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How do you know you're in love?
  1. If you cannot go for more than 10 minutes, whether you are performing open heart surgery or are in a 7th grade math class, without thinking about the PIQ, you are In Love.
  2. If you believe that the PIQ smells so divine, even after they have worked out, that their scent could be bottled and sold at Sephora, you are In Love.
  3. If you would be willing to wake up at 5 a.m to drive the PIQ to the airport, park, get out and see them off to the security check point and then drive home in rush hour traffic, you are In Love.
  4. If the PIQ tells you that you look gorgeous, and you really well and truly believe them (regardless of what you are wearing), you are In Love.
  5. If you are flipping though the radio and happen on a country station and unconsciously put your hand on your heart because you know the lyrics are all about you and the PIQ or what would happen if things don’t work out with the PIQ, you are In Love.
  6. If you can spend a solid week on vacation with the PIQ (even if this means that, for obvious reasons, you aren’t regular in the bathroom department) without being annoyed or irritated by the PIQ, you are In Love.
  7. If you find any opportunity to use the PIQ’s name in a conversation, even with yourself, you are In Love.
  8. If the PIQ is sick and you are not only are willing to play nurse, but to kiss and cuddle the PIQ as well, without even thinking about getting sick yourself, you are In Love.
  9. If you combine all your favorite baby names that you have collected since childhood with the PIQ’s last name, you are In Love.
  10. You used to fantasize about Brad Pitt, Don Draper, your neighbour and even your local barista who somehow managed to look both sexy and bored. Now, you can only imagine yourself with your PIQ even in your daydreams, you are In Love.
An Ordinary Walk, With an Extraordinary God

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil,

for You are with me.  Psalms 23:4

Through out most of my life I consider it as being very blessed.
My testimony does not contain stories of drug addiction or being rescued from an inner city gang. It does not include claims of abusing parents or going to the dump in search of something to eat.

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How Do You Know (2010)

This movie was a bit weird and at times even boring, but in the end I did like it.
Here are a few quotes and lines I liked:

You need to figure out what it is you want and learn how to ask for it.

Where there is no struggle, there is no strength.

Courage is mastery of fear, not absence of fear.

We are all just one small adjustment away from making our lives work.

Never drink to feel better; drink to feel even better.

But I don’t know if I have what it takes for everybody’s regular plans.

The bad days make the good ones better –so don’t worry about it

Don’t judge anybody before you check yourself out. You are lucky when it’s your fault because you can correct the situation.

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It’s like 11pm.
It’s snowing…again…
I’m not exactly happy that it’s snowing again - especially due to the fact that the last time there was snow on my stairs I happened to eat shit 3 steps down and am still recovering from the graceful yet devastating fall that I took a week ago…
But there’s beauty in fresh, falling snow.
Everything looking calm. White. Clean. Untouched.
The most beautiful thing I love about snow is how Christmas lights look against it.
The colors, luminous and perfectly standing out from the soft white background.

I’m having one of those “what’s the point?” evenings…
I mean, I’m not depressed - and I had a really nice, lazy, unbothered day off with my boyfriend…
But, I’m having those thoughts that run through your head at bedtime and make it hard to fall asleep.
The “what ifs”, and the “why nots”, and the “what do I wants”, and all those other shit questions that are hard to answer…
I have a thought to maybe write a “how to” book…
Just something stupid, yet comforting. One of those books that help you deal with certain, super awkward situations… written by a young 20-something year old who has no idea what she wants to do with her life - yet has experienced and dealt with so much already that maybe if I write about them, and tell you how I perceived certain situations, and made certain mistakes, and chose certain choices - that maybe you (the reader) will find comfort in my words?
Idk. I’m not trying to be noble, or blow smoke up my own ass. But, I do think that sometimes, all someone needs is to know that with everything going on in life - you’re not alone feeling the way that you do.
I’ve been feeling really “lost” recently. Like I’m not sure if I’m just doing what I’m doing because I’m “supposed to” at this point in my life - or if this what I want to do.
Like - for example - I’m 23 years old - turning 24 next month - and at least a dozen people I went to school with that are within 2 years of my age are getting married & having kids now.
Like - whaaaaaaaaat?!?

When the hell did that happen? Have I been asleep? Where the fuck did the last 10 years go? I want to be back in my freshman year of high school, when I had no responsibility and experimented with alcohol and smoking pot on the weekends with my friends and my greatest concern was the boy I was crushing on at the time and whether he liked me as much as I liked him…
I’ve caught myself telling my 2 BEAUTIFUL nieces (who are 13 and 11) the same thing my mom told me back when I was their age…
“Enjoy being young, enjoy your life right now. Don’t worry about stupid drama, or boys, or anything that you can’t control. Just enjoy the lack of responsibility, because sooner than you know, 10 years goes by and you’re an adult - and being an adult is no fun”…

I want to travel. I want to see Rome, and Paris, and Matchu Picchu, and Bali. I want to experience different cultures and see the world. I want to see my boyfriend out of his element in a place where neither of us speak the language, be romantic and make tons of love, and just live life and love life and love each other!

Hopefully - one day before it’s too hard to accomplish - he and I will save up and go places we’ve never been before. Before we have too much responsibility - before we have kids and a mortgage and a job that we can’t take time off from.
One day…
One day…
…I hope…