the conversation in im2 where fury is talking about vanko and how his father’s vodka soaked rage is not ideal for raising a child seems hysterically weird considering he’s sitting across from tony stark, who’s father raised him in what’s sort of been implied to be a scotch soaked depression

why are they always so determined to make howard look like a nice guy even though they want tony to be kind of irreparably fucked up by his fathering

so i’m caught up on Agent Carter

and now i ship Peggy with Daniel Jarvis AND Howard 

why is Peggy so shippable damn it 

Peggy/Daniel - my heart i can’t with these 2 the looks they give each other when the other one isn’t watching 

how protective they are of each other how Daniel completely loses it if something happens to Peg i can’t my heart hurts to much my are rapidly becoming my OTP 

Peggy/Jarvis - the ship i started off shipping when i first started watching the show my original OTP and still is 

i love he will follow her anywhere no matter what the plan is he trusts her completely and is there to back her up i love how worried he gets when she is injured or upset 

Peggy/Howard - after Peggy/Jarvis this was my other ship i loved when i first started watching the show 

i love how with Howard Peggy can get away with alot of shit no one else could i love how he respects her and doesn’t treat her like how he treats the rest of the women he is with and upsets him when he has upset her 

  • <p><b>peggy:</b> [in a crowd and can't find angie]<p/><b>peggy:</b> [using hands as a megaphone] PEGGY CARTER SUCKS<p/><b>angie:</b> [running in her direction] EXCUSE ME BUT HOW DARE YOU<p/><b>steve:</b> [unfreezing] FIGHT THE SHIT OUT OF ME<p/><b>howard and jarvis:</b> [screaming]<p/><b>peggy:</b> what the holy fuck<p/></p>