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Cigarette Daydream

(Chapter 1: I might continue this.. we’ll see. This is literally my first fic ever, I was told to make this into a fic after I sent this hc to @toziertrashmouth)

It was just infatuation, it’s just an admiration for Richie that will go away in no time. At least that’s what Stan kept telling himself. Besides, everyone knows who Richie’s soulmate really is. All he ever heard was Richie&Eddie. If Stan had a quarter for every time someone has asked him if Richie and Eddie were dating, he’d be on a yacht right now. Despite that, deep down Stan had a little faith. I mean, the constant bantering they do can interpreted as flirting, Stan thinks. Stan hopes. Richie may not climb through his window at 2 am, or carry an extra inhaler for him, but Stan sure liked to imagine.

Today however, Stan was beyond stressed. He had two finals today, science and math. Stan couldn’t be more stressed. Unlike Richie, Math was not his strong suit. He studied as hard as he could last night, studied too hard as Bill tells him. Last year for his math final, he literally lived on coffee for the whole week. It wasn’t till after finals week, when he crashed at Bill’s house, that Bill had to lecture him on taking better care of himself. 

“Hey Kid!” Patricia Giannelli whispered as Stan tried to ignore her. “Hey!” she repeated. 7 years going the same schools as this girl, and she still never bothered to learn his name.

“We’re the same age.” he said sourly. He already knew what she was going to ask, she asked him every single day.

“Whatever! Can I have a piece of paper?” Stan sighed. 

“Sure.” he said in the most unenthusiastic voice. Although he didn’t like Patricia, and least she wasn’t rude to him, but it wouldn’t hurt to have his named remembered. As he went to take a loose leaf paper out of his binder, the girl went on. 

“So you know your friend with the glasses? the annoying one?” she said while chewing gum loudly. Stan cringed as she chewed. They are about to take the most important test of the year, and she decides to chew gum. He tightens his fist as he hands her the paper.

“Yes.” he said with a sigh.

“Greta told me she saw him and the asthma kid who’s short, doing the nasty. Is-” She said before being cut off.

“The nasty?” Stan said confused. Was that a dance?

“Like swapping tongue? smooching? You know?” she said. 

“Patricia, I don’t know how many times I have to tell everyone but Eddie and Richie aren’t dating. If they were, I’d know about it. I’m his best friend.” Stan said. 

“But Greta said-”

“Trust me, I’d know about it. Richie and I are best friends.” Stan said confidently. 

After his math final, Stan met Beverly, Mike, and Ben behind the bleachers. That’s where they all liked to hangout, it was quiet and far away from the Bowers gang in the cafeteria. The one safe haven in the school. 

“I’m telling you Bev, the english final for Mr.Manzi’s is easy! You’ll do fine.” Ben said reassuringly.

“Not all of us are English prodigy’s Ben. Plus he hates me after the one time Richie made me ditch for a concert!” Beverly said in distress.

Made you? Honey, you bought the tickets.” Ben said with a teasing grin.

Stan fazed them out, as he watched Richie come to where they are sitting. Stan couldn’t help but stare as Richie walked by. The way his curls bounced as he walked, the way he reached for his box of cigarettes once he was fully behind the bleachers. 

“Still have that lighter, Bev?” he said.

“You bet I do.” Beverly said before handing him her lighter from her backpack.

Richie lights his cigarette, before handing her a cigarette and her lighter back. Ben rolled his eyes. 

“I thought you two were going to stop smoking at school, didn’t you two make a pact?” Ben said genuinely. 

“Oh c’mon it’s finals week, she’s stressed out and was practically eye-fucking me for it.”

“Beep Beep Richie.” Bill said as he and Eddie took off their backpacks and found a spot to sit. 

“You made a pact, Rich. You gotta stick to it.” Mike said earning “Yeah’s” from the other losers..

“Hey! don’t all go ganging up on me! Bev is smoking too. Besides I’m trying to cut down on my smoking, Eddie doesn’t like the taste-” Richie said before being cut off. 

“Beep Beep Richie!” Eddie says, with his face getting all red. 

“Can’t we just tell them Ed’s? It’s been two months already, they’ll pick up on it soon enough.” Richie says sympathetically. Eddie locks eyes with Richie before taking a deep and nodding.

“Pick up on what?” Stan said. He later wished he hadn’t. How could he have been so naive. Eddie’s hand made it’s way to Richie’s before locking. 

“Richie and I are dating.”

