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Finally saw Beauty and the Beast this weekend and holy shit “Evermore” is the Phantom/Jekyll & Hyde/Hunchback 11 o’clock number OF MY DREAMS! We are sooo lucky Alan Menken is still around. K back to the theater…


Evermore (From “Beauty and the Beast”/Audio Only)
Josh Groban

Songs for the Winter Daze

Grab a cup of coffee and get cozy:

Phillip Glass - Opening
Coldplay - I Bloom Blaum
Damien Rice - Colour Me In
The 1975 - Fallingforyou
RY X - Berlin
Band of Horses - Part One
Odessa - I Will Be There
Alex Turner - Hiding Tonight
Tom Odell - Heal
Simon & Garfunkel - Bookends
Devendra Banhart - Something French
From Indian Lakes - Runner
Sigur Ros - Godan daginn
Lorde - Buzzcut Season
Andrew Bird - Weather Systems
Alt-J - Warm Foothills
Perfume Genius - Normal Song
Ben Howard - Promise
Landon Pigg - If I’m Saying Nothing
Local Natives - Colombia 
The New Basement Tapes - When I Get My Hands On You
Boy & Bear - A Moment’s Grace
Michael Dulin - Clair De Lune



100 Illustrators that all Illustrators should know: #75

Richard Corben (aka Gore, Corb, Harvey Sea) (1940-)

Country: United States

Famous for: Heavy Metal, Den, Bloodstar, Rip in Time, Bat out of Hell, Hellboy, Rat God, Underground Comix, Slow Death, Rowlf, Fantagor, Neverwhere, Mutant Earth, New Tales of the Arabian Nights, Creepy, Eerie

Influenced: Mike Mignola, Guillermo Del Toro, Frank Miller, Moebius, Carlos Huante, Brad Rigney, Das Pastoras, Tanino Liberatore, Gerald Brom, Simon Bisley

Influenced by: Maxfield Parrish, Hannes Bok, Frank Frazetta, Will Eisner, Carravaggio, Michelangelo, John Severin, Albrecht Durer, Wally Wood, Alex Toth, Auguste Rodin, Edgar Allen Poe, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard, H.P Lovecraft 

Richard Corben is an American fantasy illustrator and comic artist, known for his contributions to the Underground Comics movement and Heavy Metal Magazine. Corben was born in Anderson, Missouri and received his BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute, starting work as a professional animator for an industrial film company. The film company allowed him to (and assisted him on) a short animated film called Neverwhere,which became the basis for one of his most famous creations, Den, an homage to the works of Robert E. Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs and H.P. Lovecraft. After his stint in animation, Corben broke into the world of Underground Comics, including titles such as Grim Wit, Slow Death, Rowlf, Dreams and his own publication, Fantagor. At the time, Corben’s work gained notoriety for its use of ultra-violent action, unusual for the medium. In 1975, Corben became one of the first American artists whose work was featured in Moebius’ newly published Metal Hurlant. as well as Warren’s titles such as Creepy, Eerie and Vampirella. One of his most famous works was the album cover for Meatloaf’s Bat out of Hell. In addition to this, Corben was one of the first comic artists to embrace the digital medium in the early 90s, pushing it to its then-limits. Corben is known for his almost grotesque representations of human (and non-human) anatomy and attention paid to very sculptural lighting. Because of this, he has been cited as an influence on other celebrated artists such as Mike Mignola, Guillermo Del Toro, Tanino Liberatore, Simon Bisley, Gerald Brom, and Brad Rigney. More recent works and collaborations include stories for Hellboy, variant covers for Dark Horse Comics, among his own titles. Corben was inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame in 2012, and was named a Spectrum Grand Master in 2009. 

              darling, we will never break (a twelve/clara roadtrip playlist) for @longjackets​. happy birthday sweetheart!

 ‘the strain, the low, soft, ache of Billie Holiday crackles through the cheap speakers, in their cheap chevrolet; and he looks up at her, through shadowed lashes, as she crawls into the back seat. He wants to say something, anything, wants to say what’s the point, i’m going to lose you,  opens his mouth. But she puts her hand on his shoulder, and her lips against his ear, shuffles into his lap. She tells him to shut up for once before she lets her lips graze across his cheek, to the edges of his sad mouth. 

