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Howard Stern: “This just is a random question, but you’re good friends with Taylor Swift?”

Lena: “Yeah, she’s good friend of mine, she works with my boyfriend a lot too, he produces with her…” 

HS: “Oh yeah, I find her fascinating, if you know what I’m saying…” 

LD: “I think I might have a drift of what you’re saying.” 

HS: “ Do you hang with her?”

LD: “Yeah!” 

HS: “What happens when you hang? What do you guys do for fun?”

LD: Talk, enjoy dinner, much like you might with a friend, much like you do with Bradley Cooper and Irena Shayk.”

HS: Bradley needs me, I’m his adviser. I’m his writing partner. No but.. but seriously, in other words, you… she’ll call you up and say let’s get together, and what…a whole bunch of… .there always seems like there is a ton of women around her, like it’s always like a group–”

Other female:  “She has a lot of girlfriends…”

HS: “– that you have to hang with – 

LD: “… I believe its called a squad.”

HS: “A squad.” 

LD: “She has a lot of girlfriends..”

HS: “Are you part of the squad, Lena?”

LD: “Well I’m a more of a one-on-one hanger…. just generally, that’s more my style.”

HS: “Do you ever say to her, ‘Look I don’t want to be in the squad, I just want to hang one-on-one?’”

LD: “I think she just knows that I’m a one-on-one hanger. So, she knows that I like to like, get a quiet bit of sushi. I mean, it’s not like I don’t.. I don’t dislike anyone, I’m just not good at a… Jenny will tell you, a big group hang isn’t my specialty.”

HS: “What do you talk about with her, seriously, is there a conversation about men? Because I feel she’s not successful with men. That they. … This constant dating, constant public break ups. This kind of thing. Do you advise her over this?”

LD: “I think that young’s so hard…I mean, I think about the relationships that I had in my early 20′s.. and if they had been public?”

Other woman: “Oh my god” <laughs>

S: <laughs>  “ it would have been a disaster.”

D: “It would have been a disaster. And also, not to repeat age old feminist points … but it’s like… any male actor her age who’s going out and dating –”

S: “– is doing the same thing.”

D:  “–is applauded. And to just have a perfectly normal amount of romantic partners but be held to impossibly high standards by the press? It’s an unfair and unwinnable game.”

S:  changes subject


Just a few weeks before his “SNL” return, Tracy made a surprise appearance at the 2015 Emmys and told Howard how he and Tina Fey shared an emotional moment backstage—the secret was so well kept, not even his good friend knew he was going to be there that night.

“She had her back to me and I said, ’T!’ And she turned around and lost it,” Tracy recalled. He told her to stop crying and promised that he would see her just as soon as she got done presenting. When it came time for Tracy to go out on stage, he said he caught a glimpse of Tina sitting in the front row, crying tears of joy.

“She was happy that the comedy was still there,” Tracy said. “That’s my sister I never had.”

Taylor’s pretty fucking cool that over the years, no matter what creative transformation that I’ve gone through, he’s always been very supportive of that. There’s a lot on this record that’s inspired by our relationship and he’s super supportive of me expressing myself artistically. I can have nothing but respect for him for that
—  Lady Gaga to Howard Stern (24 Oct.)
Howard Stern Talks to Mindy Kaling About Love
  • Stern: Have you had great love in your life, where it just hurts that it didn't work out?
  • Kaling: Yeah, yeah.
  • Stern: Why did it not work out?
  • Kaling: Because, uh... this sounds so lame, it's not profound, but people are so different, and you can overlap in certain ways that are important but not... the ones that are the most important, or something.
  • Stern: Are you still in touch with this guy?
  • Kaling: Yes. Yeah.
  • Stern: Do you know what he's up to, do you know if he's married now, does he have kids...?
  • Kaling (laughing): Yeah, he's, he's not married, no.
  • Stern: Not married.
  • Kaling: No.
  • Stern: But you check on him.
  • Kaling: Yeah, he's a good friend of mine. Yeah.
  • Stern: Look at that smile! I think we can set you back up with this guy. I think you're in love.
  • Kaling: Yeah, well, he's my best friend, so it's... that's not...
  • Stern: He broke up with you or you broke up with him?
  • Kaling: ...He broke up with me.
  • Stern: You would take him back.
  • Kaling: No... it was years ago when this break up happened.
  • Stern: Best sex of your life with this guy?
  • Kaling: Oh, man. It was pretty good. He's a smart and funny guy!
  • Stern: Were you upset when you broke up?
  • Kaling: I was so, so sad. Not angry-sad. Sad-sad. That was the hottest I'd ever looked, because I'd stopped eating...I'd wake up, get out of bed, and not care. We worked together...but I was real miserable.
  • ...
  • Stern: I think the guy you were in love with was the guy you co-starred with on the Office. [Kaling LAUGHS] Am I right or am I wrong?
  • Kaling: B.J.? He was... he was -
  • Stern: He was the guy.
  • Kaling: Well, he was, yes, you are correct, not that the mystery - you're not Sherlock Holmes or anything, Howard -
  • Stern: I'm Sherlock Holmes! That's right, that's what they call me.
  • Kaling: You're like, 'who have you known for ten years who you worked with...' No, but he legitimately is one of my best friends; he texted me before the show like 'Good luck on Howard,' he's been on my show, he was a producer on the pilot, I see him all the time.
  • Stern: If he asked you to marry him you would have.
  • Kaling: At the time? Yeah.
  • Stern: Wow.
  • Kaling: Yeah.
  • Stern: Wow.
  • Kaling: I mean, it would have been.. I was 24. But for the record, if anybody had asked me to marry them I would have...but he's a wonderful guy.
  • Stern: Well let's hope he calls you tomorrow and asks you to marry him!
  • Kaling: I! I would not - one thing about this is, I love him and think he's a good person, but I'm not holding a candle for him or anything...
  • Stern: I believe if he called you tomorrow and said, 'I made a terrible mistake; we must get back together and get married,' you would do it.
  • Kaling: I... I don't know. I don't know.
  • Stern: It's not a 'no.' That's it.
  • Kaling: Alright.
  • Stern: We'll get you a boyfriend, don't worry about it.
Seth on Stern show highlights

-Seth and Charlize are close, but he says they’re just friends and she can do better. Also, he doesn’t date people he works with.

-Seth wants kids

-Seth was a geek in h.s. and went to Star Trek conventions with his dad

-Seth lost his virginity around 20

-Seth doesn’t know a lot of people who come to his parties and “doesn’t know how they get in”, but he enjoys introducing people to a live orchestra.

-Seth admits he works 90 hours (!!!) a week

-Seth told a funny story about how his father spent all day putting up a screen door only to run through it when he saw someone stealing rocks from his yard.

-Seth and Emilia broke up because of distance and work.

-Seth would host the Oscars again.