Stan felt his life slow down. He looked at Richie hoping for him to tell him that it’s a joke and that he really like Stan but instead he saw Richie smiling at Eddie as if he were in love. He looked at Beverly as her smile got bigger and bigger. He heard Mike say “I knew it!” and Ben say “That’s amazing.” Bill pulled Richie and Eddie into a hug.

He wanted to be happy for Eddie and Richie. He really wanted to. 

He felt his fist tighten and jaw clench. This couldn’t be happening. This couldn’t be have been going on for two months behind his back. Richie is his best friend. It’s like he didn’t even know him anymore. Stan couldn’t stop himself.

“This has been going for two months?” Stan said bitterly. Richie sighed nervously.

“We weren’t sure if we should say anything. We weren’t sure how you guys would react-”

“You couldn’t tell me? You couldn’t tell me about this!” Stan said and he couldn’t stop. “You didn’t even tell me you had feelings for him! You told me nothing!” 

Stan.” Bill warned.

“To be fair, Stan, it all happened so fast but once we knew what we felt for each other was real that’s-” Eddie said before Stan got in his face.

“You didn’t know if what you felt for him was real? Real! You cannot be serious Eddie. If you truly love someone, you just know! You don’t really like him, do you? You just like to play with people’s emotions like some sick game. Completely ignorant to how others may feel-”

Stan!” Richie said pushing him away. Stan didn’t even notice how up close and rigid he was to Eddie before being pushed away by Richie. Stan fell to the ground from the amount of force Richie used to move him away. Once he hit the ground, Stan saw the concern Richie had in his eyes for Eddie and his thumb reaching to wipe Eddie’s tear stained cheek. 

What did he do? Stan had to fix this, he just had to. He quickly got up and before he can say anything, Richie stopped him.

“If you can’t accept us, then leave us the fuck alone.”

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Hi! I’m a baby witch, and even newer to Witchblr. I was looking around and it seems a lot of witches hold a hate towards wiccan witches? I was wondering if there is any specific reason why wiccan witches are sometimes seen as bad? Thanks love, and have a blessed day! 💖

So, I personally took the time to read a lot of the original traditional wiccan books and if anyone I know genuinely believed in what that appropriative sexist mother fucker wrote I wouldn’t be friends with them. It’s some fucked up shit and I think everyone interested in Wicca should read the cesspool it came from.
In it’s traditional form it’s extremely female centric, definitely steals from closed cultures, SUPER fucking sexual, and despite being the worst thing I’ve ever read they think cursing is a problem. 🙄

However, I’ve done minimal research on modern Wicca so I know nothing about it. I do know I’ve had a large amount of wiccans spread hate in my inbox and posts because I curse and eat meat(I’m just saying in my case every angry vegan off anon I’ve met in my inbox has been wiccan). I don’t know, it doesn’t seem like a healthy religion to me. It’s like when people overindulge in most religions, you start scare people off. Anyways, I’m not saying all Wiccans are bad because most of them are not. However, all that really matters is the vocal ones ya know? I wouldn’t say all republican Americans are racist but holy fuck it doesn’t feel that way with Trump in charge right now ya know? Anyways, I’m bad at vocalizing thoughts on stuff like this because I really don’t want the negative reaction. I do however think there’s major issues with traditional Wicca and wiccans should invest time in seeing where they come from.


Dark was almost home. He could see the lights from the windows. However, there was a slight problem. The cold had caused him to collapse just inside the tree line. Blood had frozen to his face, and cracked when he moved. It still seeped from his eye, dripping onto the frost-covered ground as his head tipped to the side. What little he could see faded to black as he passed out.

We’re sorry for our extreme measures, but we had to get you to listen to us somehow.

Damien, don’t apologize. He brought this upon himself.

What are you two doing?

Getting you in the Christmas spirit. I, at least, am sorry for using Anti. It was Celine’s idea.

You asked him to stab me?

Well, at least he didn’t kill you. We also had to convince him to not stab both. Be grateful we did.

Grateful? That I’m half-blind instead of not blind? Sure…

We had to get you to listen to us somehow. You wouldn’t , not under normal circumstances. I at least apologized.

Well, what do you want from me then?

You’ll see.

Wilford was glad that he had stepped outside. Otherwise, Dark most likely would have frozen that night. However, he was unable to wake the other ego up, so he called Google and the android carried him in. Instantly Dr. Iplier took over and instructed Google to put Dark on a bed. Swiftly he started taking care of the injured eye. Wilford came in as the doctor finished.

“I don’t think he’s going to wake up anytime soon. In fact, his vitals are fine now, but he’s not awake. I don’t know what’s going on, actaully.” The doctor stood.