So he kisses her instead, teeth and tongues and tragedy, mumbles happy birthday as he pulls the cardigan from her shoulders. [from upcoming angsty roadtrip fic]

to the sea//seafret, rose carney  the man comes around//johnny cash georgia//vance joy landlocked blues//bright eyes   it is what it is//kacey musgraves  gone tomorrow//the staves   atlas hands//benjamin francis leftwich   georgia on my mind//billie holiday how could i have known//keaton henson  hello my old heart//the oh hellos gracious//ben howard delicate//damien rice the way you look tonight//ella fitzgerald

[listen here]

anonymous asked:

How do you argue the idea that "if god created everything who created god" because there seems to be a contradiction with people who say everything had a creator

This argument is a simple one in my opinion. But before I show you how this doesn’t cause a contradiction for theists, I’ll show you how this question actually leads to a contradiction for atheists.

We’ve all heard of the Big Bang Theory, however not many people actually have an accurate understanding of what it is. Normally, we think that this theory means that there was nothing, then a “Big Bang” happened and then everything came into existence etc etc. This isn’t 100% true. What the Big Bang Theory states is not how the universe began, but rather, how it expanded. So this theory starts off with a super small, condensed sphere known as the ‘singularity’ which, for one reason or another, expanded super quickly and eventually led to the universe we have today. Notice, this doesn’t answer, nor does it attempt to answer, the actual issue of creation. The super small dense singularity exists beforehand in the theory. No where in the theory does it say this ball popped into existence, it simply states that it already existed. Likewise, other theories like evolution fall under the same misunderstanding. Evolution itself is NOT a source of creation. It cannot create itself, rather, evolution describes a method of creation. A cell had to have formed before evolution occurs. It’s not the other way around. Evolution needs DNA, and a replicating DNA at that (along with suitable proteins, enzymes, etc). So here is where the contradiction occurs for the atheist…When they ask a theist, “well if you say everything needs a creator, then who created God?” they themselves believe in a theory were a magic dense singularity already existed, only later to have magically expanded. So if they ask who created God, I ask who created that singularity? If they can accept that this singularity existed without a creator then what’s the issue of thinking God exists without a creator….

Another interesting point. Scientists tell us that they believe the universe is about 13 billion years old. The way they got that number is through their estimates of when the Big Bang occurred. This means that they believe that time was created along with space in something called space-time. But what is time? (and no, time really does exist, it is NOT man made). This is question now leaves the realm of science and enters the realm of philosophy. After reading the different arguments as to what is time, I believe the best definition of time is that it is simply a measurement of change. Therefore, if nothing changes, then there is no time. For example, I believe that if everything in the universe reaches 0 Kelvin, or absolute zero, (at this point even the atoms almost stop vibrating), then time pretty much stops because nothing can really change anymore (think of the Big Freeze, aka the Death of the universe). Likewise, if scientist believe that time began with the Big Bang, they must believe in God. Why? Because if they say time didn’t exist beforehand, then that means there was no change, and no change can ever occur. This is because No change + No change = No change. For example, idk about you, but sometimes I could be sitting home alone, but then something randomly just falls or something weird like that. That act of sudden movement of that object is not random, there had to have been slight changes or small forces acting on it until it gave way and fell. Point being that there was slight changes taking place along the way which eventually led to this occurring. However, if time truly did being with the Big Bang, then nothing could have built up before hand to have led to trigger the universe’s expansion because nothing can change. Thus, you would need God to not only create that small dense ball to begin with, but to initiate it’s growth.

Okay, so that is one way to answer the question, but here is another.

