however i think this is out of order

Does authority create order?

I know the inevitable question will arise: If we have no authority of any kind, will there not be anarchy? Of course there may be. But does authority create order? Or does it merely create a blind following which has no meaning at all except that it leads to destruction, to misery? But if we begin to understand ourselves-which is a very complex process-then we shall also begin to understand the anatomy of authority. Then I think we shall be able to find out, as individuals, what is true. Without the compulsion of society, without the authority of a religion or of any person, however great, without the influence of another, we shall be able to discover and experience for ourselves something beyond mere intellection, beyond the clever assertions of the mind.

- Jiddu Krishnamurti - Hamburg 1956,Talk 1

controversial opinion

people who are straight and cis: your friends and relatives should not be forced to choose between giving you an entire 101-level education in gender and sexuality or forever suffering through your clueless remarks/questions that, trust me, are sometimes incredibly painful, however well-intentioned you are

and they definitely should not have to spend years laying this groundwork of educating you in order to feel safe coming out to you

do. your own. research.

Even if you think you don’t know anyone who isn’t straight and cis, I guarantee you that you are wrong, and you should educate yourself so you’re not an additional burden to them before or after they come out to you. It is unfair to expect them to personally tutor you out of your cluelessness, when they’re the marginalised person and you’re the one with nothing to lose.

You have Google. Use it. And actively seek out writers who are trans and gay and bi etc and read what they have to say. Don’t rely on whatever bits of mainstream or even feminist media drift your way. Your loved ones deserve better.


someone you know who has to brace every time this topic comes up because you literally do not know how offensive you’re being, I love you but oh my god, please stop

Lord Vetinari walked out of the room and back into the main hall, with Vimes trailing behind. “However,” he said, “in order to keep the peace, the golem will have to be destroyed.”
“No, sir.”
“Allow me to repeat my instruction.”
“No, sir.”
“I’m sure I just gave you an order, Commander. I distinctly felt my lips move.”
“No, sir. He’s alive, sir.”
“He’s just made of clay, Vimes.”
“Aren’t we all, sir? According to them pamphlets Constable Visit keeps handing out. Anyway, he thinks he’s alive, and that’s good enough for me.”
The Patrician waved a hand towards the stairs and his office full of paper. “Nevertheless, Commander, I’ve had no less than nine missives from leading religious figures declaring that he is an abomination.”
“Yes, sir. I’ve given that viewpoint a lot of thought, sir, and reached the following conclusion: arseholes to the lot of ’em, sir.”

– Vimes’s conclusion | Terry Pratchett, Feet of Clay

Hello. My name is Paige. I play The Sherlockian Game which is a game that’s been around for over 100 years. I attempt to solve puzzles in the BBC Sherlock universe by cross-referencing Victorian literature and modern Holmes adaptations. On Tumblr people who do this are referred to as “conspiracy theorists” – which can mean many things, both good and bad, depending on your perspective.

I also ship Johnlock like it’s my job.


I really like Adlock. It’s what brought me into the online Fandom.

To think one must be a certain kind of fan with very distinct fictional character loyalties in order to play the Sherlockian Game or to be part of TJLC is ridiculous.

What kind of fanfiction you read in your freetime should not negatively affect how people interact with you online.

If you disagree, that’s fine, just don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

dear younger users joining a fandom,

tumblr is a great source for learning about social issues you might not have known about before, and it can be a great educational tool. if you don’t close your mind to learning new things, you have the chance to really improve your social-political awareness.

however, please, please take the mentality of this website with a grain of salt.

this website will try very hard to desensitise you to hive mind brutality. i know it can be easier to follow the crowd, that it’s scary to think people might gang up on you if you don’t join in or, at the very least, condone their behaviour.

but please stay critical.

this website marks the phrase ‘bullying is bad’ as controversial. i’m not referring to calling out racist, homophobic, sexist, behaviour. i’m talking about people appropriating legitimate issues in order to excuse publicly attacking and humiliating people.

this isn’t meant to be patronising; but if you’re younger, you’re more impressionable. and it legitimately breaks my heart to see young people imitating the harmful behaviours demonstrated by older, popular users.

you’re going to see a lot of hypocrisy, you’re going to see a lot of misplaced vilification, and you’re going to see the 'pitch forks’.

sometimes the issues pointed out are valid. sometimes things are taken out of context and/or people are unfairly attacked. the latter is just as likely as the former.

tumblr can become a very bubble like coping mechanism. but if god forbid you are ever on the receiving end of any of this harmful behaviour, please, do not let it define you. you are young, you are learning. you are not evil for being curious about new things, for exploring your sexuality; for being a woman; for being asexual; for having a favourite character. whatever it may be.

this website throws out very serious, very damaging titles with little to no evidence; for one mistake, or none. be aware; don’t let it suck you in.

what i’m saying in a very long winded way is; if you’re younger and joining tumblr to participate in a fandom, it can be a lot of fun. but try to keep a safe distance. never let the people on here define your worth.

people are not right simply because they are an adult, or popular.

have fun, be kind, but most of all; be safe.