“I think I do.” Wilford sat in the stool Dr. Iplier had vacated. “Tell… tell the Googles they’re in charge.” He leaned forward and seemed to shut out the world.

You’ll see.

What do you mean?

It’s time to get you back in the Christmas spirit.



I recently had an experience with forgiveness.  I forgave myself for my part in contributing to someone else feeling unhappy.  I do know that I can’t make anyone feel unhappy as that is their choice. However, my behavior can contribute to their choosing to be unhappy.  It is wonderful if they choose to forgive me for my behavior, but more importantly, it is not complete until I forgive myself for my part in the situation.  I know I can be so hard on myself regarding my imperfections.  I have already beaten myself up before anyone else has a chance to.  There is such a peace when I choose to have loving thoughts for myself, including forgiving myself for not being perfect.

Dean had been tense all day. Their djinn hunt wasn’t exactly going according to plan and Sam assumed it was eating at him. However, once they returned to the motel after interviewing a very tight-lipped survivor, Dean turned to him. 

“I need to know what’s going on with you,” he said in his earnest tone. “You’ve been acting strangely.”

Sam knew there was no bullshitting him when he got this way, but he had to try. He didn’t exactly have a choice. “What do you mean?”

“Since when did you become Mr. Music Man? All you do lately is listen to music and mope like someone killed your puppy.”

“I don’t mope!” Sam huffed, scratching the back of his head and avoiding eye contact. I pine, he added inside his head. 

“Whatever. You’re hiding something from me. What is it?” Dean demanded, his voice and demeanor commanding. Very much his father’s son at that moment. 

“Drop it, Dean. You can’t help me with this. It’s… personal,” Sam pleaded, directing his puppy eyes at his big brother. He really, really couldn’t go through with this discussion. If only he had time and distance, he’d rebuild his walls. He could do it again, given the chance. 

Dean digested the words for a moment, hands on his hips and lips pursed as though he had a bad taste in his mouth. “Personal? What am I, your co-worker?” he burst out, incredulous. “I’m your fucking brother, you can talk to me!”

Sam sighed, defeated. He took a seat on his bed, trying to put together a sentence that would satisfy his big brother. “Look, I’m sorry. This is something I need to deal with on my own. You got nothing to worry about. It’ll pass,” he lied, hoping it wasn’t too obvious. 

Dean kept staring at him, brows furrowed and clearly unconvinced. Sam looked back at him, channeling his full powers of wordless persuasion. 

“Fine. But if it gets unmanageable, you let me know. Whatever it is. Deal?” Dean conceded reluctantly. 

Sam managed a nod before reaching for his iPod that rested on the nightstand. Despite Dean’s growing frustration, he needed the comfort of his tunes. He flopped on his stomach, effectively ending the unwelcome conversation, hoping The Stone Roses would save him. 

I Just (5)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Description: Kyungsoo comes into the restaurant you work at. Being as young as you are, he feels the need to help you. However, in a few years time, will his attitude change? Will his feelings change?

Genre: Fluff / smut / slight angst

Pairing: Police Officer!Do Kyungsoo (D.O) x Reader

Warnings: smut (THIS GIF IS MF ADORABLE)

Masterlist | Request/Ask | AFF

Originally posted by sooweetlies

Kyungsoo formally asked you to be his girlfriend the day after he told you he loved you. You accepted, of course, and now it had been another three months since your relationship began.

It was safe to say that you got better at kissing him and you, more or less, knew what to do now. There were a few times where you had to stop yourself, he understood completely and held himself back as well.

“Babe,” he called from your kitchen, “where’s your aspirin?”

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if anyone gets a message from me asking for bitcoin for “laptops” or “xbox” or “phone” ignore it bc i got hacked

however do not confuse those with the bitcoin for “new aquarium” messages i have been sending out for the past few weeks. Those are very important and if anyone could borrow me .000069 bitcoin for new tank i w

Guys We Need to Talk

We are all doing our best to fight for net neutrality and with it being four days away and me being truly realistic, in the government we live under, if they want net neutrality gone, it will be. However even after it potentially leaves us we can cause a major uproar, as the economy will take, and there will be civil unrest. We can reverse this. We just have to have hope and be ambitious enough. Contact your representatives, overload their systems with phone calls, email, and send letter after letter. We can fight this, even if we don’t do so at by the 14th. And if we do lose net neutrality, I want to thank every single person who fought hard for this, because imagine the dent we made compared to if we had done nothing at all. Be proud that we stood up and are standing up for our rights. I applaud all of you.