This question is usually posed because everything we see and everything that exists in our universe needs a cause. And this is part of the nature and law of our world. However, a distinction needs to be made between our world and God. God isn’t bound by our world, it’s laws, or it’s norms, and this is a vital point. This concept of cause and effect, creator and created, only applies to this universe. But I understand that wrapping your head around this notion is difficult, so I’ll give you an example of how there are things that our minds simply cannot understand because these concepts seem too strange to us. For example, think of a 2D object. Most likely you thought of a stick person or shadow or something. Now think of a 3D object…. Easy. Now think of a 4D object. Can’t? How about 5D? You man say, well they don’t exist. However, according to String Theory, it is theorized that up to 11 Dimensions are out there. The only problem is we have no way of detecting them…. the point is, we can’t comprehend things outside our realm of reality which is why the question of “Well, if God exists, who created Him?” is not necessarily a valid question. In our created realm, the reality of cause and effect exists, but this law was created by Allah (SWT), not the other way around. And again, anyone who objects to this would have to also reject the Big Bang Theory as well.

Lastly, I’ll just include this bit. We live in an age were it seems that most scientists are atheists/anti-religion, however this simply isn’t true. A study done by Elaine Howard Ecklund, from Rice University between 2005-2008 showed that out of 1700 scientists about 50% of them believed in some form of God. Of the remaining 50%, only 30% of those scientists considered themselves to be atheist, leaving the other 20% being agnostic. What’s even more surprising is that out of the 30% of scientists which said they are atheists, One-Fifth of them considered themselves “spiritual atheists.” Furthermore, she found that out of the atheist scientists, only a very small percentage were anti-religion or felt that science and religion weren’t comparable. She also went on to speak about how most scientists don’t feel comfortable letting other people know they believe in God bc they felt that if people know that the believe in a creator, they might question their work. The reason I state this is bc we are fed this false idea that most scientists are atheists…that is simply not the case. Included in this research was what you would call “elite” scientists, or the big name scientists, who fell on both ends of the spectrum. Some believed in God while others didn’t. But the point is the same, don’t believe this narrative that scientists or people of knowledge are atheists, that isn’t true. I currently have a Biology professor who studied at Harvard and has his PhD (in the biological field, forgot what it was exactly) who openly says he believes in God…use your own judgment, don’t look for other’s to think for you.

Just some fun facts: Albert Einstein, also held some sort of belief in God, although he believed in Spinoza’s God. But in an interview published in George Sylvester Viereck’s book, Glimpses of the Great, he was asked if he considered himself to be a pantheist. Einstein said,

“Your question is the most difficult in the world. It is not a question I can answer simply with yes or no. I’m not an atheist, and I don’t think I can call myself a pantheist. We are in the position of a little child entering a huge library filled with books in many languages. The child knows someone must have written those books. It does not know how. It does not understand the languages in which they are written. The child dimly suspects a mysterious order in the arrangement of the books but doesn’t know what it is. That, it seems to me, is the attitude of even the most intelligent human being toward God. We see the universe marvelously arranged and obeying certain laws but only dimly understand these laws. Our limited minds grasp the mysterious force that moves the constellations. I am fascinated by Spinoza’s pantheism, but admire even more his contribution to modern thought because he is the first philosopher to deal with the soul and body as one, and not two separate things.”

-Albert Einstein

Another leading scientist, Dr. Michio Kaku, who is the co-founder of String Field Theory, also believes in God. He has said,

“Personally, I think there’s much wisdom in the God of Einstein…The universe is gorgeous. The universe is very simple, and it didn’t have to be that way. The universe could have been random. It could have been ugly. It could have been a random collection of electrons and photons. No life, no vitality, nothing interesting at all. Just a random collection of a mist of electrons and photons. That could have been the universe, but it isn’t. Our universe is rich; it is beautiful, elegant. And you can summarize most of the laws of physics on one sheet of paper. Amazing.”

-Dr. Michio Kaku

But like I said, don’t believe in something because others do or don’t. You are intelligent enough to piece together your reality, so don’t give that right to anyone else. You will come across people who believe in God and don’t believe in God and still, others who fall somewhere in-between, but all that doesn’t matter because their beliefs aren’t yours. Imam Jafar Sadiq (as), the 6th successor of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWS), has a lovely saying where he says,

“The one who enters this religion through men will exit it through men just as they caused him to enter it. And whoever enters this religion through the Book and the prophetic practice, mountains will move before he does [in his faith].”

