THE FREAKING TIME!? LIKE, CAN HE JUST STAHP!?!?!? In all honesty, I would have given this one to Yoongi, but I thought Sleepy fit him better lmao.

I hope you guys like this! It’s a little different from the posts I normally make! If you guys like this, please let me know by sending in an ask or commenting on/reblogging this post! Also, if you agree/disagree with my pairings, let me know!!!! Lastly, if you’re not following me, please do!! @jinssmile (: Thanks for reading!

Haikyuu!! Chapter 262:  Always Facing Forward

We’ve been granted another (wonderful) flashback of young Karasuno. First year Tanaka along with first years Ennoshita and Narita at the background (looks like Narita hasn’t had his growth spurt).

I’m so used to bald Tanaka that I can barely recognize Tanaka in his first year in all his full-haired glory. The delinquent look is still there though. Still, the appearance of current third years look so young always make me happy. However, we’re also given more insight on them.

They endured so much. They had front row seat to the fallen powerhouse, flightless crows. They saw how their senpai lost their hope and faith. And yet they never let themselves discouraged, never gave up, never stopped looking forward, biding their time. Honestly, they’re amazing. No wonder, their first years are amazing, because their senpai are.

audriel.exe stops working.





Damn, give us a little warning Furudate-sensei! But please don’t stop (and please also give us (or at least me) Kuroo in serious mode along with Daichi, though I know I’m probably gonna die if I get it, but… please)

Back to the game.

Tanaka is in a pinch. He keeps getting blocked, and when gets a spike in, it’s an out. 

That expression… damn, I can feel all the frustration and desperation and Tanaka feels. No wonder Sensei brings in Bokuto for this match, he provides the insight of spikers. His wonders drives home how difficult it is for Tanaka.

Suna is really, really good, and he’s targeting at Tanaka. Look how easily he read Tanaka, how quickly he moves to block Tanaka, and how capable he is in attacking. This is National-level player.

I’ve got the feeling that Ukai is right. Tanaka thinks too much. He puts too much pressure on himself, by remembering his past plays and memories. It reminds me of Furuya in Daiya, actually. The additional pressure makes him take more risk than that is safe or necessary. The last block, he has two possible course, and he picks the hardest one. He still can see the possibilities clearly, but his ability to make the best course of action is impaired. I don’t know whether he’ll manage a comeback in this set, if he does, Karasuno might get the first set. Tanaka usually manages to motivate himself, but I think this time he’s going to need an external motivation, an extra help, quite possibly from Daichi, Suga or Asahi, because it seems his impatience comes from wanting to win for the senpais whom he admire and respect, and I share that feeling with him.

Come on Tanaka…. You can do it…

On a lighter note, some interesting panels to boost our mood back up.

The Miya brothers, or Atsumu being an idiot.

The face Atsumu makes when he realizes the toss missed, then the reaction of the coach who yelled at him and Osamu who uses twin privilege to get a proper apology in form of luxury pudding XDD.

Hinata in a straw hat, celebrating One Piece’s anniversary.

Kurokawa, Azumane, all look so serious and imposing… and there’s Noya. Oh, Noya… don’t change.

“I’ll give you everything, Credence.”

Takes place post-movie, Real!Percival and Credence take off into hiding where no albino dark lords or overbearing governments can break what little peace they’ve managed to rebuild together. “We can’t go back for nothing, take what you need and say your goodbyes.” 

Check out the artists featured, please give them some love! @dlcaaa @dibeediboop​​ @rikuta​​ @lightningstrikes-art @chickenryo @nammmfah

You can also watch on Youtube if you like

Further info/sources can be found under the cut ouo)b

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Trees don’t always grow straight, they grow however makes them happy.
- Bob Ross

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I’m the original creator of these paintings. They are not stock. I’m so happy if you like them, but please don’t repost them. Reblog this post instead, thanks!

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How do you think Josuke would react if he found out his artist s/o likes drawing him (usually in nsfw situations with them) on their spare time? He realizes that the reason they focus so much when they cuddle is because they love taking in every little thing about his physique. S/O is horribly embarrassed, haha.

