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HS:  You asked his opinion [his brother], I don’t know if it was your first album or your second, you made a mistake of asking his opinion and he said to you, and this fucked your head up, ‘I really like your music except for two of the songs on the album’…
ES:  And then he wouldn’t tell me which he just was like 'See you later’. But he likes to fuck with people. He came to see Taylor’s show at Boston, Gillette Stadium, it was for her Red Tour and all of her dancers had this big red flags on stage and everything’s red… and you know, there’s the song Red. And we get on the tour bus afterwards and Taylor comes up and is like 'Hey Matthew, so nice to meet you in person, I heard so much about you…’ and literally the first thing he says is like 'Are you a communist?’. So he’ll do stuff just to fuck with people but everyone loves him.
—  Ed Sheeran talking about his brother Matthew on Howard Stern.

Ed Sheeran reveals the original lyrics to Love Yourself, and they’re exactly what you thought they were. 


Ed Sheeran covering “Yellow” on Howard Stern


Ed Sheeran Covers 50 Cent, Coldplay, and Blackstreet Live on the Howard Stern Show


Howard Stern: Diane Lane was in that movie (The Outsiders).

Rob Lowe: Oh my gosh.

Stern: Now that is one of the great beauties of our time.

Lowe: Of ALL time. Still is.

Stern: Were you in love with her instantly when you saw her?

Lowe: She wouldn’t give any of us the time of day.

Stern: Is that true?

Lowe: Oh, Matt Dillon tried to close it. He did like four movies with her after that just to try to close it. I think even if the script was shitty, he was like, “Is Diane in it? Great, this is gonna be the movie where it happens.”

Just incase you’re missing this stellar interview with Marilyn Manson on Howard Stern

-Manson listened to Broken 4 times last night

-Trent used to borrow Manson’s clothes

-Manson said Starfuckers Inc. is about him

-Trent still has the Antichrist Superstar masters

-Saying he “walked out of an implied threesome with Trent”

-Manson had a 4 way with Dita

-Manson calling Trent “my boy”

-Manson saying his ass is “tight as hell”

-Manson saying he’s never seen Trent’s dick, but he a l m o s t did.


Here’s the interview clip for those who don’t want to hunt down the article. Note that when Stern asks Takei if he’s ever “grabbed people by the cock“ in comparison to Trump grabbing people by the pussy, there is an awkward silence. He doesn’t even answer for several long seconds before chuckling out some nonsense about “encouraging” visitors along into having sex with him, but he’s quick to point out that there was no “power imbalance” between them so it totally wasn’t sexual harassment.