If anyone is currently living in the USA and is 18-25 years old, PLEASE message/IM me ASAP!!

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  • Side note: If you fill out the survey, live in any of the states I listed above and would like something in return, I will gladly make you icon(s), a graphic, or write a ficlet on request.

Thank you all in advance! Have some flowers.


My amazing, knitting, friend made Storm, in order to draft and test  out the female knitting pattern she made, for sale. But, then, she got distracted by other projects and didn’t feel inspired to make Storm’s clothes, so she sent her to me. However…I don’t knit. I crochet! I guess there is some sort of crochet-knit rivalry, though, I am pretty well oblivious to it, and don’t care one bit. BUT, I do think its cool that she’s a knitted doll, with crochet clothes that I made for her. :) 

Want to knit your own?

Who is the Horseman in Samurai Jack?

So, just like everyone else, I’m really curious who this could be. At first, I thought that maybe this is Jack or future Jack. However, I don’t think that that this is the case. First, let’s get some context out of the way:

-his father had imprisoned Aku, in order to save his family, not just his bloodline but the entire village

-Jack was raised learning about this fight

-Most of Jack’s life has been training for this day

-Despite his father telling him he isn’t ready, Jack went against Aku anyway

-It’s been 50 years

My theory is that this is his warrior’s destiny. Jack has been raised that he will fight and defeat Aku. So, if Jack is not able to do this, he feels he has no purpose, since this is what his life led up to. In addition, the horseman appears when Jack has given up or is severely depressed. No matter how he feels, his instincts will override them to make him keep fighting, since he has been conditioned this way. In addition, the entire village usually appears when he is depressed, because he feels he sacrificed them because he had been so brash in actions in his first encounter with Aku. 

I hope I have made sense or am able to at least offer evidence for someone else to use. :3

Re: No Blackout Today (Jan 20, 2017, that is)

Hey, y’all. 

I get it. You guys would love to make today a #BlackoutDay. I can see the intrigue of going into hyperdrive and blasting timelines with photos. And blocking out Trump’s “day in the sun” so to speak.

However, we are not calling it today. Why? 

Because it’s an empty gesture. It can make us feel good, but it can also be seen as out of touch with reality. I think of BlackoutDay as a day where we promote one another, find one another, look for examples in one another. It’s more than just a “selfie day”. However, not everyone gets that. 

We want to be clear in our focus and we want BlackoutDay to be the day where it can be more. But in order to do that, we have to be disciplined in our approach. On days where you WANT a BlackoutDay, we’re going to focus giving our attention to movements that matter. Giving them a spotlight is just as important to us. 

@marsincharge and I are both socially minded people. We both talk on a daily basis about the bigger picture. We see the bigger picture and in order for you to see it with us, we have to lead by example. We know you want it, but we’re going to support other causes.

With that being said, if you’re on Twitter, check out #ObamaDay, where we reminisce about the Obamas and talk good times and what we need to do going forward. I’m working today on other things. My heart personally is not going to give attention to the new President. Not now anywayz.

Trust us. We promise you 2017 is a year you will be glad #BlackoutDay exist, but more importantly, you’ll see the bigger picture and you’ll get why we said what we’re saying. 

PSA of sorts

My boyfriend calls me princess. However, this does not mean he treats me like a toddler and humiliates me in a sexual abusive manner. He thinks I’m ‘breathtakingly adorable’, and that I’m brilliant. He respects my intellect and loves me for who I am. We don’t need to act out pedophilia in order to find comfort in one another, we discuss our feelings like adults. I love him dearly, and he loves me just as much. You might call it vanilla, but I call it a healthy relationship.


I just wanted to let everyone know that yes, I have received everyone’s requests for me posting certain BOTW tracks!  I’ve decided that instead of trying to go in order, I’m primarily going to upload by what has been requested by you all first.  Then if I finish out the requests I will start uploading the other tracks in between.

I think it works out fine since most people experience each area of the game out of order anyway :) However, I am going to avoid posting certain songs until after most others have been uploaded, like the final boss.  

