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Yooo! Your answers always make me happy! Can I get some angst tho?? :D Say the uf bros + uf Grillby were lied to by someone terribly crafty. They say(and even had fake 'proof')that their s/o's been cheating on them. Guys get so furious they confront their s/o at home and don't give her a chance to defend herself before he kicks her out in the snow. Couple hours later they find out they were lied to (Undyne/Fuku sets them straight) They go to find s/o an find her almost frozen to death. Reaction?

UF Sans: Sans knew you would get sick of him one day. He naps the whole time, and whines about everything when hes awake. He had his fare share of breakdowns in front of you. He sees himself as a burden and honestly, part of him wants you to leave him so you can get somebody better. But that doesnt stop him from making a scene. He teleports home, stuffing some of your things into a bag. Then he teleports downstairs and throws the bag at you. He grabs your hand and teleports you both outside. 

“i know why you did it…ha i dont really blame ya to be honest….now fucking go…just go!” he teleports inside again, tears already in his eyesockets, locking the door and ignoromg you bangimg on it from the other side. He slowly makes his way upstairs, so he doesnt have to hear you and any of your excuses. Its only a few hours later that Undyne breaks his door down. Literally. The door is on the floor now. She screams at him, gesticulating wildly with a spear in hai hand, which she smashes into the door a couple of times to make her words more threatening.

It works and Sans realizes what an asshole he has been. He just wanted an excuse to feel sorry for himself, not even letting you say anything before throwing you outside in a tshirt in some knickers. This is where he realizes that humans and monsters alike can freez to death. And your outside in the snow, barely wearing any clothes. Undyne never has seen him run that fast in her life, or run at all to be honest. He teleports after running out of stamina, not even sure where to go. 

Undyne told him she ran into you close to waterfall. So maybe your there somehwere. He teleports to where snowdin connects to waterfall, looking around frantically. And you are there, sitting against a rock, your head looled to the side. You seem to have wanted to get closer to the warmer Waterfall, but you didn wanted to leave Snowdin, so you settled for an inbetween. Sans teleports over to you, falling face first in the snow next to you, already having exhausted most of his magic. 

He cradels you in his arms, pumping what bit of healing magic he can actually do into you, holding you as close as possible to warm you up. He will teleport you both home, almost fainting from lack of magic, frantically pilling blankets ontop of you after laying you down onto the sofa. Papyrus will find both of you unconcious, you still not awake yet, 

Sans finally fainted from trying to use more healing magic on you, and you both will stay in bed for the next couple of days. He will apologize the entire time, trying everything to make it up to you, which results in him fainting again severall times while he tries to sneak out of bed and get nice things for you and just be closer to you. He decides to trust you, even if you get sick of him one day, he want’s to at least talk to you at first.

UF Papyrus: He trusts you, but he is hotheaded an known to make rash decisions. So when he hears that you are cheating on him, he of course doesn’t believe it at first, at least he says he doesn. But a terrible part of his mind tells him, the part that often tells him that he is neither great nor terrible, also tells him that you had enough reasons to do so. He is loud, obnoxious and impatient, always praising himself and just beeing impleasant in generall.

So when he sees the fake proof his mind goes blank. He doesn’t really remember what happened, only that he came into the house, screaming things that probably didn’t even make sense, not even letting you say a word before throwing you out of the house, by grabbing your arm and dragging you outside. He locks the door, sinking to the floor and lettin the dark thougths he normally can shake of withouth a probleme engulf him.

It’s only a few hours later that he gets brougth back to reality by Undyne breaking in trough his window, grabbing him by his collar and screaming at him to get of his ass and go apologize to you. He may be her commanding officer, but that doesn’t mean she won’t give him an ass whooping when he deserves one. After he tells her what happened, and why he belived it, she gets a bit softer, reminding you that he isn’t as bad as he thinks he is. 

Raising her voice again, she screams at him that it’s still no excuse for you to just throw you out of the house in a tantrum like a small child. He runs outside, Undyne screaming after him that she was yousitting and crying on a treestump a bit outside Snowdin. Thats also where he finds you, still sitting there, lips already turning a shade of blue, skin looking like it’s sligthly bleached. He kneels before you, apologizing over and over, telling you that he will do anything to make you happy again, and to please forgive him for doing something this stupid.

