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Submission by @agenderraskel

I love the “Tony is the Villains' Fav” head canon. Have this.

Tony trudged into the graveyard. Every year he did this.

Every year, reporters ambushed him.

And every year, all the articles focused on Howard.

Nothing for warm, caring Jarvis, who had filled his Christmas stockings with homemade baked treats. Or his sweet mother, who just laughed and wiped his face when he stole cannoli filling out of…

What the everloving fuck?

There were sometimes a few gifts. But they were usually all for Howard. Nothing… like this. Even for Howard.

Jarvis and Maria’s graves had been tended to immaculacy, and piled with fresh flowers. Jarvis got the traditional ones. Lilies, forget-me-nots, roses. (Jarvis had loved traditions, especially having things just so.) Maria got wildflowers- Italian wildflowers. (She had told Tony how she missed them, their smell, their color…) And by their headstones- a plate of rum cake and plum pudding for Jarvis, and one of cherry clafouti for Maria.

Their favorites.

He tore his eyes away to check Howard’s grave. And for the first time that day, he laughed.

It was covered in dung and roadkill. Toxic native plants had been planted on them. And to top it off, there was a ring of old Starktech - Howard’s designs - scattered around it. Screens smashed and wires pulled out.

“Yeah, they thought you’d like it.” Baking minion murmured.

“It probably says bad things about my moral compass that I can identify what minion you are without turning around. How’d they know?”

“Loki has a neat spell that lets you see the favorite things of someone. Doesn’t use it often. Cannoli?”

“Thanks. I’m guessing I get to skip the media circus too?”

“Mh'huh. Have another, you’re looking peaky. Doom informs me you are much less fun to fight when you’re not taking care of yourself.”

Tony snorted, but took another. “Have any of them put forward the idea of having a minion ‘reform’ so they can nursemaid me yet?”

He chuckled. “Don’t put ideas in their heads. It’d be me, and I like my current job, thanks. It’s a chief minion’s pay, but all I gotta do is test recipes for sweets.”

“What happens to the rejects?” Tony wondered.

“They get sold off at a low price to local grocery stores.”

“That’s surprisingly mundane.”

“If you want flashy, when I fucked up your birthday cake, the fuckup got filled with poisoned custard and killed a fanatic head of state.”

“That’s more like it.” A moment of hesitation. “Tell them thank you?”

“They’ll be delighted to hear it. You gonna be alright today? I’m authorized to stick around and cheer you up.”

“Can you just- sit here with me, awhile?”

“Sure. That cannoli has coffee cream, try it.”

gifted au

a snippet of a stevetony au based on the movie “gifted.” some of the dialogue is lifted from that movie. for the “graveyard” prompt on my stevetony bingo card.

“There’s a man standing at Dad’s grave,” Maria said, her little hand tight in Steve’s.

Steve looked up, distractedly shutting the car door, and bit back the urge to say something nasty.


“That would be your grandfather, baby,” he said.

Maria’s wide eyes went even wider.

“Hooooly shit,” she drawled.

“Maria,” Steve said, tired.

“Dad said it,” she shot back, and Steve let it go. She was smart enough to know not to say it at her school, and that was the important thing. Of course, she was also contrary enough to say it anyway.

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Cap IM Rec Week 2017 (Wednesday)

Angsty Wednesday, July 19th: Bring on all the angst!

I‘ve tried to include appropriate warnings, but please read the tags for more details. 

Catch Lightning in a Bottle by sabrecmc (@sabrecmc)
Summary: College student Tony meets janitor Steve at MIT and they fall blissfully in love, until Howard happens and things fall apart. One divorce paperwork snafu courtesy of the ever-helpful Jarvis, and ten years later, Tony has to get re-divorced from Steve.This does not go as he imagines. Or, the Sweet Home Alabama AU that no one–well, okay, a few of you–asked for.

Inside the Absence by laireshi, runningondreams
Summary: Steve doesn’t really believe in Christmas miracles. No one unexpected is going to eat from the empty plate at the table. But sometimes tradition is the only thing he has to hold on to.

