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“We just get to be big children again, playing dress up. It’s great.”

  • Matt: *lying on the ground in public, completely motionless except for his mouth, glassy eyes staring up at the sky, just, still, quietly mumbling about something unclear and incomprehensible*
  • Someone: ... Uh... Should we-
  • Dom: He's okay, just an existential crisis. It happens everyday
The Big Bang Theory: “The Escape Hatch Identification” Review


In all my traveling the last few weeks, I missed out on Episode 17, but as soon as I see it, I will be making a review of it! In the meantime,

My Top Ten Thoughts on The Big Bang Theory - Season 10, Episode 18:

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10.  Raj and the “Art of the Deal”:

Raj, out of money and unable to stay in the apartment he’s at, hunts down a place to stay, asking both Howard and Leonard. In a somewhat funny exchange, Raj basically gets the scoop on which place to stay would be more suitable. I liked parts of the back-and-forth at first, but Raj when he’s super self-centered wears thin on me. Luckily, he chose what any sane-minded person would and decided to stick it out with Penny and Leonard.

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9. Who’s the worse friend?

Equally frustrating at times is that Leonard and Howard seem less than enthusiastic about their friend staying with them. I understand they’re both married and have their own lives, but I would let my friend stay with me in an instant…they both seem to drag their feet, and man, even Sheldon completely ignores and avoids the notion altogether. Though, I can see why Raj would NOT want to live with Amy or Sheldon…

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8. Amy says no to the Life-size Figurines…for now…

I love that Amy has gone back a little bit toward her attitude of not catering to Sheldon’s every whim. She helps ground him and allow him to work through his emotions. We see this in the opening and then later on, when it’s more crucial, but more on that below.

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7. Sheldon is still Sheldon:

Sheldon still has problems with Raj staying in his old room, which become apparent in his first encounter with a temporarily-moved-in-Raj at the apartment. I also like that we learn something else about Sheldon, in that he has a deep fear of Cinnamon! That part was so cute and funny, the fact that Sheldon was in constant fear of Cinnamon’s adorable wrath. Has it been established that he was afraid of dogs before? I know we had birds, but dogs?

6. Stuart’s Negan Bat!

The zombie apocalypse was a major thread in this episode, with Sheldon talking about what order he’d “eat” his friends in, and of course: Stuart’s self-defense weapon, which naturally is Negan’s “Lucille.” I love the actor that plays Stuart when he “lets loose” and is just wild. This moment was no exception. You’d think Howard and Bernadette would be used to people randomly waking them up out of nowhere by now.

5. Stuart’s “Retirement Plan”:

Stuart sounds a lot like my brother in the scene where he basically tells Raj he’s going to live with Howard and Bernadette…forever. “This is my retirement plan.” Stuart’s character can be shameless, but I kind of love it when he is.

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4. Beverly’s Face Time:

Beverly’s character is that devilish pot-stirrer that brings just the wrong amount of bad advice for the characters. This episode is no exception, as her advise nearly starts a relationship breakdown for Shamy and Lenny…Thankfully, it doesn’t, but Beverly is just as wickedly humorous and charming, even if she’s off filming The Good Fight and can just cameo via Skype.

3. No Lenny Fighting! Yay!

As I said, luckily, Beverly’s “advice” does not take flight and our main couples stay together and barely have a tussle. I’m personally grateful for this…I HATE seeing Lenny fight, because their arguments tend to go nowhere. Leonard actually calls Beverly out and the two work out their situation like adults; yay! I did love hearing Sheldon tell Raj, though, “If you cry while they’re fighting, they’ll take you to McDonald’s.” Sheldon knows how to play the system.

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2. Raj Settles Finally Makes a Choice:

After talking it over with everyone, Raj decides to stay with Leonard and Penny. I’m so happy for this for two reasons: 1. It gives us a new dynamic to work with. In the past, any time that Raj has gotten between Leonard and Penny, it’s ended on not the “best” of terms, but it’s made Lenny’s relationship stronger and Raj a more dynamic character.

And 2. Raj isn’t cutting in on Howard and Bernadette. Stuart has those two busy (and Bernadette’s sass coming out helps show it), so it’s probably better that Raj stays somewhere else for now.

1. Sheldon’s Quirks and Amy’s Reassurance:

Sheldon really respects Beverly’s character, so for a moment, I was worried he would take her advice more to heart and it would cause conflict between Amy and him. However, I was thrilled to see that he worked out the problem and concerns with Amy, despite the conversation going towards The Walking Dead, which Amy did not seem to appreciate like Sheldon. The two act more and more like a couple, without overtly losing their personality traits. Though…Amy, you really did slip in letting him get that life-size Batman statue. Will it stay in the apartment, though? Only the rest of the season will tell.

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My favorite part about this Andromeda shitfest was you making the complete nonsensical suggestion that Bethesda's business model of repackaging an old engines and reselling what can be described as the same game (from the lips of Todd Howard himself no less) as a good thing. BioWare's incompetence to deliver a quality product shows only that BioWare is incompetent. The exizstance of the FOX engine torpedoes your argumentation to smithereens

Wow, I wasn’t aware that Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim were all “the same” game. That must make people complaining about one not being as good as the other really confused!

No, dumbass. I was talking about the engine underneath. But then, you probably think switching from 32-bit to 64-bit is as simple as flipping a switch on the compiler. If you’re running a ‘hello world!’ program it is, but for just about anything more complex, there’s a lot of things that need to be changed for it to work at all.