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Hey I'm not sure if this question was asked before or not. But do you two always cosplay as the same set of characters? For example if Chinchi cosplays as various Sans and Tanu cosplays as various papyrus (not sure the plural for papyrus. Also if I got that wrong with the question)

Yes and No.

Chinchi usually cosplays most of the Sans’, but Tanu does Cosplay Error and Fresh (those aren’t really considered Sans’ but… for example sake).

Tanu, however, strictly does Papyrus’ and Chinchi does not.

As for other character cosplays, that’s hard to say. We’ve never had a cosplay that has this many variants. Other than Black Butler, in which case Chinchi was always Ciel. 

Last night we played as really bizarre board game that’s purpose was basically public humiliation. It would have you draw cards that told you to do things like “talk like a gnome who just burned a batch of cookies until another card tells you not to” or “ claim a tornado is coming and run out of the room”. However, I went first, and the very first card I drew was one that applied to the whole group. It said that when it wasn’t your turn, players had to speak in sign language or, if they didn’t know sign language, meaningful gestures. I was the only one in the room who knew sign language. I had been preparing for that moment for the last two years. 

TLJ extended look on Sunday Night Football Tonight

Did anyone happen to catch and record TLJ segment tonight?

It started with a NBC short of BB-8 playing a courier of info on the sports news set. He has to speed his way through the building to deliver the info to the programming director. Very cute segment.

Anyhow more to the point… the extended look was a longer trailer all of scenes we have seen before. However, it focused more on Luke, Snoke, Leia, and Reylo. It had a lot more of all the scenes of Kylo and Rey. And unless I was captivated by the hypnotically handsome Kylo, the trailer seemed to linger longer on his face after offering his hand before shifting over to Rey staring back. To me it was the most Reylo-ish toned trailers yet. If our ship isn’t canon then the marketing is grossly misdirected. I do not believe Disney would do that to viewers.

Just wanted to give a heads up. Today is my last day on here until I see the movie on Thursday. I would have recorded it, but my phone was in the kitchen and I was in the middle of getting my son ready for bed. He looked super cute in his C3PO and R2 pajamas. Nite all.

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this is not 100% to do with being trans but I need advice, so I hope it's ok. Anyway, there's this girl at school who has made it clear that she likes me, but as a closeted gay transguy, i'm obvs not interested (i'm really shy so I havent TOLD her i'm not interested, but I radiate uncomfortable vibes). However, on two occasions now she has said stuff like "I had a dream where we kissed" and it's really making me super uncomfortable and I'm afraid she's just gonna call me homophobic. (tbh i [1/2]

“i prolly read as a butch lesbian unfortunately) Anyway, what should I do? Should I confront her when I go back to school (maybe at a time when there’s less people around?} or wait for her to say something creepy and call her out on it then?? Also any tips on how to let her down?? (This has been going on for two years and I thought she’d stop since she’s in a relationship but it hasn’t, and I’m really stressed out and tired of it.) [2/2]”

A couple things. 1. It’s highly inappropriate for her to be flirting and saying things like that if she’s in a relationship. 2. You need to tell her you’re not interested. I understand that its hard, but being upfront will save both of you a lot of hassle. I’m assuming you only like dudes since you said gay transguy, but just tell her you like dudes. It kind of gives you an “excuse” for why you don’t like her. So be gentle but be upfront. And i’d suggest saying something as soon as possible. 



Feeling like I am limping to the finish line after a really busy and full on year. The burnout is so real right now. I keep doing dumb shit, and messing things up, and I’m just so exhausted.

Mentally and physically. A month ago I was deadlifting almost 1.5 times the weight I’m doing now, and I just physically cannot do it. My grip is giving out and squats are hard and it’s just So. Much. Effort. Every single time. And I’ve never had trouble cranking out the squats yo.


I’ve been bitching and moaning about it to anyone and everyone and that’s just a downer no one needs in the lead up to Christmas so I need to cheer the fuck up and celebrate everything that has happened this year coz it’s been big and awesome and that deserves more attention than just wah-ing about everything ya know?

I have yet to figure out what’s happening or how to do it but that will be tonight’s project. Currently on the train smelling like absolute shit and grossing everyone else out lol. Grossing myself out tbh

So I’m going to come up with something fun for the next 10 days to get me through!

2 weeks to celebrate this year, and then 17 days of freedom. I’m actually going to delete my work emails off my phone completely and get rid of them altogether so there’s not even temptation to check them. They’ll all cope without me.


                   hey guys. just a heads up… Unfortunately, I have to be making a callout post very soon. i’ll tag it appropriately as to not make anyone uncomfortable. however, i do not tolerate stalking on this blog and i don’t like seeing my friends victimized. i’m not asking anyone to do anything, just…be cautious about certain anons you receive. we’ve blocked this person, they’ve blocked us, but they are continuing to send anons anyway. so there’s no way we can address this civilly since they have adopted stalking tendencies now. stay safe guys.