The Heat and the Breeze by bellinibeignet 
Summary: It is the summer of 1936, and Steve Rogers writes a letter confessing his desire for Anthony Stark, and just when things seem to finally fall into place, their chance together is shattered. A story of passion, lies, and estrangement in a time of war. An Atonement AU with an eventual happy ending. (Mentions of rape)

The Sound that Silence Makes by ladyshadowdrake (@ladyshadowdrake)
Summary: “We need exactly what we don’t have,” Tony observed, annoyed and tired. He started to giggle and couldn’t stop himself. “Power.” He cast a glance back at the door, sealed shut behind him, and he didn’t foresee the cavalry charging through anytime soon with a generator and a bomb kit. Tony took a deep breath and asked, “How much reserve power does the suit have, J?”
“The suit is currently running on the arc reactor, sir. You have approximately one hour of power remaining before the reactor reaches critical levels.”

Tell Me a Story by missbecky (@missbeckywrites)
Summary: Tony is doing fine. Just fine. Until he’s not. Steve notices. (PTSD)

Take This by Arkada
Summary: Very, very few people are allowed to hand things to Tony Stark. Steve has to fight to become one of them, and in the process, becomes something more.

Only Say My Name by Sineala (@sineala)
Summary: Steve’s always been capable of obsession. Maybe his friends should remember that. (Hickmanvengers, Unhappy Ending)

Rusted Wheel (or How Civil War Might Have Ended) by Kiyaar (@kiyaar)
Tony was on the steps of the Courthouse and took the bullets for Steve. (Civil War AU, Major Character Death)

Fracture by laireshi  (@laireshi)
Summary: Steve splays his fingers on Tony’s chest, over his heart, and Tony whimpers. “You should take better care of that, Tony,” Steve says, digging his fingers in briefly. Tony closes his eyes. “Don’t."Steve laughs, and it’s cold. He trails his fingers lower. “I could hurt you,” he says, almost conversationally. “I’m a criminal now, remember.” (Post CA:CW, Not-a-Fix-It, Dark Steve)

Plastic Flowers by hitlikehammers 
Summary: We are all—eventually—either the victims, or the victim’s family. 
Or: Steve and Tony cross paths at Howard and Maria Stark’s grave. They talk (more or less). 
(Post CA:CW, Not-a-Fix-It)

What’s in a Name by izazov (@izazov​)
Summary: Tony never calls him by his name anymore. It’s only ‘Captain’ for him now. (Post CA:CW, implied character death)

A Gleam of Silver by sailingtovalinor (@mazikeen​)
Summary: What if there’s a world where Steve Rogers finally, finally signs the Accords - but only when it’s too late? (Post CA:CW, Major Character Death)


Miles Mosley & The West Coast Get Down came to Brooklyn last night.

these motherfuckers play to kill.

FACT 82:

Before discovery of the Rosetta Stone it was widely believed that hieroglyphics were akin to a spiritual Rorshack test. The worth of your soul could be measured by what you read in the Egyptian texts. One scholar read that a curse would be released if he stayed in Egypt. That man was none other than Howard Carter famous grave robber of Tutankamun.

So this is the basic difference
  • Nyaruko: I have to protect the universe!
  • Actual Nyarlathotep: WHOOPS! I took your spine out of your back! Well, I guess you won't need it anymore, since I drove you mad.

Inside the burial chamber of Tutankhamun, standing at the head of the sarcophagus. Along with the outermost coffin, which still contains the Pharaoh’s mummy, the sarcophagus is the only artifact left in the tomb among the thousands he was buried with. The small opening with bars on it at the foot of the sarcophagus leads into the treasury.

The Tiny Fake Icecream Tie is the short name for the Tiny Non-Fat Tofutti Rice Dreamsicle Tie.  The tie has nothing to do with icecreams, fake or otherwise, except that when I was doing the pre-blog tie survey the design looked a bit like Ice Dreamsicle Cones when I didn’t look to closely.  If I looked closely they look like unattractive misshapen paisleys so I tried to avoid that.

This is the only tie from the Pilot that made it into season one proper, but since two were destroyed in the Bellefleur Motel blaze that’s understandable. Mulder was wearing it right at the end of the pilot when they brought Billy Miles back to DC to be hypnotised, which seems strange but we’re talking about Mulder and txf so strange is normal.

