howard lindsay

🔴 Press Record So I Know It’s Real 🔴

Tomorrow is the debut of iDentity Bend, the newest performance/installment by me, Signe Pierce, from my Synthetic Lust series. It’s taking place at 4 PM at @bitforms in NYC in conjunction with Lindsay Howard’s #TemporaryHighs exhibition 💋

iDentity Bend is inspired by the modern phenomena of people becoming so comfortable within their digital personas and “second lives” that they end up developing a relationship with them. Gazing for so long into yr phone’s reflection to the degree that you’re convinced that’s who you really are, and seeking comfort within that inevitable companionship. 

It’s like a fucked up retelling of the Myth of Narcissus meets Freaky Friday meets Basic Instinct… use that as your elevator pitch when you’re trying to get your friends to come with 🔥

It’s terrifying and weird and erotic thriller-ey and maybe you’ll even have some laughs~ if I were you I’d put it on yr G-Cal right this second so you don’t miss it 💉📱 SEE U TMRW