howell new jersey

It’s 2017 and yall still lying to yourselves saying 2004/5/6 frank hair is the best…… only reals know his hair looked the best on September 6th, 2014 at Game Changer World in Howell, New Jersey, zip code 07731


August 26th 2015 / Charlotte , North Carolina - Amos
✨the bunny outfit in the top right corner✨

August 27th 2015 - Nashville Tennessee - mercy lounge
✨the white dress in the top left corner✨

August 29th 2015 Atlanta Georgia - vinyl
✨the blue fluffy dress with the vampire fangs , bottom left✨

August 30th Orlando Florida - the social
✨the ruffled top and shorts , bottom right✨

September 1st Raleigh North Carolina -Lincoln theatre
✨red shirt and and black pinafore , middle left✨

September 2nd Howell New Jersey - game hanger world - the lab
✨red shirt and and black pinafore , middle left✨

God I never thought I would ever have to do this. This is my 16 year old cousin, Kimberly Pedre. She has been missing since Wednesday night, 2/4/15. She has brown hair is 4'11". She was last seen at her house near Taunton School in Howell, New Jersey. No one can find her anywhere. Police were notified. If anyone sees her please contact Howell Police Department, or me directly, my tumblr username is be-low-average. Please, reblog, share, forward, etc. this post. Spread her face around. Our family is very distraught. Thank you.

This is a shot in the dark, but I have a ticket for The Winter Classic in New Jersey this Saturday (Turnstile, Freedom, Down to Nothing, Superheaven etc) if anyone in the 315 area wants to buy it off me, I’ll sell it to you for $10, I paid $18 for mine. I doubt it, but lemme know if you’re interested !! I can’t go anymore due to car trouble !!