In other words, you must believe on your own account. Don’t look at who follows what and say, well Richard Dawkins is super anti religion therefore so am I. At the same time, also don’t say, “well Albert Einstein believed in a creator, therefore so will I.” That isn’t having faith in God, it’s having faith in man. Moral of the story, think hard, ask questions, come up with your own conclusion.

I wish you clarity in your pursuit


A day in infamy

December 7, 1941, started as a typical Sunday morning at Pearl Harbor, the US Navy’s Pacific Fleet Headquarters on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. That is, until shortly before 8:00 am, when Japan launched roughly 200 planes from six aircraft carriers in its first wave of Operation Hawaii—forever to be known by Americans as “the attack on Pearl Harbor” or just “Pearl Harbor.”

Today we remember the lives of approximately 2,400 Americans that were lost and more than 1,100 wounded. Marines, sailors, soldiers, airmen who paid the ultimate sacrifice. We remember the day that rallied our nation to enter World War II.


Yaeko Lillian Oda. Francisco Tacderan. John Kalauwae Adams. Joseph Kanehoa Adams. Nancy Masako Arakaki. Patrick Kahamokupuni Chong. Matilda Kaliko Faufata. Emma Gonsalves. Ai Harada. Kisa Hatate. Fred Masayoshi Higa. Jackie Yoneto Hirasaki. Jitsuo Hirasaki. Robert Yoshito Hirasaki. Shirley Kinue Hirasaki. Paul S. Inamine. Robert Seiko Izumi. David Kahookele. Edward Koichi Kondo. Peter Souza Lopes. George Jay Manganelli. Joseph McCabe, Sr. Masayoshi Nagamine. Frank Ohashi. Hayako Ohta. Janet Yumiko Ohta. Kiyoko Ohta. Barbara June Ornellas. Gertrude Ornellas. James Takao Takefuji, aka Koba. Yoshio Tokusato. Hisao Uyeno. Alice White. Eunice Wilson. Robert H. Tyce. Kamiko Hookano. Isaac William Lee. Rowena Kamohaulani Foster. Chip Soon Kim. Richard Masaru Soma. Tomoso Kimura.


August Akina. Philip Ward Eldred. Virgil P. Rahel. Tai Chung Loo. Daniel LaVerne.


John Carreira. Thomas Samuel Macy. Harry Tuck Lee Pang.2


Henry C. Blackwell. Clyde C. Brown. Warren D. Rasmussen. Joseph A. Medlen. Claude L. Bryant. Eugene B. Bubb. Oreste DaTorre. Donat G. Duquette, Jr. Private Edward F. Sullivan. Arthur A. Favreau. William G. Sylvester. Paul J. Fadon. Theodore J. Lewis. Walter R. French. Conrad Kujawa. Torao Migita.


