howard l. bingham


George Harrison… Photos 2-5 from The Beatles’ Los Angeles press conference, 24 August 1966, photographed by Howard L. Bingham for KRLA Beat

“GEORGE… More confident of his own abilities, more certain of just what those abilities are, now. He, too, looks much better this summer than we have ever seen him before. His hair has also been trimmed, and is kept quite neatly combed - not straggling about his face and neck as it was during our last meeting.
He seems somehow to have matured beyond his 22 years in the 12 months since we have seen him - and he wears his new maturity well.
Remarks have filtered back to our own quite sensitive ears, and we overhear less-interested people saying: ‘I didn’t know he was so intelligent!’ Yes - he is. We knew it all along, but it’s nice to see him using it so much more to his own advantage now.” -  “The Beatles - ‘66 Style” by Eden, KRLA Beat, 22 October 1966