My argument is this, in simpler terms so you can understand it: It is generally better for a developer to stick with the same engine as long as possible, and incrementally upgrade it. Valve’s Source was built upon GoldSrc, which in turn was built upon the core of Quake with some bits and pieces of Quake II, as an example. Commands, file formats, the way the engine inteprets data, and all these sorts of things have made it enduring despite it’s age. And when it finally was hitting limits that could not be overcome? Source 2.

Bethesda is doing the exact same thing, but they’re being called the fucking devil for it. And as for the Skyrim thing, yeah, it is getting a little tiring that they just keep selling it.. but you keep buying it! And if you had the PC version and all it’s content, you’d get the remaster for free anyway! And if you didn’t, you’d get a significant discount, based on what you DID own! So, no, you weren’t paying for the same thing twice!

Unless you got it on a different platform. Which is how it’s always been.

So, to follow that logic, Bioware should have stuck with the familiar Unreal engine and simply gone with a newer release of it, rather than go with something completely different. At LEAST until they learned the new one’s quirks and methodology. Would that have solved the fundamental issues with the game? Nope. But it wouldn’t have the same bugs, and if it did, they could easily look at prior work and use the same solutions to fix them, even if the team that was working on it didn’t have the personal experience themselves.

That is all. That’s all I was arguing. Not about business practices or any other shit that you’re extrapolating from words I did not write. The relevant posts are right below. Please, point out where I say such things. Use Google or Wayback or a web cache or whatever to ensure I didn’t edit them.

tl;dr: Stick with what you know. If you need to go further, practice. Otherwise, don’t complain that your shot for the moon isn’t even getting off the ground.

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imagine Tony has a really hard time with people. He thinks he knows what to say but sometimes they get so mad, and he just /doesn't understand/ and it's all too much and he doesn't know what he did wrong. (also known as imagine Tony's social skills are minimal and broken because Howard made his childhood less about growing as a person and more about growing as an engineer.)

(I hope you like it)

He wasn’t sure exactly what he had said wrong, all he knew was that his entire team was now looking at him in a way that made him want to lock himself in the lab for a month. 

“Everything has to be a joke with you!” Steve’s voice had Tony backtracking quickly, and literally, bumping into the wall as he scoured his brain to figure out exactly what he had said. 

“I…uh, funny things are jokes, but I didn’t make a joke, I don’t think?” He looked around at the rest of his team, bedraggled and battle weary, and knew that whatever he had said, it had sounded like a joke. “I mean…” 

“Come on, Tony, just admit it. You joke about everything, and it’s getting old.” Bruce added, and the engineer’s shoulders tensed, 

“I didn’t make a joke, not on purpose, what are you even talking about? All I said was-” Tony winced as he was cut off, 

“What you said was ‘how about a zombie attack simulation?’ as an idea for charity children’s events!” Steve crossed his arms, “That’s not funny!” 

“It wasn’t supposed to be funny!” Tony held his hands out beseechingly, “I was being serious, I thought it would be fun, people could run from the zombies, and they’d chase the people, and it’d be-”

“Children, Stark. Children.” Steve pinched the bridge of his nose, and Natasha shook her head, 

“Yeah, okay, zombies could chase the children, and it would be-”

“Disastrous.” Bruce cut in, “Zombies are scary, Tony, it’s not Halloween, and it would be horrific to do that in the name of charity.” The engineer’s face fell, 

“…horrific…” Tony echoed softly, “…my dad sent me to one…it was really…it was fun…for…y’know, the…the allotted ten minutes…” He could remember it clearly, the driver waiting in the car, Howard with a drink in his hand, making some important call. 

“Yeah, well, you’re not exactly a prime example of a well-raised child.” Steve said before he could stop himself, and Tony felt like someone had dropped ice in his stomach, 

“…I…yeah…I know….” He muttered, inching his way toward the elevator, “…just pick what you want to do, I’ll pay for it. I have some…I have some work to do.”


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what she must have heard all her life struck her as dynamite when written down

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(1/2) Maybe I'm the only one with this, but I don't get it why people are keep saying that MCU!Steve was MCU!Tony's childhood hero. Tony said both in CW and in The Avengers (if i remember correctly he reffered to it), that he actually hated Steve, because his father used to talk about him a lot, which annoyed the f*ck out of Tony. Tony didn't understand the fuss about Steve in the Avengers. In CW Tony looked so bitter/angry, when they talked about Howard and how Steve knew him, bc H. never...

(2/2) time with him. Obviously they became great friends, but I’m so confused why people keep saying Cap was his hero. I’m a huge Tony Stark fan, but I believe Tony had no idols in his prev. life - he had nobody to look up to, only a Ob*diah who betrayed him. Cap on the other hand could’ve meant a person to Tony, who was loved by his own father more than he himself. And this was a huge reason why Tony didn’t like Steve at first. Or am I wrong? :/ Thank you if you’ll answer my questions! :)

lol well the thing abt mcu tony stark is,,,,,,,,,,

he is so full of shit. and i love him but y u fckn lyin y u [etc.]

the reason why this isn’t immediately obvious is because it’s related to tony stark’s daddy issues. if he had a dollar for every issue in his life that can be traced back to howard in some way he’d probably have a billion dollars and oh my god 10 POINTS TO ME FOR THAT PUN PLEASE.

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