Hans C. Christiansen. George A. Whiteman. Lawrence R. Carlson. Donald F. Meagher. Louis Schleifer. George P. Bolan. Richard A. Dickerson. Alfred Hays. Richard E. Livingston. George M. Martin, Jr. Harold W. Borgelt. Daniel A. Dyer, Jr. Sherman Levine. James M. Topalian. Robert L. Avery. Robert S. Brown. Edward J. Cashman. Donal V. Chapman. Monroe M. Clark. Robert H. Gooding. James A. Horner. George F. Howard. Lawrence P. Lyons, Jr. Wallae R. Martin. William W. Merithew. George A. Moran. Herman C. Reuss. Robert M. Richey. Harry E. Smith. Edward F. Vernick. Marion H. Zaczkiewicz. Jerry M. Angelich. Malcolm J. Brummwell. Jack A. Downs. Paul R. Eichelberger. Arnold E. Field. Joseph Jedrysik. Andrew J. Kinder. Herbert E. McLaughlin. Emmett E. Morris. Joseph F. Nelles. Willard C. Orr. Halvor E. Rogness. Leo H. Surrells. Joseph Bush. John H. Couhig. Harold C. Elyard. Willard E. Fairchild. Paul V. Fellman. Homer E. Ferris. Stuart H. Fiander. James J. Gleason. Otto C. Klein. Harry W. Lord, Jr. Joseph Malatak. Russell M. Penny. Allen G. Rae. George J. Smith. Elmer W. South. Hermann K. Tibbets, Jr. George W. Tuckerman. Martin Vanderelli. Walter H. Wardigo. Lawton J. Woodworth. Thomas M. Wright. Virgil J. Young. Garland C. Anderson. Manfred C. Anderson. Gordon R. Bennett, Jr. Frank G. Boswell. Frank B. Cooper. John E. Cruthirds. Robert C. Duff, Jr. Lyle O. Edwards. Russell E. Gallagher. James E. Gossard, Jr. Johon S. Greene. Earl A. Hood. Theodore K. Joyner. Edmund B. Lepper. Durward A. Meadows. LaVerne J. Needham. Paul L. Staton. Anderson G. Tennison. William T. Anderson. William T. Blakley. Russell C. Defenbaugh. Joseph H. Guttmann. John J. Horan. Carl A. Johnson. Olaf A. Johnson. Doyle Kimmey. James I. Lewis. William E. McAbee. Stanley A. McLeod. Walter D. Zuckoff. Arthur F. Boyle. Billy O. Brandt. Rennie V. Brower, Jr. William J. Brownlee. Brooks J. Brubaker. Weldon C. Burlison. Leroy R. Church. Jack H. Feldman. Leo E. A. Gagne. Allen E. W. Goudy. William E. Hasenfuss, Jr. James R. Johnson. Robert H. Johnson. Marion E. King, Jr. Roderick O. Klubertanz. John H. Mann. James J. McClintock. Horace A. Messam. Victor L. Meyers. Edwin N. Mitchell. Thomas F. Philipsky. William F. Shields. Ralph S. Smith. John B. Sparks. Merton I. Staples. Jerome J. Szematowicz. William F. Timmerman. Ernest M. Walker, Jr. Lee I. Clendenning. Richard L. Coster. Byron G. Elliott. William Hislop. Howard N. Lusk. Lionel J. Moorhead. Francis E. Campiglia. Herbert B. Martin. Joseph G. Moser. Frank St. E. Posey. Raymond E. Powell. William T. Rhodes. Maurice J. St. Germain. James E. Strickland, Jr. Joseph S. Zappala. Walter J. Zuschlag. Felix Bonnie. Clarence A. Conant. Frank J. DePolis. Patrick L. Finney. Elwood R. Gummerson. Vincent J. Kechner. Robert H. Markley. Jay E. Pietzsch. Antonio S. Tafoya. Robert H. Westbrook, Jr. Jack W. Fox. Frank J. Lango. William M. Northway. Felix S. Wegrzyn. William R. Schick. Leland V. Beasley. William Coyne, Jr. Eugene B. Denson. Robert R. Garrett. Charles l. Hrusecky. Joseph N. Jencuis. Robert R. Kelley. Hal H. Perry, Jr. Carey K. Stockwell. Ralph Alois. Louis H. Dasenbrock. John T. Haughey. Clarence E. Hoyt. Henry J. Humphrey. Lester H. Libolt. Harell K. Mattox. William H. Offutt. Edward R. Hughes. John J. Kohl. George Price. Louis G. Moslener, Jr. Daniel J. Powloski. Dave Jacobson. Mathew T. Bills. Joseph J. Chagnon. Carlton H. Hartford. Ardrey V. Hasty. Donald E. Bays. George K. Gannam. Andrew A. Walczynski. Eugene L. Chambers. John G. Mitchell. Robert L. Schott. Robert R. Shattuck. Russell P. Vidoloff. Lumus E. Walker. Theodore F. Byrd, Jr. James H. Derthick. Joseph C. Herbert. William H. Manley. George R. Schmersahl. Robert O. Sherman. Anson E. Robbins. Robert G. Allen. Robert P. Buss. Donald D. Plant. Gordon H. Sterling, Jr. John L. Dains. Edward J. Burns. Malachy J. Cashen. Dean W. Cebert. William C. Creech. James Everett. Paul B. Free. Joseph E. Good. James E. Guthrie. Robert L. Hull. George G. Leslie. John A. Price. James M. Barksdale. Vincent M. Horan. Morris E. Stacey.


