howdy ;3

fun gender neutral ways to greet ur friends

- whats up fidget spinners
- hey flat earthers
- look it’s my favorite cars 3 fans
- howdy pardner
- emoji movie comes out july 28 2017

Happy birthday Inky!!! ♥


Howdy! Before posting this drawing I felt a little nervous D: above all because I made a speedpaint>. <Anyway, the reason for this drawing is to wish a happy birthday to our dear Inky! The protector of our Au’s and our imagination ^^ Many thanks to @comyet / @myebi for creating this nice and lovely character, you are an incredible artist, we love you senpai! (Sorry for my bad english u.u My english is not the best because my main languaje is spanish and I’m still study english doing what I can but with determination!)


Howdy! Antes de postear este dibujo me sentía algo nerviosa D: sobretodo por que le hice un speedpaint >.< De todos modos, el motivo de este dibujo es para deciarle un feliz cumpleaños a nuestro querido Inky! el protector de nuestros Au’s y de nuestra imaginación ^^ Muchas gracias a @comyet​ / @myebi​ por crear a este simpático y adorable personaje, eres una artista increíble, te queremos senpai!Happy Birthday Inky!!!

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Hi! Your writing is amazing! I love everything I've read. I was wondering if you'd be willing to write Sasuke x Hinata? Prompt: Unexpectedly in love. Thanks so much! (even if you don't write them)

Part 1. AO3

(Like the tide; push, and then pull.)

Mornings in Konoha were each of them a spectacle, bright and blazing. The sun finely caressed the crests of the mountains, a lover’s morning kiss, filled entirely with heat.

Hinata blinked her eyes open and pointedly ignored the crick in her back, just there above her right hip. She could feel grains of stone pricking her palms as she pushed herself up, rising none too steadily before clutching the still-healing wound over her ribs. She rested her shoulder against the rocks, waning, lightheaded. An inn would’ve been much preferred, as far as halfway houses go, but she’d been weak and bleeding and so damned tired; this small cutout cave was her only option.

She’d dreamt of home, hot and bright and overcast with every shade of welcoming morning. Now, she lifted her fingers in front of her tilting vision and watched them shake. There was a coolness, here, amid nothing but rock and stone; It leeched into her body, her bones, and she thought of the color blue.

It was bound to happen sooner or later, this.

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hello i dont play overwatch but i recently fell into mchanzo hell. please recommend me fics. please i love them so much. thank you <3

howdy pardner 🤠

here are some of my all-time faves <33

Afterdrop by ClaroQueQuiza

the hanzo joins overwatch fic except done realistically; no one (except genji) likes him and mccree is outwardly hostile at the beginning. 

Crown of Horns by pocketpom

the dragon!hanzo fic we all needed. cute as FUCK

Ghost Stories on Route 66 by Nagaina

supernatural shit??? A++ shimadabro relationship??? RANGER MCSTEAMY??? anyways this fic saved my entire life #blessup

i’m just going to link you this author bc all of their mchanzo fics are CHOICE: AsheRyder

(esp the Lone Wolf series. blease… im dying)

Popcorn Redemption by wyntera

hanzo and jesse bond over classic movies and have Feelings. there’s popcorn involved.

People Like Us by fishpoets

romantic, sweet, and the proposal fic to end all proposal fics

Keep You On My Side by maskedhero/radiantsaber

hanzo redefines ‘slow burn’ and ‘pining’. it’s post-canon kidfic! killed me good this one.

Ichigo by morrezela

this fic came for my entire life in one hit. hanzo and jesse break up. feelings happen.

Threads by CommonNonsense

every fandom needs a red string of fate fic. THIS IS THAT FIC.

Flowers Like Ashes by NoirSongbird

i’d only vaguely heard of hanahaki before this fic. pretty sure this is the fic that spawned the hanahaki craze in the ovw fandom and even if it’s not it’s still one of the best damn things i’ve read. there’s a line in there that resonated w me to this day… for sake of spoiling the moment i won’t say what it is but you’ll Know

obviously there’s a lot more in the fandom but this is my mchanzo Hall Of Fame

have fun :’)

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Howdy! :3 soy nueva aquí, aunque te sigo en Youtube <3, me encantan tus dibujos :'''3 me gustaría dibujar como tu! ❤ eres mi inspiración <3 además que eres Argentina, yo también soy Argentina :D, pero bueno, solo vine a felicitarte por que dibujas HERMOSO <3 y espero que sigas asiendo mas vídeos divertidos <"3 pliss. Pero.....Maky, vine a preguntarte, claro si quieres y lees esto, si podrías dibujar a Blueberry? :'''3 es que es mi Sans favorito, y seria un honor que lo dibujaras :'''3 PD:Te Amo


baby changeling!anon sketchdump [2/3]

boy howdy did this spiral out of control
(context: these anons [1],[2])

(being a great dad means making the tough calls, like whether to encourage your child’s creative side even when they shapeshift into a deeply unsettling combination of yourself and your worst enemy-sorta-kinda-it’s complicated)

(aunt nerys is just the sweetest, the most caring, and, importantly, the most capable of vaporizing your enemies.)

(i’m honestly not sure how he even managed to take this selfie. did someone help him? anyway he subspaces it to the entire dominion)

(i secretly just really wanted an excuse to draw kilana and keevan. kilana is showing off the proud dominion tradition of not really understanding how to use chopsticks)



Is your life severely lacking in the midsummers eve celebration department? Do you wish to binge eat overpriced strawberries and potatoes? Do you long for the sensation of 10 million tiny ants making a new colony in the flower crown on your head? Are you begging for yet another holiday that forces you to spend time with relatives you don’t like?

Then this is the perfect lot for you! It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms (and a life saving TV-room (this is where you hide from your uncle who would otherwise give you the complete history of Airbus))

  • CC-FREE!


Please don’t reupload or claim as your own.


aw stars anon, you are too sweet… <3 i’m so glad that you liked it! i really wanted to try to capture just a fraction of the feeling that the lovely @tyranttortoise put in that scene (which, by the way, have you had the good fortune to read the Red PoV scene posted a little bit ago~? if not you should treat yourself…<3). something about that scene really caught at my heart - the imagery of them looking up at the stars together, that slight heightened awareness and unspoken heat/exciting potential, but in such a comfortable and trusting moment, at peace and alone… ahhh i just loved it so much.

so anyways, here’s an extra gif for your sweet message! hope you like Red thanking you personally, ya cutie ^^

So, volume 5 of the Persona 3 manga is finally out in English and it’s the first one with a Strega appearance. All of Takaya’s dialogue is… awkward, but I’m still cracking up over the fact that he says “Howdy.”