The first thing you ask him to do, is to get you the fuck inside, your limbs almsot frozen solid by now. He carries you home, wrapping you in his scarf to at least shield you from the wind until you two are home. He will get you hot water bottles, pillows and blankets, still apologizing. He will get you a lot of presents in the nex few days, not knowing how to make it up to you, staying close to you and apologizing over and over. He tries to actually keep a cool head in this kind of situations from now on, at least until he can resolve the wole thing, and actually let you explain things before acting on anything.

UF Grillby: He usually doesn’t see himself as an idiot. He is a bit hotheaded, literally, and sometimes a bit harsh and unfriendly. But not stupid. But even he makes terrible and bad decisions. He poses a lot of information, beeing a bartender he hear a lot of roumors. Nobody really pays attention to the guy who works in the bar. Especially if whoever is spilling their guts is drunk of their ass.

So when he overhears somebody talking about you, he listens closer. You are cheating on him? Pff, sure that has to be true. But then the guy suddenly starts talking about proof and Grillby isn’t so sure anymore. Could it be true? He walks past the table, pretending to clean up nearby, and glanzes at the couple of photos the guy has on his phone. 

It is you…and some other person. You are pretty close on those photos, closer then Grillby want’s to see you with somebody. He flares angrily, the guy with the phone noticing him finally and realising that what he did wasn’t a good idea. But it’s his lucky day, Grillby storms past him, out of the bar, screaming to the back of the bar for Fucku to look after the place for a few minutes before bursting trough the door and outside.

He goes around the bar, to the entry to his flat, knowing that you are there at the moment since you often stays there while he works, above the etablissement. The enters, slamming the door shut behind him and hissing at you, smoke rising from his tall flames. He just hisses out a “Howdare you!?”, before he picks you up, dumping you outside withouth anotehr word or glanze at you. He walks inside, ignoring you screaming at him from the outside and your knocks on the door. He walks into his room and starts burning the little pile of wood he has bit by bit, a think he does to keep himself from burning things he actually needs. And he needs to burn something rigth now.

Its a bit later when Fuku walks upstair, after having to close the bar herself, because her uncle didn’t come back. She has her own keys, often helping out in the bar and sometimes sleeping over when she stays late. She finds him next to a pile of ash, still brigther then usual, still a red thing to his usually brigth purple flames. After finding out about what happened she can’t stop herself from smaking him. How stupid can one be.

“Have you ever heard of Photoshop before?”, he didn’t, he is alrigth with cellphones, but computers are a thing he has used maybe five times in hiss entire live, never even glanzing at the one you own. Fuku simply explains that it’s a programm to manipulate picutres, and she seen herself people beeing photoshopped into pictures which where used to break up relationships. “At least ask them if they fucked somebody behind your back, before you assume this shit.”, she is as straigthforward as her uncle sometimes.

Grillby rushes out of the apartment, realizing that you seemed happy with him. You seemed content. And he just kicked you out into Snowdins cold weather in your pajamas. It started snowing heavily, and the snow burns on his fire skin, but he pushes on. He has to make things rigth with you, you are on of the few people he actually let close to him. And he went and fucked everything up, just cause of a damn rumour. He finds you lying face down in the snow, at the lower end of a ditch. You seem to have tripped and fallen down there, slowly beeing snowed in.

He slides down, burning his hands and feet on the wet snow, practically throwing himself on you, rubbing your arms and legs to keep you warm. You seem to be awake, looking up at him with bleary eyes. He lifts you up, climbing up back on the little path, running back home with you. He puts you onto his bed, wraping you in the thin blankets. He doesn’t own thick ones, and the ones he have are mostly for you. He rummages trough his closet, finally finding a thicker, woolen blanket he got for you last winter.

Only after he made sure you won’t freez even further, and checked you over for any injuries you migth have gotten from the fall, he goes to bandage his hands and feet, that got some burns from the snow. Afterwards he lies next to you on the bed, not getting beneath the blanket, just warming you, not thinking he deserves to touch you after pulling such a shitty move. He will take a few days off his job, getting Fuku and some people who owe him some favores to run the bar for that time, to make it up to you somehow. 

He really doesn’t know how to make up for almost letting you you die outside in the snow. But he will try the best he can, promising himself to finally trust you from now one, actually talking to you if something like this every happens again.

…what can i say…..i’m a sinning man…….with sinning hands

  • 3/4 of the boys: *gets told their unattractive or bashed on in any way or form*
  • Calum: * has Asian jokes be made about him, is white washed constantly, song writing acknowledgement is rejected, wants to communicate with the fans, is ignored by fans, is called a fuck boy, alcoholic, and has POC eraser.*
  • White fam: :/ okay but like the other boys matter too.