John A. Blount, Jr. Roy E. Lee, Jr. Shelby C. Shook. Earl D. Wallen. George E. Johnson. Thomas A. Britton. Francis C. Heath. Orveil V. King, Jr. Jack L. Lunsford. Edward F. Morrissey. Keith V. Smith. Richard I. Trujillo. Marley R. Arthurholtz. Waldean Black. Walter L. Collier. Alva J. Cremean. Elmer E. Drefahl. Harry H. Gaver, Jr. Ted Hall. Otis W. Henry. Robert K. Holmes. Vernon P. Keaton. John F. Middleswart. Robert H. Peak. Raymond Pennington. Charles R. Taylor. Thomas N. Barron. Morris E. Nations. Floyd D. Stewart. Patrick P. Tobin. Jesse C. Vincent, Jr. George H. Wade, Jr. William E. Lutschan, Jr. William G. Turner. Edward S. Lawrence. Carlo A. Micheletto.


Howard L. Adkins. Moses A. Allen. Thomas B. Allen. Wilbur H. Bailey. Glen Baker. James W. Ball. Harold W. Bandemer. Michael L. Bazetti. Albert Q. Beal. Thomas S. Beckwith. Henry W. Blankenship. Edward D. Bowden. Robert K. Bowers. Robert L. Brewer. Samuel J. Bush. James W. Butler. Elmer L. Carpenter. Cullen B. Clark. Francis E. Cole. Kenneth J. Cooper. Herbert S. Curtis, Jr. Lloyd H. Cutrer. Edward H. Davis. John W. Deetz. Marshall L. Dompier. Norman W. Douglas. Guy Dugger. Billie J. Dukes. Thomas R. Durning, Jr. Robert W. Ernest. Alfred J. Farley. Marvin L. Ferguson, Jr. Stanley C. Galaszewski. Robert S. Garcia. Thomas J. Gary. George H. Gilbert. Tom Gilbert. Helmer A. Hanson. Gilbert A. Henderson. John A. Hildebrand, Jr. Merle C. J. Hillman. Paul E. Holley. Richard F. Jacobs. Ira W. Jeffrey. Melvin G. Johnson. Ernest Jones. Herbert C. Jones. Harry Kaufman. Arlie G. Keener. Harry W. Kramer. John T. Lancaster. Donald C. V. Larsen. John E. Lewis. James E. London. Howard E. Manges. John W. Martin. George V. McGraw. Clyde C. McMeans. Aaron L. McMurtrey. James W. Milner. James D. Minter. Bernard J. Mirello. William A. Montgomery. Marlyn W. Nelson. Wayne E. Newton. June W. Parker. Kenneth M. Payne. George E. Pendarvis. Lewis W. Pitts, Jr. Alexsander J. Przybysz. Roy A. Pullen. Edward S. Racisz. Thomas J. Reeves. Joseph L. Richey. Edwin H. Ripley. Earl R. Roberts. Alfred A. Rosenthal. Joe B. Ross. Frank W. Royse. Morris F. Saffell. Robert R. Scott. Erwin L. Searle. Russell K. Shelly, Jr. Frank L. Simmons. Tceollyar Simmons. Lloyd G. Smith. Gordon W. Stafford. Leo Stapler. Charles E. Sweany. Edward F. Szurgot. Frank P. Treanor. Pete Turk. George V. Ulrich. George E. Vining. David Walker. Milton S. Wilson. Steven J. Wodarski. John C. Wydila. Mathew J. Agola. Clarence A. Wise. Joseph I. Caro. Lee H. Duke. Clifton E. Edmonds. John W. Frazier. Nickolas S. Ganas. George H. Guy. Kenneth J. Hartley. Edward S. Haven, Jr. Anthony Hawkins, Jr. Thomas Hembree. Andrew Kin. Robert S. Lowe. James E. Massey. Maurice Mastrototaro. Jesse K. Milbourne. Dean B. Orwick. William J. Powell. Wilson A. Rice. Howard A. Rosenau. Benjamin Schlect. Joseph Sperling. J.W. Baker. Howard F. Carter. Roy A. Gross. Andrew M. Marze. James E. Bailey. Benjamin L. Brown. Marvin J. Clapp. Thomas W. Collins. Edward C. Daly. Albert J. Hitrik. George E. Jones. John A. Marshall. Nolan E. Pummill. William H. Silva. Perry W. Strickland. James Vinson. Mitchell Cohn. Fred J. Ducolon. Manuel Gonzalez. Leonard J. Kozelek. William C. Miller. Sidney Pierce. John H. L. Vogt, Jr. Walter M. Willis. Eric Allen, Jr. Frederick F. Hebel. Herbert H. Menges. Salvatore J. Albanese. Thomas E. Aldridge. Robert