#SFW #FW2015 Day 3 「@howandwhat」

#StephanieLee sports a crowd pleasing look

#seoulfashionweek #서울패션위크 #ddp #howandwhat #박병규 @stephanielee199

깔끔하게 입고 미용실 가야지

이너로 니트 입으면 불편하겠지만
그래도 체크롱코트 안에 보송이 니트 입고 싶어

가는 길에 부지런하게 팔찌 구멍도 뚫어야지
남성용이라 사이즈 커요

Last show of the day – “how and What.” They showed 71 outfits. More than twice the usual 30. Show took FOREVER. didn’t feel like a fashion show, but rather a catalog commercial. Was running low on card space and really trying not to spend ANY unnecessary camera energy or shots on models, but just her a few shots per look and leave it. It helped that the models or completely lackluster and had zero sass or verve.they were like mannequins in motion. Easy to shoot, though. Had time to experiment with different angles and combos at the end. #seoulfashionweek #runway #howandwhat (at 2014 S/S Seoul Fashion Week)