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The Flash PaleyFest Sizzle Reel [contains old footage and HUGE spoilers, you’ve been warned]
20,000 bees chase grandmother's car for two days after queen gets trapped inside

A car was pursued by a loyal 20,000-strong swarm of bees for two days after their queen got trapped in the boot.  

The disgruntled swarm chased the 4x4 through Haverfordwest, west Wales, and attached themselves to the rear of the car where they remained for over 48 hours.

Carol Howarth, a 65-year-old grandmother, said she “had never seen anything like it” when thousands of the insects flew at the back of her silver Mitsubishi Outlander.

Five beekeepers, park wardens and passers spent hours trying to get the bees into a cardboard box in which they could be transported safely away.


“Legend goes that somewhere beneath these mountains lies a gateway between heaven and hell. It is said that a sacred sisterhood guards this portal and the power of their prayers keeps the damned from tormenting the living. Trouble with the damned is… they never stay put.”

-Gallowwalkers (2012)