- Josuke knows that his s/o likes to draw in their spare time and has good-naturedly poked fun at them having their sketchbook in their bag all of the time, thinking it’s super cute the way that they blush when it’s pointed out. Every time he’s asked to see what they drew, they’ve shown him pretty innocuous cute drawings of animals and scenery and he’s heaped them in compliments; his s/o is great at drawing! He’s glad they have a talent that makes them happy!
- However, one night, s/o accidentally leaves one of their sketchbooks at his house after a long cuddling, makeout and movie session. Josuke hates to pry, but it’s just too tempting sitting there next to the sofa –
- Oh. Wow. At first, he’s flattered to see all of the headshots of him, laughing and smiling and just staring off into space. He looks handsome - his s/o is good! His hair looks good too, which he also appreciates. He flips through it, eager to see if there are more sketches of him; it’s flattering knowing that s/o thinks about him so much!
- Ahh ahhh ahh wait that is a lot more than just a headshot - and why isn’t he wearing any clothes oh my–
- He’s blushing but he’s also fascinated; s/o clearly knows his body well and he recognises the accuracy because hey, it’s his body and he knows every part of it. Again, it’s flattering to know that s/o is paying that much attention to the way that he looks; their pencil strokes are calm and confident and make him look like some sort of Adonis, which is extra gratifying. 
- And then he skips to the most recent page and it’s a very, very familiar situation; him with his s/o sprawled on the sofa. He’s sprawled legs akimbo, arms slouched out to the sides - but instead of s/o draped over him for cuddles like they had been earlier that evening, s/o is in a position that’s a lot … lewder. That’s going to make him blushy and a little bit flustered
- When he calls s/o to let them know about the sketchbook being there - he’s a good guy, he can’t let them worry about it - s/o is absolutely mortified on the other end of the line. He practically hears them bury their face in their arms and he can see them with their face bright red in his mind. 
- He, very very awkwardly but trying to at once make them feel better and turn the situation in his favour, stutters out; “Y’know, if y’wanted to draw me like that … Y’could just ask.”

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sdyoongi accidentally saying 'i love you' to y/n 🙊

Yoongi drinks sometimes. He drinks red wine on special occasions at business dinners, and company formals; he takes whiskey at the bar to liven up a little, buying something smooth for the pretty, young girl who’s been eyeing him all night; and he’s offered an ice-cold beer when he’s with his buddies for Sunday night football, drinking it just to make them happy. Yoongi, however, is a lightweight all the time.

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Companions react to SS constant use of puns where ever they go.

This is my 100th post! 

Cait - Is slightly annoyed. At first. After several hours of this, she swears that if they say one fuckin’ more, she’s going to punch them. It worked, for a while. After two hours, Sole made a mistake and earned a black eye.

Codsworth - Enoys the fact, that after everyting that happened, his master/mistress’ humour has not died. A little light in the dark.

Curie - Doesn’t understand a lot of them. However, she giggles upon Sole explaining the puns to her. She’s eager to learn more of humour, since it seems to be something that helps them keep going.

Danse - He didn’t mind them, at first, after a while though, he’d say quiet, annoyed “Soldier…” upon hearing every pun they let out of their mouth. He’d secretly laughed to some of them, though.

Deacon - Pun war. A long one, several days lasting. Finally, when they were sitting on roof of Sole’s house in Diamond city, laughing, Sole would sigh and say “That’s all I’ve got.” Shame.

Hancock - Even after hours, he laughs at every single one of them. They are  even funnier when he’s high. He spent almost two days laughing on: “Did you hear about the feral who’s whole left side was cut off? He’s alright now!”

MacCready - He’d chuckle and answer with some of his own sometimes. However, he did punch a hell out of their arm when they woke him in 2am to tell him particulary awful one.

Nick Valentine - He’d keep ‘tsk’ing, shaking his head and rolling his golden eyes, pretending to be annoyed, but he enjoy’s them, actually, remembers that  the original Nick used to adore puns and annoy everyone with them.

Piper - She alaways laugs and never gets annoyed, for she feels cozy with them not letting the wasteland get to them and joke around. It feels like there weren’t even people and things trying to kill them on every square meter.

Preston Garvey - Laughs at first, but doesn’t pay attention to them after a few hours. He doesn’t stop general from doing them, however. He is alright with whatever makes them feel happy and relaxed and puns certainly seem to be doing the trick.

Strong - Doesn’t understand them. Upon being explained, he just huffs out. “Stupid humans and their talking!”

X6-88 - Doesn’t like it. Firstly, these are pointless for their mission, secondly they are completely giving away their position.

post graduation reflections

So once again, the start of a new school year is right around the corner. My college graduation feels so long ago even though it was just in May.. This will be the first time in 16 years that I will not be attending classes, meeting up with friends, cramming for finals, and basically being a student. I still cannot get that through my head. Of course, I do plan on going back for grad school sometime soon, but it’s still so weird/sad/nostalgic to me that I won’t be going back this September. 

As the new school year approaches, I’m sure there are many of you who are nervous to start college, eager to get back with friends, or a number of other emotions. It’s true, your school years will fly by, so make the best of it! 

There are just a few things that I have learned and wanted to say that goes beyond studying:

Do not focus on studying 24/7: Your mind and body both need a break sometimes, so make sure you are setting aside time for yourself, your friends, and extracurriculars. These are the things that will keep you sane while you pursue your goals. Experience everything because once you’re out of college, shit starts getting real and you don’t have time to experience as much. This is the best environment for you now and the most freedom you will have.

