howell's moving castle

Inktober day 10.
The day i got a vicious cold and all i could think about was that part in howl’s moving castle (the book) where howl has a cold and he spends all day conjuring tissues and being dramatic.
Featuring my first artsnacks box that included that beautiful violet ink that makes my life better just by existing.

I was trying to explain the plot of Howl’s Moving castle to a friend but it didn’t work…
“Basically it’s about….this welsh wizard…who is really melodramatic and whiny but everyone thinks he’s amazing and powerful, and this girl Sophie who is really shy and submissive but then she gets turned old by a witch and runs away and like awkwardly moves into his moving castle and aggressively cleans and tells him to stop moping.”
She didn’t understand

“All my flanks were weak!”

Can we just appreciate how Howl’s weakness is literally everything? Sophie AND his family in Wales AND Calcifer AND the physical weakness of his own heart AND the fact that he was, actually, invested in finding Justin and Suliman, AND the fact that he spent the night before watching rugby and getting wasted. 

Like, he’s a fucking Mess who Cares Too Much while pretending he doesn’t and I love it. 

Sometimes with all the Ghibli stuff I forget how Welsh Howl is… Howell Jenkins, who goes back to Wales once a year to watch the Rugby and get really really drunk. 
“Even a djinn couldn’t get through,” said Wizard Suliman. “But what did Howl do?”
“He swore,” said Sophie. “In Welsh.”

I mean really, Howl, meeting your own baby you say “My word, he’s ugly! Chip off the old block.”


Endless List of Favorite Pairings Howl/Howell Jenkins + Sophie Hatter (Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones)

“Oh, confound that gray-and-scarlet suit!” Sophie said. “I refuse to believe that I was the one that got caught with it!” The trouble was the blue-and-silver suit seemed to have worked just the same.
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Howl takes Sophie to Wales to meet his friends and watch a game. They get drunk, and there is more magic than anticipated. Of course.

Hey so I finished a thing!!

And this post was what started me thinking, so @serafina-constantine here is Sophie meeting Howl’s Rugby friends. 

And @hmcbook I present drunk!Sophie for your inspection.