We next saw this tie at the beginning of Conduit when Mulder was excited to be heading out to Lake Okobogee and had to breathe into Scully’s ear to get her excited too.

The next time Mulder wore it was in Shadows when he looked like he needed to visit the little spookies room before raiding Howard Graves’ office.   It’s also the tie he wore to get himself acclimatised before they headed out to Icy Cape in Ice.  He then wore it at the end of Lazarus so he could stay cool when he returned Scully’s crusty old boyfriend’s watch to her.

The final time Mulder wore this tie was at the end of Tooms when he and Scully went outside to gaze moodily at a chrysalis and then at each other.  After Mulder philosophised about a change coming, he and Scully snuck off to a deserted corner of the parkland, where I assume that the Tiny Fake Ice Confection tie was accidentally left behind a bush, along with Mulder’s left sock, Scully’s bra and hopefully no DNA to identify them.

the unspeakable fear of things (3/4)

emily au /// wc: 10,399

part two /// part one 

warning for spoilers for the beginning, triangle, s.r. 189 and the beginning of tithonus. slight spoilers/altered events for drive and how the ghosts stole christmas. it gets slightly angstier in this part (although there’s still plenty of fluffy parts) and there’s some confrontational moments. if my characterization sucks for diana fowley, i apologize. one of my goals was to present her as somewhat sympathetic. 

i didn’t actually realize that mulder had the cure for emily until i actually rewatched emily, in the middle of this chapter. (ugh, that would’ve saved me a lot of time.) assume this takes place in an au where mulder never found emily’s cure. 

the resemblance between the christmas scene here and another emily au i wrote (the long and winding road, which i do consider au from this story) is intentional. i literally stole some of that scene. 

thanks to @krolikalert for permission to use her comic as inspiration for the christmas scene!! her art is so amazing and i’m in love with it.

It’s cold in the woods, colder than it really should be in mid-July. Scully buttons a flannel shirt that she found in his suitcase over Emily’s pajamas. The firelight lights up their faces with an orange glow and illuminates Emily’s hair to a color close to her mother’s. (It’s been years since he’s been camping like this [spending horror-filled nights with Scully in the woods doesn’t count] - sometime in 1972, he thinks, him and Samantha on the beach, the ocean at their backs, the moon reflecting off the sand.) Emily’s giggling, and getting bits of melted marshmallow all over her hands. Scully wipes them with wet wipes she’d stowed in her backpack. Mulder smiles at her over the flames.

Samantha didn’t like ghost stories. (Or stories about anything scary, really - he remembers thinking it was unfair that aliens took her, once he’d figured it out, because she always hated aliens. She’d screamed for about five minutes straight one time when he’d read aloud from War of the Worlds to bug her.) Emily asks for ghost stories with excitement. Mulder remembers that Scully had claimed The Exorcist as one of her favorite movies, and wonders if interest in the creepy stuff is a genetic trait. “Hey, Scully, we worked a case with that ghost way back in 93,” he says, piquing Emily’s interest.

“Oh, that was not a ghost.” Scully settles Emily in her lap, smirking over her head.

“What wasn’t a ghost?” Emily demands.

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The Dictionary Series: Slyboots

Hi Everyone!

So I’ve decided to write a little series of Agent Carter fics based on the word of the day from It was supposed to be a drabble but it ended up being longer!

I hope you enjoy!


noun [slahy-boots]

An engagingly sly or mischievous person.


Slyboots brings together the terms sly meaning “cunning or wily” and boots, used metonymy ally to mean “person.” It entered English in the late 1600s.

From the moment Howard knew that Chief Sousa was taking Peggy out on a date, he knew he had to have a little fun. He had been rooting for them. To be honest, Sousa reminded him a bit of Steve. They were totally different but had the same qualities; loyalty and bravery being two of them. He felt a stab in his gut as he thought of his friend, buried in the ice. He just couldn’t find him, no matter what he did. Peggy had thought he had given up but once a month, like clockwork, he flew his plane, hoping to find something, anything.

A knock on the door jolted him out of his thoughts and he grinned. He might think Sousa was a great fit for Peg but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a little fun, right?