A. Arnesen. Loren L. Beardsley. Regis J. Bodecker. William J. Carter. Luther E. Cisco. Allen A. Davis. Ernest B. Dickens. Richard H. Dobbins. Robert N. Edling. Leland E. Erbes. Robert J. Flannery. Eugene D. Fuzi. Arthur J. Gardner. Robert D. Greenwald. Arvel C. Hines. Donald W. Johnson. Ernest G. Kuzee. Carl R. Love. Marvin W. Mayo. Orville R. Minix. Edo Morincelli. Hugh K. Naff. John C. Pensyl. Joe O. Powers. Ralph W. Thompson. Edward B. Uhlig. John J. Urban. Benjamin F. Vassar. Hoge C. Venable, Jr. Oswald C. Wohl. Michael C. Yugovich. Claire R. Brier. Howard D. Crow. James B. Ginn. Warren H. McCutcheon. Arnold L. Anderson. Zoilo Aquino. James R. Bingham. Herman Bledsoe. Lyle L. Briggs. Harold J. Christopher. Joseph W. Cook. Leon J. Corbin. Leo P. Cotner. Frederick C. Davis. Lonnie W. Dukes. Edward W. Echols. Harry L. Edwards. George L. Faddis. Kay I. Fugate. Samuel M. Gantner. Thomas R. Giles. Herman A. Goetsch. Arthur K. Gullachson. Johnie W. Hallmark. Charles W. Harker. Gerald L. Heim. Edwin J. Hill. Edgar E. Hubner. Robert C. Irish. Flavous B. M. Johnson. Kenneth T. Lamons. Wilbur T. Lipe. John K. Luntta. Andres F. Mafnas. Dale L. Martin. Frazier Mayfield. Lester F. McGhee. Edward L. McGuckin. William F. Neuendorf, Jr. Alwyn B. Norvelle. Elmer M. Patterson. Eugene E. Peck. Mark C. Robison. Emil O. Ronning. Harvey G. Rushford. Herbert C. Schwarting. Donald R. Shaum. Adolfo Solar. Herman A. Spear. Delbert J. Spencer. George J. Stembrosky. Charles E. Strickland. Lee V. Thunhorst. Ivan I. Walton. Marvin B. Adkins. Willard H. Aldridge. Hugh R. Alexander. Stanley W. Allen. Hal J. Allison. Leon Arickx. Kenneth B. Armstrong. Daryle E. Artley. John C. Auld. John A. Austin. Walter H. Backman. Gerald J. Bailey. Robert E. Bailey. Wilbur F. Ballance. Layton T. Banks. Leroy K. Barber. Malcolm J. Barber. Randolph H. Barber. Cecil E. Barncord. Wilber C. Barrett. Harold E. Bates. Ralph C. Battles. Earl P. Baum. Howard W. Bean. Walter S. Belt, Jr. Robert J. Bennett. Harding C. Blackburn. William E. Blanchard. Clarence A. Blaylock. Leo Blitz. Rudolph Blitz. John G. Bock, Jr. Paul L. Boemer. James B. Booe. James B. Boring. Ralph M. Boudreaux. Lawrence A. Boxrucker. Raymond D. Boynton. Carl M. Bradley. Oris V. Brandt. Jack A. Breedlove. Randall W. Brewer. William Brooks. Wesley J. Brown. William G. Bruesewitz. James R. Buchanan. Earl G. Burch. Oliver K. Burger. Millard Burk, Jr. Rodger C. Butts. Archie Callahan, Jr. Raymond R. Camery. William V. Campbell. Murry R. Cargile. Harold F. Carney. Joseph W. Carroll. Edward E. Casinger. Biacio Casola. Charles R. Casto. Richard E. Casto. James T. Cheshire. Patrick L. Chess. David Clark, Jr. Gerald L. Clayton. Hubert P. Clement. Floyd F. Clifford. George A. Coke. James E. Collins. John G. Connolly. Keefe R. Connolly. Edward L. Conway. Grant C. Cook, Jr. Robert L. Corn. Beoin H. Corzatt. John W. Craig. Warren H. Crim. Samuel W. Crowder. William M. Curry. Glenn G. Cyriack. Marshall E. Darby, Jr. James W. Davenport, Jr. Francis D. Day. Leslie P. Delles. Ralph A. Derrington. Francis E. Dick. Leaman R. Dill. Kenneth E. Doernenburg. John M. Donald. Carl D. Dorr. Bernard V. Doyle. Stanislaw F. Drwall. Cyril I. Dusset. Buford H. Dyer. Wallace E. Eakes. Eugene K. Eberhardt. David B. Edmonston. Earl M. 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Camilo García

