I'm crying overwhelmed tears at the Agent Carter finale

1) Dottie is still alive.
2) Howard canonically loves Steve. This is the second time his feelings for Steve have been directly compared to Peggy’s. “I know you loved him. I loved him, too.”
3) Peggy talking Howard down in a clear parallel to how she tried to save Steve, only this time she succeeds.
4) Peggy turning down a date with Sousa to meet up with Angie and ANGIE MOVING IN WITH PEGGY JUST LIKE IN THAT FIC I READ LAST WEEK.
5) Peggy returning the last piece she has of Steve, the last vial of his blood, to Brooklyn, saying goodbye as she pours him into the river from the Brooklyn bridge.

The young man set down his welding set and turned it off like he usually did, followed by moving his goggles up above his head. Safety first, thats what he always believed in. At least, thats what he would say when he wasn’t flying however. Then the sky was the limit. Literally. But the man was down on the ground with others around him. And this is when safety would be a priority. He couldn’t risk losing those that he needed beside him now. 

One of them being the new man that people had come to call Captain America. Quite a fitting name really. He stood for everything that America was at the time: bravery, truth, and to fight for the common man. They needed a symbol like that against the Germans. Something that would make them quiver in their boots.

It wasn’t even just the man that he had helped to create that they should’ve feared. But the man himself. Steve Rogers was one that wouldn’t back down from a fight. Even when he was a smaller man compared to those around him. As he had told Dr. Erkshine, Steve had told Howard that he didn’t like bullies. And he admired that in him. 

It just so happened that thats who strolled past his work station as well. Steve Rogers, the simple kid from Brooklyn. Yet he wasn’t simple. Not in anyway, at least in Howard’s eyes. That strong jawline, those broad shoulders.. But he wasn’t wearing his Captain America uniform or even his Army Captain’s uniform. But just a white shirt and a pair of pants. He hadn’t ever seen him wearing just civilian clothes.

“Hello Mister Stark, it’s good to see you again.” The sound of the man’s surprisingly happy voice pulled Howard out of his little day dream. Subtly, he shook his head to clear the image out of his head of the man and smiled up at him to see that he was smiling back.

“Hello Mister Rogers. I wasn’t expecting you down here in the work area. And so late at night." It was true. He expected the man to be sleeping, due to having to leave early in the morning for a mission. But it was always good to see him looking at the young industrialists work, marveling even just at the blueprints. 

Steve shrugged slightly as he walked up to the table that Howard was by, running one of his forefingers over the outline of the blueprint that rested next to the welder. "I couldn’t sleep..” His blue eyes looked around the area before looking up at him. “Too nervous about whats going to happen in the morning.”

Removing the goggles completely from his head, setting them down before looking back up at him again. He was nervous? It was understandable. He was human. But it wasn’t something he’d expect him to ever admit out loud. And to Howard. He sighed softly and walked around the table to him, crossing his arms across his chest. “Steve, I’m not a man for wise words or any kind of wisdom for that matter. But I know that your men are counting on you. We are all counting on you. And you’ve proven yourself worthy to lead this mission.” Uncrossing his arms, he put a hand on top of Steve’s shoulder. Having to stretch up slightly but not too much. “And you won’t be alone out there.”

All the while when Howard was speaking, the super solider let out a soft laugh and looked into his eyes. Lifting up his right hand, he put it on the side of the man’s face and smiled at him. Warming and comforting. “Thank you, Mister Stark. Truly.” Gently, he patted the side of the man’s and sighed softly. “I think I’ll go get some rest.”

“You better. Or I’ll get Agent Carter to come down here and force you.” A joking smile came across his face and moved his hand down from the shoulder. He walked back around the table and grabbed his goggles, pulling them back of his head. “Now go.”

“Yes sir,” he nodded his head one time and turned back to walk away from the station. Before he was out of sight from the engineer, Steve turned his head back to look at him. “Goodnight Mister Stark.” And with that, he walked away.

Before turning his welding set on, he looked in the direction the man walked in, a small smile on his face. “Goodnight Mister Rogers,” he whispered softly to himself and began to work again.

Proof that I should stop thinking sometimes: Last night I came up with a name for Howard/Steve/Tony. 

Stark Family Heirloom

Though technically I guess it’s Howard/Steve and Steve/Tony since that’s what all those weird rare fics are doing, I think there’s a grand total of two or something, which I’m not saying is a bad thing ‘cause really Howard/Tony isn’t my cup of tea. Howard/Steve isn’t my cup of tea either but whatever, my brain = something I can’t control.

Now I have this weird messed up idea about why Howard spent so much time looking for Steve and that he left a letter for Tony saying he fucked Steve and btw they own him so if you find him he’s yours.

I actually have these things written on my arm
  • Balder is a douche bag (By SPN headcanon, he really is)
  • Loki ♥s Thor
  • Howard ♥s Steve
  • My cat likes freaking out my sister as much as me. This is awesome. 
  • Dean ♥s Cas
  • Kali (in a love heart with cat ears and whiskers) 
  • Steve ♥s Tony
  • Clint ♥s Coulson
  • Sam ♥s Gabriel
  • and Leviathan!Veins

Jesus, I’m going to be getting weird questions at College.