Saturday, July 22nd, 2017 

Here are some of the very best apps for students; either in highschool or in college. I have used many of the following apps, but not all of them. Some, I have just asked friends about and they suggested those ones. 

Please enjoy the apps below, tell me how you like them, and feel free to add onto this list :)

  • Focus: SelfControl, Forest, MindNode, FocusBooster, FocusWriter, Think, StayFocused, Freedom, Cold Turkey, Anti-Social, Time Out, SmartBreak, Balanced

  • Productivity: Evernote,, MyScript Nebo, Outlook, Trello, Droptask, Basecamp, Pocket, Gyst, Doodle, Pen and Paper, Wunderlist, Toggl, Asana, Wolfram Alpha

  • Sounds: Tide, WhiteNoise, Chroma Doze, Coffitivity, Noisli,, NatureSpace, Noizio, Rainy Mood, SimplyNoise, Spotify, Slacker Radio 

  • Language Learning: Duolingo, Memrise, Busuu, Babbel, Livemocha, Living Language, Tandem, MindSnacks

  • Games: Lumosity, Sudoku, TanZen, GeoMaster Plus HD, Speed Anatomy, Star Walk, LeafSnap, Splice: Tree of Life, Vismory, Pigments, Viridi, Sunshine, Nota

  • Revision: Gojimo, Revision App, iMindMap, Exam Countdown, Penultimate, Clippet

  • Test Prep: Khan Academy, Magoosh ACT Flashcards, The Grading Game, Math Brain Booster, ACCUPLACER Study App, CK-12, NRICH, StudySync, Quizlet, StudyAce, That Quiz, Brilliant, Synap

  • Planner: Timeful, Remember the Milk, Listastic, Finish, 2Do, iStudiez Pro, MyHomework Student Planner, My Study Life, ClassManager, MyLifeOrganized, Daily Agenda, Schedule Planner, Todoist

  • Writing: EasyBib, ProWritingAid,, WiseMapping, yWriter5, Storybook, Q10, Write 2 Lite, Writer, Diaro, Note Everything, OmmWriter, Draft

  • Health: MyFitnessPal, Lose It, Endomondo, FitNet, Sworkit, Daily Yoga, Yonder, Fooducate, SideChef, Rise, LifeSum, Meditation Studio, Happify, 7 Cups, Clue, Start, Power Nap App, Fit Radio, Calm

  • Courses: Corsera, PhotoMath, Udemy, HowCast, SimpleMind+, Open Culture, Canvas, Schoology, Alison, CourseBuffet, Degreed, Instructables, InstaNerd, Big Think, Yousician, Pianu 

  • Books & Reading: CampusBooks, Scribd, Pocket, Wattpad, GoodReads, Readmill, Audible, Prizmo, Blio, Kindle, Overdrive, BlueFire Reader, Nook, Kobo, Aldiko, Cool Reader

  • Note Taking: SuperNotes, StudyBlue, Bento, QuickOffice, Google Keep, Zoho Notebook, Simplenote, Bear, OneNote, Box Notes,, Squid, Notability 

  • Inspiration: TED, Lift, Believe It: You Will Achieve, BrainCourage, Get Inspired, iFundamentals, Reinventing Yourself, iWish, Pozify, Positive Thinking - The Key to Happiness, The Gratitude Journal 

  • Other: WiFi Finder, Mint, Zwoor, Brain Pump, Curiosity, Ready4 SAT, GradeProof, edX, Mendeley, Due, CamScanner, IFTTT, Square Cash

Please don’t take howcast’s pet care advice. In their hermit crab video they show the crab in a pretty small container and hermit crabs need 4-5 inches of sand to molt in and they need to be in a humid environment, which could not be provided in that container they also showed painted shells which are not safe for hermit crabs because the paint chips will flake off and will either go in the shell and irritate the crab or the crab will eat the paint chips and die also they said you can use gravel as a substrate, that’s a big no no, hermit crabs need beach sand they cant molt in gravel and not being able to molt is really stressful to it.

Also in the leapord gecko video the guy said they can live in a 10 gallon and they need sand as a substrate and a heat lamp
Which is all faulse information I’m not a reptile expert but i think a 10 gallon is too small, leapord geckos don’t live in a sandy environment so they don’t like sand and it can probably stress them out and heat lamps are not good because leapord geckos are nocturnal and do not like being out in the sun it stresses them out.


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Ombre or Gradient Tie Dyeing by Howcast

View the Full Tutorial Here:


Oh hey, an Irish Dance how-to series that doesn’t suck. And it’s free. This is the one on drums, but there’s over an hour of footage total, covering everything from twists to birdies to back clicks. Darrah Carr breaks down each move in detail while champion Mary Kate Sheehan beautifully demonstrates.

Irish Step Dancing for Beginners


the shit you find on howcast LOL


HowCast: How to Get Buff

Watch on

How to Become Photogenic

via @WikiHow via @Howcast #photogenic #photography #modeling #model

Sure, a beautiful photograph takes some skill behind the lens, but it takes a little skill in front of it, too.


Howcast  on youtube just taught me how to twerk…“Oh dauuum honey where did you learn how to shake dem ass…….howcast" 


How Cats Show Their Love | Cat Care




Coolest thing, doing it er night now.