Érase una vez en un país lejano, un joven príncipe que vivía en un resplandeciente castillo. A pesar de tener todo lo que podía desear, el príncipe era egoísta, déspota y consentido. Pero, una noche de invierno, llegó al castillo una anciana mendiga, y le ofreció una simple rosa a cambio de cobijarse del horrible frío. Repugnado por su desagradable aspecto, el príncipe despreció el regalo y expulsó de allí a la anciana. Pero ella, le advirtió que no se dejara engañar por las apariencias, porque la belleza se encuentra en el interior, y cuando volvió a rechazarla, la fealdad de la anciana desapareció, dando paso a una bellísima hechicera. El príncipe trató de disculparse, pero era demasiado tarde, pues ella ya había visto que en su corazón, no había amor. Y como castigo, lo transformó en una horrible bestia y lanzó un poderoso hechizo sobre el castillo y sobre todos los que allí vivían. Avergonzado por su aspecto, el monstruo se encerró en el interior de su castillo con un espejo mágico como una ventana al mundo exterior. La rosa que ella le había ofrecido era en realidad una rosa encantada, que seguiría hasta que el cumpliera veintiún años. Si era capaz de aprender a amar a una mujer y ganarse a cambio su amor antes de que cayera el último pétalo, entonces, se desharía el hechizo. Si no, permanecería condenado a seguir siendo una bestia, para siempre. Al pasar los años, comenzó a impacientarse y perdió toda esperanza, pues, ¿quien iba a ser capaz de amar a una bestia?
Sad Writing Songs

Songs to write sad bad poetry to // Songs to die to:

Both Sides Now // Joni Mitchell

Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You + Rain // The 1975

Accidental Babies // Damien Rice

Nicest Thing // Kate Nash

We Don’t Eat // James Vincent McMorrow

Chocolate and Cigarettes // Angus and Julia Stone

Lua // Bright Eyes

Burgh Island // Ben Howard

Holocene // Bon Iver

There Will Be Tears // Frank Ocean


EVERYTHING ABOUT THE BEGUILED on Visual Hollywood from The Rogue Cap on Vimeo.

“The Beguiled” is an atmospheric thriller from acclaimed writer/director Sofia Coppola. The story unfolds during the Civil War, at a Southern girls’ boarding school. Its sheltered young women take in an injured enemy soldier. As they provide refuge and tend to his wounds, the house is taken over with sexual tension and dangerous rivalries, and taboos are broken in an unexpected turn of events.

Release date: June 23, 2017 (expands June 30)
Studio: Focus Features
Director: Sofia Coppola
MPAA Rating: R (for some sexuality)
Screenwriter: Sofia Coppola
Starring: Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, Elle Fanning, Oona Laurence, Angourie Rice, Emma Howard, Addison Riecke
Genre: Thriller

(Trailers and clips courtesy of Focus Features)