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Joyce Bryant (October 14, 1928)
• Joyce was born in Oakland, CA and raised in San Francisco.
• She was the oldest of 8 kids and raised as a Seventh Day Adventist.
• She eloped at 14 but the marriage ended the same day.
• In 1946, while visiting a cousin in L.A., she agreed to sing at a local club on a dare. The club owner later offered her $25 to sing on stage.
• During the 1940s, she began to perform regularly at different night clubs.
• Eventually she was booked on the same bill as Josephine Baker. To standout she dyed her hair silver using radiator paint
• In 1952, Joyce became the first black entertainer to sing at the Miami Beach Hotel despite KKK protests.
• In 1954, she became the first black singer to perform at the Casino Royal in Washington D.C.
• By the late 1950s, Joyce had grown tired of her than lifestyle. She disliked the men that frequented the clubs she performed at.
• She was once beaten by a man for rejecting his advances.
• In 1955, she quit performing.
• She devoted herself to the Seventh Day Adventist Church and enrolled in Oakwood College in Huntsville, AL.
• She traveled throughout the South and became angry at the discrimination she saw.
• She organized fundraisers for blacks so they could buy food, medicine, and clothing.
• Joyce also helped her church raise money by performing. She wore no makeup and her natural hair.
• She often met with Martin Luther King Jr. and was inspired to ask her church to take a stand against racism.
• Her church refused, which led her to return to the entertainment industry in the 60s.
• She trained with vocal teacher Frederick Wilkerson at Howard University. This led to her winning a contract with the New York City Opera.
• Joyce toured internationally with French and Vienna Opera companies.
• In the 1980s, she became a vocal instructor and worked with people like Jennifer Holliday, Raquel Welch, and Phyllis Hyman.

Signs That You Attend An #HBCU...

1. When you got to school, you thought it was going to be like Hillman…

…but it ended up being more like College Hill.

2. If you’re a girl, you may have felt a little like this…

3. Girls show up to 8 a.m. classes in stilettos and in full make up

4. Your school gear always comes up missing when you visit home…

and you catch your family wearing it a few weeks later

5. Everyone on campus is quick to rattle off the names of your alma mater’s most influential alumni.



Tennessee State

North Carolina A&T

6. History classes (and poli sci, and English, and music) are steeped in black history…

And you can’t graduate without taking an African history class…

7. Graduating on time would be a miracle…

External image

8. During finals, the library feels a little bit like the club…

9. You Try to get a copy of your transcript, and the registrar is like…

10. You’re used to seeing someone you know leaving the financial aid office looking like this:

External image

(Unless it was refund check time, in which case they looked more like this…)

11. You missed every class during homecoming week…

12. Then you skipped your school’s homecoming to go to Howard’s…

13. The best part of the football games was halftime…

14. Out of nowhere everyone emerges outside on the first day of spring…

15. When people suddenly disappear during the semester, it’s probably  because they were doing this…

External image

16. And you spend hours waiting to see them do this on the yard…

External image

External image

 (even though you can’t see or hear what was going on)…

External image

17. When you go to a party, no one can dance because of this…

External image

18. But you’ve never seen more than two Iotas at the same place at the same time…

External image

19. You’ve never heard of Delta Zeta or TKE or Alpha Phi or Kappa Alpha….

External image

External image

External image

But you can recite the names of the Divine 9 in order of their founding dates, even if you never pledged.

External image

20. Every dorm has a dude who can cut hair, or a girl who can put in weave for cheap.

External image

21. Eventually half the girls you know go natural at one point…

External image

22. You get a job off-campus so you won’t forget what it was like to have white friends…

External image

23. When you come home to visit, your family gives you a hard time about your decision to flout family tradition and go to Howard instead of Hampton…

External image

Or FAMU instead of Bethune-Cookman…

External image

Or Southern instead of Grambling…

External image

Or Alabama A&M instead of Alabama State

External image

24. But, in spite of the rivalries with other schools, whenever you meet someone who went to an HBCU, you do this.

External image

25. Because you both know that there’s one thing you can agree on:

External image


#BlackHistoryMonth 2014

CultureSOUL: *The Graduates* Post- Reconstruction Era - The African Americans

1. Fisk University Graduates including W.E.B. Dubois (right), 1888

2. Class from Roger Williams University in Nashville - 1899

3. Howard Univ. graduating class c. 1900


#HUes of Blackness, Ra’Sontai Watson

Photographer Ra’Sontai Watson, a freshman, Psychology student at Howard University and founder of Terres Noir Photography, shot a collection of color block images that explores the many beautiful shades of blackness at Howard University.

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