If you have a song you’re dying to have on Zelda-Tunes, feel free to place a request in my box.  If you do it anonymously I won’t answer (I don’t want to fill my page up with a bunch of song requests!) but know that I will get to it!


Ola: Nico, I know you’re concerned about Allison. However, think about the fortune you’ve built. From scratch. A self made multi-millionaire. This woman can take you to the cleaners if you don’t protect yourself legally. We need to get court ordered child support, pay out the minimal we can. Women like this see men like you as a goldmine. If you try and work something out privately, she may go to a judge later on anyway and try and get more!

Nico: I don’t think she will. She never troubled me about this before.

Ola: That was before, this is now. Nico, you’ll be a billionaire before you hit 40! You need to protect yourself. You’re setting yourself up for blackmail if you insist on keeping this secret. 

Nico: My wife will LEAVE me, Ola. Without a doubt. Allison won’t forgive this, she won’t get past this, she will-

Nico starts to choke up.

Ola: Well, then, you need to think about alimony if she leaves you. You don’t have a pre-nup. Allison can make a dent in your fortune as well. Nico, think, man. Protect yourself. And as for the bi-monthly visitation you talked about, no judge will agree to that. They can’t FORCE you to see your child, but it will leave a bad taste in a judge’s mouth…a man who only sees his child once every eight weeks. You need to see this child as often as you can-maybe even get custody of her yourself! That way the money-

Nico: Ola! I don’t care about the money. And I definitely don’t want custody of Nicole. Allison would never accept that child. I’ll give Ivory everything I HAVE if it means I won’t lose Allie. Tell me how to get rid of Ivory and keep Nicole away from my wife. 

Ola sighs: Fine. I’ll see what I can do. I think you’re being foolish, giving this woman the upper hand, trusting her to keep this secret and agree to whatever money you give her. Why should she? This will come out to light, Nico. And you’ll lose your marriage and half of your wealth. I say take it to court now, and protect your assets.

Thanks everyone for the likes and replies for my movies & posts. Sorry I haven’t been around these past couple of days; I have been entrenched, deep within the diabolical realms pleasant pastures of movie editing. However, it is now COMPLETE and I plan on checking out what I’ve missed here since I’ve been away - once I’ve made my movie post and the CC post which goes with the movie ;P

I think I got everyone (sorry if I missed you! Scream at me!) - in no particular order…

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anonymous asked:

Wait, if prince Arthur was born with 8 months only, maybe the Philippa Gregory´s crazy theory about the Elizabeth Getting married having a roll in her oven is not so crazy. I know that every day children are born of even less than eight months ... but in those years the mortality rates were high, even for those who were born in their established time.

Hi Anon! You make a good point but I’m gonna be clear, while I think Elizabeth may well have gotten pregnant before getting married Gregory’s rape theory remains flat out dumb. Let’s assume he raped her in order to be sure she was fertile, what exactly was the plan? He’d wait for however long it’d take for her to get pregnant (could have been YEARS) and if she never had he’d… Marry her sister leaving the York heiress to some other guy who could marry her and eventually claim the throne through the children they might still have? It just doesn’t make any sense however you get yourself to read it, or at least it seems that way to me.

This little rant wasn’t precisely for you dear Anon, I’d just had this in my chest for way too long. 

Moving on =D

Is it possible they just had premarital sex that didn’t imply some conspiracy unworthy of Henry’s intelligence? Amy Licence suggests it is in In Bed with the Tudors. The two were formally betrothed and parliament had approved the match in december 1485, which was almost exactly 9 months before Arthur’s birth. It could have happened, and it wouldn’t have been uncommon: Licence brings up Joanna of Castile as an example and I believe Alfonso d’Este too was rumoured to have slept with Lucrezia before the wedding ceremony, however in Tudor times more brides than we’d think walked down the aisle with a baby in their bellies. 

And then there’s the premature birth theory. This one seems the most likely to me for the simple reason that like you said, Nonnie, premature children were more likely to grow up sickly and die young, which unfortunately appears to be Arthur’s case.

anonymous asked:

I feel like rin also has dyslexia.

So I just read a breif summary of it:

What are the signs of dyslexia?
Signs of dyslexia usually become apparent when a child starts school and begins to focus more on learning how to read and write.
A person with dyslexia may:
read and write very slowly
confuse the order of letters in words
put letters the wrong way round – such as writing “b” instead of “d”
have poor or inconsistent spelling
understand information when told verbally, but have difficulty with information that’s written down
find it hard to carry out a sequence of directions
struggle with planning and organisation
However, people with dyslexia often have good skills in other areas, such as creative thinking and problem solving. - NHSwebsite


I was actually thinking about putting this in my head cannon but I didn’t because I thought it were completly different then this.