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Hello! This was something that I’ve been wondering about and as you’re very good at analysis, I figured I’d ask you. The fandom has accepted Saeyoung’s ‘sadism’ as canon but I always just thought it was part of his act. Since we only really see it when he’s 707 and when he says it in the apartment, though it seemed to me that was more about pushing MC away. However, I’ve been on the receiving end of malicious pranks, jokes and teasing, so it could just be a personal headcanon. What do you think?

I think, for someone who’s quite literally had control stripped from him for the large majority of his life, I don’t think it’s really out of character for him to have a sadistic streak, as in, that he would enjoy pulling pranks on people, or necessarily like to exert control over others sometimes. That being said, I don’t see Saeyoung ever pulling pranks that are malicious, because in the end the reason he wants to make jokes is to make people happy or make them laugh, regardless of whether he’s 707 or not. Sure his 707 persona is a lot more likely to be a goofball that pulls pranks, but that kind of creativity and the fact that he’s done it, particularly to Yoosung, since he was in high school with him makes it seem like more of a core part of his personality that he might exaggerate for 707. It’s important to keep in mind, too, that when we meet the “real” him, he is in high stress, walled-heart mode, so we weren’t going to see him being at all playful or happy during that period of time.

I know what you mean, most of the pranks that have been pulled on me were malicious as well rather than fun, so I have a pretty strong aversion to them as well. I think Saeyoung might occasionally be tone deaf for certain jokes he might make or things he might say, but I don’t ever see him doing something with malicious intent. He claims to be selfish, but he always puts other people’s needs before his own.

kindly repeat after me:

- Assault, in any form, is gross and wrong.

- Even if you had once perceived someone to be respectable, it is important to acknowledge or call out vile and/or toxic behavior.

- The victim is not to blame. No means no. It does not mean “try harder” or “maybe”. No means no.

- Supporting someone even after hearing about toxic and morally evil things that person has done is wrong. You know what they did was wrong. Accept that, and move on. There are plenty of unproblematic people out there. Don’t try to glorify someone and turn them into something they are clearly not.


Escape Room: Day Three

-A young girl arrived forty-five minutes early for her game, well before the rest of her team. Her parents explained that they had not expected to make it, as they had been out of state, but their daughter had been so excited that they got in the car at three in the morning and drove straight here. Her parents’ exhaustion was strong, but nothing compared to her excitement to play. I hope beyond hope to see her succeed and love every minute.

-For our hint system, we offer escapists a set of laminated cards, which are then collected when they call us in for help. This allows us to keep track of how many hints a group has remaining. One group feigned ignorance to this, refusing to hand their cards over, believing they could dupe us into free hints. They were subsequently outwitted, however, blindsided by our ability to count to three.

-As a kid discovered that he would be have a photograph placed on the winner wall alongside all previous successful escapees, he gleefully exclaimed, “We’re gonna be famous!” His joy solidified his fame as my new priority in life. I will now ensure that he is immortalized both in my tales and in my heart.

-I am pleased to report that, after an entire day on the road, the aforementioned girl escaped her room with plenty of time left and had an incredible experience doing so. This validated the drive to her parents and lifted a weight off of me. I do not know how I could have handled myself if she emerged disappointed.

-A father told his son that, as a general rule of life, you do not shoot people, especially not the people who are holding all of your money. This advice was not phrased in the most eloquent way, but it is precisely what a man held at toygunpoint would say.

-A group escaped from our hardest room at the exact instant that their timer ran out and began to sound off. For the last minute, the entire staff had been holding their breath and cheering them on silently from just outside. I love having a job that gets my adrenaline pumping by just watching other people accomplish things. It gives my days so much meaning with so little effort.

-While eating lunch alone in the break room, a spare walkie-talkie went off behind my back. I heard static, followed by the desperate noises of a baby, followed by the indecipherable words of a child, followed by the hiss of an open yet silent line, followed by nothing. I fear that those who have entered our rooms yet did not escape may still be with us. I can only hope they do not seek more to join their ranks, or worse still, feed patrons free clues. That just would not be fair.

-Despite solving the requisite puzzles with little difficulty, one team found themselves trapped in the first chamber, faced with one final problem. The door refused to budge, push and pull as they might. After a great deal of deliberation, searching for missed clues, and general frustration, they slid the door to the side and carried on their way.