Make friends & expand your network: This is especially true if you are just starting college. Everyone is new so get out of your comfort zone and reach out to people! Start making friends as soon as you can whether in your classes, dorms, or extracurricular activities. Join frats/sororities if that’s your thing! These are the people who will surround you in your four (or more) years of college and help you through them. Not to mention, they will be your real world connections, especially to finding jobs, internships, and so much more.

Get out of your comfort zone: Do things you have always wanted to do but were too afraid. Every college has a plethora of clubs and activities; just sign up for any or all of them! Apply for that job even if you think you aren’t good enough, approach that cute boy/girl, don’t be afraid to eat by yourself either. Take as many risks as you are comfortable with. This is the most prime time to be taking risks because what do you have to lose? 

Constantly improve/stay in beta: Don’t stay stagnant in your progress, make sure you are always moving forward towards your goals. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, just be better than who you were yesterday. Practice agile learning. Be innovative and creative. Don’t linger too long on regret, just keep moving forward.

Mindset, mindset, mindset: I think the biggest thing that hurts or helps people is their mindset. This is what you make of your situation and how you react to the things around you. If you have a poor mindset, you will always think the world is against you. If you strive to have a growth mindset, you will always be improving yourself and appreciating your situation as part of your learning and growth. 

Pay/share it forward: Karma exists and will come back tenfold. Help out as many people as you can, tutor people, help people prepare for job interviews, share your strengths and people will thank you in many ways. The thing that people will remember the most is how you make them feel. So make them feel damn good. However, do not sacrifice your happiness/health for someone. 

CRUSH IT: Lastly, whatever you do, whatever opportunities come your way, make sure to hit them all out of the park. Give 110% to everything and you will be great. This was my motto during the end my senior year (learned it a little too late) but I managed to bounce back from failing a class to passing it instead (thank god)! It will do you wonders if you can keep this in your mindset. 

In the end, these are just the things that I have personally observed, experienced, learned, and regretted not doing in my four years of college. They may not apply to you, but I hope they will at least give you some perspective. I wish you all the best starting the new school year. I wish I was back in your shoes, I’m really jealous of you guys. Time really does fly and pretty soon, you will be in the real world. The real world is vastly different from the bubble of college. I don’t even know what I’m doing but I’m always going to be improving and striving to crush it.

You CAN do it and you WILL crush it. Good luck!! xo

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Dear Nissi, I've been with my boyfriend for almost two years, he is a great guy, kind, smart, and loving. He always tells me he is so much better because of me, that I taught him so much and that he is grateful for it. That's the kind of person I am, when I love someone I share everything I know, it makes me happy to see them grow. However, he hasn't taught me much. If I have grown it is mostly on my own. He has a PhD, speaks 4 languages and only shares his knowledge when I almost beg him. 1/2

I’ve had this conversation several times with him, he always says he’ll try. I taught him French fluently, and when I asked him for help in Spanish he said I should go take classes. If he doesn’t know something, I either explain, share books or say let’s watch together. When I don’t he just says: “ I can’t believe you don’t know that”. I know I can do anything by myself. I just feel like he is a sponge, a loving one for sure. Am I greedy to want someone who will take my growth seriously
Do you want a boyfriend, or a teacher? I’m not sure why you’d expect him to teach you Spanish…. idk I feel like you’re looking for issues that aren’t there. Him not teaching you one of the languages he knows isn’t him not taking your growth seriously….


You can be sad
And you can be mad
but in your eyes
there’s one thing that truly shines
one reason that makes your eyes
blurry and wet
Tired of fighting the world alone
Certain memories may make you cry
or make your heart skip a beat
but memories make us
however sad they are
happiness lurks within them
just like ashes under a bonfire
music could help you
you think
but it only makes you think
quiet makes wonders if you switch off your brain
quiet can be your enemy
birthplace of bad thoughts
thoughts that make you cry
shed tears and make you feel dead
should I crave for it?
should I just give up?
should I just end it all
close the doors
shut my mind
as well as my eyes?
fuck it I won’t
I have a life
sad it may be
I will cry many times
I feel it
but fuck it
this life I call mine

nothing is everlasting
sadness is temporary
a door closes another one opens
I just have to look
but first I have to get off this hook
a hook full of loops
valleys and mountains
switching within seconds
and just like that
a hearty smile dies away
it’s easier to go down into the valley
then onto the top of the mountain
that’s why I feel that…
That I don’t feel
I feel empty
so I should just sleep
rest my mind from these thoughts
even though before I loved them
now they ruin me
I will sleep now
easy my mind
quiet I hope you will love me
please don’t be my enemy
help me
I feel lonely

DREW VAN ACKER GIF HUNT; There are about #116 small to medium and high quality GIFs of handsome actor, that is mostly known for his role in Pretty Little Liars. None of them are mine and the credit belongs to the makers. They were collected for roleplay purpose only, but if you see your work and would like me to remove it, feel free to message me at any time. A like or reblog if you use them however would make me really happy.