Jarvis and Daniel entered the room and Howard quickly put a stern look on his face.

“Chief Sousa, come in,” he said, in what he hoped was a solemn voice.

“Peggy will be here in a minute. I wanted to talk to you.”

He caught Jarvis’ eye and his butler gave a wry smile as if he knew what was going to happen and slipped out of the room, leaving the two of them alone.

“Stark,” Daniel said warily.

“We need to talk about Peg,” Howard said soberly.

“She okay?”

Howard noticed how quickly Sousa’s demeanour changed from one of calm to slight panic.

“She’s fine. I just need to ask you a serious question,” Howard replied.

He puffed himself up, trying to stand taller as he kept a straight face.

“What are your intentions with Peggy?”

The look on Daniel’s face was comical to say the least and Howard had to stop himself from cracking up.

“My what?”

“Your intentions,” Howard stated. “You see Peg is a dear friend of mine and I’m all she has left…”

“Her parents are still alive,” Daniel interjected.

“So it’s up to me,” Howard said smoothly, not pausing for breath, “to determine whether you are worthy or not to see Peg in a social capacity.”

“Whether I’m worthy?”

Daniel’s expression was a mixture of indignation and slight concern.

“Yes. So again, tell me your intentions.”

Howard crossed his arms hoping it made him look more intimidating.

“I’m pretty sure that’s none of your damn business,” Daniel replied, looking miffed.

“Nope. It’s my business. Peg is my friend and I want to know.”

Although this started out as a joke, Howard found that he really did want to know. Peggy and he had an odd relationship, but a comforting one. He knew she would always have his back and he wanted to have hers.

“My intentions…” Daniel trailed off.

“Your intentions,” Howard repeated gravely.

“You really want to know?”

Howard nodded.

“I intend to make her happy, okay? I intend to be there for her and care for her for as long as she’ll have me. Sound good?”

“I think that sounds perfect,” a voice chimed in, causing the two men to turn and look.

There was Peggy, her arms folded across her chest, her eyes shooting daggers at Howard.

“Howard, what in the bloody hell do you think you are doing?”

“I…err…uhh…having a little fun?”

Howard couldn’t stop the smile that spread across his face nor the chuckle that escaped his lips.

“Fun?” Daniel asked, clearly annoyed. “You were teasing me?”

Howard stepped forward and clapped Daniel on the shoulder.

“Of course I was! Couldn’t help myself.”

“You rarely can,” Peggy said, a smile gracing her lips. She chuckled as well and soon all three of them, even Daniel were laughing at the absurd situation.

“Daniel, can you meet me outside?” Peggy asked.

Daniel nodded and made his way outside, leaving Howard and Peggy alone.

“Look Peg,” Howard tried to explain.

“Thank you,” she said softly.

“What for?” He replied.

“For looking out for me.”

“It was just a joke,” he tried to explain.

Peggy shook her head.

“No it wasn’t.”

Howard smiled wryly and took a deep breath, hoping his next words wouldn’t come out jumbled.

“Steve would have liked him, you know?”

He watched as Peggy’s eyes filled with tears.

“You think?”

Howard nodded fervently.

“I know.”

Peggy stepped forward and enveloped him in hug, which was rare for her.

“I’m glad.” She whispered in his ear. “Because I’m pretty sure Daniel is the one.”

She pulled back and Howard grinned.

“Well what are you waiting for then? Go have fun.”

Peggy nodded and headed to the door.

“Oh, and tell Sousa to watch his back,” he said, chuckling.

He watched Peggy roll her eyes and then leave.

And immediately his mind began to conjure up more ways to embarrass the two of them.

Yep, this was going to be fun.

nefersitra  asked:

Hi Sam - if you are still taking prompts can I ask for Izzy and Bucky on the Captain America ride at Disney? Pretty please.

“No,” Steve said, crossing his arms.

“Pleaaaaaaaase,” Izzy begged, hopping up and down with both hands on one of his arms.

“I said I’d look after her today so Clint could go to the beach. I told Clint and I told you, Izzy, that I wouldn’t go on the Captain America ride,” Steve said. “And you agreed!”

“But I didn’t know it would be so cool,” Izzy said. “Please, can we?”

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