Inferno (2016)



After waking up in a hospital with amnesia, professor Robert Langdon and a doctor must race against time to foil a deadly global plot.

Muse Halloween special
  • Dom:*walks around with nothing but a pumpkin strapped to his waist*
  • Chris:*wearing a superman costume, built with extra fake muscles*
  • Matt:*riding on chris' shoulders, screeching*
  • Tom:*probably in an all black body suit with a pumpkin strapped to his face*
  • Morgan:*just a small witch hat and a beer, still wondering how he got into this band*

ace-gh0st  asked:

DID YOU SEE WHAT MATT JUST POSTED ON INSTAGRAM JUST NOW???? it looks like a new music video, maybe a new song????

For anyone wondering, this is the photo that Matt posted on Instagram:

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It could be anything really: a secret (halloween themed) gig, a video, a livestream, a new cover song etc.
I don’t think it’s a new song though but it could very well be a cover.

This just looks like a photoshopped screenshot from the Psycho music video though…

Anyways, I’m not even going to speculate because when it comes to Muse anything could happen. But at least they’re active on social media again!

Lots of hugs to you my darling and have a lovely day/night<3