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prompt: can you do a future fic (still in high school though) where something happens and Riley isn’t friends with any of the group anymore (except talking to Smackle occasionally), and they run into each other at a party or something and theres angst pleaseeeee

I love this prompt because Smackle is my baby and you guys know I love writing riley-centric fics. I hope I didn’t ruin your prompt cause I wrote this in my own style (meaning I added rucas) but i hope you enjoy!

A lot happened freshman year. Riley and her group of friends had their first fight on the first day of high school, Maya had an identity crisis, Farkle and Riley’s relationship was rocky ever since the fight in Topanga’s that first week. She got her first boyfriend, him being the guy she’d loved for three years, and then they broke up. Of course, everyone took Lucas’ side in the breakup, even Maya.

Riley felt so attacked, by everyone but Smackle. So, she left. She was so depressed that she left the people she loved most. She was on her own going into sophomore year, but by October, she had made three new friends. Her best one, being Jason. Her two others were Natasha and Chris. She wasn’t the same Riley she used to be, but that turned out to be okay. She got along great with her new friends, and they knew all about her conflict with her old group of friends.

None of them talked, except for science lab. Smackle was in that class so  they talked quite a lot. They restricted topics though. Isadora didn’t speak of the group of friends, and neither did Riley. All that were exchanged between Riley and her ex-best-friends were sad looks in the hallways, sometimes glares, depending on the day/mood.

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How do both teams react upon realizing that they're in love with someone?

Oh my god I live for this


  • He wouldn’t really recognise the feeling at first and would probably dismiss it as nothing at all. The same feeling, however, would distract him, especially during his swimming. This was when he realized he needed to sort it out. But he still wouldn’t know what it was.
  • It would eat away at him for weeks, until the realization hit him right in the face. They made him feel the same way as the water did. Free.
  • Haru would try to suppress the feeling, although he knew there was no hope in that.


  • As soon as he realised that he was in love, Makoto would immediately blush at the idea. He couldn’t quite believe it at first, even having to sit down to think about it.
  • Upon his realization, he’d act rather differently around his s/o, stuttering and getting easily flustered. Of course it would raise suspicion and he would do his best to play it off. Not that it’d always work.
  • Butterflies would constantly live in his stomach, getting stronger and stronger whenever Makoto was around them or even if they just said hello to him.


  • He would act even more confident and flirtatious, giving cheeky little pecks on the nose and warming hugs. Nagisa would completely shower them with affection.
  • That said, he’d be very self-concious on the inside, analysing every word and action, often thinking he pushed too far. He would constantly be scared that he might actually be scaring them off, which is the opposite of what he wants to do.


  • Rei would deny the feeling as best as he could, suppressing his emotions to the back of his subconscious. But no matter how hard he’d try, it would be of no use.
  • He’d actually feel a little embarrassed about it all. He had never felt this way about somebody before and he hated how caught up on them he was, practically kicking himself as he fell head over heels for them.


  • The realization of his feelings would completely change him. Rin would find himself zoning out and daydreaming in lessons and being so distracted by it that he fell terribly behind in his swim training.
  • It would also completely take over his thoughts. No matter how much he tried to take his mind off of it, he always found himself thinking about them.
  • Sousuke would endlessly tease Rin about this and he would never, ever hear the end of it.


  • He didn’t really notice the feeling at first, but as soon as he realised, it hit him like a ton of bricks. Sousuke didn’t know what to do with himself. He had absolutely no clue at all what to do about it.
  • He would become extremely awkward around his crush, often having to make an excuse to leave because he just couldn’t handle the situation at that point in time.
  • He’d lie awake at night for hours, unable to get the thought of them out of his head. He’d have heavy bags under his eyes for weeks.


  • Aii actually really liked the feeling, welcoming it. It made his stomach and chest feel warm and fuzzy. He was really glad that he knew what it was and that he realised it when he did.
  • Surprisingly, he wouldn’t act that much differently around his s/o. He may stumble over his words once in a while, but that was pretty much it.
  • Aii would often find himself gazing at them, only to get flustered if he got caught.


  • He couldn’t recognise the emotions he was feeling initially, mainly because he had never been in love before. He’d have to have a mental debate with himself as to decide what to do about it all.
  • Momo would be very out of character; his usually bubbly and boisterous personality turning to him being shy and quiet. Hopefully it would go unnoticed by his s/o.


  • Sei would feel indifferent towards it. Nothing would change now he had realized his feelings, he would just take them in and accept them.
  • It would, however, make him more happy and cheery than he already is, which would show a lot during swim practice. He’d be a lot easier on his teammates and would scold them a lot less.
  • That being said, the whole swim team would pray that this feeling would last for quite a while,