Who remembers that one episode of shake it up when CeCe revealed she was dyslexic and it was the biggest shock of ur childhood? Fun fact: I’ve hated bella thorne ever since she was on shake it up, she’s always annoyed me, ROCKY WAS THE BETTER DANCER, and then ofc bella cheats on my poor child tyler posey and then gets her septum pierced which makes me wanna take mine out??? Oh I just rambled sorry. She just annoys me…


**This info is outdated. Try here instead**

🍂 Happy Autumn 🍂   

With the season comes great change and celebration …

And with hitting the mark of 3 months on HRT I am seeing changes in more than just nature. I’m due for my next appointment and would like to hit a goal by the date in order to cover most or (wishfully thinking) all of the out of pocket medical costs. Every commission—however small—helps me get closer to my goal.

- I have a post with more information here if anyone is interested -


  • Personal use only
  • No nsfw (artistic nudity is fine)
  • I need half the payment upfront

Contact me here or for any inquiries

(As always, reblogs are very much appreciated and a very helpful way to show support if commissions don’t fit in your budget)

smilla-la-cour  asked:

Is it weird that when I began watching wander over yonder, death glare was already my otp after two episodes?

Not at all! In fact, I think that helps show just how much great chemistry Hater and Peepers share!

Believe it or not, I actually didn’t start shipping them until “The Gift 2”! However, I’m not exactly sure how long it took because I watched a majority of episodes out of order (Oops!)
It’s great to see how quickly someone can see them as a OTP!

So. Um. I have a bit of a dilemma. As you can see the guys all have the same relationship score with Anissa. Things went THAT well. I didn’t expect to be here this quickly. 

As I mentioned, I don’t like doing challenges because I wanted the winner to be someone she’s fully compatible with and, honestly, she’d be awesome with any of these guys. However, I still don’t want to do a challenge, in the sense you see in most of these BCs. 

Family is super important to Anissa. To that end, her parents are moving in this sim day. The goal will be to interact with as many of the guys as possible, including some group outings. Think of them as dates with the future in-laws. Anissa will not be accompanying them except for any group outings if festivals happen and I will only be controlling Beatrix and that is just to move them from one place to another, order food, etc. If conversation is slow to start, Beatrix will open with the generally safe ‘get to know’ or ‘ask about day’ interactions. After that, the rest is up to them.

After they’ve had a chance to interact with each of the guys individually, the one with the highest combined relationship with Salim and Beatrix will be the winner. In the case of a tie then … hmm. I may put it up to a community vote but I will cross that particular bridge if I come to it.

I have this thing about being fully fair. And I feel like this is the most fair way to proceed at this stage. 

Thoughts on: Samurai Jack XCIII (Spoilers)

So this was a rather interesting one. We got our first taste of Aku on screen, the Daughters of Aku in action, more of Jack’s inner struggle…

And of course… BLOOD!

So first with Aku. To get it out of the way, I thought the voice actor (Greg Baldwin) did an excellent job. Yes, if you recognized Mako’s voice (may he rest in peace) you’re going to be able to tell it’s different here. However, for the order Greg had to fill, I think he did a good job.

As for Aku’s protrayal, I’m so glad they kept his comedic side in tact full force here. And they still managed to keep that mix of comedic/threatening. From the way he cast out those mudmen and the scientists, he’s still the big bad here.

Now what’s interesting is we get a little explanation as to why Aku has gone into hiding himself. As not only Jack has gone crazy, but Aku has gone into a bit of paranoia himself (as he makes his own therapist to vent his problems).

Even though Aku thought he won once all (supposed) ways back to the past were destroyed, it turns out because Jack doesn’t age he’ll always be a threat. And because Aku has failed so many times against Jack, it can be speculated that Aku has come to actually fear Jack. Aku has had thousands upon thousands of years to prepare for Jack returning, but he still couldn’t defeat him. Now that Jack is ageless, he can only get more experienced.

Which brings us to the daughters of Aku. If there’s one little nitpick I have to make though it’s about the masks. I thought they were meant to be portrayed as solid, but there are some shots throughout the episode where both the eyes and the mouth on the mask move around (close in pain, open in surprise). It’s probably minor, but it stood out to me.

Now as for each of them on their own, even though we don’t know all their names yet and can’t tell them apart with their hair being covered up, I do love how each one has a different weapon specialization. Even though we don’t know them enough to properly identify them yet, their weapon, their craft is what is going to stick out to us for now.

Then finally there’s Jack. I’ve had my own theories, but I never thought suicide would be one of them. I honestly thought even with the new TV-14 rating that they wouldn’t go down this route. But they did. Honestly though, it makes sense in hindsight. If Jack has given up in some ways, does he struggle with the idea of ending this supposed futile effort? It’s interesting how it’s the younger Jack berating himself. The supposed “true samurai” self of him is now the one trying to be the realist (Jack can’t keep fighting forever, even ageless; Aku may eventually find out Jack doesn’t have the sword, as it’s the only thing that can hurt Aku).

Then finally we get to just the overall episode. Once again they’re really staying true to the original with having these long fight scenes with almost no dialogue apart from the occasional shout. 

Then of course, the imagery… and the BLOOD!

The last episode didn’t really show it off, but this one wasn’t afraid to hold back (but still not shove it in your face constantly). Between the wolf fight (symbolizing Jack’s struggle against the Sisters) and also Jack himself outright KILLING one of the Sister’s at the end: This season isn’t screwing around now. The stakes are higher overall, and both the fights and the impacts are showing it.

Still though, despite that, it’s still keeping the same theme of the original. A lot of the key elements are still here: Jack’s adventure with his struggles, Aku being threatening but also funny, and stellar fights with fast action and great use of environment and setting .

If the previous episode was to tell us Jack’s back, then this one is SHOWING us. The first one had to set the stage, and this one now had to start the performance (not that the first didn’t do one itself).

There are still some lingering questions, but to me it’s the right kind. Like why hasn’t Jack tried to find his sword? However, due to the direct connecting nature, I think we can let those questions stay unanswered for now. It’s a journey we still have to go through, and I’m excited for the next episode.

Now if only Adult Swim could put to us exactly where we can watch it online when it airs, instead of waiting for after the fact when they put it on their website. Please remember to support Adult Swim if you’re watching these episodes, let them know that we do want this.

Hello my beautiful Bellarke family and fandom!

So last year, I ran the Bellarke AU Week! And if you ask me, it was absolutely amazing!!! And it has come around again.

What is the idea behind this you ask? The idea is that you can create anything (I mean anything) you want, such as fics, graphics, manips, gifsets, text posts for your headcanons, photosets, playlists, chats, or videos, basically anything at all based on the AU theme of the day.

I was thinking this event could begin on Monday, the 18th of July. However, I am all too aware of the stress of trying to create a new idea to create and post everyday, so there is going to be no limit to when you can post your creation! You can start and end anytime you feel like it! You can start now, or start several days into the event. You can choose not to do all the days, maybe do only one, do the days out of order, or even post multiple things a day! Anything that makes it easier for you!

Here are the themes of the days with some examples! (you can completely ignore these, they are just off the top of my head so people get the idea)

1.    Day 1 – Canon Divergent (Did Bellamy find Clarke before she got kidnapped by Roan? Or maybe Bellamy was able to get her out of Roan’s cave? Did Clarke’s journey into the City of Light go differently? Or maybe you just really want to write an exodus fic?)

2.    Day 2 – Historical AU (Are our beloved pairing from Ancient Greece? Or maybe Clarke is a Gaul princess and Bellamy a Roman legionnaire? Perhaps they both revolutionaries in France or America?)

3.    Day 3 – Modern AU (Are they neighbours? Or perhaps Clarke has been coming to the bookstore everyday for a week now and yes Bellamy did notice how she keeps picking up the same book and reading it! Or it could be your chance to write Bellamy and Clarke in the career you think would be perfect for them!)

4.    Day 4 – Future AU (This can include both future for canon, or just the future! Maybe you want to write about the war that caused the apocalypse? Or that sci-fi au that has been begging to be shown to someone else! Are they colonists on a new planet? On a ship set adrift in space? On Earth, which has become a utopia but not really?)

5.    Day 5 – Magic or Supernatural AU (Is Clarke a witch? Or a vampire? Maybe Bellamy is a demi-god? Or a superhero?)

6.    Day 6 – Crossover (Should they be on the Millennium Falcon or piloting a Jaeger? Perhaps they are exploring the universe with the Doctor? Maybe they work in the Pawnee government?)

7.    Day 7 – AU of your choice (anything you want at all beautiful!!)

The only requirement of the event is that you tag “bellarke au week” in the first five tags of your post so that everyone can see your wonderful work!

This is an open event, anybody who wants to join in can :D I hope you find this a fun and challenging thing for you!

If everyone could reblog this, just to spread the word, that would be amazing!

If you have any questions, my ask is always open!

I hope you